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Conan : die Original-Erzählungen aus den Jahren 1932 und 1933 #2020

Conan die Original Erz hlungen aus den Jahren und Complete Conan of CimmeriaMit einem Vorw von Wolfgang Hohlbein und Ill von Mark Schultz

  • Title: Conan : die Original-Erzählungen aus den Jahren 1932 und 1933
  • Author: Robert E. Howard
  • ISBN: 9783453870611
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Conan : die Original-Erzählungen aus den Jahren 1932 und 1933 By Robert E. Howard, Complete Conan of CimmeriaMit einem Vorw von Wolfgang Hohlbein und Ill von Mark Schultz.

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      117 Robert E. Howard
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    1 thought on “Conan : die Original-Erzählungen aus den Jahren 1932 und 1933

    1. I was in 8th grade and I really hated reading and just couldn t get the point or what the pleasure of it could be My babysitter new I was upset about many personal things in my life and she bought me a copy of Conan It was just the escapism that I needed and threw me off into Conan s world where I could imagine myself in following in Conan s footsteps It was the perfect read for me at that point in my life Before the summer was out I had read probably the first eight books of the series and went [...]

    2. Honestly, the writing in these books is not great I lost track of how many times the same modifier was used within a couple sentences Conan s muscles are never muscles, they are always thews His speed is always panther like His eyes are possibly the only blue eyes that have ever existed that are volcanic blue rather than ice blue The women, of whatever race, are always supple, slender, lithe There are a lot of she panthers.However, this is actually a good thing You can reread these novels every [...]

    3. Read this series in high school I had a welding class with a friend who owned most of the books He d lend them to me and we d discuss them while working on our projects together It was the first fantasy I liked after reading The Lord of the Rings about 3 years before Edited by L Sprague De Camp at the request of The Heirs of the Robert E Howard Estate It s doubtful that those who decry De Camp s efforts would have ever heard of Conan otherwise, unless they were alive when the original stories we [...]

    4. This was the first fantasy book I ever actually finished I was probably in 5th or 6th grade It is a collection of short stories that details the early life of Conan following his enslavement through his days as a young thief and then into his days as a mercenary This book changed my life and opened my eyes to how much fun a book could actually be If you like fantasy you will love this book

    5. I met Conan in the mid 1960 s The series was being republished and I had never heard of Robert Howard or this dark, brooding giant.By the way, I was in college when I began reading the Conan stories If you remember your history, college in the mid 60 s was all about hippies , marches against the Vietnam War, getting high, make love, not war , sticking it to the MAN Power to the people My friends really didn t understand They still don t 40 years later.

    6. Yeeeahhhhh, I know what you re thinking Ahnold wrote a book I was up really late watching channel 88, or 87, or 78 and Ahnold was hacking n slashing a bunch of guys in rubber armor and I was thinking to myself, wonder where this story was lifted from, Lord of the Rings Actually, my first thought was, I wish the bad guys wore NY Yankees little league uniforms, flourescent pink batting cage helmets, and wiffle bats Could you imagine an army of little leaguers from the Bronx battlin Ahnold the Dest [...]

    7. Ein sch chterner Texaner schreibt in den USA der 30er Jahre Pulp Geschichten ber einen naiven, muskelbepackten Barbaren.Verglichen mit den heutigen Gr en der Fantasy war mir Conan einfach gestrickt geradezu platt In eine Welt gesetzt, die ihm immer fremd ist und die er nie begreift, begegnet er allen Problemen auf genau eine Art mit dem Kopf durch die Wand Ein Barbar halt.Von der Einfachheit der Figur und der Erz hlf den sollte man sich aber nicht in die Irre leiten lassen.Conan hat mich gebannt [...]

    8. If you re worried about being politically correct, respectful, non steroetyping, etc avoid Howard he ll definitely trouble you, sooner or later If you want meaningful discourse, the same Howard was not interested in the later, as far as his fiction went, and unaware of the former.Howard was a teller of tales, a spinner of yarns, the sort who at one time sat by a fire and held his audience in sway for hours on end, not to educate or enlighten them, but to entertain them with exciting tales of cha [...]

    9. CONAN CONAN CONAN You get what you pay for if you want stories that start off with action, have lots of swordplay, and don t waste any time on deeper symbolic meanings or introspective dialog , then this is the one for you Howard created something special when he wrote these pulp fiction adventure stories.

    10. Robert Howard is a magnificent story teller As a man who makes his living riding a computer terminal, and eats meat that s been butchered on a farm somewhere, at some viceral level I long for an earlier viceral existence No one provides this fantasy better than Howard Conan is everthing I wish I was.

    11. I have all the Conan books I started reading them in High School and they still hold great memories for me When I first read them, I could not imagine how the books could be made into movies No special effects like they have now

    12. I liked these stories and conan He was strong and powerful while I was weak and cowardly Now I am stronger than Conan and I make him use his sword to cut my raviolis open so the chesse will mix with the sauce.

    13. The master of Sword and Sorcery Great stories that scare and delight a hero, who s strength and cunning go unrivaled, and a good dollop of other world building that make all Conan s novels great reads.

    14. First book of the Conan series rocks After this one, the guy just gets too darn tough lucky and it s no longer interesting or believable.

    15. I loved the Conan novels They are the first fantasy novels I read as a teen and they are what made me want to write.

    16. Good ol Mrs Furstenthal would have called this bubble gum for the brain At least it was a fun chew.

    17. i read this so long ago, i have read it a million times since the first time i must have been about 10 when i found this on my dads shelves

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