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Self Preservation #2020

Self Preservation Davis always assumed they would wind up back together until Jack calls and invites Davis to his wedding to Tadd Austin a prominent architect in Chicago Jack s only known Tadd for two weeks so whate

  • Title: Self Preservation
  • Author: Ethan Day
  • ISBN: 9781596328693
  • Page: 215
  • Format: ebook
  • Self Preservation By Ethan Day, Davis always assumed they would wind up back together, until Jack calls and invites Davis to his wedding to Tadd Austin, a prominent architect in Chicago Jack s only known Tadd for two weeks, so whatever Jack feels for Tadd couldn t possibly compare to what he shared with Davis There s no way in hell Davis can stand by and watch the life he always expected to get back slDavis always assumed they would wind up back together, until Jack calls and invites Davis to his wedding to Tadd Austin, a prominent architect in Chicago Jack s only known Tadd for two weeks, so whatever Jack feels for Tadd couldn t possibly compare to what he shared with Davis There s no way in hell Davis can stand by and watch the life he always expected to get back slip away to some guy Jack barely knows Tadd Austin, indeed like Toad Ass ton, Davis thinks With his best friend, fashion designer Deseree Wildwood in tow, Davis has to shed his sweet, guy next door persona, and re vamp his image into a self confident, hot piece of eye candy He s going to the wedding with only one goal in mind to do whatever it takes to win back Jack The Toad is toast Once in Chicago, Davis discovers it isn t going to be as easy as he thought Not only is Tadd very un Toad like, but a mysterious British playboy named Alex Parker manages to interject himself into the mix Only true love will survive as the tug of war ensues in this Bermuda love triangle from hell Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, male male sexual practices.

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    1 thought on “Self Preservation

    1. Self Preservation is the first Ethan Day novel I ve read, and it won t be my last I was pleasantly surprised on how humorous the book was I found myself laughing out loud a few times at some of the crazy things the characters in this novel go through.The plot is similar to the movie My Best Friends Wedding , but it had its own uniqueness to it that I enjoyed I want to point out that our hero Davis doesn t even meet his future lover, Alex, until almost mid way through the book The book mainly foc [...]

    2. Self Preservation was humorous than I expected it to be There is an interesting cast of characters that kept the book moving along smoothly Although I really liked Davis and Alex together, my one complaint is I felt like I didn t get to spend enough time with them, because of all the craziness going on with the other characters.I really enjoyed this book, and I look forward to reading by this author.

    3. Davis would have to be Drama Queen of gay romance He was whiny and immature and I just didn t get his HEA with Alex how did that romance even get off the ground when from start to finish, Davis was still hankering after his ex and plotting to break up his weeding a la My Best Friend s Wedding style I struggled through this one and was tempted to ditch it but somehow managed to get through it and gave myself a mental pat on the head for perseverance.

    4. I have mixed feelings on this one Firstly after reading Ethan Days Sno Ho series I was expecting laughs, instead I got a roller coaster of emotions with a few chuckles thrown in Secondly I m still not sure if this ended the way I wanted,When I started reading my heart was sure Davis and Jack would get back together Half way through and I was hoping they would get back together but Alex started to worm his way in By the end I still wanted Davis and Jack together but I wanted Alex to win Davis to [...]

    5. 4.5 StarsReview posted on World of Diversity Fiction ReviewsThis was another great Ethan Day book I always know I m going to get something humours, sweet and sometimes emotional with an HEA and very little angst His characters are something that will give me hours of reading pleasure.This was a sweet story about love, friendship and coming to terms with what you ve lost then realizing there just may be a light at the end of that love tunnel for you anyway The story is light hearted one that took [...]

    6. I was pleasantly surprised by this book I did like Davis than I expected to I would probably have bumped this up to a 4 star if the Davis Alex romance was solidly explored I feel like there was of connection between Jack and Todd and Jack and Davis then there was between Alex and Davis Partly this was because Davis and Alex did not spend enough time together in the book Davis spent time in the book with his BFF girlfriend then he did with Alex I will also add that the POV changed constantly [...]

    7. I really wanted to like this one, after reading multiple reviews about how funny ED s books are That part, at least is true the humor is there Not hilarious, my sides doth hurt funny, but it s enough for a few quick laughs.Problems I had with this book 1 The flashbacks drew me out of the book Maybe if the book had been structured differently and it had started out with the past instead, I might have cared As it is, we were fed on chapter one about the plot And then just when the anticipation bu [...]

    8. This was the second time I read Self Preservation by Ethan Day The first time, it was released by a different e publisher and I gave it three stars The editing was missing completely from that version I have to admit I had forgotten the reason I gave it three stars and I was not looking forward to re reading it for this review Why did I volunteer I think because I had already read several Wilde City Press e books and had found true nirvana Almost flawless editing, proofing and formatting This ve [...]

    9. Likable, well plotted but lightweight rom com I didn t warm up to either main character Davis was not only pathetic but annoying He pined for years over his lost love, making no adult attempts to reconnect nor to find someone else with whom to share his life When it looked like Jack had a chance of real happiness, Davis s first impulse was to sabotage it in the name of Twoo Wuv He eventually allowed reason to prevail and held back some of his evil machinations, but his heart remained in the wro [...]

    10. Man this book stressed me the F CK out Davis and Jack were first loves in college After dating for 4 years, they are separated for 6 which is addressed in a few flashbacks Even though they haven t dated for 6 years, Davis has always loved Jack and held onto the hope that they will get back togetheruntil Jack calls to invite him to his wedding Having only been with his fiance for 2 weeks, Davis is certain that Jack can t love Tad the way they loved each other and, with best friend Deseree and co [...]

    11. Funny and fabulous Davis has been apart from Jack, the love of his life, for 6 years He thought they were destined to be together, that true love would win in the end but then receives a phone call from Jack inviting him to attend his wedding Davis sets off with best friend Deseree to win his man back And you ll come with me to Chigago he asked You breaking out of your shell and laying claim to your man Deseree asked, smiling at the thought Like I d miss watching you going all My Best Friend s W [...]

    12. When I am reading this story I am once again reminded why Ethan Day is one of my favorite authors he is so freakin entertaining I love his work It s beyond just humorous at times it is laugh out loud, people are staring at me while I m reading my Kindle in the airport funny.Although I would not say this is my favorite story of his it is up to par with most of them I ve paid a lot to over the past few years for his stuff, and even though I cringe when I hit the One Click Buy button because those [...]

    13. This is one of those stories that gets better and better, the you read I alternated between laughing and cringing at Davis s actions and even though I didn t want him to succeed in his mission I was slightly cheering him on I loved Deseree and everybody should have a best friend like her This book was a lot of fun, although it did have a couple of sad moments, and I can definitely see myself reading this again.

    14. A nice, humorous story about discovering that sometimes going back isn t all it s cracked up to be A very entertaining read.Full review can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews This book was provided by Wilde City Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    15. Okay I had started the sample three times before I actually bought the bookd that should have been a hint itself I ve ignored that and bought it anyway Let s just phrase it this way neither story nor built up nor MCs are my cup of tea I did not finish and therefore don t rate it That means someone else might enjoy it.

    16. I liked this book a lot I would have given it 5 stars Davis and Alex had interaction with each other It s funny and I thought Davis was so cute I ll be reading from this author.

    17. This was not my favorite Ethan Day s book The story resembles My Best Friend s Wedding, but Davis Julia Roberts is Jack s ex, the future husband is not a naive guy, but a prominent architect and Davis ally are his best friend Deseree and the future husband s best friend Alex It s enough to make the dynamics all different.It was as if the story never got really started It takes place almost all in the present, with a few flashbacks about the past, the very first Davis and Jack s date and the brie [...]

    18. This one teetered between a three and a four for me On the one hand, it s very similar in a lot of ways to My Best Friend s Wedding Not a total rip off like some coughs Pretty Man coughs I ve read, but like I could imagine the writer having been inspired by that film or one like it and going, This would be great for a m m romance And it is I liked not being sure who was going end up with who and I really liked all the characters There are no bad guys here, just personal struggles that create th [...]

    19. I liked this story but not as much as I usually like Ethan Day s work There was definitely humor, and I really like his writing style, but I just didn t engage with the MCs as much as I usually do Maybe that s because it wasn t clear who the MCs really were I couldn t decide if Davis was going to end up with Jack or not, and when I finally realized that maybe Davis would be with Alex, the story was nearly finished Most of the book was about Davis and his efforts to win Jack back from his current [...]

    20. While Day incorporates his classic writing style, strong characterization, and sense of humor, it s a miss for me in one key area Specifically, the one area that keeps me reading Day s works is his innate ability to build tension between two characters I to totally submerge the readers in the conflict and or developing romance, until it explodes in a lustful ball of fire Here, due to the story structure, this is missing.Overall, the story is well written, interesting, and included enough drama t [...]

    21. Good story, likeable characters but it was kind of unfocused Would have liked it better if there had been balance between the main character s move from his first to his second love interest Also, other books by this author have been hilariously funny, this one was a bit short in that sense Pretty good light reading, but not his best I do recommend the one other story of his that I ve read, Dreaming of You It s absolutely fabulous

    22. Well, I couldn t seem to put this book down, so I guess I liked it I don t know, but I think because there was so much time spent on how much Davis and Jack loved each other, that I was rooting for them I really did like Alex, but I guess I m a bit of a sap with the whole first love thing So sue me And I didn t care for Tadd He seemed like a nice guy, but he was just Meh.Candace and Deseree were awesome Loved them to pieces.It may not seem like it, but overall I did enjoy this book Just a differ [...]

    23. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this debut story by Ethan Day and to be honest I certainly hope he has where this came from, a LOT This man s humour is slightly skewed but I LIKE it and his characters, unforgettable The story, well I couldn t read it fast enough but when I was done I felt as though I was saying goodbye to a dear and treasured friend.This story joins the line up on my virtual keeper shelves.Oh, and when it s out in paperback don t get in my way cause I ll run anyone over that slows me down on [...]

    24. This is the first book I ve read from this author You ever start reading a book, and part way through, you think you ve figured out how it s gonna end Only it doesn t end that way and you don t know know how to take it Well, I was thrown for a loop with this book I m not gonna say anything about it other than I wasocked Still am I loved the main character Davis and his best friend Desiree I was on the fence about Jack and Alex, and definitely did NOT like Tadd It was cute, sad, and funny Not a b [...]

    25. This little gem was full of humor The story was told with a series of flashbacks that really build the angst and pull on the heart strings 5 emotional stars view spoiler But I just gotta say, I did not see the end coming until the end Even after the wedding I was praying for a truck to come and run Tadd over Not that he was bad, but the entire book has you rooting for Davis to get his man It was a little bit of a shock when the HEA doesn t turn out the way you think it will hide spoiler

    26. This was a nice treat I picked this for a challenge and what a delightful surprise I already knew I liked Ethan s writing and although this wasn t as quirky as the others I have read, it was still a great story with awesome characters I would have loved to read at the end, but I m also satisfied with how it ended.

    27. The story was written with such charm and humour that I can t work up the grinchiness to nitpick Lovely, lovely flawed characters Amazed at his ability to portray the characters sympathetically in spite of the situation.

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