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666 #2020

takes the reader into the world of evilat lies unsuspected behind the door of an ordinary looking house a house that reappears from time to time near any city waiting invitingly innocently for

  • Title: 666
  • Author: Jay Anson
  • ISBN: 9780671831264
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • 666 By Jay Anson, 666 takes the reader into the world of evilat lies unsuspected behind the door of an ordinary looking house, a house that reappears from time to time near any city, waiting invitingly, innocently, for someone to rent it, a house in which a dreadful, bloody, orgiastic crime recurs again and again, bringing its victims screaming to the very brink of hell and into the han666 takes the reader into the world of evilat lies unsuspected behind the door of an ordinary looking house, a house that reappears from time to time near any city, waiting invitingly, innocently, for someone to rent it, a house in which a dreadful, bloody, orgiastic crime recurs again and again, bringing its victims screaming to the very brink of hell and into the hands of the devil himself.
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      397 Jay Anson
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    1 thought on “666

    1. Holy cow, do authors ever love milking this Amityville Horror cr p how long ago was the the Amityville film released When my parents were little children back in the early Seventies I mean, all you ve gotta do is stamp the words Amityville on a book and BANG, instant bestseller Too bad they re rarely any good I did enjoy a few aspects of 666, but it didn t have that shocking spookiness that it boasted, nor did I care about any of the characters It wasn t a bad book per se, but not something that [...]

    2. Vengo leyendo este libro desde el a o pasado, y la verdad es que me daba un poco de cosa por haberlo abandonado de tal manera Es breve y llevadero, pero la raz n por la cual lo dej de leer es que su letra es lastimosamente chiquita y en cada ocasi n que intentaba retomar me cansaba al poco tiempo y lo ten a que dejar Y de esa forma no dan ganas de leer un libro, sinceramente Encontr la forma de solucionarlo temporalmente y hoy pude terminarlo.Es el primer libro de Jay Anson que leo, y la verdad [...]

    3. I ve been fascinated with the idea of horror novels lately, and have been wanting to read some vintage 1970s horror 666 is the first I ve read on that kick it s what I found available at the library on Saturday 666 was published in 1981, a year or two past the 70s and the death of disco, and the same year the final Omen movie was released, but the story is set in 1978 and has that 1970s feel I wanted I inhaled the book in two days The story pulled me in right away a fun commercial thrill read th [...]

    4. I read this many years ago, and a second time, also quite some time ago Although I enjoyed Mr Anson s The Amityville Horror, which was somewhat scary probably due to the son roaming around with a shotgun than actual paranormal events , I found 666 a truly frightening book and I put it on the same level with Anne Rivers Siddons The House Next Door, also a book I ve read several times, with the same results scared to blazes, didn t want to sleep, kept looking over my shoulder Both of these are wi [...]

    5. This is one of the first horror books I ever read Jay Anson was most famous for THE AMITYVILLE HORROR In high school, I thought 666 was just fantastic After reading it again a few years ago I found that it was entertaining enough, if fairly predictable Worth a one time read, though.

    6. Hola amigos como est n, hoy les traigo un librazo de un autor que me sorprendi , yo no se por que no lo hab a le do, ahora me quiero con seguir el libro mas conocido de Jay Anson que es, aqu vive el horror, maldita sea si esta dif cil de conseguirSE ABueno esta historia esta ambientada en New Castle, es un pueblito al sur de Ossining, Estados Unidos.Vamos a conocer a Keith, Jennifer, David, y a Paul, bueno este ultimo se va a ver muy, pero muy adelante del libro, vamos a centrarnos en los person [...]

    7. Keith and Jennifer Olson return home from Grand Bahama islands and discover a house has been placed on a vacant lot across from theirse address 666 Sunset Brook Lane Keith is a carpenter who owns his own business Curious, he visits the house hoping to meet the owner Upon entering the home and finding it empty, his woodworking instincts kick in and he realizes the house is in dire need of repairs He enters the bathroom and a bronze, Roman coin, a sestertious drops from the ceiling As he enters a [...]

    8. One of my favorite scary books I read this when it was originally published in 1981 and found a copy second hand recently and was excited to read it again Although it was a re read, it had been so long that I had forgotten some of the details so it scared me all over again.

    9. It s the omen of ultimate evile sign of the Devile number of the Beast666.That was the diabolical number on the old house that suddenly appeared on Sunset Brook Lane Yet, such an beautifully unassuming Victorian style house couldn t possibly hold something so evil, could it Perhaps it couldFor stepping inside 666 Sunset Brook Lane could only bring with it eternal damnation Inside, an infernal red light flickers from an unseen sourceInside, ghostly specters stare down mockingly from the windows i [...]

    10. S usted piensa que va a ser tan bueno como The Amityville Horror , la equivocaci n ser muy grande.Esta historia explica c mo un autor que tuvo un gran xito en su anterior novela quiere aprovechar el tir n, hay mucho aqu ignorancia, aburrimiento, desesperaci n, falta de ideas Cuyo final es una persona que no vuelve a escribir nada m s Pero del libro no hablare, rememorar nuestras malas experiencias solo sirven para actualizar el dolor.

    11. I remember reading The Amityville Horror back in the seventies when it came out as a teenager, I was completely mesmerised by itbut that was allegedly a true story this, as it is at pains to point out, is a work of fiction While overall I liked it there were a few holes in the story to pick at.Married couple, Keith Jennifer find an evil house has appeared next door to them Keith passes a coin found there to David a friend of Jennifer s which causes him to want to murder the couple that s it in a [...]

    12. Oh mi dios, no puede ser este final as de abierto NO ESTO MERECE UNA SEGUNDA PARTE NO PUEDEN DEJARME AS CON LA INTRIGA DE ESE EP LOGO Esta historia al principio era un poco lenta y mas con algo de la jera Property Brothers que no dejaba de pensar al leer hasta que el asunto de la casa 666 empez a cobrar forma el rompecabezas que nos da el autor el en transcurso de la historia Hubo veces que me enga o totalmente con las teor as del porque la casa estaba endemoniada y de lo que sospechaba en que r [...]

    13. I read this as a recommendation from my brother, and I have to say that it kept me absolutely intrigued and I couldn t put the book down I will recommend others to read this book If they are interested in reading a book from the horror genera.

    14. I didn t expect to enjoy this book, but I found it quite easy to read, and the story kept me entertained Not bad if you are into haunted house fare.

    15. Not nearly as scary or as real as The Amityville Horror Clearly written in the hopes of profit, although the notion of a devil house is an interesting idea.

    16. Meh Kind of silly Although it was in the same vein as The Amityville Horror, it wasn t nearly as good.

    17. I just finished reading the 1981 novel 666 by Jay Anson, author of the infamous Amityville Horror Despite it being part of the late 70 s devil craze, it was pretty subtle with the diabolical imagery until the gruesome climax, and really kept my attention throughout It tells the tale of a satanic house that is made of grim artifacts from the past It s implied in various ways, through dream sequences and conversations that the house is a variant of Satan s throne on Earth Its timbers selected from [...]

    18. A escolha deste livro foi, inicialmente, um erro Pensava que se tratava da hist ria da famosa Amytiville, sobre a qual Jay Anson tem de facto uma obra, mas este trabalho completamente diferente, e eu dei algumas p ginas a tentar perceber o que que a hist ria tinha em comum com o que conhecia de Amytiville Quando me apercebi do verdadeiro conte do desta hist ria, fiquei ligeiramente decepcionada, mas estava a gostar, portanto s tinha de continuar e aproveitar a leitura.Confesso que esperava mais [...]

    19. Okay, so I enjoyed The Amityville Horror and thought I d give 666 a go because, really, what can go wrong with a book titled 666 No pressure or anything So we get another devil house Yay This devil house is randomly moved around the United States where it apparently makes its inhabitants crazy murderers, etc You know the drill The devilness of the devil house radiates from a hexagonal room with stained glass windows that glow red in the sunset And, speaking of stuff that should really make you r [...]

    20. This book was Predictable, writing so so, and very little in the way of offering something new But despite all this I was not dispirited by this horror yarn one iota The story gets going pretty quick as a couple arrive back home from a vacation I think from Jamaica Surprised to see a new home across the way, that has been transported from another site that we learn later was a scene of a slaying, and the murderer is languishing away in jail The husband Keith explores the empty house and finds a [...]

    21. Okay, first, this book was quite enjoyable There were a couple of things I didn t like, but those could be me, and, believe it or not, didn t detract from the book 1 Not very scary now this could be due to the fact that I m older maybe a little jaded but I wanted that thrill There was a moment at the end of the book, that I felt sad for the players in our drama, but that was it 2 Lack of catharsis One of the beautiful things I think about great horror is, unlike a standard work of literature, y [...]

    22. In my opinion, this book contained aspects of a classic haunting From the satanic inferences to the house somehow being alive, mainly by the 6 sided room that turns blood red during sunset The ancient Roman coin that falls out of thin air giving one of the characters images of torture during Nero s reign Not to mention precognitive nightmares Yes, it had a love triangle, but it was meant to intermingle with the mysteries of the house The house that appeared from nowhere by an owner that is heard [...]

    23. This is another horror novel from the 1970 s by the same man who brought you The Amityville Horror It s about a mysterious house and an even mysterious owner and the strange goings on inside of it It s not exactly a haunted house story, but I m not sure how else this would be classified A husband and wife duo become entangled with the house and its occupant s when the new house arrives in their neighborhood There are one or two plot holes that I would have liked to have had fixed, but for a day [...]

    24. Terrible book It started out so promising Well written and I loved the connection to ancient Rome.The book jacket blurb said the climax is a scene of horror that would stay with you for a long time.Unfortunately the author decided to SKIP OVER the scene of horror One minute they are walking into the scary room The next minute another character comes in and sees the aftermath.You never see or encounter the actual figure of evil doing all these things, and it s never explained WHY it s all happeni [...]

    25. I found this book, of all places, on a shelf at a bed breakfast outside of Santa Barbara It was just a decorative book among many in the room but I was drawn to it I thought Anson s Amityville Horror was a dreadfully written book but I enjoyed if that s the word 666 It s a strange story, creepily uncomfortable, and I could see where the various plotlines were leading to, but I had to keep reading nonetheless It was fascinating Is this a well written book Uh no, not really Was it something I like [...]

    26. It is difficult for me to decide why I liked this book I cannot say that it was overly exciting or that I couldn t put it down, but there was never a time where I felt like I had to trudge through a lot of crap to get to a good part I was always curious to know what would happen next Some people may have reservations about a book about the devil, but I didn t find anything that would make me feel like I shouldn t be reading it and there was nothing explicit This is an entertaining, steady, smoot [...]

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