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Witch Way to the Mall #2020

Witch Way to the Mall Move over urban fantasy here comes suburban fantasy What self respecting witch vampire or werewolf would be caught dead or undead anywhere but the Big City you may ask Look let s give the uncanny

  • Title: Witch Way to the Mall
  • Author: Esther M. Friesner
  • ISBN: 9781439132746
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Witch Way to the Mall By Esther M. Friesner, Move over, urban fantasy here comes suburban fantasy What self respecting witch, vampire, or werewolf would be caught dead or undead anywhere but the Big City, you may ask Look, let s give the uncanny crew a little credit for intelligence If they had the smarts to see the advantage in packing up and moving into the cities, why wouldn t they have the smarts to movMove over, urban fantasy here comes suburban fantasy What self respecting witch, vampire, or werewolf would be caught dead or undead anywhere but the Big City, you may ask Look, let s give the uncanny crew a little credit for intelligence If they had the smarts to see the advantage in packing up and moving into the cities, why wouldn t they have the smarts to move out of said cities if it looked like they could get a better quality of life death elsewhere Tough enough going about your otherworldly business and evading the occasional mob wielding halogen torches and designer pitchforks, but have you ever seen city real estate prices So let s welcome our first group of supernatural suburbanites, the witches Their powers are awesome, their methods of coping with the lumps, bumps, and idiosyncrasies of Suburbia are ingenious, and they always bring the loveliest gingerbread to the PTA bake sale But whatever you do, don t try telling them that life in a non city setting is bland, banal and boring, or you might get turned into ribbit Stories of suburban sorcery by Harry Turtledove, Sarah A Hoyt, Jan and S.M Stirling, K D Wentworth, and including Esther Friesner herself.

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    1. Hmmm does one squeeze in the necessary sabbats and coven meetings, what with all the schlepping the kids to soccer practice and the mall Can a young, modern, suburban witch really have it all Here s a collection of vaguely amusing but mostly forgettable short stories to answer those questions Keep in mind the stories were SO unengrossing, it took me over two years to finish this book.The one bright spot was Birdwitching by Harry Turtledove no pun intended, I m sure , about two rival birdwatching [...]

    2. Genre Urban FantasyThis book was exactly what I wanted light, amusing short stories None of the stories are hugely memorable, or immediately made me go out and hunt for other books by the author However, nearly all of them made me laugh They re short, they re cute, they re light hearted, and they all deal with witches in suburbia from the first story about how magic raises the stakes in a local bird watching contest to the final story of how parents try to affect the outcome of their children s [...]

    3. Esther Friesner is a goddess I will always give 5 stars to anything she puts her name to Even a cookbook So I may not have an unbiased opinion.

    4. As with any collection some were better than others The best of them left me wishing to follow the characters further In Tacos for Tezcatlipoca by Kevin Andrew Murphy, a young man goes to a garage sale and purchases a stuffed manticore cub on a base which he believes to be the product of a mad taxidermist for an unusual price He finds it does indeed bring wonderment Midnight at the Center Court by David D Levine features a teenage boy struggling with the gender dichotomy of Goddess spells which [...]

    5. During the summer I was heading downtown one afternoon, and I started thinking about how popular urban fantasy has been over the past several decades, and that I d never heard of anyone publishing suburban fantasy, which seemed a little odd I started plotting out a possible such story, and after I d started writing it out, did some research to make sure I wasn t going over well trod ground, which is how I found this book So, what we have here is a collection of stories about witches, all linked [...]

    6. This was a delightful set of stories, all featuring witches duh , who are trying to live somewhat normal lives in suburban environments Out of the book, only two stories were just ok, and the rest were funny, delightful, or a somehow else an enjoyment to read A definite recommendation for anyone who enjoys light supernatural.

    7. A series of short stories by a variety of authors As is typical of anthologies some good, some okay, but none of them left me wanting.

    8. Let me put my cards on the table first I adore Esther Friesner as a writer and having seen her at a few conventions, she is just as boisterous and witty in person So even though I m not a huge fan of urban or suburban fantasy, I came into this anthology with high expectations.I admit, I did find the introduction over the top to the point of being too obvious funny, which usually doesn t hit my laughter bone It is clever, though, and sets a nice opening tone FYI if you don t want to read a story [...]

    9. A 2009 Anthology from Baen having 21 stories about Witches and witch kin in suburbia Urban fantasy step aside soccer moms with possessed minivans, gingerbread at PTA bake sales, and finding the right spices and charcoal for a sacrifice of fast food are the challenges on the plate A series of comedic fantasy stories about ticky tacky houses, family, and shopping, Witch Way to the Mall has the typical unevenness of anthology but being a big name publication instead of an indie the starting point i [...]

    10. Wonderful collection of humorous tales Short and funny, I feel compelled to seek out one author in particular, Sarah A Hoyt, author of The Incident of the Inferno Grill, which had me chuckling the whole time I was reading it The story is about a classical historian who, desperate for work, becomes an assistant to Nephilim Psychic Investigations Her first case is to help her eccentric boss perform an exorcism of a barbecue grill that has become possessed by the forces of hell.My other favorite st [...]

    11. I quite liked most of the stories in this collection of suburban stories about witches, but I would have liked it if there were fewer of the stories Twenty one is just too many Here s a description of five of them The Darren by Hildy Silverman is about Mariah and her first school dance Her friend Sarah gets too close to a Darren while Mariah meets another who is quite bright The Incident of the Inferno Grill by Sarah Hoyt is about a backyard grill complex than some upper model cars that is pos [...]

    12. The stories listed below are worth reading, in my opinion The rest were pretty forgettable Best stories in the book All of these had excellent world building in a limited format, great characters, good twists, lots of humor, and satisfying endings 5 star stories.Neighborhood Witch by David VierlingSoot by Dave FreerYo Mom s a Dragon by Ellie TupperHonorable Mentions 3.5 4 star stories.Nimue and the Mall Nymphs by Lee Martindale Main character really carried this story Just a really enjoyable rea [...]

    13. It s hard to rate a book with short stories by different authors, because some of the stories in this collection were quite good, and well written I especially liked The House of Lost Dreams by Storm Christopher Tacos for Tezcatlipoca by Kevin Andrew Murphy is worth reading as well, especially because it has a different angle instead of witches and wizards, and magick, it s about magicians and beliefs from other, non Western, religions and cults I also liked The Darren by Hildy Silverman, The In [...]

    14. As one would expect for a book like this, it was both silly and fun I actually really liked some of the stories and wouldn t mind reading set in those worlds Tacos for Tezcatlipoca , for example, was pretty interesting.Nothing here is that serious, of course, but if you just want a fun read and like anthologies particularly if you liked the Chicks in Chainmail anthologies , I recommend it.

    15. I was very disappointed by this book The quality of writing varied quite greatly from story to story and some of them were so poor I wonder how they came to be published and that from a John Ringo fan Thankfully the quality improved enough towards the end of the book to keep me going but it really wasn t worth the bother.

    16. Eh, I had read a few of Friesner s Chicks in Chainmail anthology, which were better It s a bad sign when the book starts with an apology for its own subject matter suburbs More significantly, there wasn t much of a theme, so even decent stories were at cross purposes with other decent stories, making the transitions between stories jarring That said, the stories themselves were entertaining.

    17. This is a neat concept Some of the stories have good re read value Others, however, seemed very similar to other stories There are two followup collections, one dealing with werewolves and one with vampires I m not sure I m interested enough to buy them If my library had them I would check them out right away, though.

    18. Witches in Suburbia Fluffy, light, and not terribly memorable stories This collection less in the comic fantasy vein than Friesner s collections often are The book served its purpose, but I don t think there any authors that I particularly want to dig up of having read this collection.

    19. I haven t read all the stories yet, but David Vierling is a friend That said, his story Neighborhood Witch is truly surprising funny That is decidedly not where I thought it was going.

    20. Esther Friesner does the usual wonderful job in selecting stories that are good and fun.If you are a fan of the Chicks in Chainmail, you will enjoy this one, too.

    21. I really like this collection of stories They are modern, witty, snarky, and addicting A great choice when you are between novels, or just have a bit of time to read something quick.

    22. Short stories Great fun Particularly liked David D Levine s story Midnight at the Center Court , and you gotta love Jody Lynn Nye s title There s no I in Coven

    23. A great collection of short stories focusing on the life of suburban witches The take of a soccer mom watching her kids play a interesting magic game was cool Rowling could take a page out of that author s book on how magic and sports can mix much better than Quidditch.The two parents one upping each other on bird spotting was amusing though I do wish the author had went into detail on what the consequences were The story of teenagers at prom was lackluster I had enough teen drama when I was gr [...]

    24. Like picking your way through a box of rewarding cream filled chocolatesLoved every minute of this enjoyable anthology and discovered a number of new for me writers that I ll be looking for in the future Pretty much every item is a gem and no real clunkers.The book starts out with the amusing Birdwitching by veteran Harry Turtledove about competitive suburban witches Lee Martindale s Nimue and the Mall Nymphs gives a nod to Buffy which might appeal to fans of the character Willow and The Darren [...]

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