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Essays This outstanding collection brings together Orwell s longer major essays and a fine selection of shorter pieces that includes My Country Right or Left Decline of the English Murder Shooting an Elep

  • Title: Essays
  • Author: George Orwell Bernard Crick
  • ISBN: 9780141183060
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • Essays By George Orwell Bernard Crick, This outstanding collection brings together Orwell s longer, major essays and a fine selection of shorter pieces that includes My Country Right or Left, Decline of the English Murder, Shooting an Elephant and A Hanging.With great originality and wit Orwell unfolds his views on subjects ranging from the moral enormity of Jonathan Swift s strange genius and a revaluation ofThis outstanding collection brings together Orwell s longer, major essays and a fine selection of shorter pieces that includes My Country Right or Left, Decline of the English Murder, Shooting an Elephant and A Hanging.With great originality and wit Orwell unfolds his views on subjects ranging from the moral enormity of Jonathan Swift s strange genius and a revaluation of Charles Dickens to the nature of Socialism, a comic yet profound discussion of naughty sea side picture postcards and a spirited defence of English cooking Displaying an almost unrivalled mastery of English plain prose style, Orwell s essays challenge, move and entertain.Contents Why I WriteThe SpikeA HangingShooting an ElephantBookshop MemoriesMarrakechCharles DickensBoys WeekliesInside the WhaleMy Country Right or LeftThe Lion and the UnicornWells, Hitler and the World StateThe Art of Donald McGillRudyard KiplingLooking Back on the Spanish WarW.B YeatsPoetry and the MicrophoneBenefit of Clergy Some Notes on Salvador DaliRaffles and Miss BlandishArthur KoestlerAntisemitism in BritainIn Defence of P.G WodehouseNotes on NationalismGood Bad BooksThe Sporting SpiritNonsense PoetryThe Prevention of LiteratureBooks v CigarettesDecline of the English MurderPolitics and the English LanguageSome Thoughts on the Common ToadA Good Word for the Vicar of BrayConfessions of a Book ReviewerPolitics vs Literature An Examination of Gulliver s TravelsHow the Poor DieRiding Down from BangorLear, Tolstoy and the FoolSuch, Such Were the JoysWriters and LeviathanReflections on Gandhi

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    1. Update this just like Forrest Gump s box of chocolates, you never know what you re going to get next As the dark war torn year of 1940 begins, what does Orwell begin the year with Why, a 50 page dissection of the work of Charles Dickens and expressed with such breathtaking authority too in spite of his generosity of mind, he is not free from the special prejudices of the shabby genteel It is usual to claim him as a popular writer, a champion of the oppressed masses but there are two things that [...]

    2. Numerous inadequate volumes of Orwell s superlative essays are available from legit presses and bootleggers, bundled together under thematic pretences or skinnied down to the longer essential writings This monolithic hardback includes the famous and forever pleasurable classics Shooting an Elephant best thing written on Burma ever , Charles Dickens best criticism of Dickens ever , Bookshop Memories best thing written on bookshops ever , and so on Included here are the As I Please columns all 80 [...]

    3. This is an enormous doorstop of a book, with over 1,300 pages of George Orwell s essays Of course that doesn t cover everything he wrote, but it s an awful lot While best known for his novels Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty Four, Orwell was probably a better essayist than a novelist This volume contains Orwell s best and most famous essays, printed many places including online , like Such, Such Were the Joys, Shooting an Elephant, and Politics and the English Language It also includes other thou [...]

    4. man, this book is such a great old friend Orwell is skyrocketing up my list of major 20th century writers with every one of the 255 pages I ve thus far read of this 1300 page behemoth The man was amazingly prescient, at a deep, detailed level.This was one of the best collections of essays I ve ever read, probably second only to Freeman Dyson s The Scientist as a Rebel Across 1363 pages of essays from 1928 1949 the vast majority of them coming from 1938 1946 , written for a wide gamut of publicat [...]

    5. A few years ago I read a study about Bette Davis by someone or other I cannot recall the name of the author or of the book but I remember very clearly how at the end I admired the skill of Davis as an actor than I had before reading but admired her as an actual person a good deal less You probably never thought that Bette Davis, drama queen and movie siren would sit comfortably alongside George Orwell in a review and perhaps they don t, though I have heard George did a mean Joan Crawford impres [...]

    6. George Orwell was probably one of the most important social critique of his times Being in the army, he traveled the world, became part of a society he was alien to and provided well thought out feedback on various issues He was outspoken about British imperialism during his trip to India and Burma, criticized willful ignorance of liberals during Spanish war and wrote about writers, artists and their works His body of work is vast and this one large volume doesn t cover it entirely.George Orwell [...]

    7. I ve said it before I ll say it again It s Orwell It s fantastic I actually read a free Gutenberg version of his 50 essays, but it s much the same as this edition A few of the essays were too political and only relevant to certain past events A few were quite boring or about very obscure subjects Yet the vast majority were absolutely fantastic, topical, relevant for today and incredibly well constructed Essential reading for Orwell fans Otherwise a condensed version of his best pieces might be t [...]

    8. I don t have much to add about Orwell, his prescience, his style, etc I did find something that I confess made me wonder whether Orwell is quite as egalitarian, or as strict about avoiding bad rhetoric, as the people who talk about him now would like him to be These lines come from Inside the Whale, a review of Tropic of Cancer In mid nineteenth century America men felt themselves free and equal, were free and equal, so far as that is possible outside a society of pure Communism There was povert [...]

    9. A brilliant set of essays, providing great insights into Orwell s world the end of colonialism, the rise of fascism and Stalinism, the evolution of British society I read Orwell s essays in college in fact, I may have read some in high school , and have usually carried a volume around with me since Orwell has been one of the most influential people in the shaping of my own world view So many great essays in Politics and the English Language, Orwell talks about why so many political tracts are ba [...]

    10. I honestly have no clue how I forgot to catalog this Two renewals twice as many summers past Nine golden weeks Makes for a good weapon in the case of a mugging as well, also good on the arm muscles Indispensable.

    11. Recomendada lectura para quienes, sean de izquierdas o derechas, prefieren anteponer la b squeda de la verdad al conformismo ideol gico.

    12. The work in this book shines a searchlight on the British and British intellectual life.Subjects illuminated include the end of colonialism, British politics, World War 2, British people and class, the British inter war intelligentsia, and .The essays are each a learning experience some have to be waded through for a while before the lessons start to emerge all are worth the trouble I was actually excited as I read this book, things kept slotting into place for me, I feel a complete person for [...]

    13. In fact I read most of these essays in this handsome hardcover some 13 years ago during my gloomy days due to my unsatisfactorily productive academic pursuit at UQ However I recalled vaguely I had written some ideas, reflections, views, etc regarding his inspiring essays since I always admire his writing style with good, witty points he has long mentioned and urged the world to have a look or take action as appropriate then and beyond.Therefore, I have resumed reading those unread as my second r [...]

    14. There are a few authors that you are forced to read in school, or that you know the name of, even if you haven t read them They are considered good or important writers and after a while they get the stigma of people only reading them because they want to sound impressive So they can say for example, oh yes I ve read Shakespeare, or oh yes The Grapes of Wrath, I ve read that And I always watch myself because I know part of me wants to read books by people like this, simply so I too can say, oh G [...]

    15. This was equal parts fascinating and soul crushingly boring, so as with it seems all collections or bind ups I read, I m going for the middle ground and rating this three stars Review to come

    16. Highly recommended, I only wish I could write this clearly, or even think this clearly A lot about politics, propaganda and modern life both haven t really changed since then it seems , the most impressive thing to me is that even though he nowadays counts as a socialist, he can impartially describe the follies of both left and right without falling for the lies and self deceptions of either side I don t know any modern as in, currently alive writers who can do this.As a sidenote, one can find m [...]

    17. Whoever is responsible for the font size in this edition ISBN 9780141395463, Modern Classics Essays is an utter idiot This is definitely a compressed version of a book in a large format the librarian who ordered it was inconsolable Will read them online instead Also, the essays in ToC are numbered and number 18 is missing Is that an Orwell injoke I don t get List of essays bolded titles are ones I imagine I can use WHY I WRITE 1946 THE SPIKE 1931 A HANGING 1931 SHOOTING AN ELEPHANT 1936 BOOKSHOP [...]

    18. I just loved this book I gave it 4.5 stars because I never give 5 stars to any book on a first reading but I intend to buy it and go thru it over again and it could very well earn its last star Not only do I want to buy this book but I yearn for a whole collection of Orwell s work even though I already own 1984 , Animal Farm and Down and Out in Paris.This volume is a series of essays written by Orwell between 1928 and 1949 on war, economy, literature and day to day living Some of the essays that [...]

    19. I received this weighty book as a Christmas present, and made it my 2015 reading goal to complete it by the end of the year Thanks to Orwell s brilliant essays, his surprisingly readable prose, and to my persistence, I finished four months early.Most readers know Orwell for Animal Farm and 1984, and perhaps for his most famous essay, Politics and the English Language I was in that group, but I wanted to know , so I dug in deeper And this book is about as comprehensive as it gets It is quite impo [...]

    20. Already a year or just about has gone by since I started this 1366 page collection, reading a few essays here and there, in between other books, and while I really liked reading about Orwell s thoughts on a variety of subjects, I m glad I m done reading this book Now I can move on to something else Some thoughts, then This book is best enjoyed when read in small doses That way you can 1 avoid getting bored annoyed with a seemingly endless string of essays, 2 take the time to reflect on what you [...]

    21. Since the Essay s are varied, it is difficult to write a single themed review Rather I would point out the things that I got out of this marvelous collections of literary gems 1 I have never read anything logical and free flowing2 Some of them are personal experiences of George Orwell and they are deeply moving and thought provoking Shooting an Elephant, How the Poor Die etc 3 You will get to know the origins of 19844 Why you shouldn t work in a Bookshop yeah, that happened 5 England, Politics, [...]

    22. As relaxing as this might be to read, it is precisely for the fact nothing than mediocre, self evident journalism lacking philosophical aspects which would contribute to these articles becoming real essays which they aren t.Orwell fails to reach perhaps purposely to the core of the problem and prefers to columnistically explore the current at the time of writing, of course geo political situation leading him to unfounded conclusions and a couple of strategic guesses regarding near future moveme [...]

    23. Orwell s essay about killing an elephant is brilliant It is so common for readers to encounter the Essayist as Hero, where the essayist prevails, has an epiphany, cleverly solves a problem But in Orwell s essay, he makes some great points, without setting himself up as a hero Just the opposite He doesn t sugarcoat the actual incident or his true motivations and that is what makes the essay so powerful.

    24. It took me a long time but I finally finished this diverse collection of essays The average rating of the 41 essays is 4 stars, which is an excellent achievement in my mind I didn t expect to find so many essays I d like but here it is.Orwell has a very keen mind and manages to get to the bottom of things that interest and fascinate him in the world, be it literature, history, or politics I really enjoyed his analyses of various authors and genres, so my selection of favourite essays is skewed t [...]

    25. Orwell is fantastic My current rating is therefore a judgement on editor s choice of essays, not on the quality of Orwell s thoughts or writings.There is something very powerful about that initial encounter with Orwell s essays here is, finally, someone who tells it like it is , who sees piercingly, who speaks plainly, who does not lapse into the mental autoeroticisms in which most contemporary writers are embroiled On the other hand, his unrelentingly, unabashedly working class anti totalitaria [...]

    26. And yet all the while, at the middle of one s heart, there seemed to stand an incorruptible inner self who knew that whatever one did whether one laughed or snivelled or went into frenzies of gratitude for small favours one s only true feeling was hatred.I haven t read all of Owell s essays, and don t intend to, but I ve read enough where I want to review them Not each essay, but as a general style, because Orwell is certainly one of the greatest essayists in the English language Clear, succinct [...]

    27. He died in 1950, but George Orwell s star is still rising 65 years later Lauded for his 1984 and Animal Farm , his extraordinary genius was as an observer of society and as a commentator on it His essays are as readable today as they were when they appeared seven or eight decades ago Just a single example will do He published in the New English Weekly on 21 March 1940 an essay on Adolf Hitler He was provoked to write it after he read a just published new edition of Mein Kampf Orwell s observatio [...]

    28. This review is going to be different than the other ones That s because they are all short essays, so it would be difficult to summarize review all 41.I haven t read all of those 41 essays, because most of them are spoilers for books authors I haven t read yet such as the essays Charles Dickens and Politics vs Literature An Examination of Gulliver s Travels or they are about topics I don t know nothing about and I m going to learn about them at school in the next few years, so I want to read tho [...]

    29. Saying that Orwell is a gifted essayist is something that is unlikely to surprise anyone He is though he writes persuasively on a range of political and literary topics It s important to remember, in this sense, that the entire point of an essay is to persuade much like an opinion piece in a newspaper or magazine its shorter cousin it is not to offer a balanced argument Orwell s concerns are all too plain and leave the reader without a right to reply but only to put the book down and think yes, [...]

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