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A Aventura no Rio #2020

A Aventura no Rio In a middle eastern state not far from the border with Syria Bill takes his wife and children on a river trip the family holiday acting as cover for his undercover surveillance operation on a suspic

  • Title: A Aventura no Rio
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Capa Mole
  • A Aventura no Rio By Enid Blyton, In a middle eastern state not far from the border with Syria, Bill takes his wife and children on a river trip, the family holiday acting as cover for his undercover surveillance operation on a suspicious character Raya Uma.

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      325 Enid Blyton
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    1 thought on “A Aventura no Rio

    1. Suka Seru Senang juga bisa berpesiar keluar negeri selama dua minggu Saya suka Oola Kasihan, dia dipukuli pamannya dan badannya kurus kering Dia setia sekali pada Phillip yg sudah menyelamatkannya.

    2. A bit of a different sort of adventure for an Enid Blyton book, as she rarely ventures outside of Europe, but there you go Of course Philip, Jack, Lucy Ann and Dinah solve a mystery, discover a valuable historical treasure, and capture the baddie All in a days work with help from Kiki and a Bargua snake Love this series, but this wasn t the best of them Still, it s Enid, so five stars

    3. my favourite quote It was pretty tough at times, said Jack The girls were marvellous Good as boys any day This was such an unusual compliment from Jack that both the girls stared in surprise.

    4. This was a great book even though i did read this out of order, i am really hooked on this series can t wait to read the rest i really like Enid s writing

    5. Like generations of children I fell in love with reading largely due to Enid Blyton and she hasn t lost the ability to enchant The eighth and last in the Adventure series and very conveniently after having had a bad bout of influenza Dinah, Philip, Jack, and Lucy Ann accompanied by Kiki, the parrot are sent away on vacation on doctor s orders for convalescence cue an adventure They set off to Barira, near the borders of Syria, and board a river launch accompanied by guide Tala and Philip acquire [...]

    6. Reasonably enjoyable, but mostly a rehash of earlier books in the series without being so well realised The couple of new elements I enjoyed were the snake charming this must have been the book that first told me the truth about that , and Aunt Allie or Bill s wife, as her name is now finally showing some character when she comes to Oola s defence Kiki scares some men in a dark tunnel with noises yet again, but at least this time the scene was mercifully short It was annoying that this time it t [...]

    7. Philip, Jack, Dinah and Lucy Ann were on another adventure in Syria When They got flu, and the doctor recommended they go where there are sunshine and water Bill was sent to Syria, a perfect holiday destination for the children, to watch Raya Uma, a smart robber Bill said to stay out of his way But when Bill and their mother is kidnapped by Raya Uma, they had to do something The challenge they had to take is to save Bill and their mother What I don t like about this book is that there is a littl [...]

    8. While good overall I felt like we were rehashing bits of old plots Mr Uma was too similar to the evil uncle in Ship, the cave of treasure too similar to Valley My children still enjoyed it and continue to find Kiki hilarious but the series has ended up being a bit too formulaic.

    9. Such an enjoyable seriesCan hardly believe I am at the end This was a fitting end as the gang found themselves battling the roguish Uma The joy comes not only from the main characters, Oola was a real star.

    10. The last book of the series, and yes I think this is one of the better ones Mainly because I find the story just flows better.

    11. For me, this is definitely the weakest book in the Adventure series There is nothing wrong with it as such, but there is also nothing original or unique to this adventure The setting of the middle eastern river is not as vividly or as excitingly realised as most of the others, and nothing happens in the story that we have not basically seen in the series already.In the previous book, we were forced to endure Bill walking headlong into a very obvious trap Not only does the exact same thing happen [...]

    12. Maksud hati mengumpulkan kembali koleksi seri petualangan , apalagi ada cover baru meski lebih seneng cover lama , eh akhirnya jadi baca lagi Enid Blyton memang kagak ade matinye dah Buku ini adalah judul terakhir seri petualangan Kisah Jack, Dinah, Philip, Lucy Ann bersama Bill ayah tiri Philip Dinah serta Bu Cunningham di sebuah negara di Timur Tengah tak begitu jelas negara mana Awalnya Bill ditugaskan sebagai intel Sebagai cover Bill pun mengajak anak anak, sekaligus sebagai liburan agar ana [...]

    13. Okay so this was too bad for Enid.I meant I have read hundreds of her books but this one is just,yeah you know,not special.Maybe this is because I compare it with a total different condition To be honest I haven t read any of Enid s books since I left elementary school so yeah I don t know,but I was not a happy reader.Lucy Ann,Dinah,Jack,and Philip are going to Middle East country with Bill and their mother after suffering a severe flu just before they can go back to school.Bill had a duty to sp [...]

    14. Jack, Lucy Ann, Phillip dan Dinah yang baru sembuh dari sakit diajak ibu mereka dan Bill berlibur ke Afrika untuk pemulihan Sekaligus sebagai tameng Bill dalam melakukan penyelidikan terhadap seorang bandit bernama Raja Uma Tapi Raja Uma ternyata sangat licin, kegiatan mereka diketahui olehnya dan kemudian mereka menawan ibu mereka dan Bill Untunglah mereka berempat dapat lolos dan lalu memutuskan untuk mencari dan menyelamatkan ibu mereka dan Bill Sayangnya, mereka malah tersesat ke suatu tempa [...]

    15. This is one of my favorite books in my favorite series among the works of Enid Blyton The most exciting part is that this is one of the rare books of Enid Blyton that goes not just out of UK but out of Europe as well THe story takes place somewhere close to Syria in an unrevealed country I somehow liked the concept of long boat ride in an unknown country This story was high on novelty As usual Philip picks up an interesting pet that plays an important role in the adventure as well Overall it was [...]

    16. Another in this series that does not rank among my favorites, but still quite good Certain portions of the story are highly unbelievable, especially when read as an adult rather than a child.The four children has just recovered from influenza, and the doctor suggests a holiday in the sun, which fits in perfectly with Bill s latest assignment As they cruise down the Abencha river they encounter mysterious occurrences, starting with Sinnytown , which isn t on the map.

    17. Enid Blyton is an amazing childrens author, bestselling in the world Although almost undiscovered by Americans.This series The Adventure Series is 8 books long Features 4 friends who fall into adventures with counterfeiters, gunrunners, treasure hunters and the like Jack, Philip, Diana, and Lucy Anne and their crazy talking parrot, KIKI, are a lot of fun to follow through their adventures This series is top notch reading introduce your children to Enid Blyton today

    18. I read this as a child and despite loving the other books in the series I found this one extremely patronizing It s so obvious the author knew next to nothing about the Middle East and the characters seem a cheap caricature of Indians with snake charmers and oddly behaving natives I mean the real India here and not the erroneously called Red Indians I m sure even Indians will find it insulting though.

    19. InsipidEB must have written this when in a bad mood Too many pricks of racialism and looking down upon anyone not British I was angry with the kids, their parents and all the characters in the book in general.The 4 kids and the irritating parrot Kiki, are on a boat adventure this time as Bill is send to investigate a smuggler in a remote country and the children are recouping from a bad flu Bill needs them as he is planning to go incognito as a family man.

    20. The final book in Enid Blyton s Adventure series is set in the middle east Bill is now married to Philip and Dinah s mother, and takes her and the children on a trip down a river in a large comfortable boat with a driver who also prepares their meals Along the way they meet a native boy who s being abused by his boss, a snake charmer, and he stows aboard their boat The children eventually get separated from the adults, and go off in a small boat to find them, and find treasure and danger.

    21. A slight cop out to include this in my 35 books, as I read it with the kids, but I genuinely had never read it before, so I am going to count it In terms of quality, not the best in the series, a series I hugely enjoyed as a child In fact, this series does not really bare up to rereading as a adult, give me the Five Find Outers any day

    22. This was my first book and this was the book that helped me learn the skill of reading books.It kept my attention throught,what i could not believe was that for the first time i had finished the book in two sits.It has so many twist that you have the curiosity to continue reading.cially in the climax.My all time favourite, a must to read book for starters.

    23. My favourite of the Adventure series I was obsessed with Enid Blyton s books when I was little and love them to this day I absolutely love Kiki and her impersonations A must for any child or adult who wants to relive their childhood

    24. Great read aloud adventure for all ages My mom read this book as a girl and remembered it being one of her favorites and recommended it to me We read it together as a family with kids of all ages It is fast paced without being too scary We are looking forward to reading in the series.

    25. I read this book as a child, over and over, I loved them I will pass them on to my children and my children s children Enid Blyton just know how to make magic light up in your head, adventure and fun, just a few of the things, I loved about Enid Blyton.

    26. Despite not being an avid Enid Blyton fan my Auntie gave me this series of books and I loved them and re read them often Less annoying than the 5 and 7 and just as predictable but strangely comforting

    27. I loved the part when Phillip,Dinah,Lucy Ann and Jack find the old,forgotten temple.It is so awesome They discover lost treasure in a temple which is older than 70,000 years old

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