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The Hive #2020

The Hive In this extraordinary novel of life in Madrid after the Spanish Civil War Camilo Jose Cela conveys with startling immediacy not only the brutality but also the vitality of life in the city His style

  • Title: The Hive
  • Author: Camilo José Cela Arturo Barea
  • ISBN: 9780374522308
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Hive By Camilo José Cela Arturo Barea, In this extraordinary novel of life in Madrid after the Spanish Civil War, Camilo Jose Cela conveys with startling immediacy not only the brutality but also the vitality of life in the city His style economical but vivid carries the reader through a series of vignettes, following Cela s many characters through the streets and tenements and brothels and, above all, the cafIn this extraordinary novel of life in Madrid after the Spanish Civil War, Camilo Jose Cela conveys with startling immediacy not only the brutality but also the vitality of life in the city His style economical but vivid carries the reader through a series of vignettes, following Cela s many characters through the streets and tenements and brothels and, above all, the caf s of the great beehive la colmena of Madrid Both a social document of its time and place and a moving tale of human suffering and human triumph under a totalitarian regime, The Hive is a brilliant and original work Gerald Brenan, The New York Times Book Review.

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      Camilo José Cela Arturo Barea

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    1. Community of bees and city of humans can there be anything in common The morning unfolds slowly it creeps like a caterpillar over the hearts of the men and women in the city it beats, almost caressingly, against the newly wakened eyes, eyes which never once discover new horizons, new landscapes, new settings And yet, this morning, this eternally repeated morning, has its little game changing the face of the city, of that tomb, that greased pole, that hive The city is the hive where its dwellers [...]

    2. I first learned about Camilo Jos Cela in my salad days, in Spain He was a towering figure complex and theatrical noted one biographer whose literary production works like La familia de Pascal Duarte and La colmena represented significant milestones in post war Spanish literature His membership in the Real Academia Espa ola and his involvement with the journal, Papeles de Son Armadans, which often featured authors not always sympathetic to the Franco dictatorship, only added to his stature among [...]

    3. franco rejiminin bask s n s rt n zda hissettiren bir roman y zlerce karakteri ve ismiyle olduk a zorlasa da camilo jose cela ok erken d nem bir yetenekle kurgu harikas bir roman yazm.a l k, sefalet, verem, kuru a kendini satan k zlar, susmak zorunda kalm yazarlar hepsi boy g steriyor romanda ve t m bunlar n st nde ya ama sava , yer yer t m benli i ele ge iren bo vermi lik, arada bir kendini g steren umut neredeyse g z ya art c g khan aksay n muhte em evirisiyle

    4. El otro d a cuando le El anarquista que se llamaba como yo, de Pablo Mart n S nchez, comentaba que hab a en la novela muchos personajes, demasiados a mi entender, pues de algunos de ellos simplemente lleg bamos a conocer sus nombres En La colmena, seg n nos refiere su autor, Camilo Jos Cela 1916 2002 en la nota a la primera edici n encontramos nada menos que 160 personajes, en 282 p ginas y todos tienen su sustancia De ah que el t tulo, La colmena, sea oportuno, pues desde una vista a rea, podem [...]

    5. Camilo Jose Cela once said, I m translated what can I do about it in every language, and I have never received an award Of course, he was being his usual self, witty and a bit arrogant, because he did receive awards Virtually every single award he was entitled to The Nobel Prize, Cervantes, Premio de Principe Asturias, and many .A very controversial figure, especially during his latter years, Cela has never been afraid to experiment with his stories The Hive, his masterpiece, introduces the read [...]

    6. El libro es muy bueno, pero bajo mi punto de vista no llega al nivel de La familia de Pascual DuarteEn este sentido me ha decepcionado, aunque no dudo de su gran calidad El problema es que esperaba algo m s, no s decir qu Me quedo con c mo describe ese ambiente de posguerra, esa vida de miseria.

    7. I love this book so much I ve read it three times I bought it by chance, as I was looking for quality Spanish prose in order to improve my knowledge of the language, and it was recommended to me It was just what I was looking for lovely classic prose, with a large serving of colloquial speech But it s than that, it takes you back into the world of post Civil War Madrid, with the fascists in power, and the outcome of WWII still uncertain But it s the world of ordinary Madriders that is explored [...]

    8. lgin bir roman 1943 y l nda Madrid te bir g n i inde ge en olaylar ve farkl ki ilerin ili kileri anlat larak toplumun durumu ortaya konulmaktad r Bir kafe roman n merkezinde yer al r ve burada bulunan ki ilerle ger ekten ar kovan gibi kalabal k bir insanlar toplulu uyla bir yerde yakla k 350 oldu unu okudum d nemin ruhu anlat l yor Asl nda bir milliyet idir yazar Cela ve Sava ta falanjist cephede yer alm t r Sava 1939 da biter ve bu kitab 1940 43 aras yazar Ancak Franco sans r nden kurtulamaz nk [...]

    9. I taught English in Madrid for three years starting in about 2004 and on probably the first or second day of my first class I asked my students to recommend me a good Spanish novel Almost unanimously they responded that La Colmena or The Hive in English was the best Spanish novel of the 20th century I couldn t wait to read it and start digging my teeth into the Spanish culture, particularly the Franco Era, which was something I was curious about and really eager to learn My Spanish was really m [...]

    10. I loved Cela s style His sentences are full of affection for people Stories of hundreds of characters intertwine in this mosaic novel Scenes from lives in Spain are not only snapshots It is one of those books that you may find eternity in a moment.

    11. Vahsi Hafiyeler in 2 Kisminin daha butunluk arzeden daha iyi bir versiyonunu hayal edin tabii bunun icin okumaniz lazim bolano nun basyapitini Iste bu kitap o Daha fazla soze ne hacet.

    12. Me ha generado impresiones confusas Desde el principio no me gust mucho la actitud del escritor, por no decir casi nada, por la forma decidida, incluso pedante y peyorativa, en que habla sobre las ideas y la literatura en los prefacios a varias ediciones del libro En todo caso, si se le concedi el Nobel de Literatura no fue sin m rito, porque s que hace una reivindicaci n del oficio del escritor como un oficio enteramente libre, incluso caprichoso, sin compromisos literarios, art sticos ni est t [...]

    13. La Colmena The Hive in English could easily be compared to a puzzle The story, told in six chapters and an epilogue, is not told chrnologically one of the features that quickly endears me to a book and the cast of 160 something characters all belong to roughly the same social circle, despite belonging to different social classes It is now up to a dedicated reader to create the multi branched cast tree for the uninitiated to jump in.Despite being born in Spain, my knowledge of Spanish Literature [...]

    14. Madrid en los a os de la posguerra Olor a tabaco y caf , estraperlo, miradas de desconfianza, hambre y desaliento Camilo Jos Cela retrata en esta obra las penurias e incertidumbre de un pueblo carente de expectativas de futuro mediante el uso de un estilo literario directo, sin adornos, y con una estructura caleidosc pica que salta entre unos personajes relacionados entre s La novela se desarrolla en m ltiples localizaciones de la capital, principalmente bares, domicilios familiares y casas de c [...]

    15. Este debe ser el libro con m s personajes que le le do en mi vida y mira que en Cien A os de Soledad hay gente De la forma que esta escrito te hace sentir como si fueras un espectador en medio de toda esa actividad en la que confluyen las historias.Ambientada en la Espa a de la Posguerra, 1943, consta solo de 6 cap tulos, en los que se narran las vicisitudes que pasaban los Espa oles de la poca, la confluencia de clases sociales, creencias, costumbres, en la que se va tejiendo una historia de co [...]

    16. The Hive starts out so bloody CUTE It s a bunch of misfits gathering in this little Madrid cafe drinking vermouth and writing poems for no one Like the cafe in Amelie A But then you realize that it s Franco s Spain, which makes it a bit darker Remarkably, not too much darker Somehow, despite the fact that everyone s poor and desperate, Cela manages to keep his characters chins up the entire time, and it doesn t feel like some artificial ruling class notions about the contentedness of the poor.

    17. Para volver a leer cada x a os Obra maestra Es, junto con La familia de Pascual Duarte una de esas obras que dejan huella permanente.

    18. 2,5 5Ten a la sensaci n de que no me iba a gustar La colmena, y esta vez mi intuici n no ha fallado Cela tiene un estilo sobrio, escribe realmente bien Es admirable c mo construye esa visi n caleidosc pica del Madrid de la posguerra con un narrador as ptico, que salta de casa en casa y de personaje en personaje sin traslucir ninguna emoci n Es decir, formalmente esta novela es excepcional Pero para gustos, los colores, y me ha parecido una historia inocua, nihilista, con una visi n de la vida y [...]

    19. Simplemente no es el tipo de historia que me gusta, no me logr cautivar ni por un momento El autor logra retratar la vida de Espa a con todas sus adversidades enfermedades, pobreza, corrientes pol ticas, entre otras Es decir, una vida aburrida que no trasciende m s all de lo negativo Como lector, me sent como un simple observador de un relato que en muchas ocasiones se me hizo eterno.

    20. No, definitivamente no Intent no cerrarme y seguir ley ndolo sin prejuicios e intentando emocionarme pero o Un libro que no pasa gran cosa y que al final uno queda en las mismas.Muy crudo y todo la situaci n de Espa a en la segunda guerra y el toque realista de los personajes, pero no es mi tipo, no me gust a excepci n de algunos pasajes Es todo.

    21. A trav s de an cdotas que suceden en paralelo, Cela logra retratar la poca de la posguerra en donde todos luchan por sobrevivir y en donde la mayor a se esfuerza por continuar viviendo a pesar de la miseria y la incertidumbre El an lisis social es evidente, y aspectos como la religi n o la sexualidad, son abarcados de manera cr tica e incluso hilarante Una obra que vale la pena leer.

    22. Desgracia, as podr a resumir todo lo que me hizo sentir la lectura del libro Todo comenz con el odio a los personajes, con la desesperaci n de sus d as tristes, con la nostalgia con la que ellos esperaban el transcurrir del tiempo La historia no avanzaba, se quedaba en la melancol a de mismo d a, luego al conformismo de la noche, y la misma desgracia al d a siguiente Casi 300 p ginas en el mismo sentimiento y en el desespero de acabar tanta resignaci n por la vida y los sue os.

    23. Un resumen excelente de la miseria, de lo que se oculta tras las calles, tras las puertas y las familias de una comunidad, un paneo detenido a diferentes sectores del Madrid de la posguerra, hilado finamente y con un poder narrativo que resiste los ltimos tiempos Los personajes y las situaciones no pueden ser m s reales que aqu , y Cela retrata en su conjunto, una gran colmena En lo particular, la escena de la banca del parque es una de las m s poderosas, y que en s , hacen una s ntesis magna de [...]

    24. Buena novela, no s si totalmente fiel a la realidad de la poca me cuesta pensar que el sexo tuviera la presencia que se le atribuye pero buena novela que se lee sin darte cuenta El elenco de personajes est escogido con mimo y sa a a partes iguales y se hace dif cil elegir a alguno de ellos para algo m s que una invitaci n obligatoria por nuestra parte a tomar un caf con leche y un suizo o dos Meter toda la realidad en una novela es imposible y siempre tienes que dirigir el foco a alg n sitio No [...]

    25. I had heard that this book was both confusing and boring, but I loved it It has a lot of characters my copy says almost 300 , and skips from one to the other, making flipping through the book to remind yourself of who a certain character is necessary fairly often, or at least it was for me I knew it was going to be this way going into it, so it didn t bother me much Cela is a master of his craft, though, and even though I do not like marking my books, there were many passages that I thought abou [...]

    26. If I may be so crass as to compare the narrative of a Nobel laureate with a popular movie, it reminded me of Pulp Fiction The Hive is made up of hundreds of short sections many less than a page , not all of which are told in order, most of which are quite dark, and many of which are left unresolved There are so many characters that it is sometimes difficult to keep them all straight until a detail jogs one s memory.If there is one message that stuck in my mind from this book, it is that the pove [...]

    27. La ruche est un roman sur le bas fonds de la soci t espagnole en 1943 qui ressemble parfois Manhattan Transfer de John Dos Passos et parfois Berlin Alexanderplatz d Alfr d Doblin L intrigue de la Ruche est mel au point o on peut dire qu elle est absente Le roman est compos en effect d un grand nombre de petites pisodes qui ont toutes moins que deux pages de longeur Le but d apr s l auteur est de permettre au lecteur de toucher l ulc re du monde Le roman ne semble pas avoir de parti pris ni sur l [...]

    28. One of the things that intrigues me about Cela is how relentlessly experimental he is in developing new forms for fiction I wish I could think that an American writer with that sort of bent could become THE American writer, as Cela became THE Spanish writer of his generation Cela s experiments didn t prevent his books being widely read, so widely read that the Franco regime had to ban them He prefigured the Oulipo s structures in some books, but no one seems to have noticed that This book is not [...]

    29. The setting in The Hive is Madrid, Spain in early 40 s After the Spanish civil war and during WW2, this is a fine portrait of Spanish society There is no specific plot, nor a main hero The main hero I guess is Madrid itself through the everyday life of its people Decades of characters starring within the lines of this book, most of them belong to low class and some in middle class I think it s a clear and honest reading and probably very realistic one, clearly a social novel, while the political [...]

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