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Judy's Journey #2020

Judy s Journey One of the author s series of regional books for children this is the story of a fierce tempered child of a migrant family that journeys from Alabama sharecropper shack in a desperate search for secu

  • Title: Judy's Journey
  • Author: Lois Lenski
  • ISBN: 9780440443032
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Judy's Journey By Lois Lenski, One of the author s series of regional books for children, this is the story of a fierce tempered child of a migrant family that journeys from Alabama sharecropper shack in a desperate search for security Fortunately, Judy has the good sense to learn something from each experience.

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      Lois Lenski

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    1. The value of a book is than the skill and creativity of the writer It encompasses the value that it is given by its readers A book has immeasurable value when it gives hope, comfort, and a sense of belonging to children.I can t review Judy s Journey objectively because of my love for it as a child Television was new then and I believed that it depicted a real world of perfect homes, fathers who always knew best, three perfect meals a day, and mothers who could hear and wore high heels Families [...]

    2. I do not believe that I shall ever read this book again but I give it five stars for the following reasons It was one of the most stirring, saddest, most raw portraits of childhood in America that I have ever read Lenski did not miss any angle in telling Judy s story which is the story of a child in a migrant family during the 1930 s in America This book will remain in my head for a long time to come the vivid imagery of the struggles of this child and her family brought me to tears multiple tim [...]

    3. I missed this one back when I was reading the list for 1947 It is the fourth volume in Lois Lenski s American Regional Series and I read it many times as a child Being published in the year of my birth and having my name in the title made it special to me But this book also had a large effect on my life Judy is the oldest child of a migrant worker family They follow the crops, live in a tent and are often hungry Judy longs to go to school and live in a real house Near the end of the book, the fa [...]

    4. This is a story of a very poor migrant family from Alabama that bought a truck and traveled from their home to Florida From Florida they went up the coast of the eastern states to New Jersey following the crops being harvested I had no idea there were so many people who lived like that I realize this book is old, but even as a slice of history, I didn t know about it The children and I read this and there s a fantastic map in the front that shows what was grown in which state and where it is in [...]

    5. Relentlessly sad, this is the story of another Pa not unlike Pa Ingalls A Pa who can t catch a break, who starts out a sharecropper and ends up midway through the book on his hands and knees with his eldest daughter, picking potatoes Judy s fierce and proud and smart, of course One assumes there will be a happy ending But the road is long and hard Not to mention dirty and humiliating Nicely done I just can t warm up to Lenski s illustrations Never have liked em Never will.

    6. Lois Lenski was one of my favorite authors from elementary school, and I decided to read one of her books for old times sake I was not disappointed Judy s Journey 1947 is about a sharecropper family from Alabama that gets thrown off their land and into the migrant worker way of life They have than their share of hardship during their journeys from job to job, but they learn a lot how to use a faucet , experience a lot eating their first apple and meet lots of people both good, bad and well inte [...]

    7. A little rough given our current family situation but interesting about a former share cropper turned migrant family following the harvest season along the east coast but funny that they live in a chicken coop at the end which made us all laugh Some political correctness editing since written in the 40 s But a newbery award winning author nonetheless for good writing.

    8. My favorite Lois Lenski book It still breaks my heart, and I ve gotten something new from it in every reread.

    9. Lois Lenski has a gift for helping the reader understand the emotions of her characters Judy is a young girl who desperately wants to go to school, but her family s poverty forces all of them to become migrant pickers Following the crops as they ripen, Judy meets lots of people very different from herself Published in 1947, the book uses the term colored to apply to black people, and segregation is evident throughout However, when the family is fortunate enough to arrive in a place where facilit [...]

    10. This is not as famous as Strawberry Girl , but it is a much better book, in my opinion Its heart is in the right place It is not mean spirited like Strawberry Girl could sometimes be This is about a white family that leaves their home actually owned by the wealthy landowner whom they work for and set out to make money in order to achieve their dream of owning their own land They find it difficult to get ahead, although it has a happy ending although probably very unlikely Nowadays it is mostly h [...]

    11. It s best to read Lois Lenski s Regions of America books as historical fiction the second quarter of the 20th century is far enough away to be historical When the cotton crop fails the Drummond family Judy, her parents, and her three siblings leave their sharecroppers shack in Alabama in an old jalopy They head to Florida where they camp out by the orange groves, then pick beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers Papa wants to work outside, not indoors in a cannery or a factory Going up the Atlantic coast [...]

    12. Surprisingly fun, and not surprisingly well done I ve enjoyed Lois Lenski s picture books, and I ve enjoyed her illustrations for other middle grade novels, and now I get to enjoy her own middle grade book.This book follows Judy and her family as they travel through various states looking for work to earn enough money to get a little farm of their own We see how easy it is to slip into the grind of just getting by, and how hard to work out of it But it is possible We also see that some families [...]

    13. I had no idea this was part of a series Judy s Journey is absolutely a favorite childhood book for me So much that my copy has just about fallen apart after many rereads Judy s adventures across America were intriguing to me as a child, when I loved reading historical fiction I was always fascinated by how different lives were from mine with several decades between us Here s to me not knowing, for the longest time, how to pronounce jalopy

    14. I got this book for Christmas when I was ten years old It changed the way I looked at the world I realized what a struggle life can be for so many people It has become one of my favourite books I read it to my own daughter when she was ten.

    15. A great book about how good we have it I did not read it to my kids, but still enjoyed it as an adult Childhood has not always been easy and I loved how Judy had authentic reactions that were not always perfect to her circumstances.

    16. I ve been reading these on my Kindle, as sadly, most of these are out of print As an adult, I m struck by the compassion Lenski shows, giving her subjects such quiet dignity I hope I can interest Henry in her books.

    17. Lunch time read aloud I enjoyed re reading this book, especially because in spite of all of the hard times that Judy s family faces, it ends happily

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