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Uma Questão de Escolha #2020

Uma Quest o de Escolha Em Uma Quest o de Escolha Jessica Winslow dona de uma loja de antiguidades torna se o alvo de uma rede internacional de tr fico de objectos de arte James Sladerman o pol cia enviado para proteg la

  • Title: Uma Questão de Escolha
  • Author: Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 413
  • Format: ebook
  • Uma Questão de Escolha By Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado, Em Uma Quest o de Escolha, Jessica Winslow, dona de uma loja de antiguidades, torna se o alvo de uma rede internacional de tr fico de objectos de arte James Sladerman o pol cia enviado para proteg la, mas James ter que lutar n o s contra o perigo, mas tamb m contra o desejo que o envolve pela bonita antiqu ria Leia a novela que inspirou o soberbo romance TesourosEm Uma Quest o de Escolha, Jessica Winslow, dona de uma loja de antiguidades, torna se o alvo de uma rede internacional de tr fico de objectos de arte James Sladerman o pol cia enviado para proteg la, mas James ter que lutar n o s contra o perigo, mas tamb m contra o desejo que o envolve pela bonita antiqu ria Leia a novela que inspirou o soberbo romance Tesouros Escondidos de Nora Roberts e envolva se pelo mist rio e suspense que o deixar o desejoso de ler a hist ria at ao fim.

    • BEST E-Book "☆ Uma Questão de Escolha" || READ (KINDLE) Ù
      413 Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado
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      Posted by:Nora Roberts Isabel Penteado
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    1 thought on “Uma Questão de Escolha

    1. Eh This was not Roberts best novel I found the name of the male hero stupid Slade It s like a throwback to a romance from the 80s which makes sense because that s when this was written I didn t believe the instant connection between Jess and Slade I didn t believe that Jess would find Slade s overbearing, almost abusive, attitude attractive I didn t believe the premise of the case it seemed highly unrealistic I didn t find the mystery believable or particularly suspenseful None of the characters [...]

    2. Este foi o primeiro livro que considero ter lido desta autora, apesar de j ter lido J D Robb e ter gostado muito Este livro pequeno, tem um pr logo e apenas 12 cap tulos, e penso que podia estar melhor aproveitado Gostei bastante das descri es das casas, mob lias e jardins e, claro est , das cenas de amor entre os protagonistas No entanto, achei o Slader um pouco for ado em termos de personalidade T pico bad boy que na verdade um good boy Estranhamente, achei este livro mais semelhante a J D Rob [...]

    3. As usual, a great read.I don t like to go into detail about a book as I don t want to spoil it for others.Nora Roberts is a consummate storyteller and consistently, seemingly effortlessly takes you into her vision.This is one of her earlier works so lacks the maturity and depth of her current books but, even so, her writing surpasses most, if not all, novelists.Seamlessly combining mystery with the classic romance novel elements to a rarified level Ms Roberts has once again worked her magic.

    4. I almost added this to my historical shelf Set in 1984 and it really shows Everyone is smoking ALL THE TIME Other than that, I found the mystery part of the story totally predicable and most of the characters to be total creepers It was the style of the time Lesson Learned Nora Roberts is great, but I need to stick to recent contemporaries of hers.

    5. I m so glad she writes male protagonists that are actually likable now, because wow.That was a common problem in the 80s though, and Nora was not immune I really liked the main character, Jessica, though And the story was great, definitely something she d do now, but with a better male lead Sorry, Slade You just weren t enough for me to go gaga over.

    6. Sergeant James Sladerman Slade , of the NYPD, has mixed feelings about his career as a police officer Writing is his first love, but for the time being, he writes after work Everything in life is all about making hard choices.So when his latest assignment takes him to a small Connecticut town to babysit Jessica Winslow, the owner of an antiques shop, while FBI agents circle, trying to find the kingpin of a smuggling operation that is using her shop, Slade is less than thrilled.His cover, however [...]

    7. I kind of got tricked into reading this because I sorted the NR books available for my Nook from the library by publication date and this came out on top and had an unfamiliar title, so I thought this was new But apparently publication to them means date it was put into e book form, because this is almost as old as I am As such, it has a lot of she said no but her eyes said yes and kissed her to shut her up bullshit in it But it was kind of interesting to see how NR s writing improved as her plo [...]

    8. Great bookI started reading and couldn t put it down until I finished.I can t wait for the next Nora Roberts book.

    9. This book was first published in 1984 and it certainly shows Not because of the subject matter, but the voice and narrative style sound dated even for a Silhouette.The suspense was good with the mystery of just who in Jessica s closer circle was the baddie, while the identity of the main villain, the one pulling the strings, didn t even matter that much in the end.But once you move away from the mystery, there s not much else there The heroine seemed like a flake, the hero was an ass, their roma [...]

    10. This was published before under a different name I think they should tell you that I hadn t read this book before These are some of here earlier works and happy to say, she has come a long way The story was predictable with the romantic edge It followed two headstrong characters with romance, suspense and intrigue I got a little tired of the same dialogues going over and over, but I did like the ending I really thought I had figured out who dun it , but I was wrong So it was worth finishing If y [...]

    11. Too shortIt s like the introductory paragraph of a great story, and then they dump you, I don t like it makes me mad.

    12. No doubt this was the story by Nora Roberts that I most enjoyed so far, even though the romance continues to seem forced as in the other books I had the opportunity to read.The ingredients are almost the same, a writer is looking for inspiration to finish his her literary work although in this book the writer is also a policeman , so he she moves into the home of a member of the opposite sex to whom he she feels attracted to He she fights against it, but the other character isn t indifferent to [...]

    13. Que dizer de Nora Roberts outra vez Nada de original, pois todos os adjectivos positivos e elogiadores j foram usados para descrever as suas obras.Neste pequeno conto, mas que serviu para matar saudades da sua escrita e criatividade, Nora enla a nos e puxa nos para uma hist ria repleta de paix o e suspense.Como sempre, a escritora gosta de nos deixar na d vida at ao final, o que faz com que devoremos o texto at ltima p gina.Neste caso reparei que os di logos s o um pouco mais r pidos e as descri [...]

    14. With an original published date in 1984, this is an early Nora Roberts and it is a product of the times Both in the actions of characters and the style of writing Having been a Nora fan for a good few years it is interesting to have read one of these earlier books to see how much has changed in her story telling and still how much is the same.Jess is a bit TSTL at times which always annoys me in any story and I think the modern heroines she writes are not quite so bad Independent lady who knows [...]

    15. Such a 90s Harlequin Romance SUCH an example But, read in that light, a fast and fun read Jessica Winslow is a ditzy heiress who runs a highly successful antiques shop One that is also successful in importing stolen items Which is why Seargeant James Slade Sladerman who would rather be a writer is assigned to watch her Is she the smuggler or is it one of her employees Of course, they fall in Lurv Along with the usual I m not good enough for him her for insert Reasons But, whatever Read it with a [...]

    16. Slade gets ordered to become an undercover operative with the FBI They are about to just open a smuggling ring Only problem is the Commissioners Goddaughter is a possible suspect Slade has to protect Jessica and find out who is using her antique business as a cover He doesn t want to like Jess but can t help himself She thinks he is an author who has been hired to help her organize her library Her life is in danger when a shipment of diamonds gets delivered to her house instead of the business I [...]

    17. While well written for 1984, it is so dated It s hard to find a man that calls his female love interest stupid and an idiot repeatedly, attractive All the characters were a bit smarmy and the mystery part of this story was pretty obvious The smoking all the time puffing on cigarettes.This didn t do it for me, but maybe it was the thing for the 1980s Skip it or better yet let s have an update that makes this a modern story I should have known there was something wrong when it went on sale for.99 [...]

    18. IT WAS ONE FOR THE BOOKS Sgt James Slade Sladerman had practically been born to the force, but he wanted to be a writer, not a cop No one was different from him than Jessica Window, who was wealthy and working only because she wanted to He felt the gap between them keenly, and almost refused to be her undercover bodyguard But someone had to watch her and he d given his word regardless of her innocence or guilt Slade couldn t afford to care, but in the shadow of danger, in the arms of the woman [...]

    19. Blog tempodler 2012 07 Apesar de interessante e relativamente intrigante, este romance tem um desenvolvimento pobre, com muito pouca pesquisa envolvida Sem a qualidade habitual dos livros de Nora Roberts e com pouco conte do, esta leitura compensa apenas pelo formid vel estilo de escrita da autora Sempre me pareceu que Nora praticou a sua habilidade nesta vasta cole o de romances para depois reciclar alguns dos elementos aqui usados de forma a escrever os livros que realmente nos apelaram paix o [...]

    20. Okay bookHad I read the reviews first I might not have bought this Kindle deal, based on the fact it was written in the 80s and rereleased with a new cover That is pretty irritating when it s not advertised as such It has lots of 1 star reviews and I don t think it s that bad That said, I love Nora Roberts, which is why I bought without checking further I don t think it s one I d recommend and certainly not one of my favorites but I m not sorry I read it.

    21. Whenever I am sick or just need a book that doesn t require much attention, I pick up something like this It was silly and the plot was ridiculous and predictable but hey it was a quick read and there was a happy ending Oh, and for the record, there is nothing attractive about a male love interest that calls the woman stupid so often AND threatens to smack her That doesn t make him bold and manly It makes him an ass.

    22. This book was OK Roberts delivers a light hearted story that meets my expectations But it wasn t my favorite by her, like Sanctuary.I liked Jessie s character a lot But I am not a fan of Slade, especially because he smokes To me, that is hard to find attractive.Also, there were only a few characters that could have been the villains in this romantic suspense, so it made guessing who did it kinda easy.

    23. Yang bikin sebel adalah Jessica itu tipikal cewek bodoh yg keras kepala sehingga pasti ketangkep ama penjahatnya.Pantes aja ketika hal itu terjadi dan selesai, Slade bener2 marah sampai membentak you idiot itu bener bgt Untungnya NR di death series ga mengulangi adanya karakter seperti Jess lagi Btw, penjahatnya gampang ketebakyg pasti bukan David dan yg satunya lagi salah satu customer Jess.

    24. Policeman tries to protect woman who doesn t believe she needs protectionStory of wealthy shop owner who is in danger but doesn t realize that she needs to have help in saving her from the criminals who have been hidden stolen goods in her store The struggle to avoid romantic relationship between the main characters was painful to read, because the chemistry didn t feel real This book felt like the precursor to the In Death series which is a favorite series of mine.

    25. A quick read by the talented writer of romance and mystery, Nora Roberts This author always comes up with a good mystery with a little love interest thrown in I found myself swiftly turning each page to find out what kind of trouble the characters would get into next The characters were strong and well defined and interesting Another winning book by Miss Roberts sure to please readers who love romance and mystery all in one.

    26. What went trough my mind as I read this.A new Nora Roberts e book that s under two dollars Yay A main character named Jessica Yay Main character is blonde Boo New e book is a reprinting of something really old Boo Story is really rehashed stuff from her other novels Boo This book is boring Boo Boo, I wish I had never got this book.

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