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The Sovereignty of God #2020

The Sovereignty of God Who is regulating affairs on this earth today God or the Devil That God reigns supreme in Heaven is generally conceded that He does so over this world is almost universally denied if not directly

  • Title: The Sovereignty of God
  • Author: Arthur W. Pink
  • ISBN: 9781604596731
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sovereignty of God By Arthur W. Pink, Who is regulating affairs on this earth today God, or the Devil That God reigns supreme in Heaven, is generally conceded that He does so over this world, is almost universally denied if not directly, then indirectly More and are men in their philosophizing and theorizing, relegating God to the background Take the material realm Not only is it denied that God creaWho is regulating affairs on this earth today God, or the Devil That God reigns supreme in Heaven, is generally conceded that He does so over this world, is almost universally denied if not directly, then indirectly More and are men in their philosophizing and theorizing, relegating God to the background Take the material realm Not only is it denied that God created everything, by personal and direct action, but few believe that He has any immediate concern in regulating the works of His own hands Everything is supposed to be ordered according to the impersonal and abstract laws of Nature Thus is the Creator banished from His own creation Therefore we need not be surprised that men, in their degrading conceptions, exclude Him from the realm of human affairs.

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      Arthur W. Pink

    1 thought on “The Sovereignty of God

    1. The doctrine of God s Sovereignty lies at the very foundation of Christian theology It is the centre of gravity in the system of Christian truth the sun around which all the lesser orbs are grouped It is the chord upon which all other doctrines are strung like so many pearls, holding them in place and giving them unity It is the plumbline by which every creed needs to be measured and the balance in which every human dogma must be weighed It produces gratitude in prosperity and patience in advers [...]

    2. This book caused quite a controversy when it was first published and I suppose it still does This book is a treasure to me as it opened a new view of God and His Word It deals with one of the most vital aspects of the Godhood of God sovereignty Is God sovereign, is really asking, is He God What does it mean for God to be God Who is really in control Who has supreme authority and power I highly recommend it Read along with your Bible and watch how the sovereign supremacy is seen throughout the en [...]

    3. A lot of doctrine to swallow, some easier than others Let me start with the one that went down easy Pink s chapter on prayer was by far the most enlightening for me In this chapter the familiar became life changing His explanation that we pray because we rely on God, not because we want God to change things, was an eye opener It was one of things that you know intellectually, but it hasn t taken root in your heart and become real Well know it has I approach prayer in a whole different manner It [...]

    4. An absolute must read Pink articulates then relates the Biblical truths of God s absolute Sovereignty so very well and clear With all assertions that Pink makes, he backs them up with many proofs from the pages of scripture and, only when absolutely necessary, he quotes an uninspired author for their comment on a particular point or a verse, but he always goes to the Bible first before looking to outside resources God s absolute sovereignty is the plumbline by which we measure all other doctrine [...]

    5. There are not a lot of books that I give five stars and say that they are a must read However, this is most definitely one of those books on one of the most volatile subjects The Sovereignty of God A.W Pink attempts to draw closer the tension between the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man, a conundrum that has puzzled theologians for centuries And yet, both are plainly taught in Scripture Though Pink s focus is clearly on the divine side of the issue and understandably, given that [...]

    6. If you want to know what it means to say, God is sovereign , this is the book There are others, yes, but Pink is as thorough and as biblical in his presentation of this part of systematic theology as can be found.I find it fascinating, in seeing reading many negative critiques of Pink s work, that so many will call him a Hyper Calvinist Clearly, they either misconstrue the term or flat out don t know what it means, except that anyone who believes God has unconditionally elected some to salvation [...]

    7. Great book that definitively tackles the question of the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man I think I prefer Lorraine Boettner s The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination better than this, but this is still a worthy read.

    8. But let us now inquire, What is the human Will Is it a self determining agent, or is it, in turn, determined by something else Is it Sovereign or servant Is the will superior to every other faculty of our being so that it governs them, or is it moved by their impulses and subject to their pleasure Does the will rule the mind, or does the mind control the will Is the will free to do as it pleases, or is it under the necessity of rendering obedience to something outside of itself These are just a [...]

    9. Until I read A.W Pink s Sovereignty of God I would ve laughed at the notion of a book on Christian doctrine being a page turner or to elicit a feeling of I can t put it down Yet, here I am emphatically endorsing what I expected to be a stuffy and dry treatise on Reformed Doctrine Despite being written almost 90 years ago, Pink s handling of Scripture proved incredibly relevant to many of the struggles we continue to face in the 21st century But, of greatest importance, the book inspired within m [...]

    10. Pink examines the claims of God s sovereignty that is, His total control of and authority over the entire cosmos Is God really sovereign, and if so, what implications does that have on prayer, evangelism, and the notion of free will Although brief, Pink addresses several topics and relies heavily on Scripture to show that his arguments have a solid foundation The result is a high view of God s sovereignty that both encourages and challenges readers perceptions.

    11. Reading this book has brought so much peace to me with the truth that it portrays from Scripture regarding the Sovereignty of God I recommend it to any Christian out there who is really searching the Scriptures on this subject I underlined a lot in this book and I plan on going back through and studying this book The Lord is truly reigning on his throne

    12. This is probably the best book I ve read so far presenting high calvanist theology Being not Calvinist, it gave me a good understanding of why someone might be Calvinist, and I think this will help to illuminate future dialogue

    13. Releitura em 2015 com muito proveito Melhor que este somente a vers o completa com alguns cap tulos adicionais e 4 ap ndices em ingl s publicada pela Baker.

    14. Pink is nothing if not thorough and meticulous in his use and understanding of Scripture He does a good job at going very in depth into breaking down how God is sovereign in general areas and explaining, along with Scriptural support, into what God s sovereignty in those areas means and how it can be proven I was especially impressed by the appendix on John 3 16, as this verse was one of the many sticking points for me before I accepted Reformed tradition.On the down side, Pink can tend to be ve [...]

    15. It was a challenging read simply because I did not agree with much of what was written within its pages The sovereignty of God is looked at through the doctrinal lens of predestination Arthur W Pink goes so far as to say that Jesus Christ did not, in fact, die for all of humankind but that He died for some which I think is Biblical heresy If you are looking for a book to sharpen your understanding and solidify your standing on the doctrine of predestination, then I d recommend this book It defin [...]

    16. This book made me furious but that s not necessarily a bad thing, I guess It is certainly a thought provoking read, and a good exercise in devotion simply because I could not safely acquiesce to Pink s teachings without serious contemplation Like the reviewer before me, I believe the idea that Jesus only died for the elect, and the contention that God does not love everyone He has made, to be heretical It seems inconsistent and unlike Him for God to enjoin us, through Jesus, to live our enemies, [...]

    17. This was one of the earliest books in the Reformed theology thought that I read It was very foundational in my early Reformed days, and still holds a high place in my mind when I think of great book The Baler Publishing edition is preferred over the edited and chopped up Banner of Truth edition, because you get a well rounded scope of sovereignty in all areas the Banner of Truth edition a baptist organization cut out chapters and dealings with such things as reprobation, due to their disagreeme [...]

    18. One of the greatest books I have ever read on the subject of God s sovereignty and mans responsibility Beautifully written with glorious prose and Biblically sound with many clear proofs from Scripture of the author s thesis.A book written 100 years ago yet speaking prophetically into our day when the sovereignty and very character of God is being decried and downplayed in favour of the exaltation of humankind A book that should be read by everyone who really desires to serve God wholeheartedly [...]

    19. This book is an excellent read and helped me understand the right view of God and the right view of myself5 plus stars Another could Not put down Amazing.

    20. This is an excellent book Very helpful in understanding the relationship between God s sovereignty and man s will.

    21. Absolutely astounding Blows the mind with its far reaching applications Highly recommended It will change your life.

    22. Solid classic read Controversial issues about reprobation, yet renewing my understanding about the sovereignty of God Almighty.

    23. The Sovereignty of God probably one of the most attacked doctrines of the Bible along with election yet within it, the Christian has so much hope This book is fantastic and timely.

    24. This is the first book I read when I came to SVC as it was on the Elders Pick list This book settled once and for all the absolute sovereignty of God in my theology As I told our Pastor, Once you truly understand the Sovereignty of God, the rest of your theology falls into its proper place A W Pink started me on the road to reading authors I had never heard of, resulting in a rich, sweet discovery of Reformed Theology, firmly rooted in the truth and reliability of Gods Word.

    25. Truth rightly handledPink has a great gift of explaining the difficulty in breaking through our human traditions and modern world views to lay out the truth of God s Sovereignty He doesn t ignore the tough questions but faces them head on and teaches us that they can be answered Biblically, clearly, and with confidence Understanding the sovereignty of God and clearly, leaves the Christian humbled but with a greater peace than can be imagined.

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