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Dance with the Devil: A Memoir of Murder and Loss #2020

Dance with the Devil A Memoir of Murder and Loss Immortalized in the spellbinding documentary Dear Zachary this angry raw and brutally honest memoir of murder and loss chronicles a system s failure to prevent the death of a child In November

  • Title: Dance with the Devil: A Memoir of Murder and Loss
  • Author: David Bagby
  • ISBN: 9781552638194
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dance with the Devil: A Memoir of Murder and Loss By David Bagby, Immortalized in the spellbinding documentary Dear Zachary, this angry, raw, and brutally honest memoir of murder and loss chronicles a system s failure to prevent the death of a child.In November 2001, the body of a young doctor named Andrew Bagby was discovered in Keystone State Park outside Latrobe, Pennsylvania, five bullet wounds in his face, chest, buttocks, and the bImmortalized in the spellbinding documentary Dear Zachary, this angry, raw, and brutally honest memoir of murder and loss chronicles a system s failure to prevent the death of a child.In November 2001, the body of a young doctor named Andrew Bagby was discovered in Keystone State Park outside Latrobe, Pennsylvania, five bullet wounds in his face, chest, buttocks, and the back of the head For parents Dave and Kate, the pain was unbearable but Andrew s murder was only the first in a string of tragic events.The chief suspect for Andrew s murder was his ex girlfriend Shirley Turner also a doctor Obsessive and unstable, Shirley Turner lied to the police and fled to her family home in Newfoundland before she could be arrested While fending off extradition efforts by U.S law enforcement, she announced she was pregnant with Andrew s son, Zachary The Bagbys hoping to gain custody of Zachary moved to Newfoundland and began a long, drawn out battle in court and with Canadian social services to protect their grandson from the woman who had almost certainly murdered their son Then, in August 2003, Shirley Turner killed herself and the one year old Zachary by jumping into the Atlantic Ocean WITH THE DEVIL is a eulogy for a dead son, an elegy for lives cut tragically short, and a castigation of a broken system.

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    1 thought on “Dance with the Devil: A Memoir of Murder and Loss

    1. Being from Newfoundland,I was well aware of the happenings in this book as they were happening Even before the ultimate tragic end,I strongly felt that it was a crime within itself that that woman had that defenceless child David Bagby has written such a poignant account of the sordid happenings and has brought both Andrew and Zachary alive on the pages His arguments towards the refusal of parole for alleged murderers is superb and really shows how idiotic the laws can be Yes,Shirley Turner shou [...]

    2. I read this book in a single day on 2 airplanes several months ago This is the most moving and incredibly outrageous true story I ve ever heard This book was written by a grieving father, and it takes you through the most unbelievable story of love and loss, with a bizarre and horrific twist I cannot imagine how these parents endured such slow torture The author happens to be an engineer, so his writing is every clear and concise The time line is perfectly laid out, and all of the details create [...]

    3. Having watched the documentary about this case, I really needed to read this book Written by the father of the murder victim, you learn all the details that led up to his son s murder and the preventable murder of his grandson What he and his wife went through is truly disgusting While they could not have foreseen the murder or their son, Andrew, they did everything they could to keep their grandson, Zachery, safe While battling the extremely long court system in Canada, they did all they could [...]

    4. After helping Kurt Kuene with his documentary Dear Zachary A Letter from a father to his Son I was honored that David Bagby sent me his book as a thank you There is only so much that Kurt could fit in an hour and a half and I learned so much by reading things from David s own words The Bagby s lived a nightmare that no person should ever have to go through and I admire their courage and strength The world is a better place because David and Kate are in it

    5. Andrew Bagby is murdered in the US by a woman who was angry that he broke up with her That woman then escapes to Canada while evidence against her is gathering, and then she has his baby while the extradition process drags on When another man scorns her during this time, she kills herself and the baby, all to the horror of Andrew s parents.I had already watched a documentary about this case Titled Dear Zachary A Letter to a Son About His Father it was made by one of Andrew s friends who wanted t [...]

    6. This is an amazing true story that waswell, not conveyed with the same fiery delivery seen in the film Dear Zachary Honestly, the film was one of the most compelling, surprising, unsuspecting pieces of miracle I ve ever seen sad that I doubt I could ever see it again The book up short.

    7. It pains me to award only two stars to a book written by David Bagby, but I want to use the ranking system accurately And this book was okay.To clarify, David and Kate Bagby are five star people, and Dear Zachary A Letter to a Son About His Father is a five star documentary I expected this memoir to satisfy my craving for MORE about the extraordinary Bagby family, about the production of Dear Zachary, about the public officials responsible for Zachary s death , , MORE But this memoir is mere [...]

    8. After seeing the documentary about this case, Dear Zachary, I was itching to get my hands on this book Unfortunately, it went out of print and is very expensive to purchase No one in my entire library system owns it either 30 libraries , so I wound up having to get an interlibrary loan and have this book shipped to me from another state Yes, I went to great lengths to read this book and I m glad I did The basics of the story are this Andrew Bagby was a young doctor involved with an older doctor, [...]

    9. I was lucky to get my hands on a copy of this hard to find book and was glad I did It s just as heartbreaking as the documentary Dear Zachary , which I HIGHLY recommend watching I suggest you keep any heavy items out of reach because you will want to throw them at the television screen a box of tissues because you will need them The book was written by David Bagby the father of Andrew Bagby, a well loved family practice doctor who was murdered by a sociopathic, evil, spawn of Satan woman named S [...]

    10. Wanted to read this book as soon and the documentary Dear Zachary ended Its so hard to understand how this story could happen in 1st world country who lets a accused murderer out on bail and then gives the person their children to raise This story evoked so many emotions in me from anger to sadness but unconditional love and strength is what really stands out in this book By the end I wanted to jump through the pages and hug the Bagby s and cry with them I have never met them but reading this st [...]

    11. I saw the documentaryd I am speechless I read on Netflix it s best you know nothing about the story, and that is so true I was truly shocked when I watched it And now I want to read the book.

    12. I have to be honest, I ve stopped reading this at 27%.Whilst I know from the documentary that the story would be worth reading, I just got completely bored of the legalities, which is what the book has consisted of after Andrew was murdered, through to Zachary being born After that I ve ploughed through pages and pages of legal processes, which frankly don t interest me in the slightest.What I wanted to read was the family and human side of the story I am not a lawyer, I am not a law student the [...]

    13. One of the most heart wrenching books I have ever read I cried all the way reading this, and also while watching the documentary I truly commend the Bagby s commitment to exposing and trying to bring about change a corrupt judicial system, even in the midst of their tremendous loss.

    14. I wanted to read this book because I saw a snippet on MSNBC or one of those late night shows, about the last 7 10 minutes of the show that was actually the television version of what had taken place back in 2001 While watching the few minutes of the show, I could not believe that what the woman in the story had done at the end of the show book and don t want to give away the ending here.But the story seemed familiar somehow I had a recollection that I had heard the story before I recalled my fri [...]

    15. If one thinks the American justice system is slow moving and against the victim most times, then one should encounter the Canadian justice system In this brutally tragic true story a Father David Bagby, author and Mother deal with the slaying of their son by his ex girlfriend Than they are able to see a light at the end of the tunnel when she announces she is pregnant with Andrew Bagby s child, to be named Zachary This sad tale tells how slowly justice moved and failed to protect an innocent yea [...]

    16. This book is about how the justice system failed and 2 people are dead because of it I agree whole heartedly, that things need to change I was just hoping from this book, but I can understand it When I read true crime, I like to see back story of the people involved Since this was written by the first victim s father, little to no backstory was provided for the accused murderer Unfortunately, there is not court case, as the accused murderer killed herself That is not a spoiler, as it is on t [...]

    17. The book is not written as a narrative, with suspense building until we find out what eventually takes place More appropriately, it is written assuming we know the story and want to find out details of the why and the how Therefore be forewarned that the back of the book reveals exactly what happened, as does the book itself near the beginning.In other words, to go in not knowing anything about the story, go see the documentary, Dear Zachary, and then read the book to find out .

    18. A well written memoir by a father who son was murdered by an ex girlfriend that was pregnant with his son s child After the child was born the clearly mentally ill mother wrecked havok on the grandparents lives This book ends in heartbreaking tragedy I m rarely the kind of gal that cries during movies or books and I was sobbing As sad the subject, it is a very interesting, honest, well written book.

    19. This book wasn t very well written, although it was a completely true and completely honest of a father s devastation after losing his son and grandson to the hands of a psycho It relays his court battles, his sadness and frustration, and the lengthy process that was his quest for justice It was alright.

    20. A little speechless.More than likely I will re read this book promptly It is about as horrific of the story as one can imagine How I went this long without hearing about the story, I ll never know, but now it absolutely intrigues me God bless all the Bagbys, their friends, and family.

    21. Was inspired to read this book after watching the horrifying documentary Dear Zachary No spoilers here for my friends but you must watch this film May give you a new appreciation for being an American.

    22. I haven t read this book yet but I have seen the documentary Dear Zachary And if you haven t seen it, you need to.

    23. True, heartbreaking story of a son s disastrous love relationship and the son his murderer bore It gets a bit bogged down in legal tedium.

    24. Before going on, I would personally suggest that anyone interested in this case watch the documentary first before reading this book The book is not supplementary to the film, it is a separate and complete telling of the events surrounding the Shirley Turner case written by David Bagby and focusing on the legal system s response to the case Please do not read further as my reviews contain spoilers While many may find this to be a biased telling, the fault with any non fiction book especially on [...]

    25. Some months ago I watched the documentary, Dear Zachery on Netflix I had NO idea what the outcome was going to be I thought it was just going to chronicle a murdered man s life, for his son to reflect back on when he was older because his father was killed before he was born The ending was so shocking, I was screaming with David Bagby That bitch I knew I wanted to read this book because often the books to personal documentaries have so much information This book did, but I felt the documentary [...]

    26. This book is heart breaking I have nothing but admiration for Mr and Mrs Bagby Mr Bagby is very strong and brave to have written this book about the brutal murder of his son and grandson I felt nothing but heartbreak while reading this book This book give you a rollercoaster of emotions, you feel anger at Shirley for killing Andrew, you feel sadness and grief for Andrew and his family, you feel happiness when the baby Zachary is with the Bagbys and is happy as a little baby boy should be Zachary [...]

    27. I first watched this episode on the ID discovery channel then bought the book, Shirley Turner is worse than the devil there are no words to describe her and her actions pure evil.

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