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The Night Ferry #2020

The Night Ferry A young policewoman breaks all the rules to get to the bottom of the mysterious death of the best friend she betrayed in this stunning follow up thriller from the author of Suspect and Lost Ali Barba

  • Title: The Night Ferry
  • Author: Michael Robotham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Night Ferry By Michael Robotham, A young policewoman breaks all the rules to get to the bottom of the mysterious death of the best friend she betrayed in this stunning follow up thriller from the author of Suspect and Lost.Ali Barba, a Sikh detective with the Metropolitan Police, is recovering from injuries sustained in the line of duty when she receives a letter from her estranged friend, Cate, imploringA young policewoman breaks all the rules to get to the bottom of the mysterious death of the best friend she betrayed in this stunning follow up thriller from the author of Suspect and Lost.Ali Barba, a Sikh detective with the Metropolitan Police, is recovering from injuries sustained in the line of duty when she receives a letter from her estranged friend, Cate, imploring her to come to their high school reunion Alarmed by the urgent tone of the note, and eager to make amends for her unforgivable past behavior, Ali goes to the reunion Cate is pregnant, but before Ali has the chance to congratulate her, Cate hurriedly whispers, They want to take my baby You have to stop them It is the only hint of Cate s troubles Ali manages to get As they are leaving the reunion, Cate and her husband are run down by a car and killed The mystery darkens when it is discovered that Cate had faked her pregnancy by tying a pillow underneath her dress.All Ali has to go on is a file in Cate s desk that contains two ultrasound pictures, letters from a fertility clinic, and various papers that seem to confirm the unborn baby s existence As she puts together the pieces, her search takes her to Amsterdam and into the company of some very unsavory people on both sides of the Channel who ll do anything to thwart her investigation.A gripping thriller and a searing tale of the search for redemption, The Night Ferry is Michael Robotham s finest novel yet.

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      327 Michael Robotham
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    1. I always enjoy this authors books and The Night Ferry was no exception As usual there was plenty of action and suspense and some interesting police work in than one country A little bit of romance between the main character and her policeman boy friend was nice and it was great when a familiar character popped up in the form of Vincent Ruiz It is always fun when an author pops in a character from his other books.The story revolves around human trafficking and it gets a bit bogged down from time [...]

    2. This is Michael Robotham s third book Although labeled as a stand alone, this book s main character, Alisha Barba, appeared as a minor character in a previous book Retired detective Vincent Ruiz from the Joe O Loughlin series plays a part in this book as well I believe it works well as a stand alone.Alisha is a Sikh detective Her personal and professional lives, her determination, and her self doubts made her very likable New Boy Dave is a saint.Robotham maintains his writing style in this book, [...]

    3. This was a slow boiler that took a while to get started but it was an engaging read and although slow at times it picked up well and made for an interesting read.DC Alisha Barba is back on the force after a near career ending injury when she gets a distressed note from Cate, an estranged friend asking to meet up with her at their school reunion However, before she has a chance to talk to Cate she and her husband are hit and killed by a speeding driver Alisha can t believe this was an accident an [...]

    4. This is the fourth book I ve read by Michael Robotham and I have not been disappointed yet The story lines are realistic, the tension is nerve jangling, the emotions run high, and I ve come to the end amazed, excited, and a little breathless Read at your own risk My favorite quote from The Night Ferry Paranoia is not reality on a finer scale it is a foolish reaction to unanswered questions DC Alisha Barbar is than ready to return to the job She s been on long term injury leave after sustaining [...]

    5. The Night Ferry is crime thriller murder, sex trafficking, slavery and exploitation Detective Alisha Barba was not going to go to her school reunion until her friend Cate contacted her On the night Cate was involved in a hit and run, and the family found out that she was not pregnant Detective Alisha Barba was on sick leave and wanted to find answers about the death of her friend The readers of The Night Ferry will follow Alisha Barba investigation into the death of Cate.Night Ferry is the first [...]

    6. A stand alone thriller from master storyteller Michael Robotham, The Night Ferry was first released in 1997 but has been reprinted for American audiences.The Night Ferry features Detective Alisha Barba who is drawn into the murky world of human trafficking when her estranged childhood best friend begs for her help, shortly before being killed in a hit and run.The investigation leads Alisha from London to the heart of Amsterdam s red light district The plot is complex involving the enforced surro [...]

    7. This was a different type of book from Michael Robotham For a start there was no Prof Joe in this one The main character is D.C Ali Barba, who appeared in an earlier book with D.I Ruiz So what was different Is this book is a thriller, is it page turning Yes But it is also attempts to throw light on the problems facing refuges who are seeking asylum in a safer world Only to find that the world is an awful place It made me feel guilty for what we, as a society, turn our backs on Although this book [...]

    8. The Night Ferry was better than the average run of the mill detective novel, although I wish my edition was in paperback or hardcover I hate ebooks , and sometimes this book follows very predictable tropes in the genre.

    9. When Detective Alisha Barba received the note which had been thrust under her front door, she wasn t prepared for what it contained It was a note from her once best friend whom she hadn t seen or spoken to in eight years The best friend who had declared she hated her and never wanted to see her again Dear Ali, I m in trouble I must see you Please come to the reunion Love, Cate.Alisha was on sick leave after being dreadfully injured by a criminal she was apprehending her long stay in hospital whi [...]

    10. Brilliant My View Fantastic In my eyes Michael Robotham can do no wrong A pulse raising mystery and thriller this book will engage and keep you breathless, turning pages to the very last word Michael Robotham s words are a joy to read the narratives engage and are complex, the characters are well developed, most are likable unless you are meant to dislike, the sense of urgency and drama is always taut and palpable, the contemporary social issues merge seamlessly into the narrative Just brilliant [...]

    11. A special thank you to Mulholland Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review After Michael Robotham s sensational psychological thriller March, 2015 Life or Death landing on my Top 30 Books of 2015, was thrilled for an opportunity to read THE NIGHT FERRY, which I missed the first publication a fast paced intriguing mystery into the dark world of evil human trafficking.As the book opens,Alisha receives a note from an estranged childhood best friend, Cate, requesting her prese [...]

    12. Once again, I have ventured into an author without looking both ways Although The Night Ferry and its predecessors Suspect and Lost do not form a tightly knit traditional series the central characters are shared The linkages that do exist in this novel are placed firmly in the background making it stand alone very well.The story centers on a very unpleasant concept that I won t name Let it suffice to say that the problem is complicated from both a piratical and moral point of view As in real lif [...]

    13. 2.5 I read this sime time ago I have to say I was a little dissapointed Just found the story a little to predictable and didnt really love any of the characters From the books he s written, this would be in my opinion his weakest so far I expected a little .

    14. I ve finally finished The Night Ferry, with a sense of relief I m a great fan of Michael Robotham s writing, but unfortunately The Night Ferry didn t float my boat.For the first third I was strongly engaged, and thoroughly enjoyed the rolling out of the mystery From there, I thought the writing lost its sharpness and the storyline became excessively complicated For me the plot became enmired in Alisha s personal crap, and I came to dislike her intensely by the end It is a well known crime fictio [...]

    15. THE NIGHT FERRY Police Proc Ali Barba England Netherlands Cont VGRobotham, Michael StandaloneDoubleday, 2007, US Hardcover ISBN 9780385517904First Sentence It was Graham Greene who said a story has no beginning or end DS Alisha Barba is going to her school reunion to see her former best friend Cate Beaumount, from whom she has been estranged for eight years Cate appears to be eight months pregnant but when a car runs her down, Ali finds Cate is wearing padding to appear pregnant yet tells Ali th [...]

    16. Robotham uses the increasingly popular technique of cascading protagonists that is, a minor character in his first novel narrates the second a minor character in that book narrates this, his third Simon Kernick has used this technique to especially good effect Personally, I m fond of this idea it expands the fictional world or landscape that the author is creating, and it casts some interesting lights back on the earlier works, by allowing us to identify fully with characters we understood diffe [...]

    17. A bit of a disappointing read, since I had loved Life or Death.I found the novel to be long in places that I didn t want it to be and it wasn t long enough in some other places I wasn t a fan reading about the sex trafficking and slavery aspect and I wished there was time spent on the ending and how everything came to be at the end.

    18. Review originally posted at All Books Considered 3 STARSThe Night Ferry was a fine mystery crime thriller although the mystery was solved long before the book ended leaving the last 20% or so of the book as a bit boring I liked the MC, Alisha Barba, but the she was definitely a bit self righteous and so confused at times I couldn t help but think that she was made to seem to indecisive and weak because it was a male author writing a female MC but it is possible that I am projecting I did love th [...]

    19. Last time I reviewed a Robotham novel I wasn t very impressed The author had a great writing style but the character, a whiney psychiatrist, was unlikeable I m glad I persevered This time the main character was adorable Alisha is very driven with external goals and some hidden internal motivations that she has not yet revealed even to herself She is a modern girl who also tries accommodate some of her Sikh traditions The drama is high, with death, black market child adoption, and the enslaving o [...]

    20. Robotham is one of the best of the modern crime writers Within the first few pages of this book, there is an 8 month pregnant woman who is not pregnant who is killed in a hit and run The driver of taxi has been dead for years And Alisha Singh, a 29 year old Sikh policewoman is wondering what is happening.Then there is people smuggling, forced pregnancies of refugees who are paid to provide surrogate children to desperate couples, murders, IRA link, prostitution and shady characters It s a page t [...]

    21. After a little long beginning time that mechanics is started I hung to the intrigue which is based on Alisha Barba who is contacted by old a Cate classmate except that it will learn some not bad on Cate and will start to inquire to know the truth And when it goes fallen this one it goes fallen from the naked ones and to seek to repair the errors of her friend A beautiful end on this book.

    22. This book was fantastic I have never read any of his books before, and now I want to read all of his books Once I started this book I was enthralled from the start, I couldn t put it down I would highly recommend it to anyone.

    23. The first book I ve read by MIchael Robotham and I m a fan Great characterisation, suspense and heart.

    24. Slave tradeAlisha Barba is due to return to her job as a police officer after a long period of sick leave following a serious injury she received in the line of duty Out of the blue she is contacted by an old friend, Cate Beaumont, who asks her to come to a reunion at their school Ali and Cate had had a serious falling out eight years earlier which left Ali feeling guilty and sorry to have lost her closest friend, so she s delighted to hear from Cate, and also intrigued to know what has inspired [...]

    25. 4.5 stars.The Night Ferry is a complex and intriguing mystery by Michael Robotham More than just a whodunit , this suspense laden thriller delves into the dark world of human trafficking Fast paced and riveting, it is a thought provoking story touches on social relevant issues that will resonant with readers.Alisha Barba is stunned to receive a plea for help from her estranged friend Cate Elliot The two have not spoken in eight years but Alisha is quick to agree to a meeting and she is surprised [...]

    26. I have recommended Michael Robotham s books to many people so I was happy to have a new Robotham book to read review In his latest, the protagonist is London based Detective Alisha Barba who appeared as a minor character is Lost, published in 2005 As the story begins, Alisha is recovering from a terrible injury sustained at work She is such an interesting character A Sikh with low self esteem, she has lost contact with her BFF Cate, who asks her in an urgent note to please attend their upcoming [...]

    27. This is the third of Mr Robotham s books, the three of which make the start of a mystery series that, unusually and cleverly moves the first person narration for each book among each of three related characters This title, The Night Ferry, focuses on Ali Barba, a detective introduced in Lost, the second book in the series Since the first two, Suspect and Lost, were so terrific, I eagerly looked forward to listening to this edition, read by Clare Corbett Well, my assessment may have suffered from [...]

    28. 3.5 out of 5 stars Regret is such an odd emotion because it invariably comes a moment too late, when only imagination can rewrite what has happened Alisha Ali Barba, formerly with the Metropolitan Police, but on leave after a spinal injury, had a huge falling out with her best friend, Cate, the summer after they both finished university 8 years ago So why now why would Cate write Ali begging for help because she s in trouble Before Ali can find out any information at the reunion, Cate and her hu [...]

    29. C2007 I came across this author as he was on one of those lists that other authors make when asked about authors they enjoy in the same genre as them It was an okay read with a good pace and conclusion The style was fairly spasmodic I suppose to represent the action etc I am not sure whether or not I liked the main character, Alisha Barba, and I wonder if that is because, most unpolitically correct, I am not sure that a male author can take on an intimate female character study The review chosen [...]

    30. I thought this book was a sequel to Midsummer Nights Dream where faeries would fly out of the darkness and bring visions of Lysander and Demetrius preparing their wedding invitation and Oberon paying for Tatiana s sex change Well, what do I know.Oh, of course I know better This is the third mystery thriller beatyourbraintoapulp novel lifting characters from the previous two and elevating one of them into a major player The stories keep getting darker and I hate to say it a little nail biting I [...]

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