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Starship Troopers (Old Edition) #2020

Starship Troopers Old Edition It is told through the eyes of Starship Trooper Johnny Rico from his idealistic enlistment in the infantry of the future through his rigorous training to the command of his own platoon of infantryme

  • Title: Starship Troopers (Old Edition)
  • Author: Robert A. Heinlein
  • ISBN: 9780340837931
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • Starship Troopers (Old Edition) By Robert A. Heinlein, It is told through the eyes of Starship Trooper Johnny Rico, from his idealistic enlistment in the infantry of the future, through his rigorous training to the command of his own platoon of infantrymen His destiny is a galactic war of unlimited violence and destruction, in which he and his fellow troopers scour the metal strewn emptiness of space to hunt down a terrifyingIt is told through the eyes of Starship Trooper Johnny Rico, from his idealistic enlistment in the infantry of the future, through his rigorous training to the command of his own platoon of infantrymen His destiny is a galactic war of unlimited violence and destruction, in which he and his fellow troopers scour the metal strewn emptiness of space to hunt down a terrifying enemy an insect life form which threatens the very future of mankind About The Author Robert Anson Heinlein was born on July 7, 1907 in Butler, Mo The son of Rex Ivar and Bam Lyle Heinlein, Robert Heinlein had two older brothers, one younger brother, and three younger sisters Moving to Kansas City, Mo at a young age, Heinlein graduated from Central High School in 1924 and attended one year of college at Kansas City Community College Following in his older brother s footsteps, Heinlein entered the Navel Academy in 1925 After contracting pulmonary tuberculosis, of which he was later cured, Heinlein retired from the Navy and married Leslyn Macdonald Heinlein was said to have held jobs in real estate and photography, before he began working as a staff writer for Upton Sinclair s EPIC News in 1938 Still needing money desperately, Heinlein entered a writing contest sponsored by the science fiction magazine Thrilling Wonder Stories Heinlein wrote and submitted the story Life Line, which went on to win the contest This guaranteed Heinlein a future in writing Using his real name and the pen names Caleb Saunders, Anson MacDonald, Lyle Monroe, John Riverside, and Simon York, Heinlein wrote numerous novels including For Us the Living, Methuselah s Children, and Starship Troopers, which was adapted into a big budget film for Tri Star Pictures in 1997 Heinlein died in 1988 from emphysema and other related health problems Heinlein s remains were scattered from the stern of a Navy warship off the coast of California.

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    1. My first impulse is to dismiss it as an appalling piece of militaristic propaganda, whose one saving grace is that it s at least much better than the movie But that wouldn t be doing the book justice With all its faults, I simply loved it as a 14 year old, and I m in no way alone there Why is it so fascinating Let me start by dismissing a couple of possible theories One reviewer wonders if it s deadpan satire I suppose, when you see some of Heinlein s later books Stranger in a Strange Land, 1961 [...]

    2. I first read this back in early high school, maybe 26 30 years ago, and over time my memory of the book had been diluted by memories of the film and by thoughts of a similar Hugo award winning novel, The Forever War by Joe Haldeman I m glad that I re visited this one, because in the 30 years since I first read it, I changed I became a husband and a father, and significant to my appreciation of this work, went to boot camp, OCS, and Iraq From this new perspective, I think I understand and value H [...]

    3. Starship Troopers is listed amongst the recommended books by the United States Air Force for a reason For those who plan on pursuing a military career, this book exhibits the very ideals upon which our current military standards are based Camaraderie, Sacrifice, and Responsibility are than mere words to the protagonist The distinction between a fighting man and a soldier is made The distinction between a superior rank and a true officer is made Johnny Rico is a soldier in than merely name, and [...]

    4. I first read Starship Troopers as an impressionable teenager My dad had a lot of SF books around the house, particularly Heinlein s, and I read most of them, except the especially sexy ones that he hid from me I read several of them later and hated them But that s a different story And I have vague memories of liking this book a lot So when I decided to reread it as an adult, I was expecting some old fashioned shoot up the aliens classic pulp SF, like, say, The Puppet Masters What I got was a lo [...]

    5. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Nothing of value is free Even the breath of life is purchased at birth only through gasping effort and pain Since NPH is one of the reasons Starship Troopers remains a favorite film of mine, I think I ll let him express my sentiments on the paper version I need to realize that sometimes it s okay to not read the book Starship Troopers is such a cult classic it s just soooooo bad that it somehow became great The book, on the other hand Well it clearly insp [...]

    6. Where do I even begin For starters, I should let the reader know that I m not basing my score on the politics of the book as laughable as I think they are but on the plot of the book, or rather the complete lack of a plot in the book While things do happen, some of them pretty big, Mr Heinlein has seen fit that we should not be party to any of those things Instead, he saves the most loving descriptions for daily life at boot camp Seventy, yes seventy, pages of a two hundred odd page book are ded [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book greatly While I certainly can t be said to agree with Heinlein on every aspect of life, politics, or theologyI do appreciate where he s coming from in this book Remember it s a 1959 book, before the idiotic handling of Vietnam became apparent There are thought provoking ideas in this book even if it is considered a YA book Agree or disagree, it s a good read By the way, I must say this It s often actually often than not true that a movie doesn t live up to the book In this c [...]

    8. Big nasty communist spiders are attacking Earth and all the planets it has colonized It s a battle between man and bug, and who is to save us I ll tell you who Guys with really fucking big guns, that s who With spacesuits that make it so they can jump over buildings, and deflect bullets, and drop from spaceships to the surface of planets without getting hurt That s who These guys get dropped onto planets with their spacesuits and their big guns, and they can incinerate some little brown people l [...]

    9. What do you mean They cut the power How could they cut the power man they re animals Aliens sure it s the wrong movie, but a cool quote nevertheless The book has very little in common with the movie The film is something that is ubiquitous on cable You can probably see the entire thing in snippets just by changing the channels over the course of a year In both the film and book, the soldiers battle big bug thingies The book is only bookended with battle sequences, the rest is training and talk T [...]

    10. The first book that I read by Robert Heinlein turned out to be a surprise in than one way I picked it because it seemed to be the short and fun story among them, and saved his other famous works for later.The problem with many classics is that they are painfully tedious The problem with many science fiction novels is that they are mindless entertainment in space Starship Troopers is neither of these things It is way entertaining than the average classic and way smarter than the average sci fi [...]

    11. Starship Troopers, Robert A HeinleinStarship Troopers is a military science fiction novel by U.S writer Robert A Heinlein Written in a few weeks in reaction to the U.S suspending nuclear tests, the story was first published as a two part serial in The Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction as Starship Soldier, and published as a book by G P Putnam s Sons in December 1959 The story is set in a future society ruled by a world government dominated by a military elite The first person narrative follows [...]

    12. Chock a block full of gung ho jingoism, narrow minded fascist pipe dreams, and casual descriptions of institutional dehumanization as well as violence.cally everything you would expect from a book written in the perspective of a futuristic jarhead I have never read a book in which I agreed with so little, but loved so much.

    13. When I say that Starship Troppers is a novel that has had a profound influence on me, most people look at me like I m crazy If they haven t read it themselves, I can see why it might not seem too promising, especially if one isn t a SF fan to start with Nevertheless, I must stand my ground here I ve read this novel a number of times now and one doesn t reread a novel that many times for no reason This novel functions wonderfully on many levels In my opinion that is what makes it so great It work [...]

    14. This was terrible and not interesting at all This book is for people who are interested in the nuances of military training and organization and did not feel like classic science fiction to me I guess technically it takes place in the future and in space but this is such a minor part of the book that it shouldn t really fall into the sci fi category As I entered the last 50 pages, I seriously considered stopping reading I was confused by the military ranks and didn t care about any of the charac [...]

    15. If you have seen the movie forget it Besides the names, it shares very little with RAH s study on why free men subject themselves to a loss of freedom in order to ensure freedom for others.This book greatly influenced me when I was a boy and it still colors my thinking today 35 years later.This should be on the reading lists of every high schoolTERNOTE I would like to correct what appears to be a common misconception about the society described in Heinlein s book YOU DID NOT HAVE TO BE A MILITAR [...]

    16. Against his family s wishes, Juan Johnnie Rico joins the Mobile Infantry and the war against the Bugs Will he make it out alive Yeah, I don t really know what to think about this book I picked it up solely because it was an inspiration for one of my favorite books, Old Man s War by John Scalzi While the writing was very good, there was never an I can t put it down moment I d say ninety percent of the book was Juan Rico s military life There wasn t a lot of action until the end.I liked the univer [...]

    17. I started reading sci fi quite intensively in the 80s as if my life depended on it and if you had asked me at the time who my favorite of the Big Three of Science Fiction is I would have said Robert A Heinlein He was, I thought, the funniest, the liveliest, the least dry, and basically the most badass of the Three In recent years have been re reading a lot of classic sci fi and my answer today would be different I would place Isaac Asimov first then Arthur C Clarke and Heinlein would be trailing [...]

    18. No doubt that if you re looking at this review, you have probably seen the movie of the same namet a bad movie, but not a good one either I read this one in high school after having seen a green placard on I 90 that said Movie Location STARSHIP TROOPERS I thought that was pretty coolt many cool things happen in South Dakota, so having a pretty descent I thought at the time movie shot in our Badlands made me even interested in the book Sometime later, I bought a copy at a used bookstore From the [...]

    19. Robert A Heinlein s Starship Troopers did nothing for me Its cover advertises controversy and boasts of the exciting journey of Johnnie Rico through the intergalactic military camp of the future It sounded promising unfortunately, I was not awed or entertained If anything, I was pleased the novel was a quick read so that I could readily set it aside.To follow a character through the ups and downs of boot camp and warfare and to revel in his victories and sympathize with his failings, it s nearl [...]

    20. Starship Troopers is a Military Science Fiction classic It is also a cheesy movie I watched the movie on Netflix, and then read the book I m happy to report that the book is much, much better than the movie.The story follows Rico, a generic soldier in the Terran Infantry in the lead up to and the full fledged explosion of war against the alien bug species The aliens are kind of like ants in that there is a Queen and a vast army or soldier and worker bugs dedicated to a specific role These roles [...]

    21. I watched Starship Troopers first I found it amusing, gory, action based and fluffy When I read the book I wondered if the directer script writer had read the same one I had Turns out that he never finished this book and made the story up as he saw fit Suddenly everything made sense to me.As far as pacing and plot go, you won t find any of that here There isn t much of a plot to this book and the story arc, so to speak, is like a low lying limbo poll Straight and short What I absolutely loved a [...]

    22. This book is controversial Says so right there on the cover The Controversial Classic of Military Adventure A quick look at its page seems to support this, claiming that the book has been criticized for its literary merit, its support of the military, up to and including fascism, racism, utopianism, and gods knows what else What is certainly true is that it s a book that is guaranteed to make someone, somewhere very angry.In the unspecified future, humanity has taken to the stars In our efforts [...]

    23. I had been meaning to read this for a while, and am glad I finally got around to it I have a bunch of unrelated thoughts, which I ll just list below in no particular order of importance I m sure I am not the first to note this, but Starship Troopers is nothing like the 90s movie that shares its name not in plot, tone, or any other respect, other than a few of the main characters names being left unchanged The book is far, far superior This book was very far ahead of its time, in terms of sci fi [...]

    24. If you re expecting a carbon copy of the movie in print form, you re in for a bit of a surprise Heinlein was one of the greatest science fiction writers of his time, possibly one of the best ever not the sort to write the cheesy jokes and poor dialogue the Hollywood version spouts Don t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy the film, as an action adventure film, but the novel from which it derives is a much better piece of work.The writing in this book is very technical Though told from a first perso [...]

    25. Well, goodness, this was nothing like the movie at all I came here for Diz And I came here for giant bugs Technically, both those things were in the book, albeit briefly, and I m not totally hating on it for not being the movie There were good things about the book, but I think the movie did a better job of streamlining it and pulling out the parts that are important to me namely, character development Heinlein s story follows Juan Johnnie Rico as he joins and trains for the mobile infantry in t [...]

    26. Without a doubt Starship Troopers is immersive The book takes you deep inside its subject matter and over loading you with minutiae and the day to day It s just that the world it immersed me in was one I really didn t want to be in.Essentially a love letter to soldiering and the soldier, with space marines representing all that is good about Man and Mankind in the most gung ho, no compromise fashion imaginable If you re someone who buys military magazines each month or even Commando comics and s [...]

    27. This is one of the books on the Navy Reading List, and since there was a copy of it lying around the office I started reading it one day, got interested by it, and ending up buying a copy to finish it Basically, this is one of those books that s interesting so then it is good, in my opinion A couple of quick notes on the book First of all, even though this seems like a Science Fiction novel, it really is a military book You could easily get rid of all of the science fiction elements of the book [...]

    28. Sorry, I just didn t like it I m not knocking Heinlein s skills as a writer The one thing he does very, very well here is to make the main character s voice realistic Reading this book feels exactly like sitting down to several long conversations with a combat veteran The way he describes military service is likewise very realistic That said, I found myself bored by the near total lack of action The vast majority of this book is nothing by military training, which in most ways are absolutely ide [...]

    29. At the moment I m 1 month through my 4 month basic training program in the army I volunteered for this, and when the 4 months are up I can continue with my life as though nothing has happened But something has happened I have, basically, been taught to kill, to fight, to function as decent soldier And it puzzles me how we can teach young men and women how to do these things, and not at the same time teach them about morals, about ethics and about knowing what s right and wrong I say teach, in re [...]

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