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Blood Moon #2020

Blood Moon Challis and his team investigate the brutal beating of the chaplain of a prestigious school and the murder of the woman in charge of punishing local land use violations But will Hal Challis and Ellen

  • Title: Blood Moon
  • Author: Garry Disher
  • ISBN: 9781921351877
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blood Moon By Garry Disher, Challis and his team investigate the brutal beating of the chaplain of a prestigious school and the murder of the woman in charge of punishing local land use violations But will Hal Challis and Ellen Destry s new romantic relationship interfere with their work

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    1 thought on “Blood Moon

    1. Blood Moon is the fifth book in the Inspector Challis series by Garry Disher During schoolies week on the Mornington Peninsular, a School s chaplain was beating Inspector Challis and Ellen Destry is on the case to find out who did it and during the investigation, a murder was committed Readers of Blood Moon will continue to follow Inspector Challis and Sergeant Ellen Destry investigation into the killing and the assault on the chaplain.Blood Moon is the four book I have read in this series, and [...]

    2. Several years ago, on a trip to Australia, I read some local authors I couldn t get absorbed by Tom Winton, but Garry Disher turned out to be a really good storyteller His books tended to be expensive in the U.S but now they are on kindle.Blood Moon starts out slowly, with many different characters going through their daily lives Of course some turn out to be criminals and their victims Others are the engaging and sometimes quite flawed detectives of the Waterloo force, all of whom I remembered [...]

    3. The Hal Challis series gets bigger and better with each outing I love the character development and the personality flaws in the good guys, who are far from the stereotypical perfect crusaders against crime A well written, multi layered Australian police procedural with a definite dose of grit and realism.

    4. The Hal Challis series is really growing into something particularly interesting, as well as entertaining There s a distinct edge to this story, there are obviously some issues which the author wants to talk about, and he s cleverly worked a number of elements of social observation and commentary into what is, overall, a good solid police procedural.Hal and Ellen s romantic interest at the end of the last book has developed into a live in relationship Which has a number of complications not just [...]

    5. Another enjoyable entry in this Australian series I m using it for my 2015 book challenge for the read a book set in a place you want to visit category in which DI Hal Challis has his personal life complicated by setting up house with his Sergeant, Ellen Destry Trying to keep this under wraps in a working situation as insular as a small CIU office is than challenging, especially during the course of several complicated investigations.I haven t read any of this author s stand alone novels, as I [...]

    6. He s become one of my favorite mystery writers He writes police procedurals set in Australia, usually Victoria, and the character development over time is rich and complicated.

    7. Loving this crime series set on the Morninton Peninsula Blood Moon is number 5 in the series and didn t disappoint with the usual ascerbic insights into the local area close to where I live Looking forward to starting the next one in the series.

    8. It didn t seem to have many cheap tricks but the story was just bland I read this because it was said to be a cut above the usual police procedural, but I don t see it at all It s probably interesting if you live in the area.

    9. Always love a good Victorian coastal story This one was great, very well drawn characters and a plot that was believable and current.

    10. Up until now I have rated Garry Disher books as five stars however, I did not find Blood Moon as satisfying as all the previous Challis and Destry novels The writing is still the same very high standard but there was something about the plot that didn t seem as satisfying Maybe its because I recently finished Chain of Evidence and went straight onto this book Usually I like to read several other authors before I come back to the next book in a series who knows.Blood Moon opens with an introducti [...]

    11. Blood Moon, by Gary disher, B plus, narrated by Colin McPhillamy, produced by Recorded Books, downloaded from audible.In this entry from his popular Challis Destry series, passion complicates matters for the two Australian officers Now that they are lovers, DetectiveInspector Hal Challis and Sergeant Ellen Destry must keep theiraffair secret, for romantic relationships are strictly forbidden by department regulations.Trying to keep their professional and personal lives separate, they investigate [...]

    12. 5 in the Hal Challis series Australian police inspector Challis has been living with Sergeant Ellen Destry since he returned from his father s funeral, Chain of Evidence 2007 When he is confronted about this breach of regulations by Superintendent McQuarrie, he expects one of them to be fired or transferred to Outer Woop Woop However, McQuarrie was impressed by Ellen s handling of a child molestation case while Challis was away and proposes promoting her to Senior Sergeant and being put in charg [...]

    13. I started Blood Moon three times and on the third go I still put it to one side twice to read other books I tend to read fiction exclusively, so this is a clear sign of ambivalence I did, however, eventually get to the end It s a book that I should have liked a relatively big cast of actors, multiple story lines, police procedural bleeding through into everyday lives of coppers but I just never really connected with the story I m not really sure why the writing was competent although not sparkli [...]

    14. My first Garry Disher novel I m a fan This is the fifth or sixth in the Challis Destry series, but it didn t seem to matter that I hadn t read the earlier novels This is a standard police procedural set in country Victoria, but it s a well written novel and I enjoyed it quite a bit Fast paced without being outlandish in any way, I read it in less than 24 hours, and now I m keen for some Garry Disher Apparently he s written than a dozen crime novels and perhaps 40 books in total The only thing [...]

    15. Latest in the Hal Challis crime novels set on the Mornington Peninsula at Waterloo Hal and Ellen Destry are giving living together a go a young girl recognizes her rapist from last years Schoolies and decides to get revenge great revenge too a controlling husband follows his wife as she tries to do her job of Planning infringement officer Pam Murphy finds a new copper attractive and starts a fling with him with disastrous consequences for him when he posts nasty photos on the internet another gr [...]

    16. I m known for being on the cutting edge, for having my finger on the pulse for example, I just bought a smart phone It isn t really surprising to learn that I ve only recently discovered Gary Disher s work, despite him having been an award winning author since before I entered highschool.The first novel I read of Gary s was Wyatt, after hearing him speak at the Sydney Writers Festival I enjoyed that novel and now have plenty of good novels to catch up on.This is my first Challis and Destry novel [...]

    17. Garry Disher s Hall Challis 5 I love this series set in Australia And Disher is such a nice person He did an event at our bookstore some time ago along with Cara Black What a night THAT was We read The Dragon Man with the Mystery Book Group Just a terrific series After I started reading this, I realized that I d read part of the book in 2009 Still this is an important book in the series bringing Hal, Ellen, and Pam in particular into sharper focus Scobie and Tank have their moments too Aside fro [...]

    18. Another thoroughly entertaining read and easy to award four stars Though a self contained book for those who has been there from the start it is great to be rewarded by character development and interactions building from the earlier stories in the series The author spins a good yarn tells a good story and portrays people in an honest fashion I find refreshing Multiple themes and character interactions, plots not overly complex and therefore believable, simple honest story telling I do enjoy rea [...]

    19. Brilliant One of the best I ve read.For this series, which I recommend you read from the first book The Dragon Man, right through, you ll enjoy the locations Disher writes locally the Mornington Peninsula region of Victoria This story is one of the best in his Inspector Challis series, and you can picture yourself right there, and feel every parent s dread about the mayhem of Schoolies Week.Disher is one of Aust s leading crime writers, with awards to his name.In my view, Australia s best writer [...]

    20. This is the fitfth book in the Challis and Destry series.It is set on the Mornington Peninsula, so the Library mentioned is one of our own branches It is interesting to try to figure out exactly where you are geographically, comparing the township of Waterloo in the novel to Hastings both historial battles There are several story strands intertwined masterfully, the abusive husband, schoolies, drugs, work relationships, lust and romance.I would recommend beginning with the furst in the series Dr [...]

    21. A new to me mystery writer that the blubs compare to Ian Rankin among others This book is set in Australia, and while I like the characters and the general tone of the writing, I realized after reading it that I missed having any sense of the patois of how people speak in Oz One of the things I really enjoy about writers like James Elroy or John Harvey is the way they capture the language and by inference the culture of where and when they are writing about.Still, a good book with some real surp [...]

    22. Disher does a great job of creating his flawed characters I really don t like them because they are flawed but by the same token, they can turn around and redeem themselves to me for instance in this story how Tank is suddenly one of my favorites Here there are a couple of serious persons crimes that are not directly related other than the CIU is working them The crimes took a backseat in this book so that Disher could further the stories of the main characterswill be interested to see how they [...]

    23. Another police procedural that finds the continuing characters growing changing taking new directions while solving multiple crimes I like the evolving relationship between Challis and Destry, which seems to have just the right amount of tension conflict respect friendship lust, all realistically and reasonably portrayed Once again personal lives of the continuing characters is a large part of my interest in this series, as is the depiction of Australian society.

    24. I d give this four and a half stars if I could I was pleasantly surprised with this book I ve read one other work of this author s a how to write book and I can verily attest he practises what he preaches.Anyhow, this is an excellent crime procedural story with multiple weaving threads All the ingredients are here for a marvellous tale and I really couldn t find that much fault with it It s enough to where I m going ot track down of his work I m sold.

    25. Another in the series featuring Challis and Destry Sticks to the usual format lots of police procedure and false leads The characters continue to develop and there a number of storylines.Some insights into the Australian culture of schoolies, male mateship and sexualisation of women.Could be read without reading others in this series.

    26. Always a good and fast read Unlike Rebus or Wallander, Challis doesn t revel in his aloneness but gets the girl however, he s always walking a tightrope in his relationships An assault, murder, and rape keep Hal and Ellen and the station busy Now I have to wait a year for the next one Ending was quite surprising in this one.

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