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Medieval People #2020

Medieval People Classic study recreates the lives of ordinary people who lived between the th and th centuries a peasant on a country estate in Charlemagne s time a Venetian traveler of the th century a prior

  • Title: Medieval People
  • Author: Eileen Power
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Medieval People By Eileen Power, Classic study recreates the lives of 6 ordinary people who lived between the 9th and 16th centuries a peasant on a country estate in Charlemagne s time, a Venetian traveler of the 13th century a prioress and a Parisian housewife of the 14th century, and a merchant and a cloth maker from the days of Henry VII.

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      125 Eileen Power
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    1 thought on “Medieval People

    1. For a long time historians foolishly imagined that kings and wars and parliaments and the jury system alone were history p89 In my imagination Eileen Power swept down from Northern Ireland to bring the new gospel of social history to the rich lands of southern England, but according to the infallible wikipeadia she only came from by Manchester which changes things entirely.Medieval People was first published in 1924 and went through a series of editions ,before Power s death when she was, by the [...]

    2. The problem with owning an e reader is that you don t get that closure of money changing hands You just click through , pressing the One Click Buy button with impunity while your credit card quietly sobs in your wallet In an attempt to limit the damage on my bank account, I went through s free Kindle books and picked up Eileen Edna Power s Medieval People.Power s book follows six medieval lives based entirely on literature in this case, wills, poems, and contemporary observations beginning at th [...]

    3. When I picked up this book and looked at the title and the cover, I did not expect that I was really going to enjoy reading it it looked like it was going to be really boring and badly written I was surprised when I started reading and realized that the style of writing was unlike most history books that I ve read before, combining a narrative style glimpse into the thoughts and opinions of the people featured in the book, and also plenty of factual information about their life and times It outl [...]

    4. This book is just okay It s informative, and some of the stories are interesting I like Power s conceit of keeping from the politics that everyone else usually focused on when writing histories and choosing to focus on the individual instead I like her organizing principle of each chapter being about a different historical person and therefore about a different type of Medieval person She writes about the peasant, the clothier, the traveler Marco Polo , the middle class housewife, the nun, and t [...]

    5. Written at a time when, in the author s words, historians imagined that kings and wars and parliaments and the jury system alone were history , Eileen Power s landmark study in social history sought to turn the focus instead upon the lives of relatively ordinary people Drawing on a range of primary sources including letters, wills, and ecclesiastical records she examines the life of six individuals a peasant at the time of Charlemagne, Marco Polo the Venetian adventurer, a Prioress who might hav [...]

    6. Fascinating look at various types of people who lived in different areas and eras of the Medieval time period Some of it repeats what Powers wrote in Medieval Women but, in this case, the primary focus is on the non royal population Powers is able to piece together the lives of six specific people who otherwise would remain completely obliterated from history altogther, and she does this with a sense of humor as well as a real understanding of what their lives would have been like as though she [...]

    7. Rather dated now across the board simplistic arguments, childlike prose They were very merry and not at all refined In stead of elucidating the social world of the 8th century Frankish peasant, comments such as this turn them into little than Hobbits with their penchant for Maypoles and strong ale and medieval stereotypes abound.

    8. E un libro imperdibile la quotidianit del medioevo raccontata attraverso sei personaggi comuni,la cui vita rimasta impigliata negli archivi,nelle lapidi funerarie,nei contratti,nelle lettere personali e commerciali,negli atti dei processi.Lo consiglio vivamente a tutti.

    9. A somewhat less than satisfying look at some real people from the Middle Ages based on documents and letters Maybe I was expecting than could possibly be reconstructed from the source material Nonethless, interesting insights into how things were especially trade, travel and finance.

    10. This book was hard to get into at first, but it turned out to be really interesting I don t know of another book that has shed so much light on the day to day lives of Medieval people It could be boring in parts, yet fascinating in others It s a must for anyone studying that time period.

    11. Some plodding prose and dated syntax, but worth the effort if you have an interest in the daily travails of mostly ordinary people in medieval times.

    12. This is a social history book which is written for the layman and counts no than 160 pages in my edition In this short space, Power provides a vivid taste of life across many sub epochs of the medieval age The chapters, progressing chronologically, are deliberately concerned with chiefly one historical document From this one document she describes the living persons that the document concerns the recipient of a guide to good housewifery in the late 14th Century, the Frankish peasant farmer who [...]

    13. This book uses primary sources to dig into the lives of 6 Medieval people Bodo the peasant, Marco Polo, Eglentyne the Prioress, a Paris housewife, an English wool merchant, and an English clothier Quite a wide variety with a focus on common people instead of the typical royalty The author is obviously a Chaucer fan, as many of the 6 map to Cantebury Tales characters, and does a good job highlighting the lives of each.Written in 1924, its tone is also quite a pleasant contrast to many of today s [...]

    14. This is a well sourced history of the Middle Ages that is reader friendly The author develops some of the major characters of Medieval times for instance, Charlemagne, Polo, and archetypal characters representing both the life of the commoner and of the fiscally successful Her analysis includes economics, religion and monastic life, social practices, and the appropriate customs of the time We come to understand the manner of will making, gender relations, the nature of work, and marriage in qui [...]

    15. Probably outdated now But was one of the first overviews of ordinary life in the Middle Ages, from the perspective of common people.

    16. I loved that this book focused on real normal people during the middle ages, not on the wars and kings It was written in an engaging way, making the research sound like a story My favorite chapter was about the menagier s wife This is definitely a good book if you want to know about the middle ages.

    17. I would like to thank Bertrand Russell for turning me onto this gem of a book Dr Power in this work lays the basis for the type of history embodied in the treatment of the U.S Civil War by Prof James I Robertson, Jr at Virginia Tech and Ken Burns on PBS Originally published in 1924 this Fellow at Cambridge s Girton College rejected the traditional study of history in terms of dates and great men in favor of portraying the lives of simpler folks through historical records and literary texts This [...]

    18. This book is surprisingly readable given it s publication date Whilst there are now many publications which discuss the lives of medieval people Ian Mortimer s Time Traveller s Guide to Medieval England being the most fantastic book I have read to date I have yet to come across one which discusses the lives of ordinary people from different time periods, locations and backgrounds in such close detail.It is a concise read yet pays extensive focus to source material Although I found this at times [...]

    19. Eileen Power ha fatto un ottimo lavoro con questo saggio capita raramente di leggere libri di storia cos scorrevoli e spigliati.Il saggio si propone di esplorare vari aspetti minuti della vita medievale che spesso vengono taciuti nei libri di storia con la esse maiuscola in favore di grandi imprese e grandi uomini Eileen Power invece esplora la vita quotidiana del medioevo e lo fa attraverso gli occhi di sei diversi personaggi il contadino, il viaggiatore, la badessa, la donna di casa, il commer [...]

    20. This book gave me some good insight to those who lived in Medieval times Much better than I had before Yes people lived on Manors with a lord, and serfs who took care of the land for them by planting, caring for animals, barrel making, housekeeping and the like but life in the middle ages was so much Residents of Venice worked in trading and shipping with Asian goods Marco Polo spent years in China with Kubla Khan People were well connected to the church and many lived as priests and nuns They [...]

    21. There is a reason why this book is a classic, written in 1924 when Rankian history was still in its full glory, this represent an pioneer attempt to write a history from below, unfortunately, social history do seldom make interesting audiobooks for lay listener or readers, people seldom find prices of wool or domestic lives interesting.I found this book focus too much on the High middle ages, as oppose to middle age proper, it could have focused on the churchman instead of the nuns, it could ha [...]

    22. This book did not meet my expectations, justified by the title and the intentions explained in the introduction The author talks about some semi free peasants at the end of the reign of Charlemagne ninth century and then jumps all the way to the third quarter of the thirteenth century, as if there were not medieval people in between over four hundred years She ends the review talking about the life of an English clothier who dies in 1518 Who would consider today, though, such a man a medieval on [...]

    23. I have managed to get my hands on the complete and unabridged 1937 Pelican paperback edition part of the Penguins paperback range 1 AUD in the op shop It still has the photographic black and white plates in the middle, which haven t dropped out I hate when paperbacks do that It was really interesting and made you feel alittle bit like you were spying on some people from different strata in medieval society, from spoiled rich girls in some nunneries to poor slaves on farms.

    24. I have always looked to those behind the scenes of majesty, people who really don t count individually such as myself , but who, though unrecognized, keep the whole system intact like most of us This is one of those books who speak to me as what my life might have been if alive in a given place in Medieval time Take the leap, enjoy and then be thankful.

    25. This is a very interesting book, and full of the author s contagious enthusiasm for the Middle Ages It includes chapters on Bodo a Carolingian peasant , Marco Polo, a 14th century abbess, the young wife of the 14th century Menagier of Paris, Thomas Beston fleece trader to Calais, 15th century , and Thomas Paycocke of Cogheshall 16th century English clothier Fascinating.

    26. Worth reading interesting, lively prose the portraits of Bodo the Frankish Peasant, Madame Englentine were the most captivating or lively, Marco Polo was fascinating and proudly done, Thomas Beston was touching, though like the Thomas Paycock portrait, was duller than the others and the Menagier de Paris was sensitively treated All in all, pleasant and informative.

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