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Blister #2020

Blister An ALA Notable Book and PW Best Children s Book of winner with a resilient year old heroine whom readers will love now in an After Words edition Alyssa Reed s life is a mess Her parents can t

  • Title: Blister
  • Author: Susan Richards Shreve
  • ISBN: 9780439193146
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blister By Susan Richards Shreve, An ALA Notable Book and PW Best Children s Book of 2001 winner with a resilient 10 year old heroine whom readers will love now in an After Words edition Alyssa Reed s life is a mess Her parents can t stop fighting Her mother won t stop crying Alyssa s father has decided to move the family to a new town, and to move himself to a separate apartment Nobody gave AlyssaAn ALA Notable Book and PW Best Children s Book of 2001 winner with a resilient 10 year old heroine whom readers will love now in an After Words edition Alyssa Reed s life is a mess Her parents can t stop fighting Her mother won t stop crying Alyssa s father has decided to move the family to a new town, and to move himself to a separate apartment Nobody gave Alyssa a choice.So Alyssa decides to take control She renames herself Blister and starts fighting back in her own way Blister will take on her new school with a new identity, a new wardrobe stolen from her father s girlfriend , and a raw, new attitude that nobody can ignore Not even the cheerleaders.Look out world here comes Blister
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    • [EPUB] ↠ Blister | BY Í Susan Richards Shreve
      Susan Richards Shreve

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    1. Alyssa Reed s life is a mess Her mother and father are separating and she is forced to go to a new school Alyssa decides to fight back She steals some clothes from her father s girlfriend, renames herself Blister, and trys to come to terms with her new life A touching and funny story of a 5th grader s look at her family s break up.

    2. Everyone wants a perfect family Can you imagine if your parents divorce when you are a grade five student How would you feel losing a strong family unit Blister who is the protagonist in this story, it is the book title as well Blister used to call, Alyssa, Alyssa Reed In Reed s family, there was a perfect family with a father, a mother who is pregnant, a grandma and Alyssa Everyone was looking forward to the baby being born One day, when Alyssa and her grandma Daisy were waiting to hear from th [...]

    3. Blister, formally known as Alyssa Reed, decides to take a new stronger identity after her baby sister is born stillborn and her father moves to a new apartment and gets a new girlfriend At school she lies about her life in an attempt to fit in At home she deals with her depressed mother and her emotions about her father s new life One of my regular patrons recommended this book to me She s 9 and I really wondered as I was reading this how much of the deeper meaning of the book she got The main c [...]

    4. Blister by Susan Shreve is a fantastic book Its personal and enjoyable at the same time The main character Alyssa Reed goes throw the horrible experience of having to deal with a family who has just had a stillborn child Born dead Her mother stays in her bed all day and cries After that Alyssa decides its her life, and she is going to take control this time Before no one really payed attention to her, her mother, her father, her grandmother But now she s going to change herself, her attitude, ge [...]

    5. I found the book rather depressing, because Blister s mother was suffering from severe depression, following the birth of a stillborn daughter Blister and her grandmother are resilient, and do their best to cope with the mother s depression Blister s father has taken off to be with some bimbo, because he can t cope with his wife s depression At least, by the end of the story, things are beginning to look a bit brighter, as Mom agrees that she needs professional help.I don t understand why ALA N [...]

    6. I thought this book was amazingly good and well written I love this book, and its one of my favorite books because I felt like it was written for me, since the story base was almost the same, her parent got divorce and she lives with her mom Her mom currently is sick because of depression and because her little sister died in her stomach Then suddenly something bad happens Now she lives with her aunt and grandma She has friends that are there for her, but some are the kind of friends that is qui [...]

    7. Blister by Susan Richards Shreve is about this girl name Alyssa who goers through an identity crisis Her parents are always in an argument so later she finds out that her father thinks it is best to move to a new town Another drastic decision is that her father is going to be in a separate apartment and Blister is angry because no cared to find out what she thought So by taking action she goes by the name Blister and has this new wardrobe from the closet of her dads new girlfriend also has this [...]

    8. This book was good not great but good I felt this was a time wasting book A book that you read when you have nothing else to read honestly But like all good books it had a message.The book foreshadowed the change affect of Alyssa s life with beginning with one event which created another one, a domino affect For example in the text it states She knew that voice and what it meant very well Whenever she heard it, there was a problem on its way 36 And she was right her dad left home, her mother got [...]

    9. Allyisa is funny, rebeluos,and dareing.Her mom was pregnant with a baby girl When the baby was being born she died.That made her mom so depresed she would rareley move or talk Allyisa s dad foregot her 10th birthday.Her mom and dad decided they wanted to move.Allyisa had to leave her school and friends Allyisa s dad got so tiered of her moms sadness he moved to a new apartment On one week end when Allyisa was visiting her dad she found a suitcase of womens clothes.She took some of the clothes an [...]

    10. The book wasn t exactly fun to read I m guessing the author based it on reality I prefer reading a book where everything ends well In this case, nothing went as the main character had hoped This is a short story about a girl who has family problems, but fights hard to stay strong During the book, I was really hoping something good might happen, but it all ended with her dreams being turned down Somehow, the story didn t really make a lot of sense Still, it was very detailed and it had interestin [...]

    11. This book is one of those girly books It wasn t really good or bad, but it definetly isn t one of those books that stays in your heart and you just love it and want to read it again and again This book is about a preteen girl named Alyssa that changed her name to Blister and her life and she deals with her struggles and problems I would only recommend this book to people that love girly books It you aren t one of those people I suggest you stay away from this book because you will probably get b [...]

    12. When her baby sister is stillborn, ten year old Alyssa s family falls apart She changes her name to Blister, changes schools, moves to an apartment with her depressed mother while her father gets his own place, and tries to believe her grandmother, who tells her she is elastic and can handle it all.

    13. Pretty decent coming of age book, about a girl essentially growing beyond her innocence of childhood, and discovering that life is not as perfect as she believed Handled in a way that is organic, for the most part I really like that the main character is unabashedly flawed, as all ten year old girls are, and that the issue of depression is tackled without hesitation.

    14. Blister is an only child in her family Her parents were going to have a baby, but it was born dead Her family got destroyed Alyssa Blister was only taken care of her grandma, Daisy G I recommend this book for people that like read short stories of a character s life.

    15. It was an interesting book about a girl named Blister Blister is very brave, and she always looked on the bright side The reader follows Blister as she takes control of her own life and figures out where she belongs in the world

    16. This book wasn t as good as I thought it would be It was sort like, too young for me, because it was kind of like the whole time she was going on and on about how many problems she has, but not doing anything to change them I don t know, it just wasn t my type.

    17. This book was very well written It is about a fifth grade girl who experiences family tragedies and decides to reinvent herself when she begins attending a new school She learns some life lessons along the way.

    18. This is such a lovely coming of age tale that is easy and quick to read I can t help but root for the remarkable and quirky character, Blister, and can t wait for her to bounce back and gain control over her life Good, interesting read

    19. This is a book for teens or tweens, the group I teach It was definitely readable as a grown up as well I enjoy Susan Shreve and it reminded me a bit of Judy Blume.

    20. Well this was one of the most depressing books of my childhood I admired the lead for her tenacity but her father was just so Ugh what an entitled sex addicted asshole.

    21. This book was humorous, glamorous, absolutely worth reading.I can completely compare to some of this girls situations Absolutely worth a high rating.

    22. 5 stars They call her Blister She moved to a new school, and went through some tough things and family problems Here grandmother calls her elastic and thinks she can handle it all It was good.

    23. This is a cute book for elementary middle school girls It would especially be appropriate for a middle schooler whose parents are going through divorce.

    24. i loved the way blister makes it up daisy g is a character i loved personally because of her theories and guidance to blister

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