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Nim's Island #2020

Nim s Island A girl An iguana An island And e mail Meet Nim a modern day Robinson Crusoe She can chop down bananas with a machete climb tall palm trees and start a fire with a piece of glass So she s not afraid

  • Title: Nim's Island
  • Author: Wendy Orr Kerry Millard
  • ISBN: 9780440418689
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nim's Island By Wendy Orr Kerry Millard, A girl An iguana An island And e mail Meet Nim a modern day Robinson Crusoe She can chop down bananas with a machete, climb tall palm trees, and start a fire with a piece of glass So she s not afraid when her scientist dad sails off to study plankton for three days, leaving her alone on their island Besides, it s not as if no one s looking after her she s got a seaA girl An iguana An island And e mail Meet Nim a modern day Robinson Crusoe She can chop down bananas with a machete, climb tall palm trees, and start a fire with a piece of glass So she s not afraid when her scientist dad sails off to study plankton for three days, leaving her alone on their island Besides, it s not as if no one s looking after her she s got a sea lion to mother her and an iguana for comic relief She also has an interesting new e mail pal But when her father s cell phone calls stop coming and disaster seems near, Nim has to be stronger and braver than she s ever been before.And she ll need all her friends to help her.

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      313 Wendy Orr Kerry Millard
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    1. This is one of several reviews I wrote for the late Secular Homeschooling Magazine We ran an article about homeschoolers in fiction, and I rated a lot of YA novels based on how good they were and how well they handled homeschooling Mostly, homeschoolers were hauled out as the reliable weirdos in story after story but it was still fun to do lots of reading and call it my job.So Nim s Island.Category Oceanic adventure unschooling.Summary Nim Rusoe lives with her scientist father Jack on a secret i [...]

    2. Omg I loved this This is what I wanted Pippi Longstocking to be but it wasn t Can t wait to read it in a couple of years with the munchkin.

    3. I read this book to my second graders and we all enjoyed it Even the boys liked it, which was a concern when I first pulled it out and overheard comments from some of them about it being a girl s book I guess anything with a girl as the main character qualifies as a girl s book The fact that she had a machete early on in the book seemed to help tremendously In my children s lit class a few years back, we discussed the fact that many beloved children s novels center around characters who have bee [...]

    4. I would give this book a hundred stars if I could I liked it because I am a girl who likes adventure, and it was about adventure.

    5. This is officially the last book in my 2017 Lite and Fluffy reading challenge I think a very young YA maybe even juvenile is the perfect ending I loved the movie Nim s Island it was fun and just the right amount of scary for young children The book was equally enjoyable and kept my attention I hope that doesn t say something negative about me It was just a good story.

    6. I read this book to my students Many of them were excited about the movie I tried to convince them that the movie we create in our heads when we read is better than the one we see when someone else creates it They loved it

    7. I loved the story and Nim as a character, she reminded me of Grace fromThe Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines But I found the constant e mails and cell phones mentioned to be very annoying, I hate cell phones and in a story that doesn t really need all that stuff, it seems out of place.

    8. I read this to my third graders Really perfect for their age group High vocabulary but not unreachable Very engaging story with plenty of female heroes

    9. A short but really fun and creative read.I wish I could live on this island, or at least have discovered this book when I was a kid.

    10. Nim s Island is an easy to read story about an incredible girl who becomes the hero of her own story.

    11. I read a book called Nim s Island by one of my new favorite authors named Wendy Orr It s about a girl named Nim Her mom and dad are scientists, and when Nim was 1 her mom went to study a whale s stomach Nim s mom was swallowed by the whale and never seen again Nim s dad decided to sail the ocean to look for the whale that swallowed his wife They sailed the ocean for 3 years, and then Nim s dad decided that Nim was ready to explore than just the small sailboat They stopped on a beautiful island [...]

    12. Some children s books are what I jokingly call wasted on children books so good that adults, too, will adore them J.K Rowling s Harry Potter series, The Book Thief, The Little Prince, The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, The Dumb Bunnies, Charlotte s Web, The Magic Thief, Just Grace But that doesn t apply to Wendy Orr s Nim s Island I m sure that there are 8 to 10 year olds who will savor this tale of a modern day The Swiss Family Robinson, but adults won t real [...]

    13. Nim s Island was a phenomenal,adventurous,and suspenseful book The amazing adventures Nim went through were scary and risky to Nim s life Throughout the story I felt as if I was climbing cliffs with her and going on great adventures with her I recommend this book to people who like suspenseful,adventurous, and books that keep you on the edge of your seat.I believe you should read this book mostly because the way Nim reacts to problems makes you wish you were there to experience the adventures wi [...]

    14. I listened to this audio book with you girls and we thoroughly enjoyed it A great adventure story of an independent girl and her animal friends Book much better than the movie

    15. 2017 I love reading this to my second graders every year When we finished today they clapped and are so excited to watch the movie because they love the book 3

    16. Also posted on my blog Got My Book An enchanting MG Contemporary FantasyBOOK DETAILS Nim s Island by Wendy Orr, read by Kate Reading, published by Blackstone Audio 2008 Length 2 hrs 25 minSERIES INFO This is Book 1 of 3 in the Nim series It is the only one available on audioMMARY It could be argued that this book is not really fantasy, it is just a book about a very imaginative little girl who is good with animals That s probably true but it reads like a fantasy than a straightforward contempor [...]

    17. This is a very sweet story of a simple girl called Nim She and her father live on an uncharted island and Nim helps her father Jack with his science experiments and research With Selkie and Fred tagging along for the fun.Orr has written this in such a beautiful way There are no sweeping descriptions of the island and panoramic like explanations They are detailed but short enough that do their job to create the perfect image In addition, the narration from each characters point of view keeps you [...]

    18. Delightfully fun adventure story In a palm tree, on an island, in the middle of the wide blue sea, was a girl first sentence That was what Nim called it, because soccer was the only ball game she d ever seen a picture of and because nobody else has ever thought of a name for a game with a girl, a sea lion, a turtle, and an iguana all trying to be the first to get a floating coconut to shore Chapter 6 Nim loved the ocean because it was always there, wherever she looked and as far as she could see [...]

    19. My 7 year old is obsessed with this book and its sequel I found it on a random booklist for 2nd graders and checked it out from the library Spot on Family friendly and age appropriate The movie cover version of this book didn t interest her that whole book cover judging thing but she did pick it up and MAN is it right up her alley so to speak She blew through it and read it over many times in the next couple of weeks while we waited for Nim at Sea to transfer to our library We watched the first [...]

    20. I picked this up mostly because I knew Wendy Orr lived in Australia, and I wanted to study some Australian voices It turned out to be the kind of book I love the kind that opens up a whole, vivid world inside your head, with relatively few words I kind of feel about the island like I feel about Narnia, and I m now actively avoiding the movie so as not to spoil that feeling Nim s a wonderful heroine Her favourite tool is a machete, her best friends are a sea lion and an iguana, and she s a charmi [...]

    21. I have a 6 year old son Every night, we read 3 stories to him For the last several years, one of those stories has been a chapter out of a chapter book So far, out of the chapter books we ve read, this one is our favorite It s exciting and adventurous, managing to keep the attention of both my kiddo AND me Nim and her father, Jack, live alone on a beautiful, tropical island, but for the length of the book, Jack is stuck out at sea The story is Nim s adventure on the island while Jack struggles t [...]

    22. My 3rd grader absolutely loved this book and her teacher gave her the opportunity to take the movie home to watch as a family this weekend It was really cool to see her be able to explain what was happening in the story and then watch her annoyance grow as the last third of the movie did not stay true to the book I told her it was the first of many experiences she d have in which the book is always better than the movie I promised I d read the book as well though so I could be involved in her bo [...]

    23. The fact that the heroine of this story has the same name as me kind of meant that I HAD to read it Don t be put off by the younger kids tag It made me laugh and hold my breath so many times that I couldn t put it down for two days I found myself imagining that I was the one climbing volcanoes, eating freshly picked coconuts for breakfast, and rescuing world famous authors from the ocean.If you ve seen the film, you MUST read the book Even so if you haven t It has wit, creativity, and plenty of [...]

    24. A fun read, with a heroine who is not only brave and resourceful, but helps a shy woman to develop her own inner resources It is entertaining and touching in parts, especially for girls and mothers, but I think plot relies heavily on technology which may eventually date the text Also, while it s good to see a girl who is an active hero in a story, the plot resolution really relied on underlying gender stereotypes This bothered me particularly as it was subtle and aimed at children.

    25. This book is delightful My ten year old daughter and I read it together, and it led us to explore coral reefs, frigate birds, green sea turtles, seaweed and kelp, and seahorses, leafy sea dragons, weedy sea dragons, and pipefish all members of the genus Hippocampus, which is the only genus where the male gives birth instead of the female It was a perfect book for a kiddo who is currently crazy about marine life It is a clever, exciting adventure with a happy ending.

    26. Mom note I really wish this had been better written The setting and the story line are fun and exciting The author has nice craft and can put together an excellent description, but on the whole it seemed like this story was phoned in and slapped together as quickly as possible.

    27. Wendy Orr is one of my favorite Children s authorsl.What can one say about Nim s Island, it s an engaging read, fun, exciting and a timeless classic.

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