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Mr. Peabody's Apples #2020

Mr Peabody s Apples Inspired by a story about the damage than can be caused by spreading rumours about what one sees rather than by seeking truth credited to Baal Shem Tov Master of the Good Name

  • Title: Mr. Peabody's Apples
  • Author: Madonna Loren Long
  • ISBN: 9780670058839
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mr. Peabody's Apples By Madonna Loren Long, Inspired by a story about the damage than can be caused by spreading rumours about what one sees rather than by seeking truth, credited to Baal Shem Tov Master of the Good Name.

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      430 Madonna Loren Long
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    1 thought on “Mr. Peabody's Apples

    1. Mr Peabody s Apples by Madonna and illustrated by Loren Long is about a history teacher named Mr Peabody who organized baseball games with other schools every Saturday No matter who won, his elementary school children had a great time because of their love for baseball After each game, Mr Peabody would clean up the field with the help of a student named Billy Little , walk home down the main street of Happville waving to everyone he knew, and pick out the shiniest apple from Mr Funkadeli s marke [...]

    2. Mr Peabody s ApplesThe book is about Mr Peabody who is a baseball coach, and it s also about Tommy a baseball player who is a student of Mr Peabody Billy is a little kid who isn t a big kid, he is also a student of Mr Peabody Mr Peabody picked up the shiniest apple at a market in the town called Happyville while Billy Little was at baseball field Mr Peabody asked Billy to cut his pillow in half and the feathers flow out of the pillow that was cut in half I liked this book because it was good and [...]

    3. Mr Peabody is a history teacher who is also a baseball coach After every game, he takes an apple from a fruit shop without paying Then, one day, someone sees him, and thinks he shoplifted I think it was a good book, and contains some good example for kids to follow This book also teaches a good lesson about rumors Another reason I liked it is it shows how rumors can spread, and how they have a great effect on things One final thing I liked was the pictures, because they were very well done.

    4. I would recommend this book to a kindergartner or a 1st grader I would recommend it to these people because i think kindergartners and 1st graders will like it because it is baseball, solving problems and helping others This book is a good book for kindergartners and 1st graders.

    5. Honestly, I was not sure if I liked the book until I got to the end What a great message I am actually going to look for a copy of this for my own personal library.

    6. Great reminder that words have power you can t talk back what you say Perfect for the start of anew school year.

    7. Ini cerita tentang hoax Madonna iya Madonna yang itu terinspirasi dari kisah yang sering disampaikan gurunya di Kabbalah Madonna meramu kisah yang telah berusia 300 tahun itu menjadi cerita masa kini yang bagus untuk pendidikan karakter anak Untuk tak mudah menyebarkan berita tanpa kita verifikasi sebelumnya Sebab sebuah berita bohong yang sudah menyebar sangat sulit untuk ditarik kembali Pun akan sangat merugikan orang yang menjadi tersangka kabar hoax Mr Peabody menggambarkan dengan analogi ba [...]

    8. Set in 1949 in the small town of Happville, Mr Peabody s Apples , written by Madonna Yes, the Material Girl and illustrated by Loren Long, is a story that will captivate younger readers due to the story line and its lush illustrations Mr Peabody, a well loved teacher and baseball coach, is spotted taking an apple one day without paying for it Tommy Tittlebottom sees Peabody do this several times and then shares his concern with others This then becomes gossip all around Happville and people begi [...]

    9. Mr Peabody s Apples starts with still pictures of a baseball game happening Then we meet Mr Peabody who is a teacher and baseball coach in the town of Happville Tommy is a quiet child who notices Mr Peabody take an apple from a fruit stand outside a store after a baseball game and notices that Mr Peabody does not pay for it The next week no one shows up to the baseball game but Tommy Tommy tells Mr Peabody that he saw him take the apple without paying and that the whole town now thinks he is a t [...]

    10. I would read this book to a first or second grader because the book doesn t have that many words, it has pictures and little kids mostly focus on the pictures This book would also teach kids life lessons It would also teach kids not to be a bully This book is a good book because it would teach little kids to tell the truth when they did something wrong.

    11. I thought this story was rather dreadful Rather than being uplifting, entertaining, and encouraging, it felt like a rather drawn out reprimand As a parable, I see the intent of Madonna s story, but I think it s a rather didactic approach and doesn t have the possibility of a satisfactory ending On the other hand, Loren Long s illustrations are quite acceptable, even if the quaintness of the floppy clothes and rockwell esque figures did turn my stomach a bit I do really prefer the Otis books, whe [...]

    12. Mr Peabody s Apples is a book about a child called Billy Little who plays baseball with a team and a man called Mr Peabody On the way Peabody goes home he sees a apple market run by a man named Funkadeli s Mr Peabody sees an apple that he likes, takes it and puts it in his bag Someone along the street called Tommy Tittlebottem and thinks it s weird how Mr Peabody s just took the apple and left Tommy starts a rumor that Mr Peabody is stealing apples The story tells you that you shouldn t start ru [...]

    13. This is is about Mr.Peabody baseball team and his player thinks he shoplifted.Tommy thought Mr.Peabody shoplifted.I like this book because,I like the pictures and it had a good story.I liked the story because,It had to do with 1 of my favorite sport and my favorite fruit.It is also about him taking an apple and Tommy thinks he shoplifted Tommy runs to his friends and say he shoplifted.None of the players come to the game because,Tommy said Mr.Peabody shoplifted.Then Tommy says he stole from the [...]

    14. I would review this book to a 1st grader or second grader because the book doesn t have that many words and a 1st grader might like it or second grader because it has baseball in it and a life problem It may teach kids to not be mean like Tommy Tittle Bottom It can teach kids to be nice to each other like billy little In sports It can help kids not be sad when they loss all the time and maybe cheer them on I would recommend this book to my sister because she needs to know how not to be mad when [...]

    15. this is a fantastic book with a really good meaningis book s moral is really important the moral is you should start a rumour you should go telling things if you don t know the full story.i will not tell the story line because i dont want to tell it so if you are already hooked to this book i suggest you go read it.

    16. I would review this book to maybe a 1st or 2nd grader because it is kind of about how words can hurt people and it takes a lot to get the people you hurt back It is also about how Billy little is telling the truth, and how Mr Peabody is explaining how to still be nice to the people who are mean to you also Mr Peabody wanted to make things right between the town.

    17. I am always hesitant to read the books written by famous actors, musicians, etc so was pleasantly surprised by this sweet and simple story about the power of one person s actions Make sure you read the back where Madonna explains where the idea for the story came from

    18. Yes, it was written by Madonna Yes, it literally ran you over with the theme But, it was a good story and one I d like to share.

    19. Mr Peabody s Apples written by Madonna is a story about a history teacher named Mr Peabody who coaches the elementary school baseball team on Saturdays Every week after the game Mr Peabody cleans up the field with the help of a boy named billy He then walks home through the small town of Happville waving hello to everyone he knows Mr Peabody stops at Mr Funnkidelis market and takes the shiniest apple and puts it in his pocket One day a little boy named Tommy Tittlebottom say him take the apple a [...]

    20. Rating 5 starsI adore the illustrations in this book, as well as the message it conveys mainly to younger readers The fact that it talks about the amount of power words have over someone is incredible It s like the quote Think, before you say , as in get all the facts of the situation before you assume and criticize someone for their actions when they ve done nothing wrong I feel, we as people hold so much judgement against one another that we just need to relax and not care about what people th [...]

    21. At first I was a little unsure about Mr Peabody s Apples I didn t realize that Madonna was a children s book author and was a bit skeptical I also was not really drawn to the art work It was recommended to me by a teacher, so I thought I would give it a try and I was glad I did It was the ending that really made me appreciate this book The story is about a small town in the 1940 s, a hurtful rumor and forgiveness It is a fiction picture book for 2nd to 3rd grade reading levels, but could truly b [...]

    22. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK I was a little iffy on it when I realized Madonna wrote this book but I was definitely proven wrong because this is one of the best books I have ever read It has an amazing message for children as well as great illustrations Definitely worth a read.

    23. This book shows the effects that rumors have not just on the victim, but also to whole communities Greatly written described and great illustrations, too.

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