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Solomon's Song #2020

Solomon s Song Story of extended family from slums of London in s to Australia on convict ships and their subsequent lives there Unnecessarily crude in places but a good read

  • Title: Solomon's Song
  • Author: Bryce Courtenay
  • ISBN: 9781552781562
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Solomon's Song By Bryce Courtenay, Story of extended family from slums of London in 1880s, to Australia on convict ships and their subsequent lives there Unnecessarily crude in places but a good read.

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      248 Bryce Courtenay
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    1 thought on “Solomon's Song

    1. I m 20 pages away from being done and I am so sad I want to stop reading I won t because I have to know how it ends I wish I could ask why his characters all go through hell how good things don t happen to good people But really I know the reasons, becuase it doesn t happen often enough in real life His tragedies are so devastating but these events explain the molding of a person and her dynasty I m grateful for this author for enriching my life and taking me to places I could never have imagine [...]

    2. I didn t realize this was the third last book of a trilogy, an epic historical saga about Australia, well, partly A good portion of this book was devoted to the battles at Gallipoli which were excellently presented through correspondence, where the horrors of war are quite clear.There are a lot of characters and a lot of dynamics between them, which kept my interestVery good writing, but I think I would have enjoyed the book if I had read the first two of the trilogy.

    3. Solomon s Song is the third in the Australia series by Courtenay I started with this one because it concerns Gallipoli, a subject I m slowly becoming an expert on Even though it is the finale of the series, it hasn t destroyed my desire t0 read the rest, as soon as possible.The series concerns two families, connected and competing, from the colonization of Australia actually Van Dieman s Land Tasmania to the year 1916 I had to read half the book before the Gallipoli section started, but it was t [...]

    4. Solomon s Song, by Bryce Courtenay Narrated by Humphrey Bowers, produced by Bolinda Audio, downloaded from audible This is the third in the Potato Factory trilogy taking place from about 1840 to 1916 in Australia.Humphrey Bowers is worth the book I think these books are ones that would not have been as good if not narrated by Bowers In this third book, we go on with the two families, the Solomons, and the Tinklemans Courtenay is particularly good at writing war narratives, and he spends most of [...]

    5. I started this trilogy by reading the second book Tommo and Hawk I loved both characters, and I was excited to read Solomon s Song to understand where they went While Tommo s plot was satisfying, that of Hawk left a lot to be desired I feel like I ve been robbed of a conclusion for the Hawk character.The character development for Tommo s family seems rushed and is also unsatisfying, as others have mentioned Hinetitama Tommo s daughter is a character and personality I start to enjoy, and then Cou [...]

    6. I have never felt the need to leave a review but with this I feel I must I am quite new to Bryce Courtenay books but have been working through them lately I leave the review on this title because it has left a mark on me that will never leave Simply breathtaking in its telling and horrific in its conclusion My advice to anyone wanting to read Bryce Courtenay Get the audio books The narrator Humphrey Bower is a master of his craft You do not hear a narrator, you hear the characters He can tell a [...]

    7. The Saga of the divided Solomon family continues.From Sydney in 1861 to the battle fields in France in 1916, fueled by hatred, the family moves forward through history Tommo, Mary,David,Hinetitama leave us and we move forward with Grandfather Hawk,Ben and Victoria on the side of goodness and Abraham and Joshua on the side of evil For me this book is the story of Tommo s grandson,Ben Teekleman, The Click platoon, and the development of the fighting Anzacs Australian, Tasmanians and New Zealanders [...]

    8. Just finished this trilogy and I am beyond heart broken that it had to end I have fallen in love with these chracters so deeply, that they will stay with me for ever after A truly unique and moving set of novels.

    9. Solomon s Song is the third and last book in Byrce Courtenay s Potato Factory Trilogy It was my favorite Much of the story took place on the peninsula of Gallipoli in Turkey, in 1915 16 I have been to Gallipoli and saw where the New Zealand and Australian military perished as they supported the English I could picture the scenes of these battles Over the past year, I have had the families of Ikey and Mary.Tommo and Hawk with me on my MP3 Player as I worked around the house and drove in the car I [...]

    10. I feel traumatised, again, having read about WW1 Recently I finished reading Birds without Wings and experienced this war from the Turkish perspective This time, from the Australian And it is the same from both views the horror, the horror And both authors expressed so well the futility of war, the senseless killing And I am left with a sense of despair, because it all just continues We are incapable of learning from history I feel, like one of the soldiers in this story, that I need to cleanse [...]

    11. What a fantastic end to a three book trilogy The Anzac experience in fighting against the Germans was incredibly detailed The historic value of this book is excellent and detailed with a fanciful tale of the grandchildren of Ikey Sullivan who are still in a rivalry with the children of Ikey s horrid brother David I wish there were to this series Bruce Courtenay makes each of his strange and wonderful characters come alive.

    12. three stars for most of the book was ok ending was awful I mean after a trilogy no epilogue terribly unsatisfying for those who say I have no imagination this is true that is why I paid good money for a fiction book.

    13. Amazing, enlightening and moving, do not miss this book on Audible Gallipoli is no longer just a spot on the map.

    14. The last book in the Trilogy of the Solomon family Was just as good as the first two I could not read the first two without reading the last.

    15. The third of the Potato Factory trilogy We ve come a long way from the beginning The first two books were better, in my opinion This one takes us away from the family and into the first world war Not a pretty picture, but the author shines a light on the ineptness of many of the leaders of the British military machine Many sad incidents as we see what life might have been like for an Australian service member under British command during those days I have read before of the unsuitability of the [...]

    16. This was a wonderful wrap up to the trilogy We end up, through the three books, following a family through three generations We start with lower class, criminal elements in England getting transported to Australia They start to flourish and their kids become wealthy and prominent in the second book, while still retaining the feel of their upbringing, and this third book finally brings us respectability with the next generation, and heading off to WWI with mixed feelings as there is limited loyal [...]

    17. This is , I think, the final chapter of the trilogy Please correct me if I m wrong I cried whilst reading the letters home from the soldiers in ww1 Even though Bryce waffles on a bit, the 3 books, I thought, are wonderful,entertaining,believable and realistic If you haven t read Bryce C before, this trilogy is well worth the effort.

    18. I truly enjoyed this trilogy learning about the history of the Brits in Australia and their impact both good and bad on the country through the eyes of the Solomon family Heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time.

    19. And once again I find myself in a public place bawling like a baby through the final pages of a Bryce Courtney book I didn t find this quite as good the as the first book but still thoroughly enjoyable.

    20. I m not good at writing reviews but I must say that the three books of The Potato Factory trilogy made a lasting impression on me They were so atmospheric and full of character, information and fantastic plots I highly recommend them if you haven t already read them.

    21. Just not that interested in WWI and didn t much like how the Solomon s lives played out Power of one and potato factory are my favorites.

    22. Powerful anti war story, but over the top in WWI This review is from Solomon s Song The Australian Trilogy, Book 3 Audible Audio Edition Courtenay is a great story teller, and this was one of the most affecting anti war stories I ve experienced I listened to the audiobook The horrors of Gallipoli and the trench warfare of World War I are very personally conveyed The reader attaches to Sgt Ben Solomon as he is an unassuming, kind, and exceptionally competent soldier serving with the ANZACs.This t [...]

    23. This is the 3rd book in Bryce Courtenay s Australian trilogy Actually these three books could have been one long book and it might have been better Solomon s Song spends a lot of time reviewing the past events documented in the first two Set now in the late 1800 early 1900 s, it continues to follow the lives of Tommo and Hawk and begins yet a new generation of family characters.It delves into New Zealand s Maori traditions but eventually moves to settings in Sydney and Melbourne Then, in what I [...]

    24. I really enjoyed the first two books of Courtenay s Australian Trilogy In The Potato Factory and Tommo and Hawk the reader really got to know the main characters Ikey, Mary, Tommo, Hawk and had an understanding of each charcter s development In this last book not only are Tommo and Mary dead, I feel like Hawk is lost in this book and replaced by Victoria and Ben, which I never really felt I got to know These characters had bits and pieces of former characters, but with not as much depth and orig [...]

    25. This book concentrates on the argument between the two halves of the Solomons and resolves in somewhat surprising fashion the feud It also concentrates on the world war and the conflict in Galipolee I understand that war is difficult, heart wrenching, and bloody I gave this book three stars not because I didn t enjoy the story must of the time but because there were points when I had to force myself to continue through the sadness I was disappointed in the ending to say the least One must ask th [...]

    26. The first book I read of Bryce Courtenay s was, The Power of One It was one of my Bookclubs reads one of which I had never heard It was a wonderful book, filled with the texture of complex and diverse characters As I was cruising the shelves of Powells Bookstore in Portland, the Courtenay books jumped out once again and I chose Solomon s Song simply for the title True to form, Courtenay provides a saga of Icelandic proportions a fat book filled with multi generational families, intertwined chara [...]

    27. I would never voluntarily read a book about war And I freely admit my beliefs that violence and war are only the senseless tools of the senseless has been formed far too glibly, and far too distant from their reality Through the eyes, the heart, the lives of all the characters in this novel and the whole Australian Trilogy my beliefs have been fortified and tears have been shed.The hardcore realness of this narrative that takes place in World War One is so powerful that this reader felt the forc [...]

    28. Each book in this trilogy could almost be its own stand alone novel, as they all focus on a different generation of the Solomon family At least with Tommo Hawk , we knew who the main characters were, but with Solomon s Song , Ben and Victoria had not yet been introduced This could have distanced the reader, but Bryce Courtenay writes such song characters that this was not an issue I loved the series as a whole This book would definitely be the most different, as literally half way through, World [...]

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