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Hunt at the Well of Eternity #2020

Hunt at the Well of Eternity A discovery deep inside the Great Sphinx of Egypt reveals a secret that will send Gabriel Hunt racing to the Greek Isles of Chios and then on to a deadly confrontation atop Sri Lankas ancient rock for

  • Title: Hunt at the Well of Eternity
  • Author: Gabriel Hunt James Reasoner
  • ISBN: 9780843962468
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hunt at the Well of Eternity By Gabriel Hunt James Reasoner, A discovery deep inside the Great Sphinx of Egypt reveals a secret that will send Gabriel Hunt racing to the Greek Isles of Chios and then on to a deadly confrontation atop Sri Lankas ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya.

    • UNLIMITED KINDLE ✓ Hunt at the Well of Eternity - by Gabriel Hunt James Reasoner
      172 Gabriel Hunt James Reasoner
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    1. What do a missing Confederate regiment, a lost Mayan city, and the fountain of youth have in common They re all parts of the plot of Hunt at the Well of Eternity Gabriel Hunt is a globetrotting adventurer in the mold of Doc Savage and Indiana Jones His brother Michael is head of the Hunt Foundation, an organization that has connections to museums all over the world The story starts with Gabriel and Michael at a banquet and the action starts right away when a woman tries to give a package to Mich [...]

    2. I appear to be on a hunt puns always intended for solid adventure novels of a particular type I discovered James Rollins Sigma Force series, which ended up being a lot of fun intelligent and suspenseful globetrotting adventures with interesting characters, believable science, and dealing with some lesser known unexplained mysteries of the past At some point in the last year I also found an obscure series of six books by different authors including James Reasoner, Charles Ardai, and Christa Faust [...]

    3. I love these books Two fisted pulp action in the vein of Indiana Jones or Doc Savage Gabriel Hunt is a worthy successor to the mantle of the pulp hero.

    4. I m pretty dang sure I got this book during one of BN s free ebook fridays I don t know if they still do that, but it s something they used to do when I first got my Nook There s no way I would have bought this book on my own That said, this book is just as pulpy as you d expect from the cover a painted look from back when they would use illustration rather than photos for book covers and a mostly naked woman watching a muscular man dispatch someone else This cover s pretty accurate to a scene i [...]

    5. 3 AND 1 2 STARS When I heard that horror writers Christa Faust, Nicholas Kaufman, and especially David J Schow were writing a pulp adventure series, I had to jump on board Currently, six titles are slated to be released by six different writers under the Gabriel Hunt pseudonym, who also happens to be the main character in the series Indiana Jones overdosing on a mix of speed and steroids is one way of describing the hyper violence and fast pace of this book This adventure has non stop action th [...]

    6. Gabriel Hunt, the author and main character of this book, is half James Bond oh so smooth and irresistible to women, great with a gun, cool under pressure and villianous death threats and half Indiana Jones world renowned retriever of antiquities, even if sometimes he does slightly illegal things to get them, always stumbling into trouble just when he thinks he s in the clear, handy with a bullwhip and it is heavily implied he was taught to use it by Dr Jones himself.In this first installment of [...]

    7. I stumbled onto the Hunt series of books while looking up a writer I ve really gotten into over the past few months RICHARD ALEAS RICHARD ALEAS is a writer and creator of Hard Case Crime, under his real name Charles Ardai, that publishes new and old crime pulps While looking for information on his work I discovers the Hunt series also published by Charles Ardai The Hunt series of books are action adventure stories where Gabriel Hunt tells his story to a writer who then publishes Gabriel s story [...]

    8. Dorchester Publishing is running full throttle trying to create a new pulp hero with their Gabriel Hunt line Gabriel Hunt is the hero and subject of the series with each book not authored, but told to the writer Hunt is a rich and handsome world traveler who is heir to his parents fortune In the first book we learn that his parents disappeared at sea, leaving him and his brother Michael to administer the family fortune They also run the Hunt Foundation, which serves as the background cover for G [...]

    9. Minor Potential Spoiler Alert.Gabriel Hunt, in case you somehow missed it, is a takeoff on Doc Savage, though news stories and comments about this new Hard Case Crime series have been referencing Indiana Jones often, and fans of Clive Cussler s Dirk Pitt or other pulpy globetrotting pseudo archaeologist heroes with six shooters will also recognize the style, and it likely won t fail to please you.Hunt at the Well of Eternity is a good, entertaining, fast paced novel introducing readers to the u [...]

    10. I ve been looking for a good modern day version of the classic pulp adventure stories like Doc Savage, John Carter, Indiana Jones, etc and so I gave this one a try This novel is from the producers of the Hard Case Crime imprint created by Charles Ardai and is the first of six in the series so far featuring Gabriel Hunt This particular entry in the series is written by James Reasoner, known mostly for his Civil War fiction novels, and each book in the series is by a different author And although [...]

    11. Wow was I excited about this series of pulp adventure books The covers exhibited online were so cool, and the idea of having a regular series of great pulp adventures really got to me.Unfortunately this book is deadly boring It has the stock elements of what we think of as pulp, but none of the racing action or colorful characters.Gabriel Hunt is supposed to be a hero cut from the same cloth as Indiana Jones or Doc Savage, with some steady James Bond gigolo action along the way but don t get exc [...]

    12. It took me a bit to get into this adventure novel It s all action for many pages without any chance to establish character But as the book rolls on, there are some moments where we get to learn about Hunt as a person as well as some of the co stars around him mostly dangerous men and strong women As others have said, there s some Indiana Jones in here with a dash of James Bond and Mack Bolan It isn t quite what I d call a men s adventure novel but it s straying close to that line Gabriel Hunt is [...]

    13. Very fast read if you skim the really long fight scenes A nice mixture of legends, but nothing I d pay money for.

    14. Somewhat formulaic but otherwise an interesting action adventure story with a smidgen of science fiction within

    15. Leisure Books is of course an imprint of Dorchester Publishing the same publishing house responsible for the Hard Case Crime imprint Of course none of this should be a surprise at since the series is the brainchild of Charles Ardai the man behind Hard Case crime I was first attracted to this series thanks to the clever use of the character s name as the author While this somewhat meta fictional conceit doesn t extend to the rest of the novel and is traded for a straight forward no nonsense third [...]

    16. James Reasoner in his book, Hunt at the Well of Eternity Book One in the Gabriel Hunt series published by Titan Books introduces us to Gabriel Hunt.From the Back Cover From the towers of Manhattan to the jungles of South America, from the sands of the Sahara to the frozen crags of Antarctica, one man finds adventure everywhere he goes GABRIEL HUNT Backed by the resources of the 100 million Hunt Foundation and armed with his trusty Colt revolver, Gabriel Hunt has always been ready for anything bu [...]

    17. I d been curious about this for awhile Who doesn t like light pulp So when it was offered on Free Fridays on Barnes Nobel some weeks back, I downloaded it eagerly.It s hardly Daschiell Hammett or the like, but it s a decent way to throw away a couple evenings Hunt is cookie cutter pulp hero, even so than most such heroes He s not nearly as charismatic as some of the genuine figures of the genre, but he s not a bad facsimile.Clearly the book was hastily written as well it should be, in keeping w [...]

    18. Neo pulp The series recounts the adventures of Gabriel Hunt, a modern day combo of Indiana Jones and James Bond, globe trotting in various legend inspired adventures All of the books are credited to Gabriel Hunt, as told to their real author in this case, prolific adventure genre workhorse James Reasoner A beautiful visitor to the Hunt Foundation in New York, kidnapped by professional goons before she can tell what brought her, sends Gabriel on a trek first to a Civil War battleground, then to a [...]

    19. I ran into the Hunt books after getting heavily into Doc Savage and The Shadow So when I ran into this series I grabbed it quick I was pleasantly surprised to find the pulpish feel to the novel Gabriel Hunt is larger than life and you never think he s going to die but it was fun That s the key to me is it was just a fun adventure It wasn t the greatest literary thing every written but it was full of adventure and action Like watching a good B Action Movie, Hunt at the Well of Eternity was fun an [...]

    20. This book is SO much fun Just the right mix of weird supernatural weirdness and fast paced adventure A bit like the old Doc Savage books but like Indiana Jones The character is a bit poorly fleshed out, that s probably my biggest complaint The apparently flawless hero type is a bit hard to empathize with sometimes but not a huge problem in a book like this Looking forward to the rest in the series.

    21. Fun, pulpy throwback to adventure fiction about globe trekking, chiseled jawed heroes, beautiful and brash dames, dastardly villains, and almost nonstop action scenes It was a fast fun read, without any smug literary pretense to it Great for a quick weekend escape, but beware you can probably guess where the plot is heading a good three to four chapters ahead of the characters figure out themselves

    22. I don t know if it was the title of the book or the spoiler in the description but this book was very predictable Down to the ending It had an Indiana Jones feel of adventure but there was no suspense, no mystery The action starts of pretty quickly and holds steady through the story but it didn t have a lot of oompf I needed a quick read while waiting for a friend to catch up in a series read This book served it s purpose of reading filler.

    23. The ultimate adventure novel the bullets start flying almost immediately and the action doesn t let up until the very end No than a page goes by without a chase, fistfight or gunfight There s enough room for good characterization, and the other five books in the series can build on it A terrific, fun read that I finished in one sitting.

    24. This was a great action adventure story Just like what you d expect from an Indiana Jones movie What fun to read The characters are somewhat shallow, but it is so action packed that it than makes up for it I look forward to reading of these series But from what I researched, different authors write these stories, so the next one will have a different writing style.

    25. There s a certain kind of villain I like He doesn t want to rob banks He doesn t want to kidnap Sue Storm He doesn t particularly want to punish anyone Instead he simply wants to rule the world Megalomania on such a grand scale is rare these days I was happy to see it return in this book.

    26. As books go, this one is the literary equivalent of a pixie stick There isn t a lot of substance to it, but there is a lot of action that does keep the story moving along pretty quickly, much like a Hollywood summer blockbuster There s even a veiled reference to Indiana Jones in the book, which makes sense since it is very similar to the old pulp adventure novels.

    27. Series of modern adventures about archaeologist and adventurer Gabriel Hunt Each is written by a different author under the pseudonym of the title character As you may expect, the quality of writing varys considerably.This first entry, ghosted by James Reasoner, an author of Westerns Is a pretty good place to start.

    28. In the tradition of pulp adventure novels from Doc Savage to Indiana Jones comes this first book of a new series The action comes at a breakneck pace and doesn t let up, which is good Following the pulp tradition, though, some of the prose is really clunky and slows the book down Nonetheless, a fun read.

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