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Almuric #2020

Almuric Demon Rulers of a Savage Planet When Esau Cairn was sent across space to the demon haunted planet of Almuric he knew nothing of his destination Almuric the secret discovery of the scientist who had

  • Title: Almuric
  • Author: Robert E. Howard
  • ISBN: 9780722147177
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • Almuric By Robert E. Howard, Demon Rulers of a Savage Planet When Esau Cairn was sent across space to the demon haunted planet of Almuric, he knew nothing of his destination Almuric, the secret discovery of the scientist who had invented the space transition machine, was a hell world of strange and terrible beings, of savages and swordsmen, of winged monsters and incredible mysteries.The story of howDemon Rulers of a Savage Planet When Esau Cairn was sent across space to the demon haunted planet of Almuric, he knew nothing of his destination Almuric, the secret discovery of the scientist who had invented the space transition machine, was a hell world of strange and terrible beings, of savages and swordsmen, of winged monsters and incredible mysteries.The story of how Esau, alone on Almuric with nothing but his wits and his muscles to protect him, faced the planet s worst perils to make himself its master and monarch is an epic of heroic fantasy.Here is a classic saga of unearthly adventure by the mighty creator of CONAN Cover Illustration Chris Achilleos

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    1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsWhenever I write a review on a Robert E Howard story, I always like to begin by tipping my proverbial hat to this master of pulp fiction In just 10 years, Howard penned approximately 300 short stories, two novels and countless poems featuring numerous characters in a wide variety of genres, including heroic fantasy, western, horror, historical and humor While Conan the Barbarian might be his most famous creation, he was a prolific creators who dreamed up [...]

    2. I m being generous in my rating Really, the book doesn t deserve than a 1.5, a 1.75 at most I don t think I could have finished it if it had been much longer than the 100 or so pages in my edition I downloaded it from s Kindle Store but I can t stand not having a book cover so I m archiving it under this edition.Almuric is about a character, the Earthman Esau Cairn, and a setting that obviously didn t inspire Howard much, though the theme of barbarism being infinitely superior to civilization y [...]

    3. It is truly remarkable how much work pulp author Robert E Howard managed to accomplish during his brief 30 years of life Indeed, a look at his bibliography, on a certain Wiki site, should surely flabbergast any reader who knows the Texan writer only as the creator of Conan the Cimmerian, King Kull, Bran Mak Morn, Solomon Kane and, essentially, the entire genre known as Sword Sorcery Hundreds upon hundreds of titles can be found there, in such variegated categories as boxing, Westerns, Oriental e [...]

    4. Almuric, Barbar Conan efsanesiyle tan d m z yazar Robert E Howard n 1939 y l nda nl Weird Tales dergisi i in kaleme alm oldu u b l ml k bir bilimkurgu.Kitap d nyada arad n bulamayan ve siyasi mekanizman n buyruklar na alet olmay reddeden insan azman bir varl n, Esau Cairn in hik yesini konu al yor nsanlar aras nda bir ucube olarak an lan ve nereye giderse gitsin d nya zerinde bu t r yak t rmalardan kurtulamayan bir ki inin yk s n dinliyoruz.Sonunda onun durumunu fark eden bir profes rden, kendi [...]

    5. This was Howard s entry into the Sword and Planet field established by Burroughs with his John Carter books Howard puts his own unique spin on the subgenre However, there s pretty good evidence that Howard didn t actually write the last chapter and there is some mystery as to who completed the novel.There are several editions of this novel available, including a hardback version.

    6. Ahhh Almuric As far as I know this is the only full length novel of Howard s that off the top of my head I can think of While in general I prefer his short stories as the compacted space seemed to better fit his unique style Almuric is by no means a bad book Quite the opposite in fact While it s pretty clear that Howard was heavily inspired by Burroughs EXCELLENT Barsoom books he does manage to add his own unique style and twist Enough so that the book holds up as a solidly entertaining read and [...]

    7. R E Howard is my favorite writer regarding action stories I have not found any other author who surpasses him in vivid, dynamic description of actions, done with a sense of rhythm and character coherence When he writes about a character, it becomes recognizable and memorable in its own way Even if the name itself does not stick, the depiction lives on Howard wrote pulp fiction, weird fiction, and he delivered with a touch of a primal sensibility outside our modern times Primeval, delivering an e [...]

    8. Esau Cairn has a rather nebulous background, working as an enforcer for a criminal boss When he kills his employer in self defense or was it murder,is he a hood or a good guy Cairn goes on the lam and befriends Professor Hilderbrand.Who has just invented a device that can transport humans to an unknown planet, in a distant solar system.The scientist calls it Almuric,he asks Escau if he wants to go there What has the fugitive got to lose Hilderbrand isn t risking his own neck After warning the vo [...]

    9. This lively sci fi offering from Robert E Howard is one of the few novel length works he wrote I can only think of the single Conan feature length adventure being comparable to the length of this story As a stand alone adventure, it s a decent piece of writing, absolutely jam packed with the kind of thrilling adventure and chaotic battle scenes that Howard made his own The prose is simple and evocative, the descriptions of the alien planet fully engaging It s clear that the books of Edgar Rice B [...]

    10. If you ve read any of Robert E Howard s sword and sorcery or horror stories but not Almuric, then probably the only thing that will be unfamiliar is the setting not the Hyborian Age, nor Southern Gothic or Cthulhu mythos, but rather another planet, possibly in another dimension Now, if that sounds like faint praise, or even criticism, it isn t meant to be Howard was very, very good at what he did, and this is an excellent example of his work.The people and places on Almuric are savage and exotic [...]

    11. I really, really, really wanted this book, but in hindsight somewhat regret paying full price.This is the story you d get if you were to somehow mix H.P Lovecraft and Edgar Rice Burroughs a falling civilization on a primal world, with dark menaces just out of the torchlight.The casual racism and chauvanism were disconcerting.

    12. Edici n Miraguano Ediciones Pulp en estado puro El viaje del h roe paso a paso.Historia llena de adjetivos que pretenden describir con m s fuerza y el resultado es todo lo contrario Traducci n horrible.

    13. Pre Review Started reading this while waiting for Nic to get his hair cut Still thinking about it now MUST FINISH BOOK Urg, Howard, how do you do this to me I just love your words As my pre review states, I started this book on a whim It was hot, I was bored, and I had forgotten to bring a book with me Yes, yes Don t worry it won t happen again Ahem Back to the point.Anyway, I started reading it because A I love HowardAnd that s probably the only reason I ever need for anything.Before I actually [...]

    14. My long nightmare is over I ve finished this truly awful book I think it s time for a dose of something girly, perhaps the one Jane Austen I ve not re read over the past three or four years.Esau Cairn is basically a brute, someone who is strong as an ox and also someone who has no self control Wherever he goes, mayhem is sure to be present It s not really his fault, he s just a manly man, perhaps the manliest of all men Other people contrive to piss him off, thereby bringing mayhem upon themsel [...]

    15. Pretty standard sword and planet fare from the creator of Conan Esau Cairn, on the run for accidentally killing a man, jumps through some Science device, landing on the planet Almuric There, he has monsters to kill, barbarians to impress, and a princess to win When she s captured by the planet s rulers, a foul race of winged humanoids, you know Cairn isn t going to stand for that.Almuric had a very sketchy history, an unfinished novel draft published after Howard s death, and there s a lot of sp [...]

    16. I found this short 150 ebook pages novella very enjoyable It s almost an exploration of tropes, and while that has apparently turned some people off, I liked the way the narrator protagonist reflects on the state of man on Earth and on Almuric, I liked his treatment of the issue of feminism, and I liked how although he tries to find good humanity in the various races of Almuric, sometimes evil is evil for evil s sake and that s all there is to it Solid writing from Howard, and at this length wit [...]

    17. I hate giving REH such a low rating as he is one of my favorite writers and there were flashes of potential in Almuric However, this just isn t on the same level as Conan, Solomon Kane, Kull, etc.Like the Barsoom novels, Almuric suffered from too much telling and not enough showing, as well as a lack of characterization of the non POV characters It also seemed like REH tried to throw in too many bad guys monsters etc rather than focusing on one solid story arc As a result, the pacing was off.

    18. A relatively decent pulp adventure on another world, sort of REH s take on a John Carter like novel, filled with plenty of testosterone and blood.Fighter Esau Cairn is transported to another world in another galaxy where he battles fierce beasts, swarthy warriors, hyaena men, and demon like people He makes his way into im polite society and finds a young lady to love, but these activities are almost secondary to the unending violence encountered and dealt on the wild planet.It s fine The writing [...]

    19. Not Conan, and Howard s definitely stronger as a short story writer than a novelist, but still good fun and worth the read.

    20. One cannot appreciate this novel without first understanding several conditions First, the time period it was written must be taken into consideration This is also a pastiche of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom sword and planet or sword and laser adventure writing that was all the rage at the time Editors were paying for of the work like ERB, hoping to recapture that lightning in a bottle This was written in cliffhanger style chapters to be printed piecemeal in pulp magazines The final thing to [...]

    21. Robert E Howard s Almuric is one of his longer works but not one of his best in my view.One aspect that let this down for me includes a scene where the main character Esau overhears two of his antagonists discussing a matter that they would never wish for an enemy to learn about Problem with this is that in reality they d never say what the author has them say This otherwise great writer makes a classic mistake of using unrealistic dialogue to move the plot forward I won t quote anything here as [...]

    22. This book surprised me Being a huge Conan fan I wanted to try something else written by Robert E Howard, and was recommended by a friend to read Almuric The story takes place on a world many light years from earth The protaganist is transported there and immediately does battle with an alien who, for the first time in Esau Cairn s life is then a match for him in strength He still defeats the man Who seems like a hairy ape then a true human Thus begins Esau s life upon Almuric The book has much [...]

    23. Okay, I don t know when I originally read this book I just know it was sometime in high school Having become a huge Howard fan by reading, not surprising, the Conan material, I was always on the look out for , , Then Epic Illustrated started serializing this story.I was enthralled I had to find the book it was based on Going through book stores, new and used, I eventually found a copy, which I then devoured The prose was pure Howard, unrelenting, descriptive, clear The story, not an unfamiliar [...]

    24. Nepot eboval jsem um n , literaturu ani intelektu lstv Lovil jsem, krmil se a nap jel, bojoval ivot v Kothu, pln lovu, slavnost a pit piva a h dek mi vyhovoval tak, jako bych se pro n j narodil Klasick Howard, tedy n co mezi Vol n m divo iny, Kl mou a Burroughsem Tj oslava nezka en ho lov ka kdesi hluboko v n s, jen sv m pudov m jedn n m nezka en m civiliza n mi n vyky likviduje padouchy a divou zv , zachra uje krasavice p ed nebezpe m, podstupuje nejnebezpe n j kousky a p itom se k c kr lovstv [...]

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