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The Salati Case #2020

The Salati Case Castagnetti Casta is a private detective who doesn t do things by the book He s dogged and lonely impatient with the world of appearances and deceit So when a pompous notary commissions him to verify

  • Title: The Salati Case
  • Author: Tobias Jones
  • ISBN: 9780571237098
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Salati Case By Tobias Jones, Castagnetti Casta is a private detective who doesn t do things by the book He s dogged and lonely, impatient with the world of appearances and deceit So when a pompous notary commissions him to verify that a missing person is presumed dead in order to dispose of a dead woman s estate to the other heirs, Casta smells a rat.

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      419 Tobias Jones
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    1 thought on “The Salati Case

    1. Three and a half stars for this opening Castagnetti effort It feels like Tobias is finding his feet in the crime genre with a traditional family case It had enough twists and turns to keep me intrigued, while the descriptions of Italian life are spot on as you d expect from a writer who has mined great non fiction territory

    2. I enjoyed this thriller and recommend it to anyone interested in the seedier side of Italian family politics Jones portrays a deep understanding of the Italian psyche As an Englishman who has lived in Bel Paese for several decades I can vouch for that.

    3. I was going to give this only two stars when I suddenly realised what the author is trying to do I think he is trying to be a sort of Raymond Chandler for Italy Having been very impressed by his Dark Heart of Italy , I was puzzled by the detached and, on the surface, un nuanced style of the writing in this one And then I recognised the style I m not saying it works this is Tobias Jones first detective novel and it will be interesting to see what the recent ones are like.

    4. I enjoyed this book very much a lot than many other reviewers, it seems I thought as a private detective mystery it worked very well, with a credible and comprehensible plot which was very well developed in the narrative, and believable, well drawn characters Jones who lives in Parma also creates an excellent sense of place Northern Italy in winter and the s and politics of the city and of Italy itself, and I found the central character narrating the story interesting and sympathetic in a flawe [...]

    5. Not a total dud but hard to recommend the author s book of reportage The Dark Heart of Italy was excellent but this first I think venture into crime fiction is pedestrian Crucially, there is very little sense of place as the city quite possibly Parma is anonymised and the private dick narrator is way below apparent inspiration Philip Marlowe as a tough guy wiseass Favourable comparisons to Michael Dibdin on the back cover are way off the mark.

    6. I got a copy of this book following a recommendation cannt remember from who though Was a lot lighter and quick to read than i expected Author certainly makes good job of describing the location and i did quite enjoy the book but think there are other italian detectives that i have enjoyed

    7. This was surprisingly good for a first crime novel It was an interesting setting and hard boiled without being exaggerated or unrealistic Castagnetti s methods are straightforward and believable and he s interesting as a character as were the rest of the cast in this I d read another one My only criticism was that I wished it was longer as I enjoyed inhabiting this world BH.

    8. Was an alright book The story and concept was good moving through the space of a week Was a very quick read But the end was a bit disappointing and left you feeling confused over what happened

    9. A Philip Marlowe type private eye investigation set in Parma, Italy somewhere between diverting and dull, or between sprezzatura and insipid You get the idea By the conclusion I hardly cared who did what, and suspected the author felt the same.

    10. I read this book before I read an old 1988 Magdalen Nabb book Both are set in Italy Both with male protagonests The Nabb book beat this one hands down.

    11. My rating 2.5 5Good, simple writing, though nothing out of the ordinary Built up nicely but fell and felt rather flat towards the ending.

    12. Written by a Brit who never quite convinced me he was Italian, but I felt I was in Italy Also, he sent me to maps and dictionaries, trips I enjoy.

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