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Punk Rock and Trailer Parks #2020

Punk Rock and Trailer Parks Punk Rock Trailer Parks conjures up the oppressive insanity of growing up in a small town the day to day weirdness of the trailer parks tucked away therein the magic allure of sex and the necessary

  • Title: Punk Rock and Trailer Parks
  • Author: Derf Backderf
  • ISBN: 9781593621353
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Punk Rock and Trailer Parks By Derf Backderf, Punk Rock Trailer Parks conjures up the oppressive insanity of growing up in a small town, the day to day weirdness of the trailer parks tucked away therein, the magic allure of sex and the necessary comforts of friendship, the mystical power of the counter culture to turn outcasts into heroes and, most of all, the transcendant power of music, specifically the punk rPunk Rock Trailer Parks conjures up the oppressive insanity of growing up in a small town, the day to day weirdness of the trailer parks tucked away therein, the magic allure of sex and the necessary comforts of friendship, the mystical power of the counter culture to turn outcasts into heroes and, most of all, the transcendant power of music, specifically the punk rock of the late 1970 s which redefined, transported, and ultimately, perhaps, disappointed a generation.

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    1 thought on “Punk Rock and Trailer Parks

    1. I am interested in neither punk rock nor trailer parks, really, but this is my favorite Backderf book so far Okay, just for the sake of street cred, I did see the Clash with a former student, and she even took me to groups identified with punk who are as diverse as the Pogues and Scratch Acid, so there Does this give me any credibility in writing this review Okay, didn t think so I found his Dahmer book mostly creepy, and I wasn t engaged with his Trashed, but this one has his most endearing and [...]

    2. It s the 1980s and punk s heyday Otto is a high school senior and a marching band nerd who lives and breathes Tolkien, lusting after the cheerleaders he ll never have while getting beat up by the local bullies Then one day he discovers punk at a local bar, The Bank, and Otto sees legendary performers first hand like The Ramones and The Clash as well as lesser known artists like Klaus Nomi and Wendy O Williams Otto s life is about to change as punk music transforms this down trodden trailer park [...]

    3. I loved this This is the third graphic novel I ve read by Backderf, and I m gonna come right out and say it I think this is his best YES, even better than My Friend Dahmer Chronicling the Akron punk scene in the early 80s, through the eyes of a larger than life weirdo who calls himself The Baron for some reason, we not only explore a cultural microcosm apparently Akron was a punk hotspot in the 80s, the local club hosting bands like The Ramones and The Clash, amongst every other punk new wave ac [...]

    4. Someone once told me that anthropologists don t like to interview punks about their life histories, because they always change their coming of age to make it seem a bit extraordinary Whether or not that s true, I am a sucker for a punk coming of age story Rejected and dejected, a teenage kid finds an aesthetic form through which to channel his or her anger, and it s hard to go wrong In Punk Rock and Trailer Parks , the author illustrator known only as Derf, presents us with one of these accounts [...]

    5. This guy s other book is terrific and i think my fondness for it carried over into this one a little, because i suspect i would not have really dug this without already thinking well of the author going in This is kind of that classic narrative of picked on weirdo proves everyone else sucks and really he totally ruled underneath the whole time Which is a great narrative, fine Only not really because we have kind of heard that narrative fifty billion times at this point and our whole lives are cr [...]

    6. The art reminds me of R Crumb, the content of so many coming of age stories Some gross out humor, some delusion, lots of criticism of everything typical, but also some heart I didn t love it, but I m not the target audience.

    7. Derf mixes one part coming of age story, one part underdog protagonist, one part small midwest town, two parts uncensored guy humor , another part of situational humor, and two parts of PURE PUNK ROCK He meticulously blends all of these elements together and spouts it out through his bizarre and grotesque art style It s surprisingly so easy to digest that you must devour it all at once Preferably while listening to the playlist Derf provides on the title page And according to Derf himself, I thi [...]

    8. So good breathed it in in one sitting, no really I was standing part of the time because I was so excited Captures the punk spirit perfectly, and the Baron is a compelling protag, a misfit turned hero you just want to see succeed as he kicks against the pricks Didn t grow up in a small town myself, but I was there in that big crappy high school in the early 80 s, with the jocks, the band geeks, the freaks, the mods, etc, etc My soul was saved by The Clash and The Ramones God bless em all and Fuc [...]

    9. Cool coming of age story for a kid in the midwest in the late 70s He s into the punk scene when it was new The illustration style is almost bizarre, and that makes it a little hard to take, but I love the story and the window into amerikan musical history Includes a playlist for listening as you read A little Napoleon Dynamite ish, plus punk and some definite adult content.

    10. This is the funniest shit ever, a perfect blend of punk rock and Peter Bagge Derf rules Long live the Baron

    11. Rollicking depiction of Akron s 1970s Punk New Wave scene It s by Derf, so of course it s kind of gross and weird.

    12. This is a collected volume of the six issues of Punk Rock and Trailer Parks, which tells the story of a band geek who slips into the punk rock scene of the early 80s and becomes something of a hero It s fast moving, hilarious, and insightful The author did a great job with the visuals and the dialogue, which really made me feel like I was transported back in time It s surprisingly adult at times, which is definitely in keeping with the punk rock theme.

    13. Fun graphic novel about growing up in Ohio in the 70s and Akron s punk scene Backderf as usual does a good job of making the scene and characters come alive A fun, satisfying read.

    14. I really can t say I liked this book as much as I ve liked Backderf s other books His art was still great it was the story that I disliked, and the character of the Baron I m too young to have grown up in punk s original 1970s 80s heyday, but I grew up in a small town, and was sucked into the punk scene available to me in my late teens, like any pretentious outcast kid who hated all the crappy modern pop punk, etc, etc, all the while complaining how no one else knew what real music was like and [...]

    15. Okay, I ll admit that this isn t exactly one of those books that I d normally pick up I have been out of high school over forty years and my interest in punk probably lasted only a couple of years during the late 70s Even then I probably only had a few compilation albums or cassettes I bought, while attending college back in Connecticut Those are long gone and I don t even remember listening to them once I graduated I also don t recall ever seeing any work by the artist Derf , although it is pos [...]

    16. Rubber City Rebels Punk Rock and Trailer Parks is cartoonist Derf s semiautobiographical homage to growing up a geek in the late 1970 s in Akron, Ohio Akron, a center of the tire industry and self proclaimed Rubber Capital of the World does not sound like a hotbed for the Punk Rock movement of the late 1970 s, but it is the home of such prominent musical figures as Devo, The Black Keys, The Dead Boys, The Cramps, The Waitresses, and Pretenders lead singer Chrissie Hynde It was also home of The B [...]

    17. PUNK ROCK AND TRAILER PARKS made me nostalgic for the time in which I came of age late 1970s to 1980 and a place that I ve never been to Akron, Ohio But the sense of being a teenaged outsider who discovered community through the burgeoning punk rock scene is universal Cartoonist Derf creates an autobiographical feeling fiction true to the awkwardness of being in high school, hating everything but girls and music, that put me right back in those wonderfully horrible years He captures the sense of [...]

    18. An interesting coming of age tale of both an eccentric young man from Ohio, and the Punk Rock movement Our main character, or the Baron as he calls himself, is a Tolkien loving band nerd by day, but by night he is a legend at the local punk venue the Bank Derf does a great job showcasing small town Midwestern life It s not Derf s best graphic, but the Baron is a wonderful character you can t help but cheer for even if he is a bit odd A fun read for fans of punk, or just fans of Derf s fantastic [...]

    19. Oh man, this one channeled and purged some of my high school demons, the ones I thought I d long since lost along the way If you grew up in the late seventies early eighties feeling like a misfit in a small town, Derf felt your pain And if you hated the schlock rock all your classmates listened to, then the scene where the kids take ice picks to the tires of Journey s tour bus will warm your soul.Funny as hell, even during the tragic moments This one captures high school like few books movies so [...]

    20. What a great story I got on YouTube and made the playlist Derf designated on the inside cover to read with the book and I am so glad I did I ve never read a book where the author takes the time to make a playlist to read with it.I can t imagine how my experience would have been without the tunes.The playlist is still up if anybody wants to listen and read but doesn t feel like putting it together it s really neat Just YouTube Derf Backderf s punk rock and trailer parks, it will be there somewher [...]

    21. If you like graphic novels, comix, or at all interested in the Punk New Wave movement of the late 70 s and 80 s READ THIS BOOK.Discovering Derf was easily one of my reading highlights in 2010 Immediately after I read an excerpt from this book in Great American Comics 2010 I found derfcity and purchased all of Derf s books My Friend Dahmer, Trashed, The City comic strip collection.Derf s unique often grotesque style fits perfectly with his stories of urban squalor, the trials of growing up, often [...]

    22. Fantastic Reminded me so much of Peter Bagge s Neat Stuff Hate comix Totally crazy He has a similar spaghetti body style going as well But it s distinctive and original it just has the same loose fluid feel to it It was cool to learn American Punk Rock scene in Akron Ohio who knew Ramones and Wendy O Williams I knew but not the others It s funny and sad that all of the real life punk folks are ALL DEAD The Baron was also a fantastic character with those big clobberin hands I plan on making the p [...]

    23. Fun story, great artwork I especially love Derf s attention to detail For example, when we first see The Baron s bedroom, I stopped reading, and took a minute to see what books were on his bookshelf, the posters on his wall, etc Everything fit perfectly and made me wish I, too, had been fortunate enough to have been a young adult on the edge of the Punk Rock New Wave scene Really enjoyable, quick read

    24. Awesome There just aren t enough comic books that have the Ramones in them, in my opinion And I loved The Baron s rant, It s the damn hippies They are the first generation in human history that refuses to give way to the next generation So it s their music that fills the airwaves Because they own the fucking airwaves The bitter truth is we ll be downwind of the great cultural fart of the baby boom our whole lives

    25. yeah derf harder gave me one of his prints a long time ago for chrismas didn t know he was still around didn t look either i supposeis is about a weirdo nerd turned punk scene awesome party dude in high school lots guest appearances from the ramones, the plasmatics, stiv bators, and that s pretty cool i d compare it to HATE a little, but i didn t ever laugh out loud with this one still good and funny tho recommended fer sher.

    26. I think I would have liked it better if I were a dude That s not an insult, because I did enjoy the book It just would have resonated with me if I had a male perspective It s definitely a book I d recommend to others, just not for everyone Loved the music perspective, but the toilet humor just wasn t for me.

    27. Another classic Derf look at high school geekdom, this time the story of small town punk rock worship Captures that magical time from the Clash to the Ramones and the search for love and horniness outside of Akron, Ohio Funny as hell, poignant and full of meaningless meaning Its like The Last Picture Show with Lester Bangs.

    28. A great book to stir up feelings about finally discovering the punk scene and maybe not have it be as wonderful as you thought Band nerd to rock god back to band nerd again all to try and figure yourself out I really liked this.

    29. Based on the writing alone this should be a 3 star rated book but I really dig Derf s Mad Magazine esque illustration and the overall tone really gives off a frenetic level of energy that really heightens the rock and roll bravura of the protag.

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