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Dreaming the Eagle #2020

Dreaming the Eagle She is Breaca nic Graine born to the Eceni a tribe of dreamers and hunters storytellers and artisans men and women in whose lives the real and the fantastical exist side by side As Breaca proves he

  • Title: Dreaming the Eagle
  • Author: Manda Scott
  • ISBN: 9780440241089
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dreaming the Eagle By Manda Scott, She is Breaca nic Graine, born to the Eceni, a tribe of dreamers and hunters, storytellers and artisans men and women in whose lives the real and the fantastical exist side by side As Breaca proves her brilliance in battle, she is catapulted to the forefront of her tribe, who will rename the copper haired warrior Boudica She Who Brings Victory Many will share in BreaShe is Breaca nic Graine, born to the Eceni, a tribe of dreamers and hunters, storytellers and artisans men and women in whose lives the real and the fantastical exist side by side As Breaca proves her brilliance in battle, she is catapulted to the forefront of her tribe, who will rename the copper haired warrior Boudica She Who Brings Victory Many will share in Breaca s extraordinary destiny the beloved father who always knew she was destined for greatness the famed warrior whose love for her is rivaled only by his hatred for their shared enemy the lost brother whose name will become her battle cry Now, as violence and treachery threaten a fragile peace, Breaca will once again be called to battle And for the young queen, for the clashing native tribes she must unite, and for the spirits that live among them, a war for survival has only just begun

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      323 Manda Scott
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    1 thought on “Dreaming the Eagle

    1. Pretty awful Feminist, spiritual in tune with mother nature noble savages vs corrupted, morally paedophilic Romans Like Avatar without the pretty Overly contrived and obvious plot devices, no real sense of character characters only described by hair and eye colour, or she tells us they had an ironic sense of humour without it being evident Some beautiful descriptive writing but in the end I simply didn t care if anyone lived or died, I positively hoped the Romans would come and build hydrocausts [...]

    2. Boudica Dreaming the Eagle by Manda Scott is the first of four books on the life of Boudica of the Eceni tribe, the female Celtic warrior who defended Britain against the invading Roman army beginning in the year 43 C.E At the ripe old age of eleven, Breaca, later named Boudica, Bringer of Victory kills the man who attacked and killed her mother We follow Breaca as she matures into a heroic warrior who slowly but surely assumes the mantle of leadership in her community Manda Scott combines the a [...]

    3. One of my favorite series Based on Boudica, the Warrior Queen of the Celts, a historical figure dating to the first century She united the scattered tribes of Britian and fought to drive back the Roman invaders who threatened their way of life and their very existence Not much is known about her life and this is a novel examining how her life may have been.Filled with historical figures as well as fictional characters, it is an entralling read.I love Celtic themes and have found Boudica an intri [...]

    4. Well, I loved it Don t at all get some of the negative reviews feminist huh edophilia I was surprised, actually I have had so many duds recently and now I can luxuriously look forward to 3 volumes The story is followed, as far as it is known, in terms of history the known facts are scant And, oh joy there is an actual Bibliography Manda Scott is a storyteller, indeed A Singer, perhaps December 2016 A re read More delighted than before The damage to B n s psyche by the slavery and torture receiv [...]

    5. I really liked this book.In fact, I think I may have even hugged it for a while after finishing it Actually, that sounds weird, so forget I just said that.Manda Scott is a very talented historical fiction writer She does it well and should do it often.There are only two things that I didn t like about this book and the other books in this series although I have only read 2 and a half of them so far One thing I don t like is Scott s excessively lateral way of thinking when it comes to spiritualit [...]

    6. I m going to commit what may seem like a cardinal sin here and review the book before having read it all though for good reason.If you re someone who enjoys historical fiction that gets going within four or five chapters, ramping up either the action, intrigue, character development or such like in that time, avoid this book So little happens in the first half dozen chapters that it feels like far like a vacuum than a book that s actually going anywhere.The opening chunk of this book is so slow [...]

    7. Intense Amazing Story Wow what an intense and graphically defined journey into the life of a Celtic Queen called Boudica Her real name is Breaca but later becomes known as Boudica She who brings Victory This is the first installment that dives into a moment of life when young Breaca Boudica s tribe Eceni is attacked and she makes her first kill by pure luck but at the same time experiences the loss of her mother from the same attack The story totally captivated me from beginning to end The every [...]

    8. Pulpy around the edges so that I feel indulgent, but few books lose me in themselves like this, why not five stars I have been gobbled up by this book Not the other way around.Too much action oriented hf bores me to tears and a Manda Scott is rare, who involves me, who even describes a fight with true excitement, not those tedious literal battles The likes of Bernard Cornwell never made my heart race but Manda Scott knows how to The first thing that jumps out is that there is a world behind thes [...]

    9. Awesome book and awesome series I m really surprised that it hasn t gotten notice particularly for its historical accuracy and its rousing battle scenes and human drama Boudica, that old Roman lover s bogie, has been transformed into a real hero reflective of her time and her culture Making her first kill defending her mother, Breaca as she is named then is thrust into the adult world, like many heroes, before she is done growing, but her people s need is great and her destiny is approaching qu [...]

    10. It was the winter of 2015 On a long run of only reading non fiction and listening to YA fantasy, I felt the urge to read something oddly specific fiction on Europe before the Romans I dedicated an hour to searching forums and sites that hadn t been updated since 2005, and I found Dreaming the Eagle The author was Manda Scott, who I had never heard of before After reading pages of reviews, I felt like this book was going to complete my life.Sometimes I have stupid feelings.I have rarely been dis [...]

    11. This is a wonderful book and the foundation for the saga that comes next It is historically extensive and creatively written By the time I was finished I couldn t wait to get to the next one, in my case basically because characterization is VERY important in a great series of books I already cared about the characters some of them animals refreshing and new to me Obviously, Scott s experiences and knowledge as a veterinarian not to mention extensive research add a whole new dimension to her writ [...]

    12. Weaving together biography and the spirit of the fantasy genre, Scott presents one of the best pieces of historical fiction I have read This felt like a work of love and mighty ambition, scripting the sparse record and passionately created storyline of Boudica around vivid characters and historical fact The events of the story match up pretty well with what I know of Roman history in the first century AD, and this is impressive considering how the wave of fictional elements builds up in perfect [...]

    13. I am enjoying this series than the Rome series The style seems a bit literary Not quite a Hilary Mantel, but certainly in Mary Stewart s league The Boudica series justifiably deserves all the accolades it s won I m very impressed by the level of detail in the research All too often in these sorts of novels we get descriptions of political machinations but little description of everyday life This book covers all comprehensively but without feeling like an infodump I always enjoy a good appendix [...]

    14. This book was a HUGE disappointment.This story takes forever to get even remotely interesting and I found I had to force myself to keep reading until the end of chapters The majority of the characters have completely age inappropriate emotions and relationships and the events in their lives are incredibly unrealistic The book has pedophiliac undertones and describes the majority of Romans as maniacal Homosexuals.A story that was described as a tale of a Celtic warrior with epic battles turned ou [...]

    15. I enjoyed the historical fiction aspect but sometimes the novel seemed too New Age for my taste These Britons reminded me of Native Americans, because of their visions, guardian animals or birds, and kill feathers They also reminded me of Native Americans, in that their country was overwhelmed by a militarily superior force I have a different conception of Boudica in my mind because of other reading she was not believable I enjoyed the story of her brother, B n I d find myself skimming over her [...]

    16. Apparently this is a historical fiction but after reading it I think that emphasis was placed on the fiction I m used to reading young adult lit which typically has a larger font making a larger book read very quickly This book is over 400 pages of smaller font It takes longer than I m used to get through a page making this feel like a long read I think that overall the characters were well developed, but there were some times when the timeline did not work well for me The book is sectioned int [...]

    17. Although I really enjoy books about Britain and their battles to free themselves from ancient Rome s rule, this book was very hard to get into and I did not enjoy it I echo the sentiments of one reviewer Pretty awful.Feminist, spiritual in tune with mother nature noble savages vs corrupted, morally paedophilic Romans Like Avatar without the pretty.Overly contrived and obvious plot devices, no real sense of character characters only described by hair and eye colour, or she tells us they had an ir [...]

    18. Before Brave , there was Boudica.This book might not be for everyone but I quite loved it I ve always enjoy reading Historical fiction and Boudica was a great addition focusing on a strong female figure.

    19. 2.5 stars This book just wasn t for me If I had not been promised Boudica, I probably would have given up after about 150 pages I don t need non stop action to keep my interest but I need something To me, there just wasn t a whole lot going on in this book.

    20. A bit dense at first, and a bit of a slow starter it didn t feel like the book had a game changer moment until slightly after the halfway point The book follows Boudica Breaca s life from age 11 to 21, and it s the first chunk of her life that felt rather slow Still, Scott was creating a story of her early life and culture, so I think the slowness is forgivable in that it really establishes the culture, tribes, and their politics It was a bit hard to get through in the beginning, but I think it [...]

    21. I didn t need another reminder of what men are willing to do to others to gain power, yet I set myself the task of sharing Scott s imagining of what Boudica and clan had to put up with during the early Roman incursions into Britain Battlefield mayhem and unrestrained brutality were off putting for this wimp, but we modern ones can appreciate that in those times the peoples reverence for and attunement to an earth sustained spiritualism and governance marshaled an admirable multi tribal resistanc [...]

    22. Any sort of attempt to be based on the story of Boudica was obviously discarded pretty early with the inclusion of fantastical elements and a highly idealised plot line Also just boring, I couldn t handle another chapter of her childhood tribal life, and one quarter through I couldn t really motivate myself to pick this one up any.

    23. Dreaming the Eagle is the first of Manda Scott s historical fantasy quartet based on the life of Boudica, leader of the Iceni one of several British tribes that rebelled against Rome in the early years after the Claudian conquest Very little is known about Boudica, or indeed about any of the inhabitants of Britain prior to the Roman conquest, and most of what is known, come to us through the eyes of the victorious Romans, who looked at the British tribes and saw barbarians Thus the writer who ch [...]

    24. I don t know much about this era of my history embarrassed cough , and I am glad I read this book, although the author does point out it is fiction As a novice for this era, I am not sure how much of the detail is made up all the spirit animals, and dead animals as clothes accessories for instance I found the book fairly engaging My main criticism is that it seemed to jump around quite a bit, and you would find yourself 3 years later, with quite a lot having happened in between times, but no nar [...]

    25. Too much fluff in the first 100 pages Then the story got better.Facts relating to this book.Boudicca was a British Celtic warrior queen who led a revolt against Roman occupation An excerpt from The Annals by Tacitus, written 109 C.E detailing the story of the rebellion of Celtic tribes in Britain against the Romans, led by the warrior queen Boudicca who died 61AD At this time Ireland was known as Hibernia Boudicca s story was nearly forgotten until Tacitus work, Annals, was rediscovered in 1360 [...]

    26. OK, I am huge fan of historical fiction and of fantasy but what I ve really been looking for is a book that combines the two a historical fiction with fantsy elements.When I read the back of this book I thought this was it so I bought all three in the series from the local library, man was I disapointed It s not just the fact that this book is unsure whether or not it wants to have fantasy elements in it, it s not just the weird implied gay sex scene that comes out of nowhere, but it s also the [...]

    27. More historical fantasy given there are not many records of early tribal life in Britain Timelines are documented in Roman and Greek archives Nonetheless, Manda Scott did an excellent job interpreting what life may have been like given the beliefs and upbringing of the Celts of 34 AD Multiple tribes, multiple customs, multiple gods to oversee the lives of the minions.Rome arrives at the end of this book one of four and the tale begins.Onto the next Dreaming the Bull.

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