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War Is a Private Affair #2020

War Is a Private Affair None

  • Title: War Is a Private Affair
  • Author: Edmund G. Love
  • ISBN: 9780451018045
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • War Is a Private Affair By Edmund G. Love, None

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      Edmund G. Love

    1 thought on “War Is a Private Affair

    1. This is an interesting book Edmund Love served in World War as a military historian His job was to follow up after an action and interview the men who were still alive and put together a unit history The official history as approved by the Army brass, but Love inevitably accumulated numerous personal accounts that were of no interest to the brass In the late fifties he put these accounts together and published War Is a Private Affair At the time of publication military service comedies were very [...]

    2. This book will forever be a favorite My Dad would read us these stories sitting out on a porch of an island on the St.Lawrence he would laugh so hard at times he would have to stop reading The B Company Baby is just one I remember The title story is about a private who is discovered to be a cleptomaniac OMG If you can find a copy, it would be well worth your time and enjoyment.

    3. excellent collection of stories about everyday soldiers in WWII, most notably an account of Lt Ben Salomon, the heroic dentist whose posthumous Medal of Honor was politically delayed for almost 60 years.

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