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JLA: The Deluxe Edition, Vol. 2 #2020

JLA The Deluxe Edition Vol Comics legend Grant Morrison ALL STAR SUPERMAN FINAL CRISIS delivers his unique take on the adventures of the World s Greatest Super Heroes in this second oversized hardcover volume in the series sta

  • Title: JLA: The Deluxe Edition, Vol. 2
  • Author: Grant Morrison Howard Porter John Dell Gary Frank Greg Land Val Semeiks
  • ISBN: 9781401222659
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover
  • JLA: The Deluxe Edition, Vol. 2 By Grant Morrison Howard Porter John Dell Gary Frank Greg Land Val Semeiks, Comics legend Grant Morrison ALL STAR SUPERMAN, FINAL CRISIS delivers his unique take on the adventures of the World s Greatest Super Heroes in this second oversized hardcover volume in the series starring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter.This volume features a cosmic adventure on a grand scale as the Justice LeagueComics legend Grant Morrison ALL STAR SUPERMAN, FINAL CRISIS delivers his unique take on the adventures of the World s Greatest Super Heroes in this second oversized hardcover volume in the series starring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter.This volume features a cosmic adventure on a grand scale as the Justice League faces off against Lex Luthor s newly assembled Injustice Gang while the fate of the Earth itself hangs in the balance Plus, the heroes must race through time to stop a threat to all eternity the evil god Darkseid.

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      374 Grant Morrison Howard Porter John Dell Gary Frank Greg Land Val Semeiks
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    1 thought on “JLA: The Deluxe Edition, Vol. 2

    1. Another okay volume from my most disliked famous author, Grant Morrison So let s get the good and bad Good Enjoyed Rock of Ages story despite it being too long for it s own good However some bad writing we will address later it contained some fun moments and a look into the terrible future that COULD be I always enjoy those type of stories Prometheus storyline is really good Especially finding out his origins, how he tricks the entire JL, and how they eventually stop him all worked well Felt lik [...]

    2. The JLA stories are some of the best JLA stories I have read so far The crossover with Wildcats is however terrible and should be skipped.

    3. It s really difficult to assess this Everything featuring Prometheus is terrific On the surface it s your standard mysterious new supervillain story somebody comes out of nowhere and quickly becomes a credible threat to the heroes of the DCU than their established rogues galleries that have been around for decades It s been done to death but Morrison makes it seem fresh and vital and right around the time Batman is easily dismantled by the aforementioned Prometheus you begin to feel genuinely n [...]

    4. Damn you, Kevin Smith I bought this book entirely based on your raving review of it during your conversation with Grant Morrison in Fat Man on Batman This book reminds me of the fact that for every great Morrison comic there s dozens of shitty ones full of nonsensical plots and zero characterization.

    5. I gotta say, I m a bit disappointed considering how much I ve heard people talk up Rock of Ages It s ok and all, but for a fan like me who really enjoys the cosmic crisis angle, there are certainly better stories out there I ll re read at some point in the future, but I don t think it ll move up in the order of cosmic events I really dig in DC.I was delightfully surprised by the middle sections involving Prometheus Having read Justice League a Cry for Justice a few years back, I was always keen [...]

    6. Segundo tomo que recopila JLA del 10 al 17 m s Prometheus, Secret Files 2 y JLA Wildcats 336 p ginas en gran parte ocupadas por uno de los arcos m s nombrados de los ltimos a os, Rock of Ages Ya cuando lo hab a le do por los 90s me result confuso y me volvi a pasar lo mismo Es una historia cl sica de viaje en el tiempo para impedir un futuro probable En este caso lo que vuelve confusa la historia es el arte de Porter que es despampanante para mal, parecen ser dibujos muy buenos pero que en cada [...]

    7. With this second volume, you read what many would consider as the one of the greatest JLA stores Rock of Ages in which a fight between the Justice League between Lex Luthor s Injustice Gang could result Darkseid s apocalyptic conquest of the Earth Afterwards, the Justice League are reassembled to fight a new villain known as Prometheus.As with the previous volume, writer Grant Morrison isn t interested in telling the personal lives of these superheroes who are depicted here as the modern day equ [...]

    8. This volume contains the JLA stories where Morrison really kicks his insane o madness into high gear Rock of Ages in particular presents some of Morrison s stabs at stories and ideas he would later fully flesh out in FINAL CRISIS, ALL STAR SUPERMAN and BATMAN R.I.P There s still a lot if unfortunate jumping around in DC continuity that s never really addressed directly this was the time period when Wonder Woman was replaced by her mother, for example, and Superman was this weird blue thing for a [...]

    9. Long, drawn out, detailed, technically advanced plot points with plenty of deviation of other plot points Sure, its action packed, the ending is epic, and the art is extremely well done, but sometimes the characters grow to too many and the villians too few It takes an advanced comic reader to fully grasp exactly what happens in this collection Also, at some points I ask myself Is this plot ever going to end and I found myself dreading picking this book up again to read .

    10. Morrison, as always, has a good hold on what s necessary for a good story, but its his extras that are nothing but curveballs It s less so here than later Morrison outings, but it s always a matter of aaaaalmost connecting the dots for the reader I dug this collection a whole lot There were just times it seemed to get a bit too far ahead for me with what s happening But maybe that s why Morrison s exceptional and kind of a bogus challenge.

    11. You know, just because you write for DC doesn t mean that you MUST include a generically written story arc about quantum leaping through time and alternate universes to fight a not so convincing evil doer.Sigh was the over rated Grant Morrison, should I have expected anything different Even with my low expectations he still managed to underachieve.

    12. A lot of people are blown away by Grant Morrison personally I can t think of a book by him that has really interested me This story was ok but the star of this book was the colorist, that was my favorite part.

    13. Alright I missed Diana in the first 80% of the book Thankfully she s back toward the end And please can we get our normal Superman back This electricity whatever Superman is horrible and boring The first was hard to follow I got lost most of the time and had to go back few pages every now and then and reread to understand Prometheus was a quick nice story Wildcats was Meh.

    14. This collection contains Rock of Ages and the Prometheus intro That enough should get you interested if you like the DC universe.Besides those it has some issues that are neat with the restructuring of the league, but it s not as strong as volume 1 besides Rock of Ages.

    15. As is usually the case with Grant Morrison, I never really know how to rate his writing so I m just going to type and see how I feel at the end This volume continues his run on JLA by collection issues 10 17, Prometheus 1, and a JLA WILD C.A.T.S crossover event.Rock of Ages was the first arc which was an awesome story that involved Grant Morrison somehow taking the Legion of Doom from Superfriends and making it an incredibly compelling story Then throws in Darkseid for funsies and things get rea [...]

    16. Ah Morrison, how do I love hate thee, let me count the ways One, you have some insanely brilliant ideas Two, you manage to breathe fresh air into old characters and give them a new spin without losing the true essence of the characters Batman pure genius Three, you manage to create genuine threats to the JLA which is not easy to do with a team this powerful Four, the way you write Luthor is so perfect.One, you sometimes are too complicated for your own good The Rock of Ages isn t content to just [...]

    17. This is volume 2 of the Justice League s adventures during Grant Morrison s legendary run I feel like this shows the DC Comics superheroes at their best putting on their armour and facing off against crazy odds while playing to their individual strengths This volume has them gradually being transitioned out of their pre Morrison Dark dork age situation so certain things are different Wonder Woman s mom is acting Wonder Woman, Green Arrow s son is acting Green Arrow, and Superman is electric blue [...]

    18. Rock of Ages was kind of irritating, over complicated and wayyyyyy too long Just not a fun story Also there is exactly one female superhero in it Tf However, the new league of superman blue, bats, kyle, aquaman, flash, oracle,steel, plastic man, huntress and zauriel has five of y favorite non central DCU character I love the stories where the reassemble the team They re just fun Same with the Prometheus stuff Overall this starts weak but gets quite strong at the end Whatsbup with TE Wildcats btw [...]

    19. I was told by many a comic nerd that other then All Star Superman this was some of Grant Morrison s best superhero work and was not let down This is a weird time for the JLA, Superman is Blue, Wonder Woman is not actually Diana, Aquaman has a hook arm and Kyle is the GL on the team Who better to handle such a strange JLA then Grant Morrison The main story in this huge volume is Rock of Ages, which I can now say is probably my favorite Justice League story I have ever read It is epic in scale, el [...]

    20. I found this deluxe volume a bit hit and miss.The artwork is solid to very good throughout, with the only criticism being a bit too much clutter at times.The story arc featuring Darkseid, Luthor s Injustice Gang, some new new gods featured well, a bit too much really Any one of those arcs perhaps with exception of the new new gods, which I thought was a bit superfluous would have been fine on its own and without major modifications.The Prometheus Arc I really enjoyed a decent villain for the JLA [...]

    21. 4.5 starsThis is the volume I was most excited about because Kevin Smith is always talking about how good Rock of Ages is on his podcast Fatman on Batman And honestly I didn t love that story, though I thought it was pretty good I did think that the next story, the Prometheus story, was really good How they beat him seemed kind of rushed But it was a pretty good story I loved the first chapter of that one where he s telling his origin So this volume wasn t as strong as volume 1, but it was still [...]

    22. This is where the series shifts into high gear In the first story, Morrison takes a typical JLA vs their opposites story and manages to weave in Darkseid, a post apocalyptic or is that Apokoliptic war, time travel, and a rock that s basically a Google map for spacetime After that, he introduces the new members of the team as well as one of his best villains, Prometheus Both stories are really great.

    23. I love that Batman is commonly addressed by the rest of the Justice League as their greatest threat in terms of themselves going rogue and being subdued, or if Batman goes rogue against the JLA Also, loved Prometheus storyline Grant Morrison writes trippy stuff, and it can get confusing But the majority of this I enjoyed Need volume three.

    24. Mixed bag The Prometheus stuff is great, but Rock of Ages is too dark and dense compared to the rest of Morrison s run The Wildcats team up is a curiosity item than a vital piece of story A weaker entry in the series.

    25. Seems like there were a couple of ideas and then they couldn t choose among them So they just put a little, little bit of each in I remember being interested in how the problem was going to resolve On accidental re read, I m not really sure that it was clear that there was a real threat.

    26. I am not a big fan of stories involving the Legion of Doom or the Injustice Gang but I did enjoy this one.I am a big fan of the Prometheus villain so enjoyed that part of the story.The Epoch story arc started strong then got real weird real quick.

    27. It was just okay There was quite a lot of time bending story lines going on as always The two best were self appointed reality show super villain Prometheus and his bid to dismantle JLA I also liked the W.I.L.D Cats team up even though the plot was blah.

    28. Not bad Loved the artwork and the story wasn t too bad The only reasons I can t give this 5 stars is that I couldn t get into the energy lightning blue Superman and the story didn t feel like it was up to the usual quality I ve come to expect from JLA stories shrugs

    29. What the hell did I just read Way too much going on The Prometheus story saved this from being DNF Grant Morrison, I don t think we re meant to be.

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