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The Lost Tomb #2020

The Lost Tomb For centuries people have speculated about the fabled lost libraries of antiquity If one were found what marvels would it contain Now a fearless team of adventurers is about to unearth that long hid

  • Title: The Lost Tomb
  • Author: David Gibbins
  • ISBN: 9780553591194
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Lost Tomb By David Gibbins, For centuries, people have speculated about the fabled lost libraries of antiquity If one were found, what marvels would it contain Now a fearless team of adventurers is about to unearth that long hidden secret, and it will lead them to the most astonishing discovery ever made.In the treacherous waters off the rugged Sicilian coast, marine archaeologist Jack Howard and hFor centuries, people have speculated about the fabled lost libraries of antiquity If one were found, what marvels would it contain Now a fearless team of adventurers is about to unearth that long hidden secret, and it will lead them to the most astonishing discovery ever made.In the treacherous waters off the rugged Sicilian coast, marine archaeologist Jack Howard and his team of scientific experts and ex Special Forces commandos make a shocking find while searching for the legendary shipwreck of the apostle Paul And when a second artifact is uncovered in the ruins of a buried city, Jack is on the verge of a discovery that could shake the world to its foundations the handwritten words of Jesus Christ himself As he follows a hunch from the dying confession of an emperor to the burial crypt of a medieval pagan queen, Jack is chasing a conspiracy whose web stretches to the highest levels of international power and he will have to risk everything to stop the controversial document from falling into the hands of a shadowy brotherhood determined to fulfill their murderous vows.

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    1 thought on “The Lost Tomb

    1. With this book, its the author that brings the story down It tries to imitate works by Dan Brown but falls short in many aspects The ideas were fascinating, the plot intriguing, but I think it would have been told better in the hands of another author like Dan Brown The book never really came to life.1 Characters All characters were lacking in any depth or charisma Plus the characters all seemed to have the same voice Long conversations got confusing to try and figure out who was saying what The [...]

    2. My ranty read if you have time and patience Update have completed and I think that, overall, it was enough to keep me entertained somewhat but I am really starting to dislike these novels that feel like they part text book I buy these books for enjoyment entertainment not because I wish to become an armchair expert in topic area It forces the author to create a bumbling, sidekick character that is always having things explained to him her in minute detail please its tedious to read and the book [...]

    3. Like the quote on the front says, it is a combination of Indiana Jones and Dan Brown It showed me that I need to learn about Roman Greek historyI think the story line was pretty good, and it was nice to read an adventure story without a lot of cussing and sex I saw that a lot of the reviewers here kept picking on the amount of detail in the book I think a lot of it was necessary, especially for people like me who are not as familiar with Greek Roman history And, when you take traditional views [...]

    4. None of the discoveries made in this book were destroyed Not even the burial that had an unexploded WWII ordnance right by it, I was totally shocked it wasn t demolished after our intrepid heroes found the site I liked this book much better than the one before it, partially because of what I just wrote above , partially because it was much easier to follow and partially because it covered historical stuff I was a bit familiar with.Even though there was a lot of long exposition history lessons I [...]

    5. Having developed a recent habit of reading my wife s library books, I find myself unable to pass up a chance to read anything she borrows even if I ve taken a dislike to the author on previous attempts This is how I ended up reading The Last Gospel , the third in David Gibbins series of novels about all action archaeologist Jack Howard.Jack and his friend and colleague Costas have just located a shipwreck off the coast of Sicily that may have been the ship St Paul was shipwrecked in, as told in [...]

    6. There is a tried and true formula to these types of books A clue reveals the possibility of some ancient artifact or truth that will change the world, but to find this most sought after item will require a group of intrepid explorers and scientists to find the next clue s in remote locations around the globe To get these clues involves thrilling, near death escapes and the genius ability to piece together obscure clues These teams are also being pursued by violent cabals who have for hundreds of [...]

    7. , Jack Howard, , , , , , , David Gibbins Dan Brown , Mr Gibbins Jack Howard , , , , 4 , , , , , , , , , , , , , Gibbins.

    8. Have you ever sat sipping tea while a friend bored you detail by minute detail, hour by excruciating hour, relating stories about their adventure holiday Well, that s pretty much how I felt reading this.A book I would have given up on way before its 542 page ending if it wasn t for the carrot that made me anticipate something of note, of excitement, of interest even, was about to happen that the author kept dangling in front of my nose.OK, so with its carbonised centuries old bodies, secret tunn [...]

    9. My pet hates in life 1 when book sets change cover designs halfway through.Messed up my book shelf than once 2 I read the same book twice because its got 2 names.I kept thinking gosh this so like the other book Still good.

    10. The Last Gospel, another cash cow upon the crime religion genre sets new benchmarks in implausibility The third entry in the series, akin to Cussler s Dirk Pitt series, sees a team of adventurers embark on another standalone quest, this time of a religious nature The narrative is simple with rather two dimensional characters, up against a poorly executed plot and enemy There s the required sprinkling of fact, both in terms of modern science and religious history Overall though, the number of dis [...]

    11. the storyline of this moved along quite a pace but what I found most interesting was the historical archaeological descriptions which although maybe not of the actual site Jack visited in the story are still based on historical fact as are many of the other elements and descriptions.I can recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical modern thrillers.

    12. Too much detail action adventure finding Jesus word Claudius.Actually can t remember reading this book, these were just notes on paper so unmemorable.

    13. I really enjoyed the story line but the writing was quite poor I felt he jumped around between ideas in a way that didn t read smoothly and didn t make a lot of sense But his ideas were great.

    14. Another great read I really enjoy this series of books and characters If this became a movie I d certainly go see it

    15. Right, an admission I had only read the second book in the series before this one So going into this, this was basically my second of the series After the brilliance of the last one, I was hoping that this would prove to be it s equal It wasn t, but it certainly was entertaining all the same A good, solid Three Stars.Plot Three Stars A plot about the missing gospel of jesus christ Blow me down, that hasn t been done before Okay, so that s a fair reaction to it, and to be honest it was the one th [...]

    16. This is great adventure, a little slow paced in places and very meaningfully deep in others, you ll need a rested mind to enjoy this book It certainly does provide food for thoughts.

    17. Un romanzo che fa un buon uso dell unione tra ricerca archeologica e ci che nasconde un epoca passata Alla ricerca di un documento di grande valore si viaggia a cavallo tra due mondi diversi che condividono un ideale.Una bella avventura.

    18. I tried to like this book, I really did However, there were just too many things about it that bugged me, I did not finish it First off, in the positive, let me say though that the historical detail was extraordinary and very interesting to read There were other things that really made it not enjoyable First, the pace It was so slow and tedious, the level of action was not what I expected at all Second, the writing A subplot of this book involved Emperor Claudius and his last days in Pompeii bef [...]

    19. It would seem as if David Gibbins tries to imitate both Dan Browns s writing style and his choice of controversial topics, only where I actually rather enjoyed The Da Vinci Code and wasn t at all offended by it, neither of those things can be said about The Last Gospel.The main premise of The Last Gospel is that Jesus wasn t really the son of God, but that was just a twist his disciples Paul especially put on his teachings Okay, obviously not something I can get behind, but I m willing to withho [...]

    20. The following review was written in 2009, immediately after reading this book and before commencing on my own writing career This book was one that inspired me to write Now, in hindsight, I see many flaws in the writing and story telling that are mentioned by other reviewers That said, I still enjoyed reading it and because it inspired me I will never forget it I recently read The Last Gospel and am stunned to now come here and read all of the dreadful reviews As a commuter, I get to read in two [...]

    21. I continue to enjoy this series despite the leaps of logic, and the sometime improbable historical scenarios that are posited A kind of Indiana Jones meets Dan Brown vibe without the conspiracy theories mostly Entertaining as long as you don t take it seriously.

    22. The blurb on the back says think Indiana Jones crossed with Dan Brown I appreciate not everyone would see this as praise, and I know it is one of many artefact hunt type books that have sprung up since The Da Vinci code However, for me the difference here is the subject matter, dealing with the Roman Empire, specifically around the time of Claudius and the Birth of Jesus the Last Gospel being reputedly a scroll written by Jesus himself, and the author s knowledge of his subject is impressive Som [...]

    23. The basic premise and I m not giving anything away here is that the roman emperor Claudius faked his death to escape the torment of being a disabled roman emperor and lived his later years in secret writing books about various things including his conquest of Britain Well it was his scribe, narcissus, that wrote them and he also faked his own death to be with his master Claudius was in Herculaneum at the time of the Vesuvius eruption nice segway from the last book I read and that was not planned [...]

    24. There is an interesting adventure story at the heart of this book, but the writing is tedious The many long, descriptive passages made this book difficult to read This is the 2nd Jack Howard book I have read by this author, and this one was an easier read than the first one Atlantis had so many complicated descriptions that I couldn t even begin to picture what the author was talking about at several points The Lost Tomb wasn t quite as wordy, but I feel that it still could have done with a good [...]

    25. This book is one of his best that I ve read so far Once I started reading it I just couldn t put it away I have to admit though that it almost took me a year before I even started reading it due to loads of things to do in no time at all Through the years, or books, you ve gotten to know the characters quite well You have started to see yourself as one of them and really live with them At least that s what I did For the past 13 years I ve wanted to become an archaeologist, so that s the main rea [...]

    26. I have enjoyed this book quite a bit It was a great history lesson A lot of what could have happened was explored which made the reader think about the events in history that followed I found that I could not read this book when I was tired When I did all the history facts would mix up together and I would not follow the plot I liked how the adventure took the main characters to different parts of the world yet linking them together through history events or key people in those events It was nic [...]

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