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Angel's Evolution #2020

Angel s Evolution I m a monster Or so my father would have me believe I m imprisoned in a world I hate and fear As heir to my father s title I m expected to marry but my secret desires may keep me from fulfilling tho

  • Title: Angel's Evolution
  • Author: T.A. Chase
  • ISBN: 9781595783073
  • Page: 492
  • Format: ebook
  • Angel's Evolution By T.A. Chase, I m a monster Or so my father would have me believe I m imprisoned in a world I hate and fear As heir to my father s title, I m expected to marry, but my secret desires may keep me from fulfilling those expectations One night a stranger kisses me In his touch, I see the possibility of a life beyond my prison My name Just call me Angel and this is my evolution.

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      T.A. Chase

    1 thought on “Angel's Evolution

    1. I didn t mean to read this book right now I bought Angel s Evolution, because I had just read an interview about the author T.A.Chase, and it looked interesting I was hesitant because it is in first person, and well it s no secret first person is my LEAST favorite way of storytelling, especially in the romance erotic genre So, I thought I would sneak a peek at it Ummm needless to say, once I started it I couldn t stop reading it After reading this amazing book, I honestly don t know how it could [...]

    2. I LOVED THIS BOOK I thought the love story between Grey and Angel was very well developed and I literally read this in one sitting Angel works through self doubt and low self esteem from abuse to a confident man I really enjoyed reading this book, it was awesome

    3. This book made me cry I loved the romance and love between Angel and Trey It was so beautifully written I wish Mr Chase would revisit them sometime and write about them They were wonderful and so deserving of their happy ending.

    4. Angel and Grey were perfect for one another I loved the support and shoulder Grey gave Angel to cry, grow and become the man Angel was meant to be I loved this book.

    5. DNF at 66%It was not bad but I m just sick of all these mediocre books I don t have the patience to even finish this one.Yes, Angel Robert was my kind of guy Shy, abused and being held captive by his father for years And Greyson was the absolute knight in shining armor who saved this sweet boy So, I should have loved this The writing was not too bad either But still I was bored out of my mind.I m off to find a decent book to read now

    6. Written in the much dreaded first person present tense, Angel s Evolution is narrated by 23 year old Angel, the whiniest, most tortured soul I ve had the displeasure of reading about If you haven t guessed, my first major problem was with the narrator himself Unfortunately, there is very little dialogue in this book, so the reader is stuck listening to Angel s tortured inner monlogue the majority of the time, which mostly consists of self doubt, self recrimination, and general angst It gets old [...]

    7. I believe that this is the first book of Chase s that I ve read, and the author has nothing to prove to me, it s obvious that she assumed she can write It s the story of Angel who has been so badly abused by his father that he has no confidence in himself, and considers himself to be unclean hardly surprising when subjected to such abuse.The cover is one of the best gay historical covers I ve seen We need like this Men in period costume You can t beat it.I was pleased that Angel s Evolution see [...]

    8. This is one of the most beautiful romance I have read Robert is a young nobleman tortured by his father who fear his son and heir being homosexual But Robert doesn t know nothing about sex and nothing about love But one night he meet Greyson, a duke who is searching an angel from that moment his angel is him, and from that moment his name is Angel In fact, we only know him like Angel, his real name is revealed only at the end when Angel is ready to break free of his cage and declare his love The [...]

    9. Having plowed through two other T.A Chase books, I almost gave this one a pass, but I am like historicals so I read the sample and got sucked right in I read this in 2.5 hours when I should have been doing other stuff It s very romantic almost a little over the top but story of Angel s salvation and eventual evolution was well told and quite well written.If I was reviewing this as a pure historical, I d have to quibble about the use of ass instead of arse, they were in London, after all , some s [...]

    10. I love, LOVE angsty romances And boy oh boy, this just got to me Definitely my favorite T.A Chase romance so far My heart just broke for Angel and Lord Greyson, his beautiful savior view spoiler Angel is an abused son of a lower level nobleman in London To say he s a wreck is an understatement Dragged to the balls and parties thrown by London s elite, he cowers in the shadows and wishes he could disappear in fact, he s tried to kill himself once He desires men, and he knows he will burn in hell [...]

    11. I enjoyed every word in that book The best part in the book when Angel faces his father Hit me, I challenge him I wave a weak hand towards the priest holding me Beat me I scrub my hand over the blood on my face and hold it out towards my father Spill my blood until it pools beneath me I ll never deny my love or my lover Shock pushes through the anger in my father s eyes He steps away from my hand I no longer fear you I throw back my shoulders and straighten so I m standing taller than he is My b [...]

    12. Angel has been held captive and abused by his father, beaten and degraded at every turn Even though he is the eldest son and heir, his father hates him because of his attraction to men While at a ball, he catches the eye of Greyson, the Duke of Northampton, and his life will never be the same I loved how Greyson swept in and rescued Angel from his horrendous father, taking him away and protecting him It was a little like the bodice rippers I read in high school Angel had a lot of self loathing t [...]

    13. First I really am a fan of this author and this is the eighteenth book of hers that I ve read Kissed by God is one of my all time favorites That said, I think I am one of the few people who are not very enad of the Regency period This is a historical set in that period Angel, our MC, is of the aristocracy, but he has been kept away from society and we learn repeatedly and horribly abused by his father for over a decade However apparently at 23, he needs to find a wife and has been forced into th [...]

    14. I must admit I m really surprised after confronting this book with many good reviews I v read I didn t like it First of all it was written in first person, which I quite enjoy It was the present tense of narration I always have problems with So it immediately took some point from the book That doesn t mean it couldn t be good Unfortunately plot didn t help the matter I like romance stories with abused characters finding redemption But I like people to have some personality Unfortunately Angel so [...]

    15. Love historic m m And stories about emotionally tortured heroes who find salvation in a lover So lots of good elements in this book, but it never quite came together for me.First person, is hard to nail Especially in stories with erotic subject matter I didn t mind it so much in this story I think the character had a pretty good voice, though it was a little one note and whiny The main problem was that I just didnt believe in the central relationship Actually, everything about the duke was unbel [...]

    16. This is beautiful Heartbreaking.Angel really believes himself a deviant.Quote He turns and for a moment our eyes meet I hope he can t see me because of theshadows I hide in, but it feels like his brilliant blue gaze burns deep into my soul anduncovers my secret longings My prick hardens and I blush A small smile quirks thecorner of his full lips He knows The most popular man in the room knows I want him.He knows I long for his lips to kiss so much than my hand How can he tell Myclothes hide the [...]

    17. I ll be honest I thought this was going to be tosh Enjoyable hurt comfort braincandy variety tosh, but tosh nonetheless In fact, it was a pretty damn good regency romance, and the character of Angel is much stronger than I d been expecting from the way the book starts The title doesn t lie though, and we get to see him grow throughout.Read for the Seasonal Reading Challenge Winter 09 10 task 25.5 Odd Man Out

    18. I thought this was a great heartfelt story I was moved from the beginning with the characters Angel went through a lot and had a lot to over come Thankfully the Duke was there for him I enjoyed the setting and the formality of the book I easily pictured the Society balls and the outfits they wore The Duke was a honorable man who stood by who he was He was the strong character that was there for others to lean on I definatly recommend this book

    19. 3.5 starsWhile I did enjoy this book but there was just something missing that made this book fall just below the 4 star rating and I can t put my finger on what it was I may need to continue this review another time.

    20. Guilty pleasure angst read The point of view is very different first person, present tense It strips away the setting for the most part, but it gives the narrative an immediate, personal view of someone who is very much trapped inside of his own mind, within his own hell.

    21. Quote He is Lord Greyson, Duke of Northampton He s the prize every gold digging mother and fortune hunting father seek to me, he is a god, and as such, as out of reach as God to a fallen angel.He is perfection I am a monster.

    22. I enjoy fairytales, so I really liked the beginning, but unfortunately the rest of this book couldn t capture the energy and realize the potential of the beginning While I understand the healing process is not quick or easy, I felt that things just dragged along, and I almost couldn t finish it.

    23. What a heart wrenching story A would definitely recommend this It was so sad in places and so uplifting in other spots I felt so much for Angel.

    24. Entertaining read, and I enjoy its setting in the past Solid tension Good, too, if you like a bit of erotica in your life

    25. I ve just read the new edition at MLR Press and it s even better than the first one Now I want the two other stories in this trilogy

    26. Although I wasn t enamoured of the first person POV, I thoroughly enjoyed this story about Greyson and his Angel.

    27. Simply too much worry and fear a few pages would have been enough but it went on for chapters and e never really revealed anything new.

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