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The Face of a Stranger #2020

The Face of a Stranger In this exhilarating series debut police detective William Monk must solve the mystery of his own past His name they tell him is William Monk and he is a London police detective But the accident t

  • Title: The Face of a Stranger
  • Author: Anne Perry
  • ISBN: 9780345513557
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Face of a Stranger By Anne Perry, In this exhilarating series debut, police detective William Monk must solve the mystery of his own past.His name, they tell him, is William Monk, and he is a London police detective But the accident that felled him has left him with only half a life his memory and his entire past have vanished As he tries to hide the truth, Monk returns to work and is assigned to investIn this exhilarating series debut, police detective William Monk must solve the mystery of his own past.His name, they tell him, is William Monk, and he is a London police detective But the accident that felled him has left him with only half a life his memory and his entire past have vanished As he tries to hide the truth, Monk returns to work and is assigned to investigate the brutal murder of a Crimean War hero and man about town Which makes Monk s efforts doubly difficult, since he s forgotten his professional skills along with everything else.

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    1. A man wakes up in a hospital after a carriage accident in 1856 with no idea of who he his or what his life has been like He doesn t remember his name or his profession.He is told that he is William Monk, police detective And he is immediately assigned to a very difficult murder case A member of the aristocracy, Joscelin Grey, was beaten to death in his own home Can Monk, a man who doesn t even recognize his own face, solve this baffling mystery and keep his job This book was amazingE SETTINGLond [...]

    2. 4.25 Definitely not often a crime novel is written by an author who committed a brutal premeditated murder at the age of fifteen Her former name was Juliet Marion Hulme and the disturbing movie Heavenly Creatures with Kate Winslet was based on her story, though with no input from her There are two books about her on I discovered this information just before I started reading this, her first of over forty novels I admit to being overly intrigued after reading in a Guardian interview Perry s books [...]

    3. I should ve read this long ago I have always been a fan of Anne Perry s Thomas and Charlotte Pitt novels, but for some reason I hadn t read her William Monk series yet I am so glad I did Monk is a muddle of a man So many contradicting emotions Hester is a wonderful character Anne Perry puts such strong women in her books set in anti woman Victorian England You d think a country ruled by a woman would be progressive And Evans is a delight Can t wait to see of this.

    4. I felt like clapping as I set down this book after finishing it I thought it was so fun to read I actually reached out and patted the book with glee a few times and chuckled to myself once setting it down I can t say many books have entertained me in such a way I think the complexity of the storyline really had me going I m afraid I m hooked I m so glad Perry was accurate in her account of the slums and the conditions of Victorian times I appreciated her strictness in presenting social norms and [...]

    5. Themes identity, crime, war, family, secrets, memory, classSetting Victorian EnglandNow I remember why I don t read Anne Perry any I don t really like her writing This book sounded like a change from her Thomas Charlotte Pitt series, which I did enjoy at one time I just got a little tired of reading about the seamy side of Victorian life, and she explored deviance in all its forms, the worst crimes she could imagine, and on and on and on There wasn t much to smile about in her books, ever But th [...]

    6. This is the first book in an historical mystery series set in Victorian England It features a police detective who is suffering from amnesia, so while he s solving the murder he s also trying to discover what kind of person he used to be.It s well written, if occasionally repetitive and often preachy war is not glamorous, slums and workhouses are bad, classism is unfair, women are marginalized, etc I liked Monk and the other major characters, and I look forward to reading in this series.

    7. It got me hooked on Monk and friends What a change from modern mysteries police dramas The insight into period detail and how it relates to police investigation was nice, but I have found Perry is just a really good story teller I ve read all the Monk books the local library has

    8. One of the best books I ve read in the last 12 months Characters were complex, flawed, and authentic Dialogue rang true The mystery was good and not capable of being figured out with any certainty until close to the end In candor, I ve avoided reading any Anne Perry books until now because of my discomfort with the author s ability to get away with murder with a slap on the wrist several decades ago It s been my loss.

    9. This novel started really strong for me, great writing, but the mystery was obvious I saw the big twists coming very early on and the post WWI theme was done with a heavy hand too many repetition of the horror of war and its consequences I liked it, but did not wow me, not sure whether I ll continue this series.

    10. This is the first in a Victorian mystery series, and it starts with a twist Monk, our protagonist, has woken in a hospital not a nice place to be in Victorian England with amnesia He discovers he s a police inspector almost right away, but subtle clues the fact that no one has visited him in his convalescence, or seems particularly excited he s returned to work allow him to piece together a picture of his former life that is rather unpleasant In other words, Monk appears to have been something o [...]

    11. I feel like I should like Anne Perry than I actually do I went through a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt phase a few years ago and gobbled up about ten of those before realizing I was basically reading the same book over and over again.Ms Perry is absolutely a talented writer and she s quite adept at setting a stage Its almost effortless to find yourself immersed in the grimy, class conscious, corrupt world of Victorian England Her research is also impressive and you can be sure of historical accurac [...]

    12. I am in love with the William Monk mystery series by Anne Perry The Face of a Stranger is the first book of ten It is set in Victorian England and is replete with vivid descriptions of life during that time period The book frequently addresses the great disparity that exists between the rich and the poor in Victorian England A decorated English officer who served in the recent Crimean War is found murdered William Monk, the brilliant local police detective, is called in to investigate the brutal [...]

    13. William monk is a good detective who gets results, but when an accident robs him of his memorymething he chooses to hide from his colleagues.he finds himself not only trying to solve a particularly brutal and perplexing murder, but also searching for clues to his own identity and past.This book has a high rating, but it didn t quite work for me.The murder mystery is very good, the writing is good too There are some interesting characters, and lots of historical background which gives the book a [...]

    14. Do not believe the reviews This is not a richly textured historical book at all Any historical context is as bare as bones with a few minor changes, the novel could be as easily set in Renaissance England, or modern day London, as in the Victorian time period where it is in fact set Not even as a mystery does it work The characters advance completely by guesswork for the first three fourths of the novel, making huge jumps in logic and intuition, all in no way supported by the actual evidence des [...]

    15. Set in London in the 1850s no dates are given, but the Crimean War is prominent , The Face of a Stranger is the first in a 20 volume series of novels featuring detective William Monk In an inventive twist, Monk is not introduced like Holmes or Peter Wimsey, with a full set of eccentricities and inhuman brilliance, but as a completely blank slate he has total amnesia I don t have much experience in the detective genre, but like anyone else present in the current glut of Sherlock Holmes remakes an [...]

    16. It took me forever to read this, not because the story wasn t compelling, but finding the time to sit and read was difficult.When I read this book, I was reminded anew why I consider Anne Perry to be a genius Her stories are well crafted with impeccable details But even those great attributes aren t what make her great Her true gift as a writer is her ability to see and understand human nature and to describe so clearly that you can t help but recognize it immediately With lines like these you c [...]

    17. I loved the premise of this book Inspector William Monk awakens in a hospital bed and can t remember who he is As he receives visitors, he pieces together that he is a police inspector, but he remembers little else The story takes place right after the Crimean War, and Monk is placed on a high profile case to solve the murder of an aristocratic young man who was wounded in the war He gets the sense that his superior wants him to fail Clues are hard to come by and, all the while he is trying to s [...]

    18. I read this for book club and the book club leader LOVES William Monk books and has read about 10 of them It was really hard for me to get in to for about 50 pages There is so much description of that era that bored me for a while but by the end of the book, I could totally imagine what it would be like to live there in that time She is a great author and the story ended up being great It s full of twists and turns and it s a neat idea that the person telling the story is figuring things out alo [...]

    19. Interesting concept Detective Monk awakens in a hospital with no memory of who he is or what happened to him He is gradually learning about his life and himself while solving a murder Enjoyable read.

    20. After reading than 1700 pages through the last two volumes, it was time to get away from Safehold, which must be thousands of years in the future, and the next read mystery from the last century wasn t enough, so I dipped into this Victorian mystery, scrounged from a hospital waiting room, and found it delightful The cover illustration characterizing the novel as featuring Inspector Monk, which suggests that Ms Perry has written other novels about him, as well as her Victorian mystery series ab [...]

    21. I don t get what this is trying to be It seems like maybe it wants to be a serious historical novel, but then the plot relies on a case of silly bonk on the head amnesia The characters are mainly insufferable Loose ends never get tied up Even the amazing Davina Porter could not save the audio version.

    22. Very slow start but gains undeniable momentum after the first act I did not enjoy it at first and might have abandoned it had this not been a book club book, but found myself very much hooked by the final act.

    23. Considering this, Anne Perry s first William Monk book, has been out since 1990, I am surprised I have not yet read any of her work I very much enjoyed this story Set in Victorian England, Ms Perry does a wonderful job capturing the essence of that time in an admirably unglamorous way the poverty, unhygienic conditions, class distinctions and the oppression of women Although interesting to visit there via this story, one cannot doubt how difficult a time it would have been to live in if you were [...]

    24. This was my first read by Anne Perry I had heard of her before but I only got really curious after Rosario started posting about her books and making them sound so interesting.His name, they tell him, is William Monk, and he is a London police detective His mirror reflects a face that women would like, but from the way people respond to him when he returns to the force, he senses that he has been feared than loved.The case Monk is given is particularly sensational one the brutal murder of Major [...]

    25. I loved Kate Ross s Julian Kestrel Series and Ashley Gardner s Captain Lacey series and I have been looking for another series that I might enjoy as much This looked like it might have promise I ve read the first two books in this series over the course of just a few days I will say that I liked the first one enough to run out to the library just before they closed so that I could pick up number two in the series even though I have a ridiculous number of books already waiting to be read inside t [...]

    26. In this Victorian era mystery by Anne Perry, William Monk, a London police detective, wakes up in a hospital ward and fears he has been reduced to living in a workhouse Monk is a man haunted by a past he can t remember and the ever present fear that the stranger in the mirror won t be able to bluff his way through the everyday duties of a police detective Assigned to solve the murder of a young aristocrat wounded in the Crimean War, Monk must quickly master detective work while trying to hold hi [...]

    27. Every time I pick up an Anne Perry book I m blown away by how real the characters and setting feel to me I love her use of language, and her portrayals of varied characters, and the use of the relatively unfamiliar in fiction Crimean war puts a different twist on the era while educating the reader in the battle tactics and medical skills available and small snippets of information, such as nurses typically being male Her female characters act within the expected societal strictures but are not s [...]

    28. I found this book engrossing and a great read Set in the 1850 s in London, a Detective finds himself in a hospital, having suffered severe injuries in a hansom cab accident.The most serious injury however is that he has lost his memory At first he doesn t even recognize himself, his flat, his landlady anybody or anyplace that should have meaning for him He is quite terrified about this predicament, but determined not to let anyone know His superior assigns him a new case when he returns to work, [...]

    29. I read this one a number of years ago for a Book Club Although this was a good book I have no desire to continue reading the rest of the series The basic gist is that the main character who is a detective has lost his memory due to a severe blow to the head As he learns who he is he becomes a better person because he learns he was quite an a hole and doesn t like himself so he changes what he doesn t like In the meantime he has to solve the crime he was working on although he has no clue what it [...]

    30. The thing about Anne Perry is this she has an excellent mind for plots, and the most outlandish stock of Victorian names to choose from for her characters However The pacing of the stories is quite ridiculous sometimes Not only does she have to tell you that Monk picked up the teacup, she also has to tell you when he put it down Usually after a long rumination during which his conversational partner is, apparently, sitting there like a robot waiting for this strange man to start talking again Lo [...]

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