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All about Us #2020

All about Us All About Us

  • Title: All about Us
  • Author: Philipp Keel
  • ISBN: 9780767905015
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • All about Us By Philipp Keel, All About Us

    • BEST E-Book "¾ All about Us" || READ (AZW) ☆
      495 Philipp Keel
    • thumbnail Title: BEST E-Book "¾ All about Us" || READ (AZW) ☆
      Posted by:Philipp Keel
      Published :2020-04-04T03:04:05+00:00

    1 thought on “All about Us

    1. The copy I read had been filled out by Richard and Jessica I thought this would be a great opportunity to read all about a couple I had never met, and who left this book in a pile of trash in a stairwell It was supposed to be like a real life Ship of Theseus.Q What is the best thing about being a woman Richard Getting free stuff from guys all the timeJessica Getting free stuff sometimesUnfortunately, RJ s answers were so similar, and usually so safe, that I learned very little except that Richar [...]

    2. So because I m in a new and hopefully long term relationship, I decided to scour the shelves at the local bookstore for questionnaire style journals or get to know you books Trust me, it s not easy to find books like this, but my search wasn t futile Eventually I discovered All About Us by Philipp Keel There are 116 pages for you and your partner or spouse to read through and fill out and the questions range from asking about intimacy and your likes dislikes, to deeper topics regarding your opin [...]

    3. This is a great book to share with your husband boyfriend The book is broken down into sections and each section has a different set of questions for you and your partner to answer Each person answers the question and you can choose to discuss it or not Examples are Who was your first love Are you in love or less in love with your partner right now What was the biggest fight you two had What s the worst blind date you have ever had and so on My husband and I have date night once a week and we s [...]

    4. This book engages couples to discover about each other by prompting a ton of fun and penetrating conversation starting questions for couples to share The book features a number of questions followed by duo column fill in the blank spaces so both partners can enter their answers side by side I found I learned a lot about my boyfriend and myself and want I look for in relationships It asked questions that made us really look at our relationship and learn to appreciate many of the little things we [...]

    5. This is a SUPER cute way to get to know your SO better I decided to buy this book because I really love the idea of writing my own story without having to actually come up with a story haha This is all spoon fed to the reader writer and allows you to document your relationship and discover new things For me it s a fill in the blank scrap book, with the intention of filling it out and coming back to it years later for the aww s Love the idea of this book and love it s context Would recommend to a [...]

    6. This book is the best book for married couples or even couples that aren t that far into their relationship It has lots of questions, some comfortable, and some not quite so It makes you open up to your partner and talk about things you may have never brought up on your own It helps you learn about each other and dig up memories from the past that may have been forgotten My husband and I love writing in here We pull it out any time we re bored and have nothing to do Sometimes we work on it just [...]

    7. A good book for those couples whether married or still in the boyfriend girlfriend stage I advise that you answer it together at the same time because it will be enjoyable to reminisce the good times and just keep it on your shelf and look through it after ten to fifteen years if you are still together and bear in mind that very same pleasurable emotion when you are answering the questions in the book.

    8. This book was a Christmas gift to me from my hubby We ve spent about an hour every night for the past few nights answering the questions in this book with each other We ve shared some good memories, good stories, worked through a couple issues and mostly have had fun This is a great book for evening conversation once the kids are in bed and we ve thought it would be fun to take on long road trips Five stars for a really fun book

    9. Josh and I started this as our fun book as we re reading some heavier ones It s silly at times, but it has been good to stimulate a lot of questions we wouldn t have thought to ask each other in passing.

    10. Another question book we use with family and friends This one s about relationships with a significant other We leave it blank so we can pass it around and everyone gets a chance to ask a question.

    11. A gift from Jessica Sean and a great way to foster sentimental, embarrassing and mostly humorous conversations with your significant other as you complete the book together about your lives together and apart For the record, Kevin was A and I was B mostly because we didn t care either way

    12. I intended to complete this book on my own and present it to my then girlfriend as a gift for an anniversary Half way through I realized I was miserable in my relationship and that nothing was actually working I think it s a pretty useful book if you re honest in your answers.

    13. a great book for couples Book is made up of questions and it is recomended that each party answer questions seperatley and go over answers together a growing learning exercise Rick and I did it and liked it.

    14. This book was really fun to do with Jake, we were engaged at the time We learned a lot of helpful things about each other Its comical to re read it now, 11 years later.

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