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FreakAngels, Volume 2 #2020

FreakAngels Volume Twenty three years ago twelve strange children were born in England at exactly the same moment Six years ago the world ended Today eleven strange year olds live in and defend Whitechapel maybe

  • Title: FreakAngels, Volume 2
  • Author: Warren Ellis Paul Duffield
  • ISBN: 9781592910717
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • FreakAngels, Volume 2 By Warren Ellis Paul Duffield, Twenty three years ago, twelve strange children were born in England at exactly the same moment Six years ago, the world ended Today, eleven strange 23 year olds live in and defend Whitechapel, maybe the last real settlement in flooded London Having recently discovered that an exiled twelfth psychic has returned to brainwash murderous sleeper agents in Whitechapel, theTwenty three years ago, twelve strange children were born in England at exactly the same moment Six years ago, the world ended Today, eleven strange 23 year olds live in and defend Whitechapel, maybe the last real settlement in flooded London Having recently discovered that an exiled twelfth psychic has returned to brainwash murderous sleeper agents in Whitechapel, the Freakangels search for the timebombs in their midst while simultaneously seeking to expand their own mind powers to match those of their enemy The second chapter in award winning author Warren Ellis post apocalyptic web comic series Episodes 0024 0048

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      302 Warren Ellis Paul Duffield
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    1 thought on “FreakAngels, Volume 2

    1. If you think of Warren Ellis as a cynical bastard whose sole talent lies in the creation of nasty, drug infused, over the top comics it s a persona Ellis himself often flaunts, after all for a politically alienated and emotionally dulled audience, give FreakAngels a try It might change your mind.Despite the post apocalyptic setting, there is nothing flashy or gimmicky or trippy about FreakAngels The story is told in a very accessible, engaging, straight forward style, congenially brought to life [...]

    2. Twenty three years ago, the children from Village of the Damned ended the world and they are finally feeling guilty about it They ve gathered a few hundred survivors in the Whitechapel area of a flooded London and are finally discussing restarting civilization, at least locally We get little allusions to what they did, but nothing concrete as of yet Most of the book is them chatting about what to do, until they are attacked and give a response There s a nifty bit of storytelling going on here an [...]

    3. So, now that we ve established all that origin stuff in the first volume aside from what the FreakAngels actually did to destroy the world , we get a volume packed with all kinds of action and developments As the FreakAngels identify their potential through teleportation powers, they begin to focus on fortification and the expansion of Whitechapel The discovery of a settlement filled with homeless, sick and suffering citizens leads the FreakAngels to make an important decision Given that these p [...]

    4. Didn t take very good notes because I read this so fast While Volume 1 had setup and was a little slower, Volume 2 is all story filled with great little moments between the FreakAngels One of those rare series that balances well between action and stillness, violence and comedy It s just a fun read and very well written And Arkady is awesome

    5. The Freakangels world continues to grow with this second volume As the new girl settles in, a mortar attack signals the beginning of a traitor in the midst of Whitechapel and the Freakangels retaliate by heading to the dissident territory of Shoreditch The infrastructure of Whitechapel is debated as the Freakangels protectorate grows and they begin to realise their responsibilities lie further afield.The characters of the Freakangels are what I love best about this series Warren Ellis imbues the [...]

    6. There s a bit going on in this volume of FreakAngels than in the previous, expositiony volume This doesn t affect my enjoyment of it, much I really liked the first volume for the setting, the characters, and dialog, and also for the beautiful, haunting panels of a flooded London All back, plus a few plot developments that signal a change that will mean for the characters than for the readers, who are probably mostly trying to get their bearings still Read online.

    7. You get a few tidbits on the great catastrophe in this volume, and also start to see some of the strings holding everything together begin to unravel.Mainly characterization in V2 and I think this is when most readers will start identifying with certain characters The art has a sort of anime, early internet feel to it, with thin line work The panels stick to just a few options full page, one wide panel at the top and two small underneath, two small up top and a wide underneath, or four small pa [...]

    8. Another great volume We get some info about the past that lead to the post apocalyptic world we find ourselves in, and we see hints of just how bad things are outside the FreakAngels Whitechapel enclave I am really looking forward to seeing of this series

    9. Good stuff A little less exciting than V1, but this volume was all about management of the settlement and the new girl, so that can be excused.

    10. After last volume s rather one sided battle, the Freakangels reach a turning point in their protection of Whitechapel, where their biggest danger is their own success They have to stop noodling around and surviving and actually start working to build something After all, though we don t know how or why, this post apocalypse is all their fault Fun with engineering and psychic powers and guilt and the inter relationships of a disparate group of twenty somethings with terrifying abilities strugglin [...]

    11. FreakAngels, Volume 2 by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield4 5 StarsPros So we meet two FreakAngels in this volume Kait, who s something like the muscle of the team And Miki, who makes a very hard choice towards the end of this volume New powers include Superman style X ray vision and stopping time I wasn t expecting to get emotional but the scene when Alice view spoiler eats the strawberry hide spoiler really struck a chord with me.Cons Luke continues to be the scum of the earth Yay for character [...]

    12. Questo secondo volume, francamente, mi ha preso meno del primo.Non c grande azione, non ci sono chiss quali rivelazioni, non ci sono colpi di scena particolari.Ellis ci porta a conoscere un poco meglio gli undici ragazzi che hanno distrutto il mondo e che ora cercano di salvare Whitechapel.Scopriamo qualcosa di pi sui loro poteri e sulle loro personalit , conoscendo anche chi ancora non si era visto.Intravediamo uno scorcio di passato, quando nel nostro mondo i ragazzi erano dodici e si incontra [...]

    13. Expia o o tom dominante deste segundo volume de Freakangels Warren Ellis aprofunda mais as personagens, definindo melhor cada uma, e d nos vislumbres progressivos dos poderes psi nicos dos Freakangels, retratados nalgumas vinhetas como uma esp cie de Children of the Damned em vers o p s punk Somos tamb m levados conhecer melhor o apocalipse que inundou a Gr Bretanha e teve consequ ncias ainda n o deslindadas no resto do mundo, pondo um fim civiliza o tal como a conhecemos o evento catastr fico f [...]

    14. Hat mir wieder sehr gut gefallen Inzwischen kennt man alle Freakangels und ja, irgendwie mag ich sie alle Jeder hat seine Aufgabe und seine Bestimmung und jeder seine Macken und Eigenarten Auch die verschiedenen Beziehungen zwischen ihnen sind total interessant zu verfolgen und inzwischen bekommt auch die Geschichte eine eindeutige Richtung Sesshaft werden, das wollen sie Das m ssen sie wahrscheinlich und ich bin unheimlich interessiert daran ob und wie sie es schaffen werden.Au erdem interessie [...]

    15. So apparently I finished reading this volume awhile ago, since I m reading the free online version I really enjoy the characterization of the FA and, even though I sometimes forget who is which where, the specific mannerisms and speech patterns of each character are unique enough that I can tell them apart without specific names.Since I don t know where volume 3 officially began and volume 2 ended, I ll just say that the story is very intriguing and the art is gorgeous It s a lovely treat the re [...]

    16. didn t like this quite so much as the first vol, but that s often the way when a setting or idea is very shiny plus a lot of this takes place at night, which kind of has the effect of Dogville, high concept but visually unengaging but the characters and story are great surprising optimistic in this vol, i m assuming so the plunge will be even greater and i shall be putting the next vol at the top of my library list.

    17. is horrible It won t even display the images unless you click see review Initiate anger THE PICTURES AREN T EVEN BIG WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK.

    18. I simply love this series Vol 1 was great, and this Vol is in the same vein, the same talent There is only one word to describe this series Beautiful It have some minimalistic feeling The characters are totally lovable even those that are not so good soul , every one of them have such a charismatic personality, and in every page you learn to love them and Warren Ellis made a masterpiece again, a very fine comic.5 5

    19. Now that we ve met our cast, sub plots start to be set up and the Freakangels realize they need to decide what they are going to do with not just their lives, but the scattered remnants of humanity.Fun series, hard to juggle a big cast where everyone tends to look alike and all speak in witty sarcastic chunks, but some really great ideas here and Warren seems to have a big story in mind.

    20. In the second installment of this series we begin to learn a little about the characters and the challenges the FreakAngels and the other survivors face take center stage.Questions of right and wrong battle against questions of best strategies for survival This installment captures what so many of us miss in everyday life, perspective is everything.

    21. I think this volume is leading up to something bigger in the next as I found it a little uneventful I did like how I got to see about the Freakangels and learn about them and what they can do.

    22. I love this series, and it s something I have been wanting to read for some time This is a webcomics classic, and we discussed it on a recent episode of the podcast comicsalternative webcomic.

    23. this is a free, weekly webcomic ellis and paul duffield are doing it is excellent and free did i mention free go read it now because i said so, that s whyeakangels

    24. The Victorians used to grow pineapples through their bloody awful winters through the awesome technology of glass and horse shit KK, ep 46 p 6 How steampunk is that I LOVE this series.

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