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Football Champ #2020

Football Champ When Troy White proved his remarkable football genius to the Atlanta Falcons they brought him on board as a team consultant Now thanks to Troy s ability to predict winning plays the Falcons are pul

  • Title: Football Champ
  • Author: Tim Green
  • ISBN: 9780061626890
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Football Champ By Tim Green, When Troy White proved his remarkable football genius to the Atlanta Falcons, they brought him on board as a team consultant Now, thanks to Troy s ability to predict winning plays, the Falcons are pulling in victories Troy loves his starring role behind the scenes and the thrill of having NFL star linebacker Seth Halloway who s dating Troy s mom to coach his own DuluWhen Troy White proved his remarkable football genius to the Atlanta Falcons, they brought him on board as a team consultant Now, thanks to Troy s ability to predict winning plays, the Falcons are pulling in victories Troy loves his starring role behind the scenes and the thrill of having NFL star linebacker Seth Halloway who s dating Troy s mom to coach his own Duluth Tigers team on their way to a state championship.Then Troy s perfect world comes crashing down Reporter Brent Peele is out to smear as much mud on the Falcons as he can, and that means going after Troy The vicious media storm that descends on the football genius threatens not only his job with the Falcons and the Tigers run at a championship but his mother s career and Seth s as well.Together with his best friends, loyal Nathan and feisty Tate, Troy sets out to unmask the dishonest Peele and save Seth s reputation no matter what the risk.With his signature blend of thrilling action and insider knowledge, Tim Green shows Troy, hero of the New York Times bestselling Football Genius, in a new and riveting adventure.

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      370 Tim Green
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    1 thought on “Football Champ

    1. Troy is a true football champ Troy works with the Atlanta Falcons and also plays for his high school football team He is a consultant for the Atlanta Falcons.The reason he got in with the Atlanta Falcons is because his mom works for them and is also dating one of the football players He can predict the plays of the other teams before they even get on the field The team doesn t know that yet, but when they find out, he helps lead them to victories week after week Troy is also having an amazing se [...]

    2. There is a boy named Troy White works for the NFL Atlanta Falcons as a ball boy what the team did not know was that troy was a football genius, he had a special ability to predict the other team s plays he would calls the game winning plays the Falcons are on their way to the playoffs And thanks to Seth coaching the team, the Falcon s star linebacker, and the talent of best friends Nathan and Tate, troys own team is on the way to the junior league football state championship I think this book is [...]

    3. Troy White has an amazing talent to be able to predict the winning play, so the Atlanta Falcons can add up victories He is one of those kids that everyone loves and wants to be around He always has a smile on his face and is very enthusiastic Troy feels special to be able to travel with the rest of the team He also loves being on the sidelines with them during real NFL games An NFL linebacker, Seth Halloway, is dating Troy s mom and is also coaching Troy s team to a big state championship Life [...]

    4. This book is all about a boy named Troy that proves that he can do good at the practice that is why they brought him in and aboard and he proves the falcon to win every game So they brought him and now they keep getting victories I like this book because it is really good and I like basketball I would recommend this book to the people that love to play basketball.

    5. Fooball champ is about a boy named troy who is a consultant for the atlanta falcons team, he is there because his mother works for the team but when the coach for the atlanta falcons finds out that troy can predict the other teams football play they start pulling out victorys at the last second One day when troy was talkin to the coach and telling him where they were goin to run a reporter named peele spoted him This news reporter really hated the atlanta coach because he use to play football in [...]

    6. Troy s running away as fast as he can, and is sure he lost Peele Troy tells him mom everything that happened, before they board their flight Seth tells Troy that Peele wants to ruin Seths career, because in college, Peele tried out for the team, and during one of their practices, Seth hit him so hard it ended his career Peele has hated him ever since.During one of Seth s games, Peele pretended to be a waiter, and got up the the sweets, and Troy agreed to let Peele give him an interview Troy told [...]

    7. In this adventure, mystery, and realistic fiction book the main characters are Troy White, Brent Peele, Nathan, Tate, and Seth Halloway The author of the book Football Champ is Tim Green Troy White a 12 year old kid is a star quarterback on his football team in Duluth but, he s also working with the Atlanta Falcons to predict the play the other team is going to do so, the Falcons can stop the opposing team Everything is going well for Troy and the Falcons until reporter Brent Peele sees Troy tal [...]

    8. For me the writing was effective It was effective because it provided lots of detail for a lot of characters When they are describing a new character the author wrote so much detail that you can picture the character in their head The strengths of this book are the character details and liked the story too I was not so happy about the weaknesses The weaknesses were how in the book it skipped some parts of the story which left you wondering how any situation happened I would continue reading if t [...]

    9. Football Champ by Tim Green Genre realistic fiction of pages 280Characters Troy White a football player, quarterback, a football genius, 12 13 year old kid, blonde hair, tallish Seth Halloway an nfl linebacker, mid 30 s, tall, strong, dark blonde hair Georgia Dome Where the falcons play, loud, lots of fans, where troy predicts plays Theme Courage Plot 1 Troy is predicting plays 2 People think he is cheating 3 Troy s team makes it to the championships 4 Seth gets to coach their team 5 They win th [...]

    10. I read the book Football Champ by Tim Green The Genre of this book is realistic fiction This book is about Troy and how most people think he is a ball boy for the Atlanta Falcons But really he is a ball boy that steals the others teams plays He plays football too and his team is in the state championship His star kicker gets hurt and they have a challenging time finding another one, they finally find one and he is a great one This is a wonderful book and I believe that everyone would love this b [...]

    11. I think that this series could not get any better Tim Green is an amazing author that really makes you connect with Troy and his friends Just when you think that their hard work and dedication will go all to waste with the problems with Seth being said to use steroids and how his career might be over, they still fight for what is right and to do anything to help him This story is great for sports lovers

    12. This book was awesome and well written like every Tim Green book It shows the dramatic match action and the magic of knowing what play the other team is going to run It also is about reporters writing random stuff to be famous and people willing to lie to get rich I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good book.

    13. I love this book its a thriller with suspence and mistery troy is a boy with good friends and a football player for a step dad yu may think thats the life but you will be amazied what troy goes throughrea to find out

    14. It was a pretty good book overall Has some slow spots First one is better than this one still liked it If you like football you will like this.

    15. Football ChampsBy Tim Green Tim Green always does an amazing job writing his books He always keeps the reader thinking When you read it seems like you never want to put his book down because they are so good and creative During this book it shows that if you work hard your goals and dreams can come true Tim Green books are fictional but they actually seem like that have happened or is happening right at that very moment This book shows that even if you aren t the best at the time if you keep pra [...]

    16. Football champ is a book written by Tim Green and is the third book in the Football Genius series It involves a teenager named Troy, his mom, and Atlanta Falcons linebacker Seth Halloway It also involves his friend sometimes and also the owner of the Falcons but like I said they only make some appearances The main protagonist is a reporter called Brent Pelee Pelee and Seth went to college together and tackled him hard so now he can t play football like he wanted to since he was a kid As a result [...]

    17. The book Football Champ I read made by Tim Green is a really good book that I couldn t stop reading The reason I read this book was because when I was his age I also played football but not as good has him I still really liked it Also people said it was really good and when I finish my book when I get a new one get Football Champ I am so lucky I found this book.The main character troy is a football genius he can predict what the offense is going to do before it happens, he also helps a NFL team [...]

    18. Football Champ, By Tim Green, is a realistic fiction sports book about a boy who plays QB for a youth football team in Georgia and also has a special gift His special gift allows him to predict the plays of opposing football teams Because of his gift, he gets a job with the Atlanta Falcons, but they don t tell anyone what he does except for the coaches and players His life is going great until a reporter, Brent Peele who has a grudge with a player on the Falcons who also happens to be Troy s foo [...]

    19. Football champ is a phenomenal book about a teenage boy, Troy White,with and astonishing talent in the game of football Troy is faced with many challenges Brent Peele, an evil reporter, tries to lie about Troy s talent and says that Troy cheats and doesn t use talent Troy has to show that it is a talent Seth Halloway is also accused of juicing The both of them have to work hard and work together to try and straighten everything up Read to find out what happens to Troy and Seth in Football Champ. [...]

    20. Football ChampBy Tim GreenLexile Range 880 Troy and his mother have became very close to Pro football player Seth Halloway Seth is dating Troy s mom and Troy loves Seth and all three of them find new things out about each other everyday, especially when playoffs are right around the corner and the championship game is on the line Football Champ is a book written by Tim Green I have read books like this before but not with this author I have made a self to text relation with the book Troy gets re [...]

    21. This book is about this teen boy that loves football He really smart, but decides to put football before school And the coaches wants him to play but because of the school work he would just sit and watch He decided to do all these things to get higher grades I like this book because he likes football just like me.

    22. Troy is a football genius and is working for his hometown team, the Falcons to predict the other teams plays He tells the plays to his coach of his football team Seth who also plays linebacker for the Falcons A reporter finds out about it and writes and interviews Troy He writes a newspaper article and twist what Troy said to make the Falcons look like there stealing the other teams plays And now Seth s coaching career and NFL career are in jeopardy Read this book to find out what happens to Tro [...]

    23. it was about a boy who had to overcome a reporter trying to ruin his career i gave it a 3 stars because i just don t really enjoy reading books 10 15 male or female sports football.

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