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Your Call Is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit #2020

Your Call Is Important to Us The Truth About Bullshit There is so much bullshit that one hardly knows where to begin Taking no prisoners author Laura Penny dissects no disembowels the culture of globalized supersized consumerized bullshit from Bush

  • Title: Your Call Is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit
  • Author: Laura Penny
  • ISBN: 9781400081042
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • Your Call Is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit By Laura Penny, There is so much bullshit that one hardly knows where to begin Taking no prisoners, author Laura Penny dissects no, disembowels the culture of globalized, supersized, consumerized bullshit, from Bush s White House, with its wallpaper of phony populist sloganeering, to Big Pharma, with its gateway prescription drugs With vinegar and wit, she shows us how this smorg There is so much bullshit that one hardly knows where to begin Taking no prisoners, author Laura Penny dissects no, disembowels the culture of globalized, supersized, consumerized bullshit, from Bush s White House, with its wallpaper of phony populist sloganeering, to Big Pharma, with its gateway prescription drugs With vinegar and wit, she shows us how this smorgasbord of phoniness alienates us from one another, breeds apathy, and makes us just plain stupid.Decoding the Bullshit A Few Choice Phrases astroturfing the fabrication of phony grassroots concern by PR firms Capra corny see Tom DeLay s Mr Smith Goes to Washington spin on his conversion to politics from his previous calling bug murderer increased productivity business speak for getting rid of the people who produce things kakistocracy government by the worst citizens see also plutocracy, Republican Revolution the Lady Hal the recorded female voice that says things like Your call is important to us think of the childrenism the ultimate equal opportunity piety see No Child Left Behind Act The War on Some Drugs the prohibition of venerable old substances for the benefit of the manufacturers of newfangled patented ones

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      289 Laura Penny
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    1 thought on “Your Call Is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit

    1. Upon starting this book I thought, wouldn t it be ironic if this book itself turned out to be bullshit Alas, despite my high hopes going in, that s exactly what it is To start with, there are the small issues, such as the fact that, having been written in 2005, most of the content and especially tone of this book is hopelessly dated by today s standards anything bitching about the Bush administration is just hopelessly passe these days, and the fact that the author didn t like the bullshit laden [...]

    2. If the minimum wage had inflated as much as CEO pay or margin debt, cashiers and rib joint ladies would be making hundreds of dollars an hour In 1980, CEOs made 42 times the average worker s pay by 1990,it had doubled by 2000 their compensation had increased to 531 times the average salary Interesting stuff a must read

    3. I hoped this would be an in depth look at marketing and customer service tactics Instead it was mostly a now dated rant about the Bush administration.

    4. A self styled rant about the frustrations of modern society11 October 2013 There is not all that much that sets this book apart from all of the other anti corporate books that have been released, except that at the end the writer says that this is not so much a book to help us look for a way forward and a way to get out of this mess that we have found ourselves in, but rather as a means to vent her frustration over the ever encroaching corporate and technocratic domination of our lives The thing [...]

    5. With the Western world choking on its own bullshit, watching things fall apart because we ve believed our own lines, Laura Penny rides to the rescue, shovel in hand, to help us dig ourselves out Compared to that other book, On Bullshit, Penny s book is a breath of fresh air No intimidating philosophical trappings, no faux analytical setup, no nonsense Compared to this book, On Bullshit is full of, um, shit.She trains her sights on big drug companies, big business, big government, and all the oth [...]

    6. Bone up on how bullshit works, and begin to inoculate yourself A small, hilarious, and easy to read book Not only is Laura Penny extremely funny, clever, and topical but every one of her chosen subjects have direct and genuine relevance for all of us living in a culture which is profoundly saturated with state of the art commercial propaganda and playground to entire industries devoted to the subtle manipulation of the public mind that s you, cowboy and cowgirl American your so called Rugged Ind [...]

    7. This book pretty much summed up how I feel on my cynical days An interesting overview that collects examples of bullshit from the insurance, PR, big pharma, government, advertising etc sectors I recommend it if you like to gripe about that sort of thing It doesn t really offer any suggestions and doesn t pretend to but awareness is the first step to making things better right Also, the book is about 5 years old so occasionally comes off a bit dated talking about the current Bush administration a [...]

    8. So, yeah, there is a lot of bullshit out there, and this book only skims the surface She could have expanded on a lot of the topics, but the fact that she didn t does kind of give it readability She talks about PR, insurance companies those fuckers , the media, advertisement, and of course the Bush administration There wasn t a whole lot in there that surprised me but it was enjoyable and I did pick up some interesting nuggets Plus it was pretty funny I read some of it to my boyfriend and he wa [...]

    9. Makes one even cynical of the world Definitely eye opening Laura Penny communicates her message clearly There are two forms of bullshit simple and complex And bullshit is not the same as lying Lies can be proven Bullshit is intricately woven, eloquently spoken.I think she could have used a professor like tone in her writing, since she is one, but the provocative title and manner of the book probably fueled it s popularity, so much so that the book was featured as a segment on 60 Minutes Would [...]

    10. This was published in 2006 but the political bullshit discussed resonates today It makes me nostalgic for when we talked about how terrible a president George Jr was.

    11. Though a few years old 2004 still relevant esp when talking about the way politicians use language to manipulate and influence Funny and unbridled.

    12. This book wasn t what I thought it was Likely for the time it was written, it was an eye opener However, since Facebook and Occupy and similar movements have shaken many of us awake ten years on, this wasn t a book worth the effort Maybe I just came too late Anyway, besides the final implication that the author is, in fact, Jesus Christ, and sent to earth to remove the money changers from the temple she has an annoying appetite for alliteration And though she cries foul on sound bytes, she tends [...]

    13. Penny s book is not as much as a non fiction account your current society as much as a very well researched rant Her premise is that our society rests on a base of bright, shiny gossamer thin bullshit She differentiates bullshit and lies by stating the liars still know the truth and care enough about it that they are trying to obfuscate around it Bullshitters just don t care Whatever works for them at the moment will do Our economy and government are castles in the sky, created by the fuming puf [...]

    14. A noble endeavor by someone who deep down is sincere and concerned about the consequences of BS in public policy and advertising Good for a cursory overview and might even get some people worked up enough to pay attention However, this book is written with very little in depth information and a lot of BS The tone of the book is a serious problem The author complains about the dumbing down of information, but spends half the book trying to be cute funny Example on the rise of mutual funds Throug [...]

    15. hilarious and entertainingd yet intelligent and well reasonedPenny is a University Professor with a refreshingly youthful edge as she uses the word ginormous and writes sentences like Dude wasn t even trying a bit like Rick Mercer s This Hour Has 22 Minutes Rants, but in greater depth and casting a wider net fun quote The media is a critical line of defence against, and a great disseminator of, bullshit They have the power to make shit up, let shit slide, or make sure that the shit hits the fan [...]

    16. Laura Penny was one of my profs or tutors as they are known at the University of King s College She was the cool prof the one in funky clothing who would smoke with the other cool kids during our break She had the most distinctive laugh and could make even the most obscure philosophy relatable When I heard about this book I was over the moon excited, and it did not disappoint If you have a sense of humour you will laugh yourself silly, but importantly, it will make you think.Strongly recommende [...]

    17. This was my Title Starting with Y in my alphabetic tour of the library From the title, I thought this book would be humorous, or at least amusing It was not.Instead, I got a 200 plus page rant about the state of First World mainly American culture in the year 2005 The author gave her uncensored opinion of advertising, finance, mega corporations, government, pharmaceuticals, insurance, malls, urban sprawl, telemarketing, and television news.

    18. This book is funny and infuriating at the same time The author speaks to the lies and BS we are fed every day by politicians,commercials, corporations and others Laura Penny does not mince words and even though the book is ten years old, most of it is still going on today I found myself getting riled up as I identify with the complaints she makes about the lack of truth we have to live with A good read.

    19. very funny book but also sad at how companies have stopped caring about their customers SprintPCS is one major company that doesn t give a damn about their customers having problems and being allowed to get away with it by the FCC Although its shocking to read, there are many times you will laugh out loud for it.

    20. I couldn t get past the first chapter of this book What I did read came off as totally pretentious Also, Penny used the word bullshit so many times it was mind numbing unfortunately, I think she did this in an attempt to show how clever she is Surely there is a better written book out there on the same topic.

    21. I went into this book expecting it to be about PR advertising rhetoric, but found those items to be only a small part of the overall narrative that turned out to be about big corporate government stepping on the little people.Not that I disagree, it just isn t what was expecting hoping for from the book.

    22. A great read, but with several minuses, such as the fact that it uses bullshit to dig up bullshit I suppose it takes one to know one Another minus might be the limitation of the themes and their interpretation, but there s only so much one can wright about.Nevertheless, it is strikingly honest and, even from a Romanian reader, brutally familiar.

    23. Overall, I liked this book unfortunately it is very USA centric It makes you feel lucky that you are not condemned to live in the USA, but I am sure that there is LOTS of BS from all over the world There are some sections where I disagree with the contents and with the style of the book, but there are also very nice and striking examples of BS that constitute a real eye opener.

    24. Your direct, to the point, blatant perspective on mainstream media, news, and politics with a twist of Canadian humor Laura Penny to me, is a hub of truth for the amateur revolutionist Her work enlists the necessary focal points of argument in any conversion involving the understanding of economics, intellect, and human behavior in the modern world.

    25. A bit outdated circa 2004 but still painfully accurate Gives a nice breakdown of the major sources of bullshit and why they will essentially never go away hint MONEY Somewhat depressing, but it s refreshing to hear someone actually speak about these things openly Worth reading.

    26. I m enjoying the wit much than the railing against the system but I recognize that the author makes good points amidst left wing propaganda I m also really enjoying that it s written by a Maritimer ensuring less US centrism than usual in the anecdotes.

    27. An indictment against Corporate America Will make your blood boil and raise your ire against the bullshit we put up with on a daily basis Had to read it in bits and pieces so I wouldn t end up with high blood pressure

    28. Lady, you are preaching to the complaints choir here.A scathing, easy, enjoyable fluff read that didn t really bring much new to the table Wal Mart is evil, pharmaceuticals are overused, the media is biased, a few people in America have all the power Yeah, so what else is new

    29. Props to my dad for giving me this book A quick read and an insightful, if a bit cynical as we should be and often are , take on contemporary American society through a media saturated, corporate sponsored lens.

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