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Pouch! #2020

Pouch The delightful tale of a curious baby kangaroo from the creator of Leaves When you re new to the world every hop brings another surprise Joey wants to go exploring but everything he discovers is al

  • Title: Pouch!
  • Author: David Ezra Stein
  • ISBN: 9780399250514
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pouch! By David Ezra Stein, The delightful tale of a curious baby kangaroo, from the creator of Leaves When you re new to the world, every hop brings another surprise Joey wants to go exploring, but everything he discovers is almost too exciting Bees, rabbits, birds other creatures can be scary But Mama is never far away, and who knows Joey might even make a friend.David Ezra Stein s gentleThe delightful tale of a curious baby kangaroo, from the creator of Leaves When you re new to the world, every hop brings another surprise Joey wants to go exploring, but everything he discovers is almost too exciting Bees, rabbits, birds other creatures can be scary But Mama is never far away, and who knows Joey might even make a friend.David Ezra Stein s gentle story will amuse and comfort readers.

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      115 David Ezra Stein
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    1. Today I had to tackle a preschool storytime I am not a particularly brave librarian, though If I find a picture book that works, I have to really work at not using it over and over again in front of a crowd of two to four year olds every time I do a storytime Kids are unafraid to inform you when you are boring the socks off of them after all So today I was brave and I used not one, not two, but THREE brand new picture books It was scary, but it worked And Pouch by David Ezra Stein, was one of th [...]

    2. The moment I opened this it turned into one of those I wish I had this when Julia was a baby books I absolutely adore the illustrations so glad it was done the way this is and not in a different manner The two parts of the book go great together and really add to each other instead of just being there I think every parent will be able to see their baby in little Joey And I know I was able to think back and laugh at the times where Julia was very like Joey It really brought up some great memories [...]

    3. This is a really fun read aloud book if read with the right amount of verve Some kids will find it hilarious.It s a reassuring story about a young kangaroo named Joey, a cute touch who wants to hop, but also wants to return to the pouch, back and forth as he vacillates between his curiosity and his desire for some independence, and his struggles with his fears Mama and her pouch are always there when Joey needs it The ending is wonderful, and very insightful about how a child grows and develops, [...]

    4. We loved this A very simple story, about a timid baby kangaroo, that I thought would be too young for my 6 year old but I every time the joey yelled pouch and dove back in I didn t skimp on the drama in my reading my son laughed his head off The ending is very sweet Very nearly a perfect book.

    5. A cute little book about Joey, a baby kangaroo who wants to explore his world but each time he meets something new he gets scared and wants to get back in mom s pouch Then he meets another kangaroo, they both get scared and want their pouches until they realize how funny they are Then they want nothing than to hop around together.

    6. I love this cute without saccharine The story has perfect story time potential the increasing steps, the refrain of Pouch Alas, the art may a bit too softly shaped to make it ideal for reading to anything but a very small group I think I ll try it anyway, though.

    7. For when you need a book about how it feels when the world is a little scary but you still want to venture out.POUCH

    8. This charming picture book has a great message about young children exploring the world around them, while still enjoying the safety and protection of a caring parent When Joey was born, he spent all of his time in his mother s pouch But now he s gotten big enough to stick his head out and look around He wants to hop about, but each time he goes out he gets frightened and returns to the pouch Young readers will appreciate being shy around new people and the joy of making a new friend Warm, cheer [...]

    9. This was a cute book about a Kangaroo who wanted in and out of her Pouch curious about what s on the outside He went from animal to animal asking who they were and then wanted back in his mama s pouch until one day he realized he was ready to be out of the Pouch Maybe he felt secure in knowing the animals in his surroundings This is great life lesson book Children will adventure on their own when they are ready and the Kangaroo knew when it was time to adventure out into the world Maybe he felt [...]

    10. So much fun to share in a library pre school story time Just two lines of text per page, lots of opportunity for shouting together the word POUCH as little Joey says as he jumps back in after encountering new things, such as a bee, a rabbit, a bird, and another joey Children name them for you if you pause The performer can invite children to jump with Joey, first two times, then three times, then four times, and finally five times In our case we let our hands jump off our laps so we could all re [...]

    11. It can be a little scary for a joey to venture outside of the pouch for the first time That s what happens to Joey in this story He ventures out but each time he encounters a new animal, he yells POUCH and takes off back to his momma Until he encounters someone that looks like him

    12. Great for a movement animals storytime Get the kids hopping like kangaroos with this fun story about meeting new people.

    13. Such a cute story and with the number of hops in the text, it makes for an easy sequencing lesson for PK K.

    14. We loved the author s Dinosaur Kisses so much we got this book and love it I think it is auntie s favorite of the two Toddler nephew loves it too

    15. The safest place in the world is Momma s pouch I think everyone s natural instinct is to hop back to the pouch and curl up in safety inside when we feel scared or threatened, to return to a place we ve known as safe since day one of our existence Venturing out into the world, even just one extra hop at a time, can be frightening, but as long as we have that pouch to jump back to, everything kind of feels like it will be fine A secure home base is the mooring for all contented adventuring Shortly [...]

    16. A book about being brave I asked the children I was reading to what the animal was that he was encountering each time A fun read.

    17. Quick and Easy Read for Bedtime David Ezra Stein entered our lives through his simple and gentle, Leaves , which our young infant immediately liked Pouch is a worthy companion, and as an older toddler he still loves the familiarity of the story A young kangaroo, Joey, wants to see the world, and jumps about exploring When Joey meets a new animal, he s startled and shouls Pouch signaling his intent to return to the safety of mama Where Leaves taught us the cycle of seasons and how a bear prepares [...]

    18. I absolutely loved the first half of this book It is adorable, sensitive and made me laugh The sparse but well chosen words and warm, fun illustrations so deftly convey the curiosity and enthusiasm of wee ones who want to venture out from mama and also how easily they are surprised or frightened of the world and want to HOP back to mama and the safety and comfort of her pouch, in this case I wasn t completely happy about the conclusion while I think the intended message is that, when we have a f [...]

    19. Pouch by David Ezra Stein is a fun, repetitive story that young kids will love It s all about a baby kangaroo who has lived his entire life in a pouch, but then he peaked out and saw the world Mama, said Joey, I want to hop He takes one hop and meets a bee Frightened, he yells Pouch and hides His curiosity gets the best of him and he keeps trying to hop He meets several animals but continuously gets scared and hides Then, he meets another baby kangaroo Both frightened marsupials yell Pouch , but [...]

    20. Pouch is a book about a baby kangaroo branching out from his momma and seeing the world At first, the baby kangaroo wanted to hop and when he took a couple of hops, he ran into a bee That scared little kangaroo, Joey So he yelled Pouch back to momma He did this several times until he ran into another baby kangaroo First running in to the other kangaroo, he was scared and then he found out the other one was too So the two kangaroos were giggling and happy They no longer needed to be back in the p [...]

    21. This story tells the tale of a baby kangaroo, Joey, who begins to meet new friends Each time he encounters another animal, he jumps right back into his mom s pouch because he is scared Eventually, he meets another baby kangaroo This time things are different and Joey asks his new friend if he is afraid too The two kangaroos realize that they don t have to be afraid of meeting new people They decide to become friends and don t have to jump back into their mom s pouches This book can be used to ta [...]

    22. Joey was a little kangaroo, but there was a little issue Joey had a desire to go out into the world Gradually Joey was able to hop out of his mamas pouch farther and farther Every time Joey jumped out he ran into something he did not know of and back into his mamas pouch he went Pouch But Joey is not the only kangaroo with a desire to explore the word.While reading Pouch I noticed a pattern Every time Joey jumped out of his mothers pouch he jumped farther and farther He starts off with two jumps [...]

    23. As I was reading this, I kept thinking of my friend s son He would play with you for a little while, but then he d have to check in with Mom, as if reassuring himself she was still there So while I agree with some of the other Good Readers that this would be a good storyteller pick, as a bookseller, I would have recommended it to a parent with a kid who s suffering from separation anxiety The book seems to say, it s okay to be a little scared and to want to stay close, but there s a world out th [...]

    24. Pouch by David Ezra Stein is the perfect children s picture book for any child who s facing going out into the world for the first time and leaving the safety of home Centered around Joey, a baby kangaroo, and his tentative forays into the forest that leads him to meet other species, the part of the book I loved the most was the way he persisted through his fears and kept leaving his mother s pouch to continue exploring Illustrated with china marker, watercolors, and water soluble crayons the ar [...]

    25. I loved this, but my five year old son though he giggled at it says it was scary Huh Baby Joey comes out of his mom s pouch, and encounters another animal Who are you Bee POUCH yells Joey, and hops back in the pouch This pattern is repeated about five times, until he meets another baby kangaroo and, as they both turn around and holler Pouch they realize that the other is as scared of them Then they become friends This is typical toddler behavior, and the pictures are charming I think toddlers an [...]

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