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200 Under 200: 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories #2020

Under Recipes Under Calories Hungry Girl mania is sweeping the nation The New York Times bestselling phenomenon delivers even yum tastic recipes An easy to use cookbook containing Hungry Girl recipes all under calories Re

  • Title: 200 Under 200: 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories
  • Author: Lisa Lillien
  • ISBN: 9780312556174
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • 200 Under 200: 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories By Lisa Lillien, Hungry Girl mania is sweeping the nation The New York Times bestselling phenomenon delivers even yum tastic recipes An easy to use cookbook containing 200 Hungry Girl recipes all under 200 calories.Recipes include H O T Hot Boneless Buffalo Wings Sassy Southwestern Roll Ups Cheesy Good Cornbread Muffins Holy Moly Guacamole HG s So Low Mein w Chicken CheeseHungry Girl mania is sweeping the nation The New York Times bestselling phenomenon delivers even yum tastic recipes An easy to use cookbook containing 200 Hungry Girl recipes all under 200 calories.Recipes include H O T Hot Boneless Buffalo Wings Sassy Southwestern Roll Ups Cheesy Good Cornbread Muffins Holy Moly Guacamole HG s So Low Mein w Chicken Cheeseburger Lettuce Cups Chocolate Chip Cookie Crisp Puddin Shake Swirls Gone Wild Cheesecake Brownies Personal Pretzel Bottomed Ice Cream Pie And many Told with Lisa s signature wit and sassy style, these recipes are as fun to read as they are to make

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      220 Lisa Lillien
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    1 thought on “200 Under 200: 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories

    1. The back cover jubilantly proclaims, She s not a nutritionist, she s just hungry Flipping through, I was kind of amazed to see that than half of the recipes were for dessert or dessert like recipes There was an entire chapter of cupcakes, and another one for stuff you can do with Cool Whip But when I looked at the ingredients list, I was kind of surprised Almost every single recipes calls for stuff like powdered flavored coffee creamer, egg replacements, diet Swiss Miss packages, and so forth T [...]

    2. Great resource for those who are looking for quick, low cal meals and snacks without having to invest a lot of time in prep or making them.The cookbook takes time to introduce readers to a number of brand name products that are healthier versions of commmonplace versions Playing around with these ingredients allows you to do some experimentation of your own with other recipes.The single drawback to this book is that there s a reliance on prepared processed foods to cut back on cook time Though [...]

    3. It was okay The thing I didn t really appreciate was the fact that everything was made from artificial things i.e Splenda, I Can t Believe it s not Butter, non fat everything and though I suppose that s what makes them under 200 calories but enough with the artificial chemicals Aren t they worse off for you than some good old fashioned sugar and butter or margarine And I guess if you are Sugar Twinning everything, you can afford to make half of our recipes full of what is formerly known as SUGAR [...]

    4. I was completely intrigued with a book FULL of recipes under 200 calories But disappointed that many of the recipes are empty calories I think I may be better served with sticking to whole grains, fresh fruit, and veggies, than trying to come up with a lower calorie way to make not potato salad All in all, I will still use and enjoy this recipe book, but it won t be my main menu source of ideas.

    5. Hands down my favorite cookbook and one of the few that I actually bought instead of just getting from the library Love the substitutions Not really a great cookbook for those seeking to eat natural, non processed foods though as many of the recipes contain artificial sweeteners and lower fat and calorie options that do seem to contain a lot of chemicals.Many of the HG alternatives taste just as good if not better than the originals Some of my favorites so far are the Super Cheesy, All American [...]

    6. Ask anyone I know and they will tell you two things about me I m a terrible cook and I m lazy when it comes to a kitchen So when a fellow user of Weight Watchers recommended Hungry Girl I was a bit suspect I m not a cook I m of a microwave something already cooked by someone else.I started with her website and tried a few things Simple enough.And then I gave this book a whirl from the library I ended up going out to buy it because it has some great ideas that don t give up taste And if you are [...]

    7. Hungry Girl is so great at coming up with the perfect Weight Watcher friendly recipes I love that most of her recipes are already portioned for one person, can be made with ingredients I have on hand, and are easy to make Some of the recipes are a little complex for a small meal like this, but most of them are pretty simple She does use a lot of packaged foods, but again, those are easier to track calories on and they are convenient I will definitely try out some of these recipes now that I am b [...]

    8. Good recipes, some of which I will copy down and try before returning this to the library Not enough that I would make to want to buy the book

    9. 3.5 stars actuallyLisa Lillien is a blogger gone mainstream author I am now seeing her books in the grocery store Her philosophy is to eat and to not be hungry but to cut out where ever you can Her avatar and attitude is cute fun and positiveShe has a great website which features the latest calorie skimming foods you can easily purchase from your local grocery Hungrygirl is her site where you can sign up for daily emails for recipes and tips which include what to eat at popular restaurants and w [...]

    10. Wow what a terrific guide for dieters From the popular Hungry Girl series, this book features 200 recipes all under 200 calories Including fresh ideas for snacks, appetizers and drinks as well as the standard meal fare, I really enjoyed the new ideas for low calorie, high taste treats that won t kill my weight loss plan However, I had one problem with the book many of the recipes call for a ton of ingredients I m on a calorie budget, but I m also on a monetary budget Although some of the dishes [...]

    11. I don t like these because ingredients are fat free this and fake that use artificial sweeteners, etc I tend to shy away from healthy cookbooks witch feature gimmicks and tends and rely on low fat versions, artificial sweeteners and the like Some health cookbooks I liked Eating Well, Living Better The Grassroots Gourmet Guide to Good Health and Great FoodRead by Michael S Fenster cardiologist and professional chef Superfoods for Women 300 Recipes That Fulfill Your Special Nutritional Needs by Ri [...]

    12. I found about 4 recipes worth even considering out of the 200 that were listed There were some interesting ideas, but the ingredient choices were just disgusting There were a lot of recipes with empty calories, artificial sweeteners, and or processed foods I know she isn t a nutritionist or a food expert, but it seems that she would at least have some standards about what she was willing to put into her meals and into her body I don t care how hungry she might be, a lot of the foods sounded ined [...]

    13. I m always a fan of low cal cookbooks cuz I m always desperately searching for low cal foods that actually taste good and are satisfying , but I definitely wouldn t say this is one of the better ones.She really stresses the low cal and not the nutritious AT ALL So even if you re eating something under 200 calories, you still feel kinda bad cuz there is practically no nutritional value whatsoever.Lots of emphasis on processed foodsd you can get most of these recipes online for free Kinda lame.

    14. Picked this up from the library last night I already have a bunch of recipes bookmarked to try out.I tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge that uses a brownie mix and a can of pumpkin While the taste was awesome, I just couldn t get over the texture It was almost the consistency of circus peanuts and I just thought it was gross I ended up throwing away most of it.I also tried the Chocolate Cheesecake Nuggets Those aren t bad Very easy to make and the taste is decent I like to let it thaw out a [...]

    15. For those of us on a diet, this book appears to offer real promise every recipe in the book produces meal items whose calorie count is less than 200 per serving Woohoo, right Trouble is, the average serving size appears to be maybe a half a cup or possibly 3 4 cup Since the promise of the book isn t to give the dieter a bunch of fiber filled therefore FILLING foods, chances are the one eating these low cal concoctions will be hungry pretty soon after I am a little disappointed.

    16. When I first got this cookbook I enjoyed it quite a bit, I moved onto other things and just pulled it off the shelves after a few years There are some really good recipes in here, the reason why i rated it lower is that looking at it again I find that many of the recipes call for really processed ingredients that I really don t think are very healthy I can still see myself using this cook book occasionally especially the less processed recipes but overall it just doesn t seem very healthy.

    17. There were a ton of good tips in this book I also enjoyed the creative uses of many different ingredients This book had a little too many tofu recipes for me I just can t handle the texture so too many of them I could not try I would suggest this book to anyone who likes to try new things Do not forget for those of us on WW, the points totals are listed on her website Author Website hungry girl meet index

    18. Who doesn t love recipes that are under 200 calories Unfortunately, this cook book is one of those that require you to have a bajillion ingredients the average person does not carry in their kitchen before you can make any of the recipes Although that may be the majority of cookbooks, I prefer easy recipes that call for simple things Other than that, the recipes are super creative, yummy, and short

    19. I m by no stretch of the imagination a Paleo clean eating mama, but the amount of processed food used for these recipes surprised and repelled me ALL of her sweetened recipes called for Splenda, for example The ingredients were just bizarre not at all the kinds of foods I would hope to find in a healthy kitchen I was hoping for recipes for chicken, fish, vegetables, whole grains, etc What this book seemed to be, to me, was an extended advertisement for a few select products.

    20. I liked this book because it has tons of simple healthy ideas for quick and healthy breakfasts especially I also like the list of HG staples which resulted in my discovery of Thomas healthy start English Muffins, so much better than the original and my new fav thing I think this book is good for people like me who are too lazy to cook and suck at it anyway, but don t want to eat crap Also, it is cute and funny, bonus points.

    21. I was disappointed in this one I curled up on the couch this rainy Sunday afternoon with pen, paper, and sticky notes, ready to devour this book no pun intended and get lots of new yummy recipes After looking through the whole thing, my paper is absolutely blank Not one recipe that said ooohhh, try me

    22. Overall I really liked the recipes and could see myself eating it Borrowed it from the library first to see if I would like it and I think her ideas are great I have been subscribed to her newsletter for over a year and some of the recipes have been in there, but I think I would definitely use this cookbook anyways.

    23. There were creative and appetizing recipes in this book, so it isn t a bad recipe book by any means However, it is strictly about the calories and not about eating healthy in addition to eating low calorie I like Lisa Lillien s books and will continue to read them, this one just wasn t what I was really looking for.

    24. I m not as wild about this one as some of the other cookbooks by Ms Lillien, but it s probably pretty challenging to come up with that many recipes that are 200 calories or less I d recommend one of her other books that have bigger ranges of calories.

    25. I didn t find enough in the first Hungry Girl cookbook to warrant a purchase, but this one is a keeper Lots of great, tasty receipes with small calorie dents I tried about 10 reciepes while I had it checked out and liked them all.

    26. Not familiar with the hungry girl website connected with this book, I picked up this book hoping to find healthy and tasty recipes a la Cooking Light Instead, this is a book about junky, artificial, toxic ingredients can t imagine eating any of the dishes.

    27. The grab go cookies are pretty tasty, and much better if you substitute a few packets of stevia instead of splenda For those of you on weightwatchers, they re only 2.5 points and they re huge cookies

    28. I have subscribed to Hungry Girl newsletter for several years The book is an follow up to the newsletter and filled with great recipes and tips This is real food that people have in their cupboards.

    29. This is a book I am borrowing from the library right now I will be buying it in the next few weeks I found several recipes that I can easily make with local, everyday grocery store ingredients Also, it keeps me intrested in trying to cut calories and be healthier.

    30. i give this little book three stars A few of the recipes i really enjoyed, the spicy ranch chicken salad being my favorite, but just as many i really didnt care for Lisa lillien does have a fun quirky personality and i enjoy reading whatever she said.

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