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A Deadly Shade of Gold #2020

A Deadly Shade of Gold When Travis McGee discovers a face from his past lying in a pool of blood on a cheap motel room floor he wants answers But so far all he has are questions plus the dubious inheritance of his friend

  • Title: A Deadly Shade of Gold
  • Author: John D. MacDonald
  • ISBN: 9780449224427
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Deadly Shade of Gold By John D. MacDonald, When Travis McGee discovers a face from his past lying in a pool of blood on a cheap motel room floor, he wants answers But so far, all he has are questions plus the dubious inheritance of his friend s vengeance driven girlfriend, and a valuable ancient Aztec golden idol Part rebel, part philosopher, and every inch his own man, Travis McGee plunges into a wild and perilWhen Travis McGee discovers a face from his past lying in a pool of blood on a cheap motel room floor, he wants answers But so far, all he has are questions plus the dubious inheritance of his friend s vengeance driven girlfriend, and a valuable ancient Aztec golden idol Part rebel, part philosopher, and every inch his own man, Travis McGee plunges into a wild and perilous trek for a killer that takes him from the Lauderdale beaches to the seething corruption of American expatriates in a distant Mexican town, to the lush high life of the California jet set.

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    1. I hoped she was taken dead so quickly she was given no micro second of the terrible reality of knowing she was ended If ever there existed a book within a series which makes you realize as a reader that the series is something really special, this is it You realize as you read A Deadly Shade of Gold that the Travis McGee series is than the sum of its parts, and better than almost any other series in the genre ever written This is the entry where you can visibly see on paper, and almost tangibly [...]

    2. The only thing in the world worth a damn is the strange, touching, pathetic, awesome nobility of the individual human spirit John D MacDonald, A Deadly Shade of GoldJohn D MacDonald presents a combination of James Dickey s prose with Ian Fleming s narrative flourish With John D MacDonald, however, you are also likely to find weird paragraphs sprinkled into the novel that deal with economics, politics, love, lust, the John Birch Society, and the ethics of hunting Reading MacDonald is like having [...]

    3. The stars, McGee, look down on a world where thousands of 4 H kids are raising prize cattle and sheep The Green Bay Packers, of their own volition, join in the Lord s Prayer before a game Many good and gentle people have fallen in love this night At this moment, thousands of women are in labor with the fruit of good marriage Thousands of kids sleep the deep sleep that comes from the long practice hours of competitive swimming and tennis Good men have died today, leaving hearts sick with loss In [...]

    4. Read again on 7 8 09 I ve started going back through the Travis McGee books off and on in order since last winter I still enjoyed the first few, and was amazed at how McGee s cynical 60s worldview was still applicable to 2009 Since it s been so long, I ve forgotten a lot of the plots and supporting characters so the books are new to me again in some ways, but it s weird how some lines or scenes were still very clear to me A Deadly Shade of Gold has actually been the one that impressed me the mos [...]

    5. In this, my third read of Cathy s swooning over Travis McGee Cathy s sighing over Travis McGee ok, I admit it, there is no other like Travis McGee in my little black book I m reading much carefully than ever before in part because of the ongoing discussion of Travis on D R Martin s blog, Travis McGee Me when specific questions and discussion come about Travis McGee, Salvage ConsultantIn my opinion, Travis though JDM, of course, is philosophical in this book than any other book thus far on my t [...]

    6. Number five in the Travis McGee series but only the second one I have read This is a darker, violent book than The Deep Blue Good by, with plenty of explosions and surprises for everyone from the Cuban bad guys to the Cuban good guys An old friend shows up needing help, but gets killed before he can really explain to Travis what has gone wrong In his quest to get answers, McGee travels to Mexico and California, meeting beautiful women and ugly men along the way I checked this out at the library [...]

    7. I m kinda reviewing the whole series here.So what s the deal with Travis McGee I don t even know how to begin without sounding like an asshole or revealing some serious masculinity issues.But shall we Shall I dare say that Travis McGee is a kind of man s man The best of these were written in the early to late 60s when the literal and popular landscape of this country was going through some radical changes as if that isn t always happening but whatevs How does a dude on the fringes of a culture r [...]

    8. I am a huge fan of the Travis McGee series, and this is one of my favorites Trav is everything a detective hero should be cunning, rakish, good with his hands, prone to deep thought and susceptible to love with the wrong kind of ladies These books were mostly written in the 1960s so some of the plot lines are pretty retro, but the plots and action stand up today

    9. A DEADLY SHADE OF GOLD 1965 John D MacDonaldMost of the Travis McGee novels by MacDonald that I have read incorporate relatively straight forward plots along with philosophical asides by Travis In this novel, however, you need graph paper along side your reading chair to keep track of where the plot is going It s as if in Genesis, the first chapter in the Bible, the narrator who was writing all the begats, stopped after each issue and started to tell of the life of the subject begotten Once havi [...]

    10. Reasonable conservatism is a healthy thingbut poisonous divisionist hatemongering is the heart of contemporary propaganda, amigo, to strengthen ignorant terrible men who believe themselves to be perfect patriotsy way that they can make Americans hate Americans helps writes MacDonald In 1965, no less What s great At 400 pages, this is epic MacDonald McGee with epic stage sets on which epic, stupendous action sequences occur I m reading this McGee series in order, and as far as plot, thrills, and [...]

    11. ok, I really did find this book sexist I give it a bit of a break because it was written in the 60s, but every single woman was either manipulative and petty, or headed for McGee s bed He slept with so many women in this book, it was like a James Bond novel.I would have loved this book otherwise McGee is a little off kilter due to his personal stake in this mystery, and the fact that it shows adds to the emotional punch of the piece It is almost depressing in its stark portrayal of human greed a [...]

    12. This is one of the best paced and plotted crime novels I ve ever read I found it even satisfying than the first in the series Many fans have expressed disappointment at the length almost double that of its predecessors but I enjoyed the further development of McGee s background and his lengthier than usual observations of society It s amazing how relevant most of this is today, although it was penned 45 years ago.

    13. A masterpiece of American crime fiction and a remarkable piece of mid Twentieth Century literature.

    14. This novel has two relatively self contained stories in it one in Mexico and one in Los Angeles I liked the first a lot than the second The second is a little too real McGee runs around doing dangerous things I find I want him to get away with it unscathed, and it catches up with him a bit here.A shining moment is that Meyer appears for the first time in this novel He is first mentioned in the last one, and makes a relatively trivial appearance in this one I remember from my previous readings t [...]

    15. Another great addition in the McGee series When someone that s need his help, with the understanding of a 50 50 split, if it goes as planned, to the suspense and intrigue that follow I have to say in his 5th adventure, there was a higher body count then in the past stories, and they were all hard on our hero I always enjoy McGee s philosophy on how why the outcome will turnout for the characters involvedcluding himself With the wonderful atmosphere of being sent back to the mid 60 s, this series [...]

    16. Far better than The Quick Red Fox The mystery worked Still I got a bit bored I ve read a bit much of Travis McGee in too short a time I don t, for the record, think he s sexist Yes, it s a male fantasy of having women willingly want you But this book is from 1965, and it is what it is and doesn t bother me That said, I m bored of him sleeping with different women in every book I just need a little space.

    17. In this fifth book of the series, Travis McGee, happy in his semi retirement and living on his moored houseboat, The Busted Flush is contacted by an old buddy named Sam Taggart Sam knows Travis is in the business of recovering lost stolen property, among other things, and convinces him to get involved in a complex plot to recover some pre Columbian gold figurines worth over 300,000 several millions in today s dollars But shortly thereafter, Travis finds his friend murdered in a hotel room and th [...]

    18. Compared to the earlier Travis McGee books A Deadly Shade of Gold is substantially longer with a complex plot than the standard rather straight forward affair seen in earlier books I found book before this in the series was one of the best so far and MacDonald has built further upon that with this one raising the standard even higher.

    19. Number five in the series, and finally the hirsute economist philosopher guru Meyer appears in person, albeit chauvinistically than I remember from back in the day Meyer s organizing of the season s Lauderdale sun bunnies he calls them all Junior into impromptu a cappella choral groups isn t nearly as sweet today as it used to seem And gallant Travis McGee s behavioral rebellion against the Playboy ethos is awfully quaint now, poor lad not yet knowing about the feminist movement soon to come.A [...]

    20. Ninety nine percent of the things that ninety nine percent of the people do are entirely predictable, when you have a few lead facts Drunks, maniacs and pregnant women are the customary exceptions.Synopsis Unlicensed Florida investigator and houseboat resident Travis McGee sets out to avenge the death of an old friend, winds up in Mexico and then L.A and uncovers at least three plots too many, two of which involve Cuba and one of which involves a dead dog.Travis McGee is watching his best friend [...]

    21. A Deadly Shade of Gold is the fifth installment of this amazing series and it is a terrific thriller of a novel from cover to cover At over four hundred pages, it is one of the longer McGee novels, but well worth the time it takes to read It is filled with adventure, intrigue, romance, social commentary, and some of the best and most in depth characterizations you will read anywhere One of the things that really stands out about Macdonald s McGee series is that somehow he captures the substance [...]

    22. Don t want to bag on this one too much because it offers everything a Travis McGee fan could ask for as he plays his role as knight in shinning armor to the max, even to the point of taking on a couple of grail wounds Just thought this particular plot spun on too long and that the extra length was mostly achieved via filler scenes and exposition One can imagine an editor saying, Hey, the first several books were good, but can you make the next one 30,000 words longer It s the same complaint I ha [...]

    23. The quick review is that the book has an interesting plot, but MacDonald takes took long guiding us through it It s way too long for it s genre There is a lot of cynical philosophizing about American Life by MacDonald McGee, than the previous four books, but that s not entirely the reason for the length MacDonald just takes took long in developing the plot McGee heads to Mexico with the widow of a close acquaintance to track down the location of a collection of valuable Aztec statuettes, stolen [...]

    24. Very 1960 s Sort of a transitional phase private investigator between the hard boiled, non humorous, non philosophical PI s of the 30 s 40 s 50 s i.e Chandler s Spillane s PIs and the laid back, even humorous 80 s and later i.e Sue Grafton s Kinsey Millhone comes to mind McGee is hard boiled, but highly philosophical often in his observations of our 1960 s culture gone awry Some of his philosophizing comes across now in our wisened 21st century as banal and almost comical not intentionally by M [...]

    25. What the crap I had heard and read a lot about the Travis McGee books before ever cracking the cover on the first, The Deep Blue Good By One constant theme was always that McGee was so OF Florida The Gulf His boat residence, the Busted Flush You can practically taste the saltwater in the air as you re reading So here we are in book number five, and the sorta detective, sorta mercenary is once again road tripping McGee is miles from home, chasing stolen gold from Mexico to L.A while also trying t [...]

    26. Read a bit slowly maybe because it is much longer than most McGee novels, and maybe because I didn t really care so much for focus characters Nora and Sam , the mission of finding ancient stolen gold figurines, or the setting of the sleepy, exclusive Mexican town The pace picked up toward the end and it finished nicely.Still, gotta love McGee s musings on life and the people he meets I awoke into suffocating heat, to barbed needles of light which went through my eyes and into my brain, to a mout [...]

    27. He lives alone aboard a squatty little cruise and is, by trade, an Economist He predicts trends He acquired a little money the hard way, and he keeps moving it around from this to that, and it keeps growing nicely, and he does learned articles for incomprehensible journal Yes.at s how Travis McGee lived his life.This time Travis has to help an old friend Sam Taggart a case of gold from Mexico, Puerto Altamura to California A collection of gold worth two hundred thousand dollar and a butchered Sa [...]

    28. There are reasons this shouldn t have been enjoyable It s long, nearly twice the length of most McGee books, and longer than most books in the genre It rambles a bit And our hero can get a little depressing Plus, McGee sleeps with one heck of a lot of women herewho the heck does he think he is, James Bond But it s one of MacDonald s best tales, with loads of action and death and mayhem It s all made even better by Robert Petkoff s brilliant narration He brings a perfect tone to McGee, making him [...]

    29. I ve read this 3 5 times, I think While I may enjoy reading the average SPENSER novel by Robert B Parker than I enjoy the average Travis McGee novel by John D MacDonald, I owe a debt of gratitude to MacDonald for having created the McGee character Like Ayn Rand s Howard Roark character, McGee has had an actual impact on my life.The below the border shenanigans in GOLD are a special bonus for me.Not everyone gets McGee hg47

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