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Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die #2020

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die You could say my sisters and I are hot blooded bluebloods with a flair for fashion and for solving crimes But things have NOT been going well for us Blackbirds Emma has busted out of a very exclusive

  • Title: Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die
  • Author: Nancy Martin
  • ISBN: 9780451215321
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die By Nancy Martin, You could say my sisters and I are hot blooded bluebloods with a flair for fashion and for solving crimes But things have NOT been going well for us Blackbirds Emma has busted out of a very exclusive clinic Libby s hormones are in overdrive from selling paraphernalia for Potions and Passions, a company that promises its customers full satisfaction And I m still datingYou could say my sisters and I are hot blooded bluebloods with a flair for fashion and for solving crimes But things have NOT been going well for us Blackbirds Emma has busted out of a very exclusive clinic Libby s hormones are in overdrive from selling paraphernalia for Potions and Passions, a company that promises its customers full satisfaction And I m still dating mobster s son Mick Abruzzo, which keeps me in a permanent tizzy At least, nobody in my vicinity has been knocked off lately Oops looks like I spoke too soonA TEMPEST IN A C CUPNora s next journalistic assignment the unveiling of the most miraculous bra in fashion history But before Nora can hand in her uplifting story, her boss is found shot execution style and trussed up in expensive panty hose an Abruzzo family trademark Now Nora must find the killer before her innocent lover takes the rap That means shadowing the most glamorous suspects in Philadelphia including a bad boy designer, a former child star, a high strung ad exec, and a pair of luscious twin models Though Nora s accustomed to upper crust murder, cross your fingers for the Blackbird sisters, because this time, high society has never seemed so low down dirty.

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    1 thought on “Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die

    1. Not one of my favorites of the series, but I will continue on with this series I do enjoy the escapades of The Blackbird Sisters This book was just not as funny as the previous books.

    2. Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die Blackbird Sisters Mystery, Book 4 Nancy MartinThis is the story of three sisters, Nora, Libby Emma They come from a distinguished Pennsylvania family Their parents take off with their inheritance and leave the women to take care of themselves Libby seems do be doing fine with her new potions business, Emma is out of rehab and holding her own , and Nora has a new job as a journalist Things heat up a bit when Nora finds her boss dead on her doorstep.She finds herse [...]

    3. Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick it up.4 stars I really enjoyed t [...]

    4. Interesting, but not as good as the first few, especially since it didn t include as many wonderful dresses.

    5. So, I m hooked in this series and not because it s great really in a believable sense but cause I m entertained It s one of those where the mystery part, how its solve, on how she came up with it, is not quite believable, yet in the end I don t care as long as it s solved and I m interested by the drama that s going around The cops or detective s here, are close to nonexistent since they do nothing but pick the wrong person cause it s convenient, or with the previous books, the detective used a [...]

    6. I wanted to like the book because I love Martin as a writer and the series Unfortunately, the mystery plot felt empty at the end There was nothing to connect the Blackbirds with the society that d been built up around them Even knowing the back story, it was still lacking the heart I wanted on Orlando and the past, how the world worked, instead of the consistent show don t tell There was a lot missing in the winding history of the Blackbird society Not a recommended book Sad to say.

    7. CROSS YOUR HEART AND HOPE TO DIEBY NANCY MARTIN 4 Nora and Mick have been getting re acquainted but Mick has gone off into the night with a cousin on some mysterious business Nora is unexpectedly ordered by her boss, Kitty Keough to attend an evening event of the unveiling of a revolutionary bra And, so, off goes this story for a wild and crazy horse ride through murder, sexual abuse molestation and sadism within high society, potions and passions, alcohol abuse, corporate stealing ruthless whee [...]

    8. 3.5 StarsI have loved the Blackbird sisters mysteries from book one, and they have only gotten better with time However, CROSS YOUR HEART AND HOPE TO DIE seemed to be lacking something in the mystery department It seemed as though the plot was pretty clear cut from the beginning and there wasn t much secret as to who dun it I must admit that I found my mind wandering a bit at parts which has never happened with any other of the Blackbird mysteries HOWEVERwhat this book was lacking in the mystery [...]

    9. Wow, another good one guess I m glad I didn t throw away the series after all.After attending a macabre fashion show for a paste on full support bra, where Emma escaped from rehab is starring as lady Godiva, Nora finds her boss Kitty, dead on her doorstep The bra s designer is a sadistic bully from Nora s past The owner of the company that wants to buy the bra is under age he staying with his uncle who is a local proxy board member and the bully s childhood victim Add to the mix beautiful women [...]

    10. Journalist Nora Blackbird is sent to cover the unveiling of the new Brinker Bra, an undergarment that is sure to change the fashion industry But the morning after the big party, Nora finds her boss, Kitty Keough, dead on her porch Nora s boyfriend with mob connections, Michael Abruzzo, is the chief suspect in the murder Nora knows Mick is innocent and decides to investigate on her own to help clear Michael s name.This is the fourth book in the Blackbird Sisters Mystery series and the best one ye [...]

    11. This time, impoversished socialite Nora Blackbird is covering a fashion show for a revolutionary new bra developed by Brinker Holt, whom she remembers as a bullying, unpleasant adolescent Murder naturally occurs soon afterwards, and the hotting up of Nora s romance with Michael son of a well known crime family is chilled by his becoming a suspect.The soap opera side of the series develops nicely I don t mean this as derogatory, only to distinguish it from the mystery side with Nora s sisters con [...]

    12. Another zany cozy mystery, the fourth in this series about the Blackbird sisters, set in Philadelphia The fun starts with Libby s new job promoting sex toys and erotic lotions, a fashion show for Brinker s Bra with Emma as the finale on a horse, then Kitty is killed and left on Nora s doorstep New characters such as Richard D Eath journalist interested in Nora , and Orlando 10 year old son of Nora s friend Orianra are introduced On New Year s Eve, Nora again discovers the perpetrators, Nora s fr [...]

    13. After reading three of these books in a row, I m really liking this series and LOVE the characters There is enough real world substance to the three girls to add some weight to the series They aren t air heads, Nora who faints when she gets stressed so cannot drive and her drug addict husband was shot in a drug deal gone bad, Libby has 5 children, also a widow and she is not the best at disciplining her children, Emma is the baby and lost her awesome career as a Grand Prix jumper rider due to in [...]

    14. The Blackbird sisters have an interesting curse when it comes to men This makes things difficult for Nora who loves Michael but can t marry him He might not be good for her with his criminal background Her sisters are a little than odd Emma is a horsewoman with an alcohol problem, Nora can t help but worry about her Then there s Libby, not the world s best mother but plenty of children and an interesting new job trying to set up home parties Speaking of jobs, Nora s changes drastically after a [...]

    15. In the next installment of the Nora Blackbird series, she d gotten than she bargained for on her next case Her sister Emma left an exclusive clinic, Libby sold potion paraphrenalia, and Nora still had the hots for Nick that went non stop Though Nora and her sisters loved the latest trends in fashion, her next assignment was revealing the newest bra in fashion history And that was when her boss was killed execution style in pantyhose, which put Mick and his family in the hot seat and under suspi [...]

    16. This was a much better book then the first book in the series I found the writing easier to follow, not so many unusual and unnecessary characters Much tighter plot I found myself laughing several times and enjoyed the relationships between the characters Nora remains the sane Blackbird sister Emma and Libby remain the problem sisters They still don t have enough money Mick Abruzzio has developed into a very interesting character I will read a few in the series I believe this is the 4th book in [...]

    17. The Blackbird sisters, who once lived a privileged life, struggle to find their way in the real world after their parents have left them near penniless Emma struggles with her addictions, Libby becomes the Avon lady for sexual enhancement toys, while Nora works as an assistant columnist for a tyrant That tyrant is murdered and left on Nora s doorstep and her mob related boyfriend is the first suspect Nora and her sisters try to uncover the real murderer before her boyfriend takes the rap Michael [...]

    18. Kitty calls NORA at the last minute to cover the introduction to the Brinker Bra She meets old acquaintances at it and Richard D earth there Libby and Emma enliven the story with their crazy actions Starks to find Emma on a horse at the end of the fashion show Libby is selling sexual enhancements Orlando enters the story and Spike bonds with him Kitty Keogh s dead body is dumped on Nora s porch wrap in silk stocking Because Michael is present in the house the police take in custody Will Nora sol [...]

    19. The revolutionary Brinker Bra a figure eight with no hooks, straps, underwires has been unveiled The only problem Nora s boss, society editor Kitty Keough has been murdered execution style and left on Nora s back porch Now Nora has to figure out who killed her before her boyfriend Mick Abruzzo is arrested Plus she has to ride heard on her sister, Libby, who has gone into business selling romantic enhancement toys Tupperware style at a biker bar And her sister, Emma, who has escaped rehab to wear [...]

    20. Still enjoying the series, mostly because I still like Nora and Michael Different story with Libby or even Emma, Nora s sex mad, obnoxious and irresponsible each in her own way sisters who always manage to look ravishing I much prefer the lesser characters like Reed, Rawlins, Orlando, Lexie And I do hope N and M won t end up like so many other fictional couples, hemming and hawing about whether they really belong together while basically looking like an old married couple for the rest of the wor [...]

    21. About halfway through, I almost skipped to the end This book was a bit much I usually like to escape reality through a book This book just felt like life rewritten through the eyes of a spoiled person who was used to living a life of luxury and now, after losing all of their money, had to be a real person like the rest of us Not one of my favorite books in the series at all In fact, it makes me want to say, sayonara to the rest of the seriesere s better stuff out there to read rather than wastin [...]

    22. In this adventure, Nora and her sister Libby attempt to solve two mysteries, who killed Kitty Keough and dumped her body on Nora s back porch, and who is the real inventor of the amazing Brinker Bra As they follow the clues, Nora s lover Michael Abruzzo has his own troubles when he s accused of killing Kitty, then snitching on a car ring, and There s less about the fancy parties and about Nora s connected social circle For a heartwarming, fun romp through Phily, dive into the fourth Blackbird [...]

    23. Fun and entertaining Plenty of action Plot twists abound High society Nora Blackbird is down on the chips, but determined not to lose the family estate Her future as a junior society reporter, gets a big boost when her boss is murdered But now Nora s romantic interest has been charged with the murder and Nora steps in to investigate Book 4 of the Blackbird Sisters Mysteries abounds with humor, witty repartee, and interesting characters A light fun adventure And I ve forgiven Nora for being moral [...]

    24. A My real book reading time has been very limited so it took almost 3 months to get this read Thankfully, the story is easy to pick up and put down and not be lost Another crazy adventure for the Blackbird sisters although Emma wasn t involved as much It was fun to follow the eccentric Libby and see her son Rawlins character become developed Quite the shocker to have Kitty killed off and the diamond ring at the end has me racing for the next in the series.

    25. Nancy Martine writes with great humor and imagination I love this series because it makes me laugh out loud and enjoy the book from beginning to end and look forward to the next installment Nora Blackbird and her sisters are a different as night and day but they stick together to help each other out and solve the mystery at hand Sorry I didn t start this series sooner but I am enjoying it now.

    26. Nancy Martin s fourth mystery involving the Blackbird sisters.Brinker Holt s revolutionary Brinker Bra is being launched and Nora is sent to cover the party when her boss, Kitty, is unable to attend Returning home, Nora is shocked to find Kitty dead, with her boyfriend, Michael Abruzzo, the prime suspect.Another frothy romance mystery.

    27. I can t decide if I really like this series or not but starting on the fifth book of the series probably is the real problem Anyway while the who and the why were finally revealed it was never revealed why Libby couldn t get the damn bra off I am about to start the first book in the series so hopefully some of the general questions will be answered.

    28. This is my first read of a book from this series I really had to struggle to finish it not very many likeable characters I chose it for the Philadelphia location and that part was interesting The Main Line rich and their piccadillos turns out not to be my cup of tea Nora should marry the Italian American and dump the mansion she can t afford.

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