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The Traveler's Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success #2020

The Traveler s Gift Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success Coming Soon the Continuation of David Ponder s Story in The Traveler s Summit What makes the difference between failure and success A New York Times Wall Street Journal USA Today and Publisher s We

  • Title: The Traveler's Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success
  • Author: Andy Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780785273226
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Traveler's Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success By Andy Andrews, Coming Soon the Continuation of David Ponder s Story in The Traveler s Summit What makes the difference between failure and success A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publisher s Weekly bestseller, The Traveler s Gift offered a modern day parable of one man s choices.Only a few months ago, David Ponder was a successful executive Now he s a desperate ma Coming Soon the Continuation of David Ponder s Story in The Traveler s Summit What makes the difference between failure and success A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publisher s Weekly bestseller, The Traveler s Gift offered a modern day parable of one man s choices.Only a few months ago, David Ponder was a successful executive Now he s a desperate man In times of great uncertainty, we need divine wisdom Many of the greatest minds in history overcame personal struggles and adversity, and they emerged the stronger for it What guidance would iconic heroes, such as Abraham Lincoln, King Solomon, and Anne Frank, give us today in our ever changing climate of world events Join David Ponder in The Traveler s Summit on his incredible journey to discover the Seven Decisions for Success that can turn any life around, no matter how hopeless a situation may seem.The Traveler s Gift became required reading for some of America s high schools and a life skills tool for members of several college sports teams as well as some MLB and NFL franchises Discover with David Ponder that attitude makes the difference between success and failure.

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    1 thought on “The Traveler's Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success

    1. I try not to give out one star ratings lightly I only give them to what I think are the worst books, the books in which I can say afterwards that they were a waste of my precious time and I wish I had those moments of life back This book I feel is worth that one star rating This is a pop psychology self help book with a religious undertone As is popular with self help material, the author broke his work into a list Surprisingly, he did not create an acronym to describe the ideas as well.For each [...]

    2. Good afternoon readers This week I m going a little off the beaten path As most of you know, I almost always write about a mystery in my blog posts But this week s book was a little different, and it might be something of interest to you if you need a little pick me up in your life The Traveler s Gift by Andy Andrews is a wonderful fiction book about a forty something year old man named David Ponder who s a bit down and out on his luck He lost his job, his daughter needs her tonsils out, the mor [...]

    3. The first Andy Andrews book that I picked up was The Traveler s Gift, and it was as if God himself handed it to me, one of those perfect books at just the perfect time It s funny how things unfold according to God s plan Those moments of I really don t understand why this is happening to me, unfold into EUREKA Thank you Lord I ve learned to take it all in stride and keep living happily in the moment, learning from the past but not holding onto it, and embracing every moment of this awesome time [...]

    4. I gave this book than 1 star because I think the seven decisions presented in the book are valid concepts to help your life go smoothly I mean choosing to be happy, to accept responsibility for your decisions, to forgive others, etc, etc, etc it s all good advice, that when correctly applied could certainly help you become successful That being said, I canNOT believe how self important this author is The last guide he meets with tells the main character, You have been given a gift that has th [...]

    5. Nothing groundbreaking, no new news here Boring, hokey, overwrought.n steps most of us have learned by our early teens Yes, there are historical inaccuracies, but that is the least of this books problems The set up for the story reads as if a high school english teacher asked his students to write the saddest thing they could ever think of, and then make it sadder, just, pile it on The historic characters are so free from fault, it is difficult to draw inspiration from them Personally, I find th [...]

    6. Amazingly compelling, captivating and inspiring I received this book as a gift from Robert D Smith, who is the man the book is dedicated to as well as a very close friend of the author I was going to skim it real quick and then give it to a friend who I knew would enjoy it but wait, I couldn t I was in the middle of 4 other books I LOVE to read _ and I had to put them down and even stop doing some of my projects to devour this book Well done Andy Andrews The story of David is so compelling Andr [...]

    7. 7 Decisions that Determine Personal Success1 The buck stops here President Truman Forget the past and quit blaming it on yourself or someone You are responsible from this day forward.2 Seek wisdom King Solomon Be with wise people and those who are searching for truth Not just those who are on a journey 3 Be a person of action Joshua Chamberlain Civil War 20th Maine Division Do something Don t be paralyzed by fear Make decisions.4 Have a decided heart Christopher Columbus Decide to have passion a [...]

    8. At a recent business conference I heard Andy speak He was surprisingly funny, but had some very poignant insights into business and life I decided to get some of his books after hearing him speak because I had learned so many things from him.This book was great It sucked me in right from the start Profiling a man who lost everything he d put into a career, his low income and low self esteem spill over into his home life and begin affecting his marriage and relationship with his daughter Broken i [...]

    9. This book was one of the worst things in print I ve ever seen Three problems 1 Main character is 2 D False and unbelievable Just a prop to get us into the author s story.2 Author references history but his facts are WRONG Specifically Truman s apparent reluctance to drop the H bomb on Japan history shows that not only did he do it willingly, but he refused to NOT do it when Japan tried to surrender This incident in the story supports the nice, convenient view that every American leader is always [...]

    10. Shockingly amazing and easy to read This book is filled with so much wisdom It really makes you think about your decisions and inspires you to make a stand Stand up for yourself and take control of your destiny My favorite statement Until you have accomplished what you were put on this earth to do, you will not you cannot be harmed God has a plan and purpose for us It is up to us to decide to embrace our calling or continue running from it while encountering all the obstacles on our own without [...]

    11. David Ponders was a successful hard working husband and father He loved his bright happy life, Until he lost his job He had slowly climbed to the top and once he got there, he was tossed right back down Soon money was gone To make matters worse, his precious daughter had become sick He soon gets fired from a part time job at a hardware store When life became almost unbearable something amazing happened David finds himself driving down a highway at dangerous speed He finds himself contemplating t [...]

    12. Second book I read by Andy Andrews Not as good as Lost Choice but a worthy effort In this book the traveler meets 7 historic people and is given wisdom and counsel from them 1 The buck stops here I am responsible for my past and my future2 I will seek wisdom I will be a servant to others.3 I am a person of action I seize this moment I choose now.4 I have a decided heart My destiny is assured.5 Today I will choose to be happy I am the possessor of a grateful spirit.6 I will greet this day with a [...]

    13. I have read this twice and loved it both times Would highly recommend it A quick,easy read that is both uplifting and entertaining.

    14. I loved this book I gave it several people to read because the truths really are timeless I wish that this book had been out thirty years ago it might have helped someone I know who really needed to understand the simple lessons hidden in the pages.Love the concept of the warehouse of humanity s lost dreams I have wondered for a long time if God shows us at the end of our lives what could have been I also love the way we get to see David Ponder s future before the book ends Extremely well done.

    15. Andy Andrews, described on the book jacket as a comedian, author, speaker, entertainer, television celebrity, andrious fisherman, offers up this piece of fantasy historical fiction in which the protagonist, David Ponder, is about to lose everything he values because of a business gone bad In an It s a Wonderful Life twist, he seeks to end his life, thinking that his family would be better off without him by collecting his insurance money Rather than not being born, however, Ponder is transported [...]

    16. This would make a great gift book for students It incorporates history and some simple lessons For those who want high minded ideas, you might think this book is beneath you I like down to earth people like Andy Andrews who was at one point homeless It is put in simple terms even a middle school child could understand So, if you re someone who likes history and simple language or works with children, this is a perfect book for you It is a very fast read and I recommend the companion book to this [...]

    17. Are you a poor, miserable, lazy, slob Then CHOOSE not to be There Now you ve read the book, too Oops, sorry I m going to forgive myself for that harsh comment so I don t spend eternity chained to the Mirror of Regret Perhaps it would have been persuasive if written without the pretense of being a fictional novel and simply left in the category of self help Andy Andrews could have used the historical figures as compelling examples just as effectively and probably with grace writing a nonfiction [...]

    18. If you like feel good pop psychology plus bad theology then you will like this book My antenna went up when I saw the endorsement by Robert Schuller The first decision was okay every one needs to take responsibility But the second, seek wisdom, was where I got off The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and that is not Andrew s premise by a long shot.But the time Andrews got to Anne Frank s decision to be happy and to laugh for seven seconds the first thing each morning, I started skipp [...]

    19. That s right I gave it 0 stars I enjoy reading a lot of books and honestly don t have a very high standard Even if a book is unintelligent I can still enjoy a good page turning plot If the plot is slow I can still relish in thought provoking ideas and thematic exploration This book has neither a compelling plot or an intelligent premise The plot is terrifyingly laughable especially given that the author uses it to wallow in self aggrandizement Likewise, the themes are stagnant and the writing is [...]

    20. At first, I felt that the book had great potential It followed a man on his struggle to make better decisions for himself took him on a fantasy like journey not unlike a scrooge adventure with the ghosts Each person he met taught him a new lesson on how to be a leader The format was intriguing But the further I moved through the book the unhappy I became At the end, I felt that the message being told is All men are capable of greatness, which will lead to both fame and fortune There was little [...]

    21. Read for a book club and I otherwise would not have finished it It is poorly written and full of recycled self help mantras from a narcissist who imagines his own greatness to mankind As for the historically inaccurate time travel was Columbus looking for a new trade route or the New World full of possibilites the author fluctuates between both , I think Bill Ted s Excellent Adventure was better done and at least fun.

    22. This book is perfect for anyone who needs some encouragement Everyone can connect to the feelings of David Ponder one way or another Also the book is extremely entertaining and provides a neat inside to history I really enjoyed going through the journey with David and meeting all the historic figures Likewise, the book challenged me on a personal level to look at life a little different I would recommend anyone read this book It s good for all ages

    23. I saw Andy Andrews at a Women of Faith conference He was funny, insightful, and overall a great speaker He had points to make and left me wanting So I checked the book out of the library This was one of the quickest reads that I have encountered in a while It s well worth the 3 4 hours to read it because I read it in 3 sittings If I write anything else I will give it away.

    24. The concepts in this book aren t overly profound, but they are certainly important and worthy of the engaging way that Andrews delivers them The parable of David Ponder had me hooked and I found myself anxious to learn who he would meet next and what lesson his visitor would leave him with All in all, a simple yet captivating read.

    25. Hmmmmm How do you rate a cheesy book with a great message I almost quit after the first few pages but then after getting to the 1st decision I was hooked Think Christmas Carol ish in format which I happen to hate , there are time travel visitations and eye rolling dialogue but I think the message overshadows all of that Worth the short read in my opinion.

    26. Andy Andrews is one of the most incredible people I have seen He has the gift of being able to communicate on all levels His book Travelers Gift should be required reading for everyone He has an accompanying DVD that is both entertaining and educational as well I love this book.

    27. I loved this book I m not a fan of fiction books, but it had history in it, which I am a fan of My uncle had a near death experience and told me a story something like this story line I started and finished this book in one day

    28. I thought this was a very very good book It really made you think about you life choices and how you spend your life It left you hanging and was something I can personally relate to Overall I would recommend this book It can change your opinion on your life and how you treat each day.

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