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Counterfeit Lady #2020

Counterfeit Lady Nicole was a passionate French beauty kidnapped by mistake and swept accross turbulent seas be the bride of a stranger In eighteenth century Virginia the lush lands embraced the rivers that bounded

  • Title: Counterfeit Lady
  • Author: Jude Deveraux
  • ISBN: 9780671020118
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Counterfeit Lady By Jude Deveraux, Nicole was a passionate French beauty, kidnapped by mistake and swept accross turbulent seas be the bride of a stranger In eighteenth century Virginia, the lush lands embraced the rivers that bounded the great plantations There Clayton awaited his English ladybut when he showered his bride with ardent kisses, the woman he found in his arms was Nicole Courtalain

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      Jude Deveraux

    1 thought on “Counterfeit Lady

    1. Rate 3.5 starsMy third book from Jude Deveraux and she s definitely growing on me I wasn t particularly taken by her Montegomery series but Twin of Fire was absolutely perfect This was one was Let s say I had mixed feelings about it The ending just didn t sit well with me I m not even certain if the hero died or survived Definitely not the ending the rest of the book which was very impressive seemed to build up to.One thing I have come to love about this author is that she builds up the most del [...]

    2. I have read a lot of Jude Deveraux in the past I don t remember reading this book so I gave it a chance this past week Everything was good Not enough romance.ey spent a lot of time apart fighting The ending was bad though just stopped I had a library copy and I checked to see if it really was the last page or if someone ripped the last chapter out.

    3. The writing style in this book was juvenile, at best There was no elegance to it at all I don t ask for much from a book, honestly, but I d like it if I didn t get thrown off so much by how much it felt like something a pre teen had written.Also, OMG, Bianca is so totally a fat slut Like, she s fat so obviously she s bad And look at her eat She eats like a pig How could she eat so much food She should die I swear, there wasn t a time Bianca made an appearance that somebody didn t have a comment [...]

    4. Not one of Deveraux s best I didn t care for Clay, and I thought Nicole should have taken up Wesley on his offer of marriage That s never a good sign for a romance, is it Despite all that, I did enjoy the first half of this book A case of mistaken identity resulting in Clay marrying the wrong woman was a nice setup, and the ensuing drama was good But about halfway through they both declared their love to one another, and as I noted the number of pages still left, I set it down and started readin [...]

    5. 3.5 stars Because I don t like the ending The ending is just like simple without perfect scene I want something , maybe HEA scenes Clay she protested.He leaned back on the grass, with the unicorn free at last You once said I thought you weren t worthy to touch what Beth had touched What you didn t understand was it was I who was unclean He lifted himself on one elbow he had little strength after smashing the glass and dropped the unicorn down the front of her dress He gave her a lopsided grin I [...]

    6. So I have a bag of romance novels because I want to make a craft with the covers, but I actually read most of this one, and it was just awful The plot was the everlovin worst, the romance wasn t romantic, and the sexytimes weren t sexy The male main character was whiny and failed to take care of business I couldn t understand why the girl liked him Also, I found it really disturbing that the moment he decides he has the hots for her is the same moment in which he thinks she looks like a child St [...]

    7. Really good book, but it didn t end right It s also part of a series so that could be the reason that it didn t end exactly right.

    8. This trilogy is what got me hooked on Jude Deveraux Ive loved her books ever since The best romance author in my opinion.

    9. Counterfeit Lady A turbulent unexpected romance with the hero having plenty of absurdly stupid moments and a manipulative wretch trying to ruin everything for Nicole and Clay The book is full of emotions and takes place in a lovely setting You won t be able to put it down Lost Lady Many highs and lows Regan has to grow from a frightened and sheltered lady to a confident and passionate woman Travis is a larger than life character who is willing to do anything to protect Regan The right amount of [...]

    10. Here, again, Ms Deveraux makes the villain an overweight woman who seems to gain weight in proportion to how mean she is to everyone Gone are the early days of Ms Deveraux s career when the antagonist might be a strikingly beautiful woman Alice in The Velvet Promise, for example I don t know what happened after the earlier books in her career Perhaps it was that fame and or money exposed her to a shallower pool of friends, but she clearly, and maliciously, began body shaming women, be they main [...]

    11. Gripping I really enjoyed reading this book, for the fact that it was well written and always had a surprise around the corner then for the storyline There were too many sex scenes which I skipped But in the end third of the book Judy brushed past them which I preferred.There were a few story line faults, which had me yelling at the characters to simply communicate And a but of back and forthing will I, won t I, stuff.I always enjoy learning some non fiction in my fiction for some brain expansi [...]

    12. While on a trip to England, Clayton Armstrong falls for the beautiful Bianca and asks her to marry him Clayton returns to America but Bianca refuses to join him there Clayton then hires men to kidnap Bianca, marry her to him by proxy and bring to her America The problem there is these men don t know Bianca and it results in Clayton being married to Nicole, Bianca s maid, and Nicole finds herself now married and in America with a husband that doesn t want her.

    13. I actually liked very much the first half of the story Jude Deveraux can make you feel the pain and the love of the people But then so many things happened, that at some point I felt that the goal is to prolong the story and nothing After Nicole confessed her story to Clayton and we find out why Clayton wanted to marry Bianca so much, the story just gets worse and worse.

    14. I have read and reread this book so many times I adore Jude Deveraux and her characters become friends This story can be read as a stand alone but works best as part of the series I do hate how the book ends, but aside from that and the moments when you want to smack the main characters it s a great story You get pulled in from the beginning and take their journey with them.

    15. The truth is that I hate the hero which I think is a very different point to start with, but indeed very satisfying and positive as well Miss Jude Deveraux wanted her readers the same way I am feeling and she was and is successful in doing it But then again, Miss Jude has her way of making the reader fall in love with the hero as well which is insane actually nevertheless, I loved the fact that I am once again, in awe of everything in the story in awe of how greedy people can be, how much they a [...]

    16. Nicole Courtalain is hiding out in Britain during the French Revolution, which claimed the lives of her parents and grandfather, to avoid being beheaded when she is kidnapped while driving the young woman she tends to Bianca is than happy to tell the kidnappers that Nicole is actually Bianca, afraid of being raped or actually touched by one of the men as she has a very confusing fear of men in general Nicole finds herself on a ship set for America with a boisterous blonde woman named Janie Soon [...]

    17. Really, really bad book Had I utterly hated it, I wouldn t have finished it But this book was by no means ok So poorly written So clich d Author had absolutely no feel for antebellum Southern society Obviously she d done no research including completing 11th grade US History I live in Virginia very near the setting of the book This was preposterous.The characters were one dimensional Nicole perpetually horny, noble and pure Clay weak coward who can t function without his heroine all obstacles re [...]

    18. Nichole Courtlain is a French refugee who has been working as a maid for Bianca in England When Clayton Armstrong sees Bianca he has to have her for his own, but she refuses to come to America Clay decides to take matters into his own hands He arranges to kidnap her and marry her by proxy so once she arrives in America, she can t leave him Clay s plans go awry when the kidnappers take Nichole and not Bianca However Clay gets lucky in that Nichole is an amazing, passionate, loving woman and makes [...]

    19. 3.5 Stars I really liked the beginning of the story the plot was intriguing and not very complicated After that I feel that too much is happening to the H and h It left me bewildered and not very pleased I feel like the story would have been better if the plot would be shortened to cut out some of the conflicts toward the second half of the novel I really liked both Nicole and Clay when the story started but as the story goes on, I became impatient with those two Nicole felt in love with him way [...]

    20. I surprisingly really liked this book, even though it got frustrating like the previous book, Sweet Briar, I read by this same author I don t like it when people don t communicate and tell each other what s going on In love or not, people can t read minds I also feel these historical romance books are frustrating because of the time periods In this particular book, just the fact that it takes so long to travel and get messages across leads to frustration Clay, the main character, could get on yo [...]

    21. god I hated this book so much which is really weird cause I love love love Deveraux of the 20 or so books I have read of hers so far I ve loved everyone except for this one It had everything that I hate in romance books that i usually don t find in Deveraux books Misunderstandings that would clear up if people would just talk and people being so stupid and taking the high road to protect someone else by sacrificing themselves I hated everyone in the book so much it made me want to abandon it And [...]

    22. There were some great points to this attention to detail, a realistic setting, a nod to historical issues, engaging characters There were some awful points to this Clay is a big, dumb, self pitying ox but, you know, I could just about stomach it even when he hit his lowest point EXCEPT the line that made me want to kick him square in the googlies How dare he place any of the blame on Nicole when she bent over backwards for him I love how the other characters repeatedly tell her she s clearly ins [...]

    23. Truth be told, I didn t like it The first half, yeah I did and I started loving Clay and Wes too but then, Bianca came in the scene and I started hating it And another truth is, this is my most hated book of Jude Deveraux It s so full of drama at the end and I just put it down once I started hating it Up until know, I m still contemplating if I should read it again or not.I recommend for you to read A knight in Shinning Armor cause it s one of my personal favorites If you like romance and advent [...]

    24. This story had my attention once Nicole was kidnapped The author has a way of getting you cheering for some characters and hissing others just like in the old movies and plays of the villian, the hero and the damsel.I really could feel the emotions of the characters, and the ride was a good one The twists and interactions were very believable You could tell from the beginning the attraction that Clayton and Nicole had for each other, and their passion and love kept drawing them together.

    25. Utter waste of time Total junk I ve been reading Deveraux s books by the order in which they were published, and was starting to think perhaps she was evolving a bit as a writer She has quite a following, who say her later works are quite good It s recommended that you start with the early books, because many of her books are intertwined and there s a lot of back story But after this one I don t know if I can keep reading, hoping eventually to find the good book s After 9 books without a single [...]

    26. i read the lost lady then the river lady and theb this one book and of the 3 THIS IS THE WORST,the plot it barely hofing up toghether, there is no depth at all in the caracters she has created, it is as if jude deveraux, sat one morning on her desk and said ok i m gonna write somthing, and she started adding up the ingredients without paying attention was she was actually writing, the only thing i likes is it had given me some insight into leah simmons childhood which than explains some of the [...]

    27. An historical romance, a kidnapping with mistaken identity working out better than anyone could think until the real intended turns up Fluff, love and angst that didn t resolve until the last page gasp i wanted to strangle that piglet Bianca times than i want to admit 3,75 Stars when it continues to get worse even if you think it s impossible I would have loved to see happy times for Natalie and Clay

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