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Turtle's Penguin Day #2020

Turtle s Penguin Day After his Daddy reads a book about penguins a young turtle decides to spend his day at kindergarten sliding on his belly waddling and playing pass the egg

  • Title: Turtle's Penguin Day
  • Author: Valeri Gorbachev
  • ISBN: 9780375843747
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Turtle's Penguin Day By Valeri Gorbachev, After his Daddy reads a book about penguins, a young turtle decides to spend his day at kindergarten sliding on his belly, waddling, and playing pass the egg.

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      370 Valeri Gorbachev
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    1 thought on “Turtle's Penguin Day

    1. After Little Turtle s father reads him a bedtime story about penguins, Little Turtle falls asleep and dreams that he s a penguin The next morning he decides to be a penguin for the day, so he waddles into a pair of red slippers and drapes an old black coat over his head and arms At school his classmates are intrigued, so Little Turtle points out all the reasons he loves penguins We want to be penguins too And so Little Turtle and his friends have a penguin day at school, full of waddling, slidin [...]

    2. A very cute story about a child s or in this case a turtle s imagination Father Turtle reads a book about penguins to Little Turtle When Little Turtle falls asleep he dreams he is a penguin The next morning he wants to dress as a penguin and act like a penguin Fortunately, he has a supportive teacher Ms Dog aren t dogs great and friends Soon all the other animals in the class are having a ball acting like penguins Even at bedtime, Little Turtle is still pretending he is a penguin And then Father [...]

    3. With a title like this, how could I not love this book Little Turtle s father reads him a book about penguins so the next day for school he decides to be a penguin The other students look his costume and his teacher is very interested in the book on penguins that Little Turtle brought to school The whole class decides to have a penguin day which is just a lot of fun The book has a small section at the end with facts on penguins for children who want to learn Gorbachev captures the desire to be [...]

    4. Little Turtle becomes very interested in penguins after his father reads him a book about them At school, Little Turtle dresses up as a penguin and gets his whole class involved Its illustrations and characters appeal to younger children, especially those interested in animals The book includes a list of facts about penguins, which opens the door for teaching about penguins and other Antarctic creatures Children will enjoy the illustrations and easy to follow story, and may even want to waddle a [...]

    5. 2 stars it was ok True Fans of penguins would like this ode to the imagination, but I found it nothing special compared to all the other books with the same theme Drawings are basic sketchy cartoons a la Richard Scarry.

    6. Gorbachev, Valeri Turtle s Penguin Day Knopf Rrandom House , 2008 PICTURE BOOK Little Turtle loved his bedtime story about turtles At school the next day, his turtle costume intrigues the other children and they spend a day practicing their turtle best What will the next day hold Well, tonight s story is all about monkeys An absolutely adorable picture book that celebrates the imagination and enthusiasm of the young EL ADVISABLE Cindy, Library Teacherssthebook 2008

    7. This is a very sweet book about a young turtle who loves penguins so much that he wants to dress up as one for school The reader gets nervous that the turtle will be made fun of, but instead all his classmates begin to get excited about turtles as well With adorable illustrations that highlight the turtles joy about learning, this book is perfect to show young children that learning can be a lot of fun if you embrace it.

    8. Turtle goes through a day being a penquin This idea comes from a bedtime story told to him by his father A very cute story.

    9. TURTLE IS SO excited by the book about penguins that his dad reads him at bedtime that he decides he wants to be a penguin So the next morning, he creates a penguin costume, grabs his book, and heads for the schoolbus His kindergarten classmates are thrilled They all want to be penguins too Turtle shows his book to his teacher, and all day long he and his classmates do as the penguins do they slide down the slide on their bellies during recess, form a waddling conga line at music time, and snack [...]

    10. A turtle and penguins Being that these are two of my favorite animals, I had to check this out when I saw it on the recommended picture books list for the library summer reading program The story was too old for Natalie at this time, but I still read it aloud to her I liked how there wasn t too much text It sometimes bothers me when a picture books has tons of text I also liked how the story had a nice predictable structure It followed the course of 24 hours, there were groups of three things, a [...]

    11. Turtle s Penguin DayStory and IIlustrations By Valeri GorbachevGrade Levels App 1 3DRA Lexile Measure GLE n aReviewed By Aaron CarterTurtle s Penguin Day is about a turtle who wants to become a penguin after his feather read him a book about the creatures, and then subsequently dreamed about them The next morning Little Turtle dresses and moves to mimic a penguin, which continues into the school day His fellow students likewise want to become penguins, so the teacher makes it penguin day That ev [...]

    12. This is an entertaining story about an imaginative turtle who inspires his whole class to learn about and act like penguins The author also includes some fun facts about penguins at the end of the book The narrative is short and the illustratons are colorful and cartoonish and remind me of Brenda Clark s illustrations in the Franklin the Turtle series I discovered this fun little story while perusing the stacks of the children s section of our local library I decided to read it right there in t [...]

    13. If you re a puffin and you know it, flap your wings flap, flap If you re a puffin and you know it, flap your wingsIf you re a puffin and you know it and you really want to show itIf you re a puffin and you know it, flap your wingsOther verses waddle your feet waddle, waddle te a fish bite, bite A penguin, when he goes somewhere waddle from side to side Will walk or swim here s why waddle first, then swim Although he has two bird like wings, hold up two fingers He simply cannot fly Tuck hands int [...]

    14. Ok, the premise of a turtle wanting to be a penguin was a little hard to conceptualize, but once I got there I was thrilled by how enthusiastic he was about penguins specifically and learning in general This little turtle has an inquisitive nature and his curiosity and that of his classmates all different kinds of animals was really refreshing I was worried they d make fun of him when he dressed up as a penguin and started imitating them, but everyone joined in He goes on to study monkeys next A [...]

    15. 3.75I wasn t sure I was going to like this book I am all for imagination and dress up but when people like Skippy Jon Jones what to be something they aren t and never can beat bothers mebut this book isn t like that It all starts out when dad Father Turtle reads a book about penguins To little turtle and he runs with it I like that the whole class joins in on the penguin dayd what I like even is at the end.we move on to Monkey Day Why can t I give is a 5, I like the pictures but I don t love th [...]

    16. All preschoolers should be so lucky as to have parents and a teacher like Little Turtle does One night, Father Turtle read a book about penguins to Little Turtle So the next day, Little Turtle dresses like a penguin, and at school, they read about penguins, and play penguin games and do a penguin dance, and all the little ones dream penguin dreams during nap time And the next night, Father Turtle reads Little Turtle a book about monkeys.

    17. I love picture books that really get kids and how they think and actd this charmer is one of those Especially nice is the grownups portrayed as loving and supportive parents and teachers who just go along with the whole penguin day thing ah, if only the world was so kindte to cranky old dude in store speaking out of turn to my son, take notes Anyhoo, the librarian in me appreciated the bonus penguin facts in the back.

    18. Cute story of a young turtle who has just learned about penguins He goes to school dressed like a penguin and his classmates love that They too act like penguins In music they march like penguins and they played like penguins play at recess In the back of the book there is a section of penguin facts that would be nice to include for a read aloud.I would recommend this for students pre K 2

    19. While reading a bedtime story to little Turtle, Father turtle unknowingly creates a desire in little Turtle to become a penguin At school the next day, Ms Dog goes along with little turtle s imaginative play and the class has penguin storytime and learns all sorts of interesting facts about these birds Wonder what will happen when Father Turtle reads a monkey story the next night Used for Penguin Party storytime July, 2010.

    20. I adored this story really, is there anything sweeter than a turtle who dresses up like a penguin in his grandfather s over sized black jacket all because is father read him a book about penguins the night before I think not A wonderful story, accompanied by cute illustrations, about reading and imagination.

    21. This book is adorable The illustrations are charming, and appealing for both adults and children The author did a wonderful job of showing the sweet, innocent, imaginative nature of pre school aged children As Turtle and his classmates pretend to be penguins, your child will pick up factual information about penguin behaviors, and perhaps be inspired to join in the fun

    22. 0 7 Cute story about a turtle whose parents read him a book about penguins, and in turn turtle wants to be a penguin He dresses up at school and shares penguin stories to his classmatesen everyone wants to dress up as penguins In the end, dad reads him a story about another animal that turtle now wants to mimic.

    23. Due to my obsession with turtles and my friend Seth s even greater obsession with penguins, I could not pass this up when the title stood out to me from the shelves And it was very cute Pictures, story, idea, all of it downright cute But then, that s the thing I ve got with turtles pictures and toys of them anyhow.

    24. Great picture of visualizing yourself to be a character in a book So sweet love that Little Turtle was inspired by the books he read and that he inspired others Stories are powerful and stories are to be shared Could be a fun August read aloud to talk about why we love to read

    25. It must be true to understand another s way of life is to walk in their shoes and that s what Little Turtle decides to do He creates a costume, takes the bus and heads for school only to enrapture his classroom and teacher into learning about penguins Delightful

    26. This is a very fun book There are a lot of activities that could be done with it It has factual information about penguins in the back It would be fun to have the class act as penguins do like the class in the book Maybe not going down the slide on their stomachs though

    27. Adorable story of a turtle who becomes fascinated with penguins after his dad reads him a story about them.Cute for storytelling Penguins are our city animal so this is great for our own Penguin events

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