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Class Matters #2020

Class Matters The acclaimed New York Times series on social class in America and its implications for the way we live our lives We Americans have long thought of ourselves as unburdened by class distinctions We hav

  • Title: Class Matters
  • Author: The New York Times Bill Keller
  • ISBN: 9780805080551
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Class Matters By The New York Times Bill Keller, The acclaimed New York Times series on social class in America and its implications for the way we live our lives We Americans have long thought of ourselves as unburdened by class distinctions We have no hereditary aristocracy or landed gentry, and even the poorest among us feel that they can become rich through education, hard work, or sheer gumption And yet social claThe acclaimed New York Times series on social class in America and its implications for the way we live our lives We Americans have long thought of ourselves as unburdened by class distinctions We have no hereditary aristocracy or landed gentry, and even the poorest among us feel that they can become rich through education, hard work, or sheer gumption And yet social class remains a powerful force in American life In Class Matters, a team of New York Times reporters explores the ways in which class defined as a combination of income, education, wealth, and occupation influences destiny in a society that likes to think of itself as a land of opportunity We meet individuals in Kentucky and Chicago who have used education to lift themselves out of poverty and others in Virginia and Washington whose lack of education holds them back We meet an upper middle class family in Georgia who moves to a different town every few years, and the newly rich in Nantucket whose mega mansions have driven out the longstanding residents And we see how class disparities manifest themselves at the doctor s office and at the marriage altar For anyone concerned about the future of the American dream, Class Matters is truly essential reading Class Matters is a beautifully reported, deeply disturbing, portrait of a society bent out of shape by harsh inequalities Read it and see how you fit into the problem or better yet the solution Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed and Bait and Switch

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    1 thought on “Class Matters

    1. Class MattersJust like George Orwell, I am from the upper lower middle class This book is a reprint of a series of New York Times articles about class in America These articles were published during May June 2005, so they don t have the trauma of the 2008 Don t Call It A Depression Please running through it One choice pre 2008 quote Banks, confident about measuring risk, now extend credit to low income families, so that owning a home no longer evidence that someone is middle class I ve read a l [...]

    2. This book is boring It seems to be written for the naive Americans that believe class doesn t matter but will they really even think of picking this book up I find the stories tedious They lose their power when filtered through a reporter and not told firsthand There are so many better ways to understand the lives of people who are in different classes from you Mostly, go out and meet them.I was hoping there would be a so what to this book Yes, class really does matter But simply pointing it out [...]

    3. If Gatsby were to come back today, he would come back as Donald Trump and would want a date not with Daisy but with Britney 200 So, parts of this book are now dated no pun intended , but overall, the information in this book is excellent and fascinating.

    4. I don t know The articles were published something like 12 years ago so, especially post recession, they feel a bit dated But it was fine I would have loved to have read a series of recent reporting.

    5. This book was my first in a recent exploration of class differences It was interesting, but since it was originally written by NYTimes reporters for a series of newspaper articles, it wasn t as meaty as I was hoping for The stats and research results were few Instead the reporters did the research, but substituted interviews and stories with people whom they saw as representative of the trends Fine for reporting, not as fine for social science.Main points One way to think of a person s position [...]

    6. For me, the book just really skimmed the surface when it came to the thoughts of the upper class, and really spent too much time on a select sample of the middle and lower class If you are going to write a book about why each class matters and the lifestyles of the varying levels of class, then you must include a balanced portrayal for each That is where this book fell short for me Even the surveys were so contradictory and too vague to get a clear picture of what class means to each individual [...]

    7. The kind of articles that really make you think It s hard to pinpoint what class really means, and how it changes due to where you live and over time There s a great chapter in here about a lawyer from Kentucky and how she doesn t feel like she fits into either the class she was born into or the class she s in now, and there s another great one about the new super wealthy on Nantucket It almost makes you sympathize with the old money people, crazy as that seems Oh, and there s another great bit [...]

    8. This book contains one of the most well written and clearest essays I have ever read, maybe in general but certainly depicting issues of class The article in question is about 3 people, of 3 classes, who each have a heart attack and the various factors that contribute to the success or lack thereof of the care they receive during and after It really pinpoints some major, often ignored issues of class, without demonizing any one group For example, it s clear that all 3 have doctors who care a lot [...]

    9. As a journalist, I think I enjoyed this than the average person, but the series of articles in this collection were eye opening It discussed class from health, relationship and career perspectives, but the major conclusion seemed to be Americans are not as able to attain a higher class than they once were My only problem was that it kept defining class as something than socioeconomical, but it never quite defined what else it might be, at least not clearly.

    10. Although it is now several years out of date, the patterns described in this book still hold true and the human faces it puts on people of all classes remain an engaging reminder of how much people have in common, no matter where they fall on the class scale It s not always pleasant reading the inequities described make even this lower middle class reader uncomfortably aware of her privileges and the statistical chapters can be dry even as they are informative but the education is worth the time [...]

    11. Class Matters Paperback by The New York Times from the libraryContents Shadowy lines that still divide Janny Scott, David Leonhardt Life at the top in America isn t just better, it s longer Janny Scott A marriage of unequals Tamar Lewin Up from the holler living in two worlds, at home in neither Tamar Lewin On a Christian mission to the top Laurie Goodstein, David D Kirkpatrick The college dropout boom David Leonhardt No degree, and no way back to the middle Timothy Egan Fifteen years on the bot [...]

    12. This book is depressing and distressing but some parts are quite enlighting and deserve special attention One of the messages in this book is that class is not just about money or power It is of a set of untangible resources that mostly come from within the family And this is why giving away money and scholarships to low income students just doesn t work and statistics show that these students quite often drop out from college in a early stage of their education Teaching values, setting of prio [...]

    13. This book shows the division between the social classes in America, and I feel it is very accurate It shows the devastating lifestyle of those in the lower class and how unlikely it is to find a decent job without a proper education or support from family It also shows the privileges those in the upper class receive and how much they exploit them without realizing how lucky they are Because this book is a compilation of articles, I felt that some of the authors were biased towards the lower clas [...]

    14. I think that I found the book interesting as it was my first time to read something concerned with Economics The book was so far clear to me, however, I found too much unfamiliar vocabulary It was easy to conclude from the first 3 5 stories what the book was talking about and what the reporters tried to illustrate The stories overall were enjoyable and detailed about the class distinctions I found the story of the 2 immigrants and Ms Whitiker who had 5 children from different fathers very true i [...]

    15. I thoroughly enjoyed the analysis of class consciousness The journalistic writing is on par, as well does an excellent job of illustrating the various class structures within America society I enjoy how the book didn t have a political bias and presented the destruction of class consciousness in American society informing and education its audience I hope that social scientist will publish accessible representation of class mobility on a yearly basis.

    16. This book is a collection of essays by correspondents of The New York Times exploring how issues such as health care and education plays a part in ones place in society Very eye opening In one chapter, the college dropout boom is explored and evidence is given how this affects ones social mobility and chances to move ahead This book was read for a college English Composition class.

    17. I will be forever grateful for having read this book Ahhh it was a relief and a satisfaction to enjoy, learn from and read good journalism The writers explore, and intelligently and thoroughly report on different aspects of social class in America Many of the chapters were things I d observed for myself as we ve moved around over the years or just being the amateur sociologist that I am but I wondered about the import of them, or wondered if I was accurate in my observations Or, I didn t know ho [...]

    18. This review is from Class Matters Paperback This book was required summer reading my son s rising sopho year I was thrilled he was being asked to read a nonfiction book, as fiction dominates the high school curriculum The SAT is almost all based on nonfiction, so I don t know why students aren t being prepared to understand and evaluate nonfiction.The chapters in this book alternate between stories of individual Americans and statistics heavy essays identifying and analyzing trends affecting the [...]

    19. Class Matters New York Times CorrespondentsClass Matters examines the effects of social class on the lives of people living in the US The book is a compilation of articles by correspondents to the New York Times and is written in an easy to read, newspaper style which I suppose means it s suitable for anyone with a 6th grade education.A core tenet of the American mythology is this idea that if you work hard and get a good education you will succeed Control over one s socio economic class is a po [...]

    20. I liked this than I thought I would and it was a good follow up to Special Topics in Calamity Physics, which any fiction book would be a poor second fiddle.NYT reporters researched several facets of class and found out that it s harder than it used to be for poorer folks to leap up to middle or upper class I especially liked the stories of Angela and her children as well as the state of higher education The latter talks about how upper class students think they must work really hard if they hav [...]

    21. Interesting reportage on class, though a bit dated now it s from 2005 The US uses money as a substitute for class, but it s kind of a vicious cycle class determines how you think about or behave with money, and if you don t act responsibly with money, you don t acquire it and remain trapped in the class that your income level defines or slip even lower The piece about Nantucket in particular illustrated how people aren t defined by class, they re defined by money The book probably should have be [...]

    22. This book provides a good introduction to class issues, offering the reader an entry point that focuses on stories of the lives of people from different class experiences in the USA The essay that compares three heart attack survivors access to health care based on their class status and how that affected their health outcomes was particularly powerful I would like liked to see attention given to the ways in which gender and race intersect with class it seemed like the book almost went out of i [...]

    23. Class Matters explores income, social class, wealth s causal factors, social class mobility, the reality of the American Dream, old versus new money, class distinctions, types of neighborhoods and enclaves, mixed class marriages, tax policy and the rapidly growing wealth disparity and I especially liked the chapter, Old Nantucket Warily Meets the New This book provides insight into the very poor to the ber rich and everything in between It is a fascinating look into social class in America Each [...]

    24. Great collection of stories on how notions of class impact so much in this country Class does not get the credit it deserves in this country as a divider, we seem to focus on race and on sex I read many of these stories in the NY Times before they appeared here, but the book was very interesting, well worth owning.A couple nuggets I had that I wanted to remember From 1950 to 1970, for every additional dollar earned by the bottom 90 percent,those in the top.01% earned an additional 162, accordin [...]

    25. Whomever wrote the book is a talented writer They introduce the complexities of defining class in contemporary American society from multiple perspectives and survey data in 2005 The book s research is dated for sure, but still offers insight into the myriad levels of class in America, using race, inheritance, education and job type, income and assets, and various other indicators The stories are intriguing till the very end Unfortunately, the end really was a dud there was no call to action and [...]

    26. Fans of anthology reading, particularly memoir personal is political style writing will probably enjoy this, but agree with the commenter who said that this doesn t exactly break any new ground If you ve never thought about class in America, this might shake you up, but for those of us who have, it was a bit boring and I ll admit to having skimmed some of the boring essays Also, a mere 4 years after it was published, it is starting to appear a bit dated In particular the essay where the authors [...]

    27. All of the articles were very interesting and I could relate to some of the stories Some of the articles opened my eyes to the economic classes and how different they really are One of my favorite chapters is chapter 2 Life at the Top in America Isn t Just Better, It s Longer Never before have I thought that wealth affects how well you are treated medically Of course I know that a poor person will get less care than a wealthy person, but I never thought that the higher class and the middle class [...]

    28. I was extremely pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this collection of articles from The New York Time I found each article well written and filled with information conveyed in an in interesting manner I had not given much thought to my own class status or what that means in my life, and this book sort of shook me into confronting where I ve been and where I am know, and the consequences of those two things for my life It added a new way of thinking about my social society for me [...]

    29. I come from an area of extreme rural poverty and have climbed to a position as a Middle School teacher However, it took me until my late 40 s to finish my MBA, and certification, that allowed me to have this job In my gut I know I am holding on to a normal existence by a thread That insecurity that comes from poverty never lets go The stories in the book were compelling While they were not my own, I could easily relate That being said, I do not know who the book was for The people around me, who [...]

    30. A thought provoking collection of essays by New York Times journalists, written in 2005 on various interpretations of class in America By examining education, social status, race, and other indicators, these reporters paint a compelling picture of the ever widening gap between the very rich, the very poor, and the disappearing middle class Not all of these articles are surprising in fact, some may be exactly what you d expect but several, especially those regarding education and the ways in whic [...]

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