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Rings, Swords, and Monsters: Exploring Fantasy Literature #2020

Rings Swords and Monsters Exploring Fantasy Literature Great college course on the history of fantasy literature from Beowolf to Harry Potter with lots of emphasis on Tolkien I hate to listen to the last lecture because I don t want it to end Guess I coul

  • Title: Rings, Swords, and Monsters: Exploring Fantasy Literature
  • Author: Michael D.C. Drout
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 222
  • Format: eAudiobook
  • Rings, Swords, and Monsters: Exploring Fantasy Literature By Michael D.C. Drout, Great college course on the history of fantasy literature from Beowolf to Harry Potter with lots of emphasis on Tolkien I hate to listen to the last lecture because I don t want it to end Guess I could just relisten.Drout is a philologist and develops the history through his study of words and folklore After listening I have a geater appreciation than ever for the depthGreat college course on the history of fantasy literature from Beowolf to Harry Potter with lots of emphasis on Tolkien I hate to listen to the last lecture because I don t want it to end Guess I could just relisten.Drout is a philologist and develops the history through his study of words and folklore After listening I have a geater appreciation than ever for the depth of Tolkiens Middle Earth and for Ursula LeGuin land I will go back and read Beowulf again He also looks at King Arthur legends, CS Lewis, and Donaldson Good stuff

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      222 Michael D.C. Drout
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    1. Fantasy in modern times is held on the fringe much like romance novels and cheap novels They have a strong following but many just consider them as escapism Drout through his lectures shows the history and influence of fantasy writing from the Victorian to the present and magical realism I never read Tolkien but the amount of time spent on the author makes me want to pick up The Hobbit and give it a try for the 57th time I never got past the party meeting Gollum in the cave Ursula K Le Guin, Ter [...]

    2. I admit to being a little skeptical when I began listening to this series of lectures After all, the lecturer, Michael D.C Drout, is a Professor of English at Wheaton College We all know how professors can be and since the subject was fantasy literature, I was worried big time that a professor, any professor, would look down his her nose from his her ivory tower and sneer at my beloved fantasy genre I had braced myself to be bombarded by snobbery and to be soundly criticized for my reading taste [...]

    3. I have just finished listening to the lecture series Rings, Swords, and Monsters Exploring Fantasy Literature This is a lecture series produced by The Modern Scholar Recorded Books , with lectures by Professor Michael D C Drout.It s not good.Professor Drout is the William and Elsie Prentice Professor of English at Wheaton College I d be willing to bet that he is in his late 40s, and fell in love with Tolkien and C S Lewis s Narnia books as a child He was inspired by those authors to pursue studi [...]

    4. I usually love the Modern Scholar franchise for example, the Medieval Literature and Grail series , but I was disappointed in these lectures I expected factual information and analysis, and this was like a summary of each fantasy novel Drout played fast and loose with his research which made for some sloppy scholarship.For example, he argued that despite Ursula LeGuin s Taoist leanings, she evoked Chiristian themes His reasoning is that, in her Earthsea trilogy, simply saying something in the [...]

    5. I think there are about 2000 books in the Modern Scholar Series Michael DC Drout has about 10 books in the series and I have read listened to about half of his and a dozen by other authors These are generally the series of lectures from a course on a particular subject constructed and delivered by the lecturer who is an eminent authority on the subject being considered They usually total about 8 hours of listening time.Michael D.C Drout is the William and Elsie Prentice Professor of English at [...]

    6. What Professor Drout does well is to sum up the things that fantasy can do that mainstream fiction cannot or does not However, this lecture did not feel nearly as academically rigorous or well thought out as other lectures he s done in this series I felt I was listening to a discussion of a literary genre by a very intelligent fan of the genre, but not an academic lecture Rather than giving a general view of movements or themes in fantasy literature, he devotes most of the lectures to looking a [...]

    7. Well, I love articles, documentaries and of course whole books about fantastic literature films and comics too so I really liked this one too Too bad I couldn t get a real dead tree copy but audiobook was good enough Drout speaks quite nicely and it flows like you re watching a cool documentary I guess it s just as good for beginners in fantasy as it is for those that have read a lot I have read quite a few of the works he refers too but even the ones I haven t he manages to describe his points [...]

    8. I wish Drout had spent less time on Tolkien and time getting deeper into the rest of the genre but I ve enjoyed the course overall I might also check out his From Here To Infinity An Exploration of Science Fiction Literature, especially since it doesn t seem to focus on one author like this course did.Some of the many interesting points that he elaborates further it is tough to define fantasy vs children s lit, or sci fi, or magical realism and how it differs from high brow modern literature fa [...]

    9. Way too much summarizing of Tolkien, not enough time spent on the fantasy that comes after Tolkien Abysmal understanding of children s fantasy between Lloyd Alexander s Prydain Chronicles and J K Rowling s Harry Potter series Really 1980 1995 was not a desert for children s fantasy Also, I found his discussion about the place of literary novels fantasy writing to be simplistic at best Don t try to tell me that there aren t fantasy writers who aren t as excellent at the sentence level as literary [...]

    10. Excellent lecture series Professor Drout is an excellent speaker, and his love of the subject matter generally, and J.R.R Tolkien in particular, is infectious I do not consider myself a fan of must fantasy fiction save for Harry Potter, the Artemis Fowl series, Ken Schole s Lamentation, and a few others However, Professor Drout s extensive knowledge of the history and development of the genre is fascinating, and after listening I have attempted to seek out some of the titles or authors he refere [...]

    11. After listening and loving The HobbitI picked up the Modern Scholar Series Rings, Swords and Monsterswhich is a series of lectures on fantasy literature by Michael Drout, a professor at Wheaton College My original plan was just to listen to the one or 2 lectures about The Hobbit I found that I could not put this down If you are a fan of fantasy fiction, he covers many of the great authors of the genre Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Ursula LeGuin, Terry Brooks, and His lectures were interspersed with backg [...]

    12. The title of this course is a little misleading Drout is a serious scholar of J R R Tolkien, and this 14 lecture course on Fantasy literature is slanted towards predecessors of Tolkien, Tolkien s works 7 lectures , and a few followers imitators of Tolkien However, if you like Tolkien, it s great stuff If you don t, there are a few lectures on children s fantasy, Arthurian fantasy, and magic realism There s a good review of Ursula K LeGuin Don t expect to learn about the popular horror branch of [...]

    13. Maybe this was not the best course, I am not sure with so little to base it on, but it was very interesting to hear fantasy treated in a truly academic fashion, with a survey of major, defining works a discussion of the genre s origins and its placement in time a comparison of the major authors amongst themselves and of the genre with others an identification of the major themes and a discussion of what fantasy does well and to what it can still aspire.

    14. Although I listened to and enjoyed From Here To Infinity An Exploration of Science Fiction Literature by this same professor, I was initially uninterested in this lecture series because the listing on the back revealed half of it was devoted to Tolkien, and I d thought it should be like the other one and provide a broad overview of the genre But I ended up picking it up because I had a lot of driving to do and few other options and found it to be really enjoyable In the prior lecture series I ha [...]

    15. spends waaaaay too much time summarizing plots and discussing very old books You d think fantasy was dinosaur based on these materials Few if any current authors are discussed Really only J.K Rowling and he had little to say about that His main problem is he spends payout half of the 7 CDs talking about worshipping J.R.R Tolkien, mostly to summaries the plot I m sure there are dozens of people here on Goodrea who could do a much better summary and discussion of the fantasy genre.

    16. I get irritated when people interrupt my listening experience with Drout He so clearly loves the material, and so effectively builds to his point, that I want to stay lost in the moment enjoying his insights.

    17. Well, in some ways it is tough for me to give this only 3 stars, because he is one of the best living Tolkien scholars, and his love of Tolkien shines through I am totally with him there But I would say, if it is possible, this series was too short and focused overly much on Tolkien Now, in it s defense, this came out before the Harry Potter series was finished, and many other popular fantasies have been coming out recently such as Game of Thrones which I haven t even read, so it seems like he l [...]

    18. I enjoyed Drout s science fiction series and this fantasy series was equally as good, albeit with half the lectures focusing on Tolkien and his influence on the modern fantasy genre I know Drout s got a thing for Tolkien Me too Anything else is gravy And the gravy here is quite good Drout does eventually cover imitators, those who have extended the genre, and so forth Drout does his best but none of it is as interesting as the Tolkien stuff at least so far His closing is extremely strong and tho [...]

    19. What s geekier than reading fantasy literature Listening to a lecture that actually takes fantasy literature seriously Maybe that s why I enjoyed it so much Drout is a fantasy aficionado and this lecture is perhaps somewhat indulgent on his part, but I think he makes a legitimate argument that fantasy literature is valuable and insightful in that it deals with issues that other literature kind of avoids He specifically pointed out that respected literature deals with what death does to the peop [...]

    20. This course does an excellent job explaining Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings, although I must confess I haven t read the books or seen any of the movies If fact, I wasn t familiar with any of the books discussed in the course While that may put me at a disadvantage, it also provided insight into a genre I might never have explored I m still not positive that the fantasy genre is something I would be interested in, but after taking this course, I have decided to watch the LOTR movies and possib [...]

    21. This was a fascinating series of short lectures on the history of fantasy from oral tradition myths like Beowulf and Gilgamesh through to the mass proliferation of Harry Potter.The majority of the lectures deal with Tolkien, whose body of work is each afforded it s own lecture, but whose gravity in the genre is all but impossible to escape or ignore.It was easy to understand while maintaining academic analysis and commentary on some of the great titles that form the history of fantasy literature [...]

    22. Don t read if you intend to read Earthsea, he throws out some spoilers Possibly a couple other classic fantasy series spoiled also, I ll try to remember to list all of them next time around.Michael D.C Drout is great Great lecturer, great narrator.I would have balked at the idea of enjoying lectures, but Mr Drout makes it feel as if you are having an interesting conversation with him, rather than being taught.Will have to seek out of the Modern Scholars series.Update Second listen Good stuff Ad [...]

    23. The kid and I have been listening to this for over a month, off and on It s the CD we were listening to in the midst of a blizzard on the usually hour long drive home from a hospital visit last month.Very thorough overview on the history of fantasy literature and where it is today Touches very briefly on all the big names Tolkien, LeGuin, etc and also talks about where it all comes from, both literarily is that a word and psychologically.Drout is easy to listen to and, while this is not at all m [...]

    24. Mostly about Tolkien, but some quite interesting biographical information and criticisms in that area Some Ursula K LeGuin and T.H White, with a lecture on magical realism near the end Drout has a thesis about fantasy literature being connected to oral tradition in a special way, but he spent a lot energy claiming this connection than showing it.The lecture on The Hobbit as viewed through Marxist interpretation was fascinating Really

    25. Drout is amazing I love being able to continue to learn from this great teacher I wanted to participate in this course because I realized that fantasy was a huge part of my childhood reading material and I wanted to re embrace that genre with knowledge Highly recommend this for anyone of the same interest.

    26. I really enjoyed this lecture series primarily because of the subject matter, though Drout is a decent enough lecturer He made some excellent points about the benefits and strengths of fantasy literature Of course, now I wish I were back in school so I could take a full blown course on fantasy I guess I ll have to settle for adding a dozen or so fantasy titles to my To Read list.

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