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Self Raised #2020

Self Raised In this suspenseful sequel to Ishmael you will follow the valiant perseverance of our hero Ishmael Worth As his uncompromising propensity to do well was clearly seen in Ishmael you will now be intr

  • Title: Self Raised
  • Author: E.D.E.N. Southworth
  • ISBN: 158474118
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Leather Bound
  • Self Raised By E.D.E.N. Southworth, In this suspenseful sequel to Ishmael, you will follow the valiant perseverance of our hero, Ishmael Worth As his uncompromising propensity to do well was clearly seen in Ishmael, you will now be introduce

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      140 E.D.E.N. Southworth
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    1 thought on “Self Raised

    1. This was the sequel to Ishmael, and was equally captivating I think this one may have contained even mystery, and Ishmael s unfolding discovery about the difference between childish infatuation and true love was so well portrayed that I felt my own heart aching right along with him I was sad to see this book come to an end

    2. This is the sequel to Ishmael It is a must read if you read and liked Ishmael which you should read and like , for the two of them make one whole story Though they make one story, this book contains much intrigue and the first one was not short of it It reads fast and holds your attention throughout Ms Southworth is really an excellent storyteller The ending of this tale is fantastic It is difficult to summarize this story without spoilers, so I won t I will just conclude with this this is one [...]

    3. Wow Talk about melodrama True love, false love, no love at all fortunes, shipwrecks, a castle in Scotland, murder, kidnapping, vile plots, so on and so forth Thought it all Ishamel remains exemplary in every way, though we actually follow Claudia for a good portion of the book If you read Ishmael you ll want to read this one just to wrap up the story, but it s not written in my very favorite style.

    4. Self Raised is a must read if you enjoyed the first volume of Ismael s story Containing much intrigue, suspense, murder, emotional growth, the blossoming of true love, danger at sea, Ishmael Worth continues to mature as a respected lawyer and defender of women Old secrets are exposed, new relationships established Definitely a feel good book with satisfying endings which will be enjoyed by many.

    5. Too PerfectSelf Raised Or, From the Depths was a pretty good read.The only thing that continually bothered me was that Ishmale was always, always perfect He probably only made one mistake throughout the story, but you ll have to friend that in the first book Other than that it was a nice story.

    6. This is the sequal to Ishmael I didn t read this one as quickly as the first, but it was still very excting and amazing Ishmael, who is a young man, comtinues showing love to others by putting them first and displaying selflessness The ending is a happy one, and it s fun to see how the story comes together.

    7. This is the follow up novel to Ishmael There is higher drama, murder, kidnapping and betrayals to resurface and be dealt with Where I don t think this novel as just as good as Ishmael, it does give satisfying conclusions and happy endings for those that need those what were left unresolved from the first novel.

    8. If you read and enjoyed Ishmael, then you will enjoy this as well Self raised is the continuation of the characters and it finalizes what Ishmael left open I enjoyed the mystery that this novel offered that was not present in the first of the pair.

    9. Ishmael is good, but this book is great The glowing reviews lived up to their words Although I found it tedious to wade through all of the strange dialects,the story made it worth the wading It was a testimoney to God s power and an encouragement to righteousness.

    10. Great bookA book worth reading Nothing offensive to read Love the rich vocabulary A worthy hero is Ishmael Great heroines in the Countess and Bee.

    11. Continuation of Ishmael Viscount tries to discredit Claudia and divorce her to retain sole possession of her fortune and marry his widowed sister in law.

    12. After I read Ishmael, I didn t even wait to read this I have an old complete version and loved every moment of it

    13. The sequel to Ishmael, Ishmael Worth s rise to fame is a story for the ages His humility is one I will strive to represent for the rest of my life.

    14. This was the sequel to Ishmael and goes into the challenges he faces in adult life Though the story is excellent, I must say I liked the first slightly better This is still a must read though.

    15. Self Raised is the sequel to Ishmael by E.D.E.N Southworth The book is equally as compelling as the prequel and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Ishmael In this book we truly get to see the fruits of Ishmael s hard work We also see the result of his relationships with Claudia and Bee.

    16. While this book was indeed really good, it gets a star less than Ishmael, as it does not reach the height of Amazing that that book did.I still really enjoyed it, however, and was so glad I was able to find out what happened to the characters from the previous book

    17. The sequel to Ishmael It was a bit extravagant in its vile plots, but compelling and satisfying All the dialects were at times tiring to read and decipher but made the story that much interesting I was happy with the fate of all the characters in the end.

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