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Wizard at Work #2020

Wizard at Work The wizard has big summer plans to garden to fish and to nap The only thing better would be if he had someone nice to share the days with But the only people who show up want him to rescue yet anoth

  • Title: Wizard at Work
  • Author: Vivian Vande Velde
  • ISBN: 9780152053093
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wizard at Work By Vivian Vande Velde, The wizard has big summer plans to garden, to fish, and to nap The only thing better would be if he had someone nice to share the days with But the only people who show up want him to rescue yet another princess, lift the usual vile curse, confront a fearsome ghost, deal with a pack of magical hooligans, harvest a crop of golden cucumbers, and on and on A wizard sThe wizard has big summer plans to garden, to fish, and to nap The only thing better would be if he had someone nice to share the days with But the only people who show up want him to rescue yet another princess, lift the usual vile curse, confront a fearsome ghost, deal with a pack of magical hooligans, harvest a crop of golden cucumbers, and on and on A wizard s work is never done

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      112 Vivian Vande Velde
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    1 thought on “Wizard at Work

    1. A very lighthearted story about a wizard going about his daily duties while on vacation from the academy he teaches at.All the stories are connected thinly, but not so much you couldn t read them out of order if you wanted to The conventions of what wizards are, the way they are thought of, and the basics of fairy tales are unceremoniously thrown up into the air to see how they fall.Fun to read.

    2. This would be a fabulous choice for younger kids who are just about to make that leap from early chapter books into bigger kid independent readers such as Percy Jackson or other such books on that reading level Parents with reluctant readers who enjoy a fantasy setting should consider this book as a good choice for it s easy vocabulary and the over all structure of the book which promotes than one reading That is, the book is broken into chapters, each one a different tale, but still centralize [...]

    3. Wizard s school for young wizards has finally let out for the summer, and he is looking forward to gardening, fishing and relaxing But several people come to pester him for favors this year A princess needs rescuing from her evil stepsister s spell, a herd of young unicornsis wreaking havoc on a nearby village and a young man needs a ghost taken care of The wizard is intrigued enough to help everyone that comes his way, and thus we re treated to a series of short stories essentially that are rat [...]

    4. At about 140 pages with big type, Wizard At Work is obviously a book for younger kids But that doesn t keep it from being TOTALLY HILARIOUS The book details several of the wizard s daily troubles as a wizard in demand My favorite adventure is definitely the last, but all of them were just so funny And the wizard is one of the best MCs of all younger kids literature The ending is just perfect Highly recommended if you want a break from all the depressing, important YA adult books.

    5. I do love Vande Velde s work, especially her light humorous juveniles The only problem with this too short So, was the witch cursing him, or just giving free advice, when she said, You ll never find true happiness until you learn to be less judgemental and look beyond the surface of things Don t get me wrong, though mostly it s the people who hire the wizard who are given a chance to learn a lesson, not the wizard himself And yet do any of them actually do so

    6. A good wizard can never find five minutes to tend his vegetables, let alone catch a nap Follow our harried, local wizard as he s dragged in to clean up one magical mess after another.

    7. This is the perfect fantasy book for the reluctant reader I really enjoyed how fairy tales were incorporated into each story.

    8. How many different unpleasant characters can you fit into a book There was the arrogant prince, the selfish princess, the obnoxious unicorns, the greedy duke And, to be honest, the misanthrope wizard Everywhere he went, he expected the worst of people, and for the most part he found it He expected princesses to be vain and flighty, and so they were Even when he view spoiler was tricked into marrying the one princess at the end though why she would want to marry him is beyond me hide spoiler , he [...]

    9. This is an absolutely delightful book It s also a hilarious one You start out with the wizard The wizard is young but will make himself look old when potential clients come around since he feels they won t really respect a young wizard.He s also a wizard that would rather work in his garden or teach they deal with the various people that come to him with their various problems, usually involving some kind of dragon or a princess that needs to be rescued or something like that.He has his work cut [...]

    10. The wizard is on summer holiday from running his wizard boarding school, but no one is willing to let him relax He keeps getting called on rescue missions that begin like traditional fairy tales, but end with an unexpected twist He goes to rescue a princess who refuses to be rescued from her dragon One town has a problem with teenage unicorns getting drunk on fermented fruit In the midst of all these adventures, all the wizard wants to do is save his summer garden from rabbits.Wizard at Work is [...]

    11. A wizard s work is never done School is out for the summer and the wizard plans to garden, fish, and nap Instead, he is constantly interrupted by one annoying person after another who want him to rescue another princess, stop a herd of dangerous unicorns, rid a castle of a ghost and This was such a cute middle grade book The stories were unique and funny, and the characters a quirky take on the fantasy tales The book reads almost like one short story after another, with the young wizard going a [...]

    12. Susahnya jadi penyihir, tak bisa bersantai santai dan menikmati hobi di saat liburan Ada saja yang meminta pertolongan Meski ogah ogahan, tapi sang penyihir pada akhirnya mau memberikan pertolongan.Fakta fakta yang terungkap di sini a.l putri cantik tidak selalu baik budi, malah saudara tiri buruk rupa yang berhati mulia crop circles pola pola lingkaran di ladang adalah ulah kuda bercula satu, bukan aliens atau UFO putri yang diculik naga tidak terlalu kepingin diselamatkan monster Loch Ness sem [...]

    13. Now that his students are on summer vacation, an unnamed wizard planned to spend his own summer relaxing and puttering around his cottage But alas, he is constantly interrupted by cursed princesses, lazy princes, greedy dukes and marauding unicorns The wizard never doubts his magical abilities or his own skills, but he is often disappointed by the behavior of the people he s trying to help It s lighthearted and fun, with humorous twists on the lesson not to judge by appearances It s definitely m [...]

    14. Nemu buku tipis ini di perpustakaan umum dalam kondisi yang mengenaskan, dan kucurigai sebagai buku anak anak biasa yang klise dan membosankan Tapi setelah buka halaman pertama aku langsung suka buku ini dan melahapnya habis dalam sekejap Ini kisah penyihir yang berencana menikmati hari libur tapi rencananya itu gagal total Sangat kurekomendasikan buat semuanya, baik anak anak maupun dewasa, karena buku ini sangat menghibur dan aku yakin orang dewasapun akan suka baca buku ini seperti aku

    15. I d love to smile at every funny things in this book To be honest, I am fourteen y.o teenager and to read book like this, is not my year But, I enjoyed the book This book was so funny and nice.But, It s seem like it was a book of short stories I know there are so much a connector for a chapter and two But, it s just not my zone This book was good, but I never like a full book of short stories 2 of 5 stars of this book Sorry, my english was bad

    16. This is an entertaining and humorous book of short stories featuring a crafty and wise wizard Various bits of fairy tales are woven into the stories and we see each with a fresh perspective The narrative is engaging and we really enjoyed reading this book together interesting quote Maybe if I get killed, then my mother will forgive me p 40

    17. The Vande Velde I ve read before has been YA, even though it s been shelved in juvenile fiction, but this one really is for younger readers, probably the 8 10 crowd It s a quick, amusing read with Vande Velde s trademark wit, and considerably warmth than her bleaker YA novels.

    18. A fun book Really a collection of short stories hung on a loose frame, but that s okay It s summer vacation and Wizard just wants to fall asleep while fishing, but princesses and dukes keep cropping up.

    19. This book was full of adventure, I enjoyed it so much.I liked the part where the wizard gets tricked into marrying princess Teddy I would recommend this book to anyone who has read fantasy before.

    20. This is a fun and quick read It isn t quite as good as Now You See It, but it seems to be geared for a younger audience.

    21. It was hilarious Poor guy tries to have a clam, relaxing summer break when all he gets is whinny complainers who keep asking him for his help Though he does get a girl in the end ish

    22. I got this one along with Dragon s Bait I read Dragon s Bait first, so by comparison this one seemed really silly Still, I read it It was alright.

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