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The Covert War Against Rock #2020

The Covert War Against Rock Who kills the rock stars

  • Title: The Covert War Against Rock
  • Author: Alex Constantine
  • ISBN: 9780922915613
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Covert War Against Rock By Alex Constantine, Who kills the rock stars

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      Alex Constantine

    1 thought on “The Covert War Against Rock

    1. The Covert War Against Rock explores the unanswered questions and disinformation surrounding the deaths of several rock stars This was good, but not great Lots of interesting stuff in this but I think in most of these cases Constantine tries way too hard to connect the dots and show government and or organized crime complicity in some of these deaths Just because the FBI had a file on them or they associated with gangsters in the music business doesn t mean they were murdered That being said, al [...]

    2. Hey, I like conspiracy theories as much as the next guy, but this one takes the cake You pick a musician, there s a conspiracy for his her demise This book is so good that someone stole it from me.

    3. The evidence presented in this book concerning the covert assassination of well known rock stars, especially during the Nixon era, is compelling and frightening How many rock stars idolised by the public have actually been murdered A must read.

    4. Originally posted on nancythroughthelookingglass.blThis book was an Interesting read, it discusses the death of many other Rock and Rap stars dating from the 60 s right up until the 90 s including Jim Morrison Brian Jones, Peter Tosh and Tupac Shakur.The book describes an operation by The CIA code named operation CHAOS, and claims and also provides some good evidence that this operation played a part in these peoples deaths The Operation was basically a list of names of people who were thought t [...]

    5. The part of this book that was the most new to me was the section about Tupac Shakur I recall clearly when he died but I thought little of it He had seemed like a gangsta to me and gangstas sometimes get shot I didn t and mostly still don t listen to rap and knew little about the man, to be honest, but the media portrayal of him painted a picture that substituted itself for real information about the man and his death Constantine s research into Shakur s death revealed a completely different pic [...]

    6. If even half of what s written in this book is true, then my entire world view has been forever changed It s easy enough to write off much of what s in this book as conspiracy theory, but that s the whole point, isn t it

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