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Vacuum Diagrams #2020

Vacuum Diagrams And everywhere the Humans went they found life This dazzling future history winner of the Philip K Dick Award is the most ambitious and exciting since Asimov s classic Foundation saga It tells

  • Title: Vacuum Diagrams
  • Author: Stephen Baxter
  • ISBN: 9780061059049
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vacuum Diagrams By Stephen Baxter, And everywhere the Humans went, they found life This dazzling future history, winner of the 2000 Philip K Dick Award, is the most ambitious and exciting since Asimov s classic Foundation saga It tells the story of Humankind all the way to the end of the Universe itself.Here, in luminous and vivid narratives spanning five million years, are the first Poole wormholes And everywhere the Humans went, they found life This dazzling future history, winner of the 2000 Philip K Dick Award, is the most ambitious and exciting since Asimov s classic Foundation saga It tells the story of Humankind all the way to the end of the Universe itself.Here, in luminous and vivid narratives spanning five million years, are the first Poole wormholes spanning the solar system the conquest of Human planets by Squeem GUTships that outrace light the back time invasion of the Qax the mystery and legacy of the Xeelee, and their artifacts as large as small galaxies photino birds and Dark Matter and the Ring, where Ghost, Human, and Xeelee contemplate the awesome end of Time.Contents Prologue Eve 1997 The Sun People 1993 The Logic Pool 1994 Gossamer 1995 Cilia of Gold 1994 Lieserl 1993 Pilot 1993 The Xeelee Flower 1987 More Than Time or Distance 1988 The Switch 1990 Blue Shift 1989 The Quagma Datum 1989 Planck Zero 1992 The G del Sunflowers 1992 Vacuum Diagrams 1990 Stowaway 1991 The Tyranny of Heaven 1990 Hero 1995 Secret History 1991 Shell 1987 The Eighth Room 1989 The Baryonic Lords 1991 Epilogue Eve 1997

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    1 thought on “Vacuum Diagrams

    1. Much like reading Asimov s complete robot stories Vacuum Diagrams gives you a complete history of Stephen Baxter s world from the human point of view not strictly a novel but not really just a collection of short stories either, this is an epic novel than spans millions billions I forget of years in human evolution, focussing on small not minor actions taken by important individuals throughout the timeline and how their bravery or stupidity, failures and intelligence affected the evolution of th [...]

    2. This is the very best sci fi book I ve ever read This book attempts to offer PLAUSIBLE ideas about what other forms of life might exist in our universe, may have existed, or might exist in the future These are not your average lizard like aliens with large black eyes No sir, these are life forms that will bend your mind over backwards and turn it inside out.Absolutely fascinating read from cover to cover If I could forget this book and read it again, I would.

    3. The conclusion to the original Xeelee sequence So do we FINALLY get to meet the Xeelee view spoiler Umm no, not really hide spoiler Baxter s style lends itself well to short stories He can be focused and deliver his brilliant idea and get out.For the most part this a series of slices from the Xeelee universe It is not a series of stories with a beginning, middle and end It can be hard to adjust to each new slice since it might jump ahead thousands of years from the last one It always took me a [...]

    4. Being a hard sci fi nut, I find it difficult to get my sci fi fix without compromising something In this case my compromises were minimal Baxter isn t the greatest writer in the genre, but damn if his science isn t glorious This book is less a novel than a collection of stories drawn from a single unique universe of his devising, loosely connected by a segregated secondary narrative that gives them some additional weight and context Many of the tales can be read as stand alone stories, and in fa [...]

    5. This is a collection of short stories with an incredibly lame bridging mechanism that strains credibility all by itself and oh dear god it gets worse as you keep reading It s science used with all the exaggerated care and concern of a man using tipex on his computer screen for the very first time His short story in which evolution is the punchline is astonishing not just in its sheer wrongheadedness, but also in the implication in the story that this is a very clever ending and very clever peopl [...]

    6. First, let me mention the stuff that I didn t like.1 The connecting thread, trying to join all these stories written across the years decades actually dealing with events pertaining to millennia of future history of humanity into something holistic, was rubbish and absolutely pointless.2 The later stories, describing events taking place at a time when humanity has forfeited its enterprising spirit in order to become all out warmonger and has paid the terrible price for it, are bleak as well as o [...]

    7. Baxter plays fast and loose with the laws of physics, adjusting them and ignoring them at will for the purposes of the particular story line he want the reader to buy into While he might be excused for this he unfortunately does the same with human behavior, emotions, common sense and logic and expects the reader to play along It just does not work This is probably the last of his books I will waste my time reading.

    8. Quite possibly the best collection of hard sci fi stories ever I ve read it twice and I think its about time I read it again.

    9. No lack of imagination in this novel length collection of short stories, loosely linked together to form an epic future history of the universe Some of the concepts the alien races, the advanced technologies are breathtaking in their scope Baxter does an impressive job of evoking a sense of wonder with his development of scientific concepts into stories.However, though this book works brilliantly as hard SF, it falls short as literature By which I mean that it fails on some of the mundane and b [...]

    10. Holy cow This one really made my mind work These stories are truly grand in scale and I love Baxter s style Makes me feel smart but keeps me reading The second I finished this book I turned right back to Page 1 and made it to pg 250 again before I figured I should read something else Some stories could be skipped or skimmed but most of them are insanely cool and interesting The last 1 3 of the book is where things start to get super interesting Who doesn t want to know what humans are doing in y [...]

    11. Mind boggling physics, epic time scales, proton decay, soliton stars, inter galactic wars, cool spacecraft, life forms from beyond the edge of credibility it s got it all

    12. I wish I could do justice to this book by writing it as beautiful review as it deserves, but I m exhausted and feeling terrible after a bout of food poisoning from a terrible burger bought at three in the morning in Leeds at the end of a friend s stag do over the weekend.So apologies to Mr Baxter I read Vacuum Diagrams during my honeymoon a couple of weeks ago and didn t want to wait any longer to write happy words about it.This is a wonderful book, exploring celestial history, from the universe [...]

    13. The disturbing triumphant ending to the xeelee sequence The final book in the Xeelee Sequence, answers many of the questions posed except the biggest The final machinations of the ultimate enemy of the universe, the photino birds This often disturbing image as the univese is slowly destroyed for all life except dark matter life is depressing in that even the godlike xeelee have run away There is hope though as the final humans left in the universe escape through the xeelee rip in space into anot [...]

    14. I guess I spoiled this by reading the first three Xeelee sequence books I skipped entire paragraphs and stories that I had already read in their full context in the novels I also couldn t help but notice that some of these stories are actually elements of the longer novels in their embryonic forms Paul is a proto Micheal Poole, even retaining the same descriptions of some of his actions And Teal is a proto Maker of Arrows I have not yet read the rest of the books of course, so I do not know if t [...]

    15. I don t know if this is the best novel Stephen Baxter ever wrote, but it s my favorite It s hard to even put my finger on why I love it so much I just do Perhaps because it rends me intensely than the work of any other current writer of Arthur C Clarke s great early short stories Vacuum Diagrams is less novel than Grand Galactic History But it manages to pack in the Big Science Ideas enough of them for five books by any normal writer while still presenting memorable and even moving characters T [...]

    16. A good addition to the Xeelee novels, gives entertaining background to few of the events mentioned in there It is easier to read, the stories are compact, some are quite light and there are much fewer very heavy science bits It is quite enjoyable The only annoying point is some repetition specifically Lieserl and Stowaway are pretty much taken from the novels I have also seen recommendations to start on the Xeelee universe from the short stories, I personally would not the novels contain a lot [...]

    17. Brilliant arc of future history Difficult going at first with so many ideas and situations thrown at you that it seems a bit overwhelming Stick with it, though I finished this as I sat in the back of my truck on lunch break at a construction site and the words wow and holy sh t came involunarily from my lips The ten million year history is wrapped up in a sequence of stunning stories concerning the ultimate fate of humanity and the Universe, and it was a rush of sparking imagination with a wonde [...]

    18. A must read for hard sci fi geeks like me In searching for different engines used by authors to tell a good story I ve come across good books which made me smile after turning the last page This was one of them This only happens once every 1 2 yearsd I read a lot I won t tell you why I liked it because other reviewers have already explained some of the reasons I m just gonna tell you that right now, I m sitting at my desk at work still thinking about The Friend Paul the Planck Zero AI e you ther [...]

    19. Well, that was bleak and confusing in places I feel I would have gotten a lot out of this if I d read the novels the short stories are related to Most of the short stories stood on their own, but there were instances when I understood that a reference was being made to something I had no knowledge of.All in all I liked these stories The aliens were alien, which always is a big plus with me, and the characters relatable The science explanation were a bit hard to follow on occasion though.

    20. This collection of short stories is kind of tied together by the short story Eve that both starts and finishes the book This is the third or fourth book by Baxter I have read I loved The Time Ships , and couldn t get into Raft and possibly Flux I might go back and try again, but I probably will seek out other authors Overall, this was a pretty entertaining read that made you stop and think periodically Apparently, everyone in the future knows quantum physics I enjoyed it, though very much worth [...]

    21. This book attempts to tell the story of the human race across nearly 5 million years of time It is actually a collection of short stories, connected by a story Baxter wrote to tie them together into a semi coherent whole The stories are interesting on their own and in the context of human history, but it seemed disjointed and abrupt, with most of the stories ending before they had played out Overall, I thought it was a fascinating attempt to condense 5 million years of events into a single book. [...]

    22. The scale of these stories is breathtaking, the events, artifacts, wars and story lines immense and awesome, but the human elements are not convincing Thousands of years in the future with new technologies, new worlds, contact with aliens, an many other transformative events and people have changed a bit There s no sign of cultural evolution or novelty And, despite population in the trillions or higher, the human race seems to be one culture with one set of goals I guess you re supposed to read [...]

    23. A collection of short stories that form a time line synopsis of Baxter s Xeelee, Qax, Silver Ghosts, Human universe I generally tend to shy away from short stories because I ll get all excited about the story and then suddenly it s over so soon, but Baxter s Vacuum Diagrams was different because it helped paint a concrete picture of how this particular universe worked And being a new fan of Baxter s, I ve got a lot to read of this particular universe.

    24. Short stories are not much for character development, especially if they are spread over millions of years, but each story is a little thought experiment of xenoevolution, time travel, and just good ol exploratory science fiction The time scale of the collection will be beyond your grasp, but that makes you feel even humble as you turn the page and find the next story happens another 100,000 years in the future.Inspirational and mind expanding.

    25. This is a series of short stories in Baxter s Xeelee Sequence This is the second book I ve read in this sequence While the stories were good, I found them to be somewhat disappointing There was not as much exploration of the Xeelee and their great project as I was hoping for, and many of the great events of the sequence such as the occupation by various alien species is not really explored it s of a background than anything else.

    26. I usually enjoy Baxcter s work, but this compilation of short stories poorly held together with a dream vision storyline was a huge dissapointment It s like Baxter was trying to weave all the tales around the latest unified theory of the universe and became so engrossed in the science he was trying to demonstrate he totally lost the idea of creating a good story And he did it over and over again

    27. Very good collection of short stories that are written in a linear format spanning millions of years It gave an interesting depiction of possible life that could exist out in the universe There is lot s of astrophysics and whatnot in the story which really helps to give a visual image of what is going on While all the stories stand alone pretty well, the book can be read through to give a complete picture of humanity s struggle over the massive timeframe.

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