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Penerbangan 714 #2020

Penerbangan Tintin Captain Haddock and Calculus are on their way to Sydney for an international conference on space exploration While their flight makes a refueling stop in Jakarta s Kemayoran Airport they unex

  • Title: Penerbangan 714
  • Author: Hergé
  • ISBN: 9798063783
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback, 21 x 29 cm
  • Penerbangan 714 By Hergé, Tintin, Captain Haddock and Calculus are on their way to Sydney for an international conference on space exploration While their flight makes a refueling stop in Jakarta s Kemayoran Airport, they unexpectedly meet their old friend Piotr Skut, who is now the chief pilot for eccentric millionaire Laszlo Carreidas A short time earlier, the Captain had erroneously taken theTintin, Captain Haddock and Calculus are on their way to Sydney for an international conference on space exploration While their flight makes a refueling stop in Jakarta s Kemayoran Airport, they unexpectedly meet their old friend Piotr Skut, who is now the chief pilot for eccentric millionaire Laszlo Carreidas A short time earlier, the Captain had erroneously taken the somewhat disheveled Carreidas for a tramp and surreptitiously slipped him a five dollar bill which later is taken by the oblivious Professor Calculus, making the millionaire laugh for the first time in years When introduced to Carreidas, the Captain inadvertently shakes the hand of the millionaire s secretary, the tall, aloof Spalding.Unable to politely refuse Carreidas s offer of a ride on his prototype private jet, Tintin and his friends join the millionaire on the way to Sydney Carreidas plays Battleship with the Captain, defeating him repeatedly by cheating with a hidden closed circuit television camera and monitor Unbeknownst to Carreidas and the others, Spalding and two of the pilots, Boehm and Colombani, have been recruited to hijack the plane and bring it to a deserted island called Pulau Pulau Bompa in the Celebes Sea Skut is not involved in the plot, and so he becomes a prisoner too After a rough landing, our friends are escorted out of the plane, and a terrified Snowy breaks out of Tintin s arms and runs off Armed guards shoot at him, and a mortified Tintin takes him for dead.A moment or two later, to Tintin s further shock, it turns out that the mastermind of the plot is none other than the evil Rastapopoulos, who declares that since it s a bore to stop being a millionaire, it would be easier to simply take Carreidas s fortune Accordingly, he has hatched an elaborate scheme to kidnap Carreidas and extract his Swiss bank account number Captain Haddock s corrupt old nemesis, Allan, is working as Rastapopoulos s henchman As for Tintin, the Captain and Calculus, Rastapopulos actually had no idea they would be accompanying the crotchety millionaire, but is nonetheless delighted to have the opportunity to exact revenge, and makes it quite evident that a very grim fate awaits our friends.Everyone is bound and held in Japanese World War II era bunkers.Meanwhile, Rastapopoulos takes a defiant Carreidas to another World War II era bunker and has him strapped to a chair, to be subjected to the tender mercies of the malevolent Dr Krollspell The corrupt doctor injects the millionaire with truth serum, so as to enable Rastapopulos to pry Carreidas s Swiss bank account number out of him Unfortunately for Rastapopoulos, this plan quickly flounders For Carreidas proves than willing to tell the truth about everything except the Swiss bank account To Rastapopulos s fury, Carreidas launches into long disquisitions about his greedy, unscrupulous nature, boasting how he first stole a pear in 1910, at the age of four shamed both his grandfather and his great aunt to death and has generally led a life of perfidy and corruption Realizing the serum is defective, Rastapopulos becomes enraged, lunges at Krollspell who is still holding the truth drug syringe , and is accidentally injected with the serum, becoming intoxicated He too recounts hideous deeds in a boasting manner, calling himself the devil incarnate From what Rastapopoulos says under the serum s influence, Krollspell realizes that the crime boss intends not to reward him as promised, but to betray and murder him.With the help of Snowy, who is not dead after all, Tintin and his friends manage to escape the bunker in which they are being imprisoned and find the bunker, high on the volcano, where Carreidas is held prisoner Tintin captures Krollspell and Rastapopulos and escorts them to lower ground, intending to use them as hostages However, the serum wears off and Rastapopulos escapes, despite Krollspell s warnings the doctor is released afterwards and continues to accompany Tintin and Haddock, watching the still irritable Carreidas.Later, they discover, thanks to a voice Tintin is hearing, a hidden entrance to a statue filled cave Knowing that they are in danger, as Rastapopulos is gathering his armed guards to pursue and kill them, they decide to enter the cave and they discover a large hallway, leading to the inside of the volcano They enter the volcano s core by triggering a hidden mechanism Rastapopulos and his cohorts are not far behind, but they fail to find out how to open the secret passage Instead they use explosives to make their own entrance.Penetrating deeper into the volcano, Tintin and his friends meet a strange man, Mik Kanrokitoff, a writer for magazine Space Week, who wears a transmitter on his ear and speaks with a heavy Russian accent he is the voice that has guided Tintin to the cave He immediately notes that they are all in great danger, because the explosion triggered by Rastapopoulos has made the volcano unstable and it will soon erupt They follow Kanrokitoff, who has the power to influence their minds, as he knows exactly where to escape It becomes hotter as they find their way out of the core of the volcano, and at one point a large flow of lava threatens them, but they find a pathway up that leads to an exit Fleeing the lava flow, Carreidas pushes Haddock off the stairs, but fortunately Haddock grabs onto a stalagmite, narrowly escaping imminent death The strange Kanrokitoff uses his mind trick to calm the impetuous Carreidas down Meanwhile, Rastapopoulos and his henchmen flee the eruption by running down the outside of the volcano and plan to take refuge in a rubber dinghy.Once Tintin and his friends find their way out of the volcano, Kanrokitoff puts them all under his hypnosis He uses his transmitter, and apparent psychic powers, to summon a flying saucer, piloted by unseen aliens with whom he is apparently familiar The hypnotised group climb up a retractable ladder and board the saucer, narrowly escaping the volcano s dramatic eruption Kanrokitoff spots the rubber dinghy and exchanges Tintin and his companions for Allan, Spalding, Rastapopulos and the treacherous pilots, who are whisked away in the saucer The group including Krollspell, who is later deposited by the saucer at his institute in Cairo awakes from hypnosis and cannot remember what happened to them The party is eventually rescued, but only Snowy, who cannot speak, has any recollection of the hijacking and alien abduction.

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    1. Vol 714 pour Sidney Flight 714 Flight 714 to Sydney Tintin, 22 , Herg Flight 714 to Sydney French Vol 714 pour Sydney originally published in English as Flight 714 is the twenty second volume of The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Herg The title refers to a flight that Tintin and his friends fail to catch, as they become embroiled in a plot to kidnap an eccentric millionaire from a supersonic business jet on an Indonesian island This album, first published in 1968, [...]

    2. Tintin is kidnapped by his Arch nemesis26 February 2012 I used to love this one as a kid because it had lots of machine guns in it However, since I have returned to reading the Tintin books so that I know what I am writing about as opposed to some books that I am not really interested in rereading, namely because they are too long and that there are other books out there that I would rather spend my time reading I have no longer appreciate this album as much as some of Herge s other stories Here [...]

    3. My review, as published at Tintin Books For a man who has been criticised fairly or not for sexism, padding of stories and racism to among others Africans, Jews, Native Americans, Japanese, Russians and Indians, it s amusing to think that his most controversial work amongst fans is probably Flight 714 , the penultimate completed adventure in the series But, on re reading, you can count me amongst those who think it was probably one big mistake Flight 714 starts off strongly enough, with the firs [...]

    4. In this adventure Tintin and Captain Haddock meet again their old enemy Rastapopoulos The adventure which starts with a seemingly innocuous plane trip, ends up being one of the most defying ones in terms of fights and counter coupsMaria Carmo,Lisbon 20 January 2015.

    5. Our friends Tintin and Captain Haddock with Professor Calculus are traveling to Sydney, but as usually they get in trouble and they find themselves prisoners of their old enemy Mr Rastapopoulos on an Indonesian island This issue has a bit of science fiction and paranormal influences and even promotes the idea of communication between the extra terrestrial and the humans The central mystery is essentially left unresolved Poor Snow, in this issue it fell in a lake with turbulent waters and was sav [...]

    6. Et il y a des gens qui voyagent pour leur plaisir Die sp teren B nde aus der Reihe werden oft von Leuten, die die Mondabenteuer oder die Schatzsuchegeschichten Tintins m gen, als verkopfte Sp twerke gesehen Mir pers nlich gefallen sie sehr, und, wenn Vol 714 auch bei weitem nicht so gut ist wie das brillante Les bijoux de la Castafiore, hat dieser Band doch einige Qualit ten, die ich loben will.Herg baute immer wieder gern mehr oder weniger aktuelles Zeitgeschehen in seine Werke ein, sei es der [...]

    7. Now this is a Tintin adventure It s got everything Death defying stunts, new and interesting characters, epic set pieces It really gives Tintin a chance to be his badass self, whereas in Castafiore Emerald he was mostly a side character He s got this particular quiet but confident and absolutely unhesitating sense of duty that is somewhat unique among heroes, and it really endears me to him.My favorite bit is towards the end, when view spoiler they re escaping the volcano and realize Calculus is [...]

    8. Darker than most of Tintin s adventures, but it fares better than The Castafiore Emerald and Tintin and the Picaros, both of which have less the spark of the earlier stories That spark is very much alive in Flight 714 When I was younger I must have found Mr Carriedas, the target of the plot s hijacking, despicable, and his awfulness diminished my enjoyment of the book And though he s a horrible man with no redeeming characteristics, I can now better appreciate the fun Herge has with this monstro [...]

    9. what a lot of evily ingenious plots but they are surely not going to work when Tintin is in them unless they are his.is book also has a come back of a old friend read the book to find out Hmmm how many times have I read this You just cant get enough of Tintin He never fails to please.

    10. This was the last book i read and found out it is not bad at first you dont enjoy but after some while it became enjoyable cool book

    11. 10, 20, 50, 100 Stars Loved this one The was Herg at his best Futuristic, really well drawn, the story was great, really good intro and character presentation, not predictable at all SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS Aliens Yeah you read it right, Aliens are mentioned in this comic book Well you don t actually see the aliens but that is the awesomeness of it The story talks about aliens, embrace the idea of communication between humans and aliens and even show alien technology At the end you s [...]

    12. Tintin s adventures are pure fun There s always action, adventure, and humor These comics definitely have an Indiana Jones feel to them though they predate those movies by several decades I love the friendship between Tintin, Captain Haddock, and Professor Calculus I also like that other characters from previous comics make appearances in this one I did miss Thompson and Thomson though They re probably the funniest A very enjoyable adventure.

    13. As the first Tintin to read ever, I think it s ok, can t judge by comparing it to other comics, since I m not a big comics fan For me it s a little long for a comic, had to read it on 3 shots because I couldn t complete it on one shot But it has some funny instances here and there but I don t think I ll pursue another Tintin in the near future.

    14. Part 22 of my big re read of the whole Tintin canon after decades I had not read this one before,.This is the usual type of Tintin adventure involving a journey, villains, a jailbreak except for the very weird scene view spoiler with the UFO hide spoiler towards the end.Verdict Okay.

    15. Flight 714 is definitely a very good Tintin adventure Though not as exciting as the Black Island, and not as peculiar as the Shooting Star, 714 finds a nice middle ground, starting as a hijackers adventure comic book, and ending with literal alien abductions If not for Rastapopoulos as the villain, the escapade would not have been as memorable 4 5

    16. En ole Tinttej aikaisemmin lukenut erityisen intensiivisesti, joten t m oli uusi tuttavuus ja varsin positiivinen lukukokemus Hauska, salaper inen seikkailu ja mieleeni tuli et isesti er s lento 815 Sydney , joka katosi pienelle saarelle T m oli hupsua ja viihdytt v.

    17. Kalkyl kan f vem som helst att skratta, t o m mannen som aldrig skrattar Annars r albumet inte bland de b sta.

    18. And this time it s a storyline with extraterrestrials I guess the world was looking for it at that time Nonetheless, this masterpiece is a whole package.

    19. I never read Tintin for realism but the direction the plot took towards the end may have been a step too far for me I still enjoyed it though.

    20. This book is very adventurous It gives readers a sense of reality, with a touch of fiction It also gives a message that everyone should be fair and just, and not be greedy.

    21. Continuing my way through Tintin s adventures This one is the 22nd book of Tintin s adventures.This one, hoo boy, I m not sure I can say anything about this one without giving anything away but I ll try.Tintin and co are accidentally sort of unwillingly pulled onto a millionaires plane to travel with him all the way to a convention in Sydney On the way there the plane is forcibly stolen by a recurring villain and our group here has to escape from them while stuck on this teeny island in the midd [...]

    22. Spoilers for those who have not read the book One of my favorite Tintin books I love the hint of sci fi, and the reappearance of Skut, the Estonian pilot It s fun to see the recurring baddies Allan and Rastapopolous, and see how Herge ultimately humiliates them The Wait for me Allan Allan, wait Don t go so fast at the end is particularly enjoyable.We get some new characters Mr Carreidas, the millionaire who doesn t laugh, and his slimy secretary Spalding And Dr Krollspell is right out of a Nazi [...]

    23. A good amount to like about this one, particularly the artwork Quickly shifting locales gave Herge a good amount to invent, and the color palates used, particularly in the erupting volcano section, are great But there s a good amount that s just strange Krollspell and Rastapopoulos s character designs are bizarre, the former s especially, and don t mesh well with Tintin and Capt Haddock s, and to a lesser extent Calculus s, classic, and older, designs The adventure is going pretty well until th [...]

    24. I recently finished re reading Flight 714 to Sydney after a long time.Flight 714 to Sydney keeps up the humor element throughout the story added to being a unique adventure different from the others in the Tintin series, because of it s extra terrestrial dimension.The introduction of Carreidas and the experience of the characters on the island involves non stop humor, even as an interesting adventure progresses.It is one of the informative albums of the series with the comic element going.The s [...]

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