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The Kommandant's Mistress #2020

The Kommandant s Mistress A highly original provocative first novel that offers a chilling look into the complex power struggle between a Nazi kommandant and the stunningly beautiful Jewish prisoner he forces to live as his m

  • Title: The Kommandant's Mistress
  • Author: Sherri Szeman Alexandria Constantinova Szeman
  • ISBN: 9781559705424
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Kommandant's Mistress By Sherri Szeman Alexandria Constantinova Szeman, A highly original, provocative first novel that offers a chilling look into the complex power struggle between a Nazi kommandant and the stunningly beautiful Jewish prisoner he forces to live as his mistress.

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      252 Sherri Szeman Alexandria Constantinova Szeman
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    1. Alexandria Constantinova Szeman from her Facebook pages The Kommandant s mistress is a beautiful, award winning novel, telling of a Nazi death camp Kommandant who takes a Jewish mistress The first half is told from his perspective the second is told from hers, followed by a supposedly objective view We are shown how each of the characters arrived at the camp situation, their reactions to the situation, how they cope, and justify Good stuff.Links to the author s Twitter and FB pages

    2. When Band of Brothers first ran on HBO, one viewer expressed outrage that American troops were seen taking items from German houses It reminded me of someone who said that all those guards who worked with the Sheriff of Nottingham deserved getting killed Who cares if they had to eat, they shouldn t have been working for the guy in the first place As humans we like out morality to be clear We like strict right and wrong Yet, we know that very few things are so clear cut A woman is a slut if she u [...]

    3. My grade A This is a compelling book I know I will think about for days The first half of the book is told from the Kommandant s POV, in 1st person The second half in Rachel s POV, in 1st person It mostly takes place during the final months of WWII in a concentration camp To borrow the words of a reviewer, it reads like a psychic collage, running forwards and backwards in time Even mid sentence we jump around At first disruptive and confusing, I quickly found myself seamlessly following the mid [...]

    4. Winner of the strangest writing style ever award Powerful writing that deserves a higher rating, but was just too confusing at the end for me to thoroughly enjoy Part I POV of the Kommandant Part II POV of the Jewish girl prisoner Part III Historical fictional account of the official story for each of them.I received this book for free through First Reads, and the author Alexandria Constantinova Szeman not Sherri Szeman as on the original cover art was kind enough to autograph my copy for me It [...]

    5. I wish that GoodReads had a detailed rating system I often find it hard to choose between 4 and 5 stars or 3 and 4.Anyway, my Kindle recommended this book to me and I saw that I could borrow it on Prime so I went for it When I started to read, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn t a true story not that I would wish these things on anyone, but I have a hard time with Holocaust fiction, I ve always felt like it cheapens the real thing I don t know why But in the end, I was able to read this wit [...]

    6. A complex and sometimes hard to understand story of a German Kommandant of a concentration camp and the Jewish prisoner he chooses to be his mistress Written in an unusual style, it goes between people by the use of one word in a previous statement Once you understand how it is written you are able to understand what is going on.Written in three sections, The Kommandant, the Girl and the History of both, it is a heart wrenching story of a Jewish girl in the concentration camp who is chosen by t [...]

    7. OK, I give up This is the third time I have tried to read The Kommandant s Mistress and the third time I couldn t get through to the end Nothing to do with the artistic merits of the book, which are considerable Szeman uses her training as a poet widely published, won lots of award to inform the structure of her prose She takes one word toward the end of each brief passage and using it to start a new passage, moving from past to present to distant past, from the concentration camp to the Warsaw [...]

    8. Many books have been written about the Holocaust and there is a danger that at some point desensitisation sets in But not with this work.The structure of the novel is unconventional and the narrative flows back and forward over time without any break in the stream of consciousness of the two central characters.The writing has a European feel to it, and stylistically the book read to me like a concatenation of Sartre s Roads to Freedom and Camus The Fall.Human, Frighteningly HumanAt the heart of [...]

    9. This book confused me I wanted to see how this writer managed to deal with this kind of relationship Well, mainly she didn t The book is told in two perspectives The first half is the Kommandant s told in flashback after the war he s on the run as a war criminal and the second half is the mistress s, also told in flashback after the war The two halves are so distinctly different that it s almost like they re remembering totally separate events Also, and interestingly enough, I felt the author wa [...]

    10. I loved this novel It was written in a different fashion with various scenes mixed together, one leading to another I really enjoyed it after I got used to the format It is the story of the commandant of a concentration camp and the beautiful young Jewish woman he made his mistress It is extremely intense I could barely put it down.The novel was written in three parts the first part was written from the Kommandant s perspective the second part was written from the Jewish slave woman s perspectiv [...]

    11. This book s title implies a consentual relationaship between a Nazi Kommandant and a Jewish woman, not his wife In contrast to the insinuation of the title, the book s pages are devoted to the nuances of this relationship and the illusion that it is, in fact, consentual While any book about the Holocaust is difficult, this one is unique in capturing moments of sheer delusion on the part of the Kommandant I found that aspect pathetically difficult to stomach, which I am sure is just what the auth [...]

    12. Intense One of the violent WWII fictions I ve read What makes Szeman s book different is her writing style She flows from scene to scene and subject to subject without breaking stride In the space of one page, Szeman places you in four or five different scenarios which all blend together coherently, seamlessly, and with obvious skill.

    13. Deeply satisfied is how I describe my time spent reading The Kommandant s Mistress This isn t a book for casual reading Rather, the reader must pay attention because the story is written in a way that an image, a thought, a sound can transport the speaker to another scene It s engaging, and engrossing, deserving all the praise that it has received.The story is about the life of a ranking Nazi officer and his mistress told in their voice with their thoughts and feelings It s not graphic although [...]

    14. Szeman used the interesting technique of using a key word from a paragraph uttered by one protagonist to set off an association with another character who used the same word in a completely different context In so doing, she moved from the present to the past or the future involving one or of the characters This technique lost much of its interest as the constant changes interrupted the flow of the narrative The tale is often harrowing and compelling but the reader never really gets to know or [...]

    15. Really interesting It s a little confusing at the beginning because of how it goes so quickly between scenes, but once you get used to it, it s not difficult to figure out what s happening The characterization could be a little rough I wanted to know the characters a little than you get to in the book And there were a few scenes that stuck out a little in the book that I wish had been fully explained like the Star of David scene but generally I really liked this book and I read it very quickly [...]

    16. A bit confusing to read at first flashbacks and flashforwards without any warning but loved this book the first half is the point of view of the nazi kommandant.e second part is that point of view of his jewish slave mistress all the same events happen in each part very interesting, especially to see the point of view from the kommandant somewhat of a spoiler alert at the end, short biographies are given about the 2 main characters so they were both real people and the events were most likely tr [...]

    17. I need time to think about this before I review it so I gave it 3 stars for now It s fiction based on real people Because of the subject, I don t know if it s terrific or terrible in terms of assumptions The title is wrong regardless Makes it seem like a sleazy romance novel which it definitely is not I read it straight through and it is engaging and complex but I still have to think it out.

    18. This book is really amazing It was a quick read If you are a WWII buff like I am and have an interest in the history of the holocaust and WWII This was actually written by one of my college professors

    19. Last year a controversial novel came out calledFor such a Time by Kate Breslin, in which a blonde and blue eyed Jewess falls in love with an SS Kommandant in Theresienstadt concentration camp Understandably there was outrage when the book was shortlisted for two awards, due to its deeply problematic content the inappropriate setting for romance fiction, a power imbalance that makes any love story abhorrent, and its evangelical Christian agenda A novel titled The Kommandant s Mistress set in Ausc [...]

    20. This book is criminally underrated, and it s a shame because it s one of the best books I ve read in a while I admit it took me a while to get used to the nonlinear format, and the jumping around in time was confusing at first But once I did This is an extremely powerful and deeply disturbing novel that held my attention from start to finish Szeman understands the Nazi mindset so well you d almost think Max had been an actual person Max is an extremely well written villain in general He s capabl [...]

    21. A young Jewish girl works for a German officer during WWII She works for the resistance to save her lover.

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