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Spin Alternative Record Guide #2020

Spin Alternative Record Guide America s premiere alternative music magazine presents a book of outrageously opinionated reviews of the essential albums of punk new wave indie rock grunge and rap National ads media From the Tra

  • Title: Spin Alternative Record Guide
  • Author: Eric Weisbard Craig Marks
  • ISBN: 9780679755746
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • Spin Alternative Record Guide By Eric Weisbard Craig Marks, America s premiere alternative music magazine presents a book of outrageously opinionated reviews of the essential albums of punk, new wave, indie rock, grunge, and rap National ads media.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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      320 Eric Weisbard Craig Marks
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      Posted by:Eric Weisbard Craig Marks
      Published :2019-09-25T11:59:14+00:00

    1 thought on “Spin Alternative Record Guide

    1. OMG, this book was a fucking holy grail for me I remember seeing it at the now defunct Waldenbooks in the mall when I was a senior in high school a good deal of the artists mentioned sounded like Greek to me, yet it was Greek I wanted to learn Neu Who the fuck is Neu Fast forward a year or so, to my first year of college the one I slept through and flunked most of when I finally got the much desired music retail jobddenly, I had first grabs and could special order any disc I wanted plus, I lived [...]

    2. Probably read this 5 or 10 times total, in small out of order increments, over the last 20 years Not perfect by any means but formative to my understanding of music Given the year it came out, it s interesting to see who was in and who was out, and would love to see an updated books and top 100 albums.

    3. to my knowledge this is WAY THE FUCK out of print, but by no means obsolete outside Lester Bangs I really and truly don t know of much eloquent rock writing in such a broad modern rock history as this it is my go to reference for rock details, observations, ratings many of them are FUCKED by the way, they really rip The Cure a new one, unfairly, for instance, i don t think you can safely make the case The Cure is as unremarkable as this book makes them out to be if you can find this book GET IT [...]

    4. This book was my first internet although I was on the Internet before I ever read it, that old Internet 1.0 was not yet the internet, and this book was My freshman year college roommate owned it We called it The Big Book of Petty Annoyances In 1997, a walking white boy cliche, most every music I was interested in or would become interested in during that very educational first year was discussed in its pages, and that discussion was always exactly wrong enough to drive you insane Not enough to m [...]

    5. This was a pretty good book for a mission that the internet accomplished You don t have to read it cover to cover, but it helped me learn a lot about new musicians and reconsider random new wave people I wrote off as one hit wonders before Even if Rateyourmusic or or AllMusic exist now, this is a good crash course for a lot of musicians They helped me realize it s okay to just listen to greatest hits, too, which should be a given but I appreciate regardless.

    6. Yeah, this was basically my bible when I picked it up in the mid 90s I can t count how many great bands I discovered through reading this I miss this era of music.

    7. A sentimental favorite True, history has not looked kindly on this anthology s deletion of influential women s contributions to post punk or a deeper reading into tropicalia Also, the hip hop selections are purely stuff white people like That said, when I was 12 pre file sharing, pre online radio being standard broadcast procedures for college stations , this was my only window into the world of underground, independent, and alternative music Also, it was my introduction to the work of journalis [...]

    8. This book was the bible for me growing up When all of my friends were listening to shitty Victory Records hardcore, I had this to get me through high school It seems silly since Spin is such a parody of itself now and even then I was a bit embarassed by it, but this back actually does feature interesting overviews by the likes of Byron Coley, Simon Reynolds, Frank Kogan, Michael Eric Dyson, Rob Sheffield, Ann Powers, Etc I still reference it about as often as All Music Guide It lead me to discov [...]

    9. I got this used for nostalgia s sake, having flipped through it in the bookstores numerous times when it came out in 1995 An alternative record guide, yet begins with sections on ABBA and AC DC What And glaring omission include all the brit pop bands, like Blur, Oasis, Pulp, and Sleeper, who were in their heyday during this time period Checking out the profiles of my favorite bands made me realize why I stopped reading record reviews like a decade ago, but I guess it was still kind of fun to loo [...]

    10. Obviously needs a serious update to include everything since 1995 But the entries do a good job of reviewing alternative bands and their various albums It s interesting knowing the output post 1995 and comparing that work to the early albums of artists like PJ Harvey, Hole, Beck, etc.

    11. Each record examined and classified like gems and rocks in a geologist s table, and provides insight into the stratum s history that each belongs to backlog backlog backlog.

    12. Still relevant and topical 2 decades on Reviews of tons of stuff I didn t yet know I d like back when the book came out.

    13. If you love indie alt music, get it Examines bands the Rolling Stones Guides don t do bother with I bought The Meat Puppets Up On The Sun based on this book, thank god.

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