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On the Edge of Darkness #2020

On the Edge of Darkness Stunning repackage of the story of a woman trapped in the wrong time Abandoned by her twentieth century lover she plots a terrible revenge on him and his family Adam Craig is fourteen when near an i

  • Title: On the Edge of Darkness
  • Author: Barbara Erskine
  • ISBN: 9780006479284
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • On the Edge of Darkness By Barbara Erskine, Stunning repackage of the story of a woman trapped in the wrong time Abandoned by her twentieth century lover, she plots a terrible revenge on him and his family.Adam Craig is fourteen when, near an isolated Celtic stone in the wild Scottish Highlands, he meets Brid, whose exotic, gypsy like dress and strange attitudes fascinate him They become friends, then, in time, paStunning repackage of the story of a woman trapped in the wrong time Abandoned by her twentieth century lover, she plots a terrible revenge on him and his family.Adam Craig is fourteen when, near an isolated Celtic stone in the wild Scottish Highlands, he meets Brid, whose exotic, gypsy like dress and strange attitudes fascinate him They become friends, then, in time, passionate lovers Brid leads him, unsuspecting, into the sixth century, where training as a Druid priestess she has mastered their ancient mysteries and powerful magic In her obsession with Adam she is seen as a traitor by her people and only escapes death by following Adam through time to Edinburgh, where he goes to study medicine As the years pass he makes new friends, and finds new love, causing Brid to be consumed by a violent rage that knows no bounds For fifty years, from Scotland to England to Wales, Brid will haunt Adam like an evil shadow It is finally Adam s granddaughter, Beth, who helps discover the secret that will free them from the terror of Brid s curse.

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      375 Barbara Erskine
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    1 thought on “On the Edge of Darkness

    1. My second Barbara Erskine read after HIDING FROM THE LIGHT Not as good as HIDING it s a little slow for my liking, with a lot of unnecessary padding Too much focus on mundane events in the present and not enough of the intriguing Pictish history Lots of atmosphere, though, and well drawn characters I d recommend it for fans of the author, and people who like historical time slip time travel romance.

    2. This has been sat on my bookshelf for a while now I m glad I ve read this book because I did really enjoy it It is a little dark and sinister in places but it added an extra something to the story I know some of the places around Hay that featured in the story, it was really nice being able to picture the scenery from memory and not just imagination Some of the characters I really liked, others I really didn t care much for So overall I really enjoyed it.

    3. It was a long journey that revolves around the beyond lustful obsessed psychopath Druid bitch over Adam fvcking Craig And when I say it was a long journey, it was definitely a long journey And my brain cells were drained to bits.

    4. This was a good but not a great read It was an interesting twist on the time travelling with our 6th century Druid Princess, so out of place in the 20th century that she spends much of her time locked up in an asylum Rightly so because she is a psychopath She is obsessed with Adam, a medical student, then alcoholic Doctor, from the mid 20th century who is such a jerk she must be crazy The book takes a long time to get to a conclusion and I am not sure if it does Despite the length of the book we [...]

    5. Barbara Erskine is my favourite author, I have all her books and would highly recommend each and every one You won t be able to put them down There are characters from the past and present intertwined in a single story, grounded in historical fiction and they re always full of ghosts Gripping.

    6. This was great fun As with nearly any supernatural thriller, it did get QUITE ridiculous at some points, but overall Very enjoyable.

    7. I m a relative newcomer to Erskine s books and my latest read has lived up to all the previous ones in a great way This is a supernatural tale, mainly about love, obsession and power, where many lives are ruined through the actions of one spiteful, vengeful girl Brid is a 6th century Druidess, learning the craft as an apprentice to her powerful Uncle, Broichan Adam is a 14 year old boy from the 1930 s, lonely and confused when his mother finally walks out on his puritanical father At the sacred [...]

    8. One aspect I truly enjoy in all of Barbara Erskine s novels is her historical story threads Usually I wish I could just read them unshackled by the present day character s woes Many of her novels use the same general formula, but the present day female protagonists never resonate with me At the same time, she breathes life into her historical characters, sweeping you away to obscure periods vividly chock full of heroism, conflict, and female oppression This book is the exception to that pattern, [...]

    9. I m a fan of Barbara Erskine and she s written dozens of books along the same theme Most people laud Lady of Hay as her best work which it possibly is and was her first novel, too For me, however, this has long been my favourite of hers I think what I like most is that it s not a happy story for anyone And yes, the notion of a love crazed woman is one of those cliches I personally work hard to avoid, but here there s a desperation about it that s bound up in this girl s destiny and the society i [...]

    10. Two Barbara Erskine books in a row, because she writes so well This one was a heavier tome than the last because it tells the epic story of a Druid priestess s obsession with a mortal man across time and place, spanning than 50 years Brid is a vicious and jealous character who will stop at nothing to have her Adam to herself, even though he tries to live a normal life by marrying the beautiful Jane and having a child It is intriguing to see just what Brid will get up to next, and who she will t [...]

    11. A found it to be a bit of a slow start, a lot of attention to very trivial and mundane details that sometimes made it a bit of a boring read It picked up about halfway through, when we got to see what Brid was truly capable of and how affected Adam was by it Essentially, when the pair of them have grown up and left childhood I was left a little disappointed at the ending though, and I don t know why It left me a little angry After following Adam along for nearly the entire span of his life and i [...]

    12. There were moments in this book that were brilliant And moments where I was verbally abusive towards itA massive build up to what could of been a fantastic, satisfying finalie But it ends with a whimper I don t think the author knew how to end it, so took the easy way out I ve never thrown a book across a room after finishing it before Frustrating to read, but the good bits are REALLY good, so it s spurs you to read on Character development is good, I genuinely cared for them But the skipping of [...]

    13. This book really kept my attention and I found myself picking it up after I said I would put it down for a while Brid was an interesting character, it would have been nice to know a bit about her and her world Her love for Adam was an obsessive love, not the kind of today but of a single minded certainty that it was right for them to be together Sometimes I found I was sympathetic to their love and Brid s character, especially when Adam was young and needed someone, but her indifference or ver [...]

    14. The element I like best in time travel books is getting to experience the newness through the eyes of the traveller This element was almost completely missing in this book To me, this was of a horror suspense genre, Brid was evil and Adam was a helpless victim Coming on the heels of The Winter People, which I read just prior, I am ready to leave this genre behind and read something happy and uplifting now It was a compelling book that I found interesting, definitely not run of the mill.

    15. I have read all of Barbara Erskine s books and really enjoyed them However, this one was not one of my favourites It was an intriguing story and I really enjoy how she pulls in characters from other novels she has written but this book seemed to be very drawn out when the story could have been told in far fewer pages and been just as good, particularly as the ending seemed quite abrupt I also thought some of the background Pictish characters like Broichan weren t developed much and so I found it [...]

    16. First of all, I love Barbara Erskine books Spanning 60 years from the beginning of the Second World War, Adam Craig meets a young girl who is from another time and training to be a priestess of the Druids and they become lovers only to part when Adam leaves for Edinburgh to become a doctor and refuses to let her come with him A story of passion and madness and the people and family of both Adam and Brid A thoroughly interesting read but honestly I felt this was a wee bitty too long for me The st [...]

    17. Out of all the books I have read by this author,this is by far the best Adam is a naive young boy who is seduced by Brid,a witch from years gone by When Adam takes up with his future wife Brid is insanely jealous and sets out to destroy the lives of those he loves Reading this book at bedtime is the best worst thing the reader can do,I would switch the light on and off certain that a cat had jumped on my bed read and you will understand I don t tend to read fiction than once,but I would certain [...]

    18. This was a hard book to love The hero is somewhat careless of the women in his life to say the least, and what could have been a fascinating link to the Pictish past became only abhorrent obsession.I think I would have preferred it if it was made clear that power was the corruption of her spirit rather than the relentless pursuit of Adam whom I really didn t like.The end was also fairly unresolved, and I ve no intention of ever going back into this world

    19. This is a great story full of twists and turns I was surprised when certain characters were killed as I didn t see their deaths coming, it certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat The past and present are nicely interwoven and Brid is a very formidable opponent I wondered how on earth Adam was going to stop her.

    20. Once again Babs disappoints me, gripping all the way through, great characters.ough I hated Adam And then at the very end she lets me down, I ve read 4 of her books now and the ending to everyone is rushed and unfulfilling.i did enjoy this book and would recommend it, but don t expect a great ending.

    21. I enjoyed this thoroughly until I reached the end Erskine s writing style is just as absorbing and hypnotic as with her previous books however I found the ending too ambiguous for my tastes and wish she d been less elusive with the eventual outcome I would still recommend it as I found the complex narrative kept me guessing and highly entertaining to read.

    22. I have read a number of Barbara Erskine books and thoroughly enjoyed them This one just went on and on and let me say on I always like the descriptive way the author seems to get you linked into the main characters This time I just kept hoping some one would finish the evil main character off and the story would have a better last half.

    23. Years ago I read Erskine s novel Lady of Hay and enjoyed it very much.I remember it being about a woman who travels back in time I recently noticed this book, Edge of Darkness on my daughter s Good Reads s list and thought I would enjoy another Erskine novel I did not enjoy reading it This one was very dark and almost had an evil feel to it I was very happy to get to the end of it.

    24. I did not like this book and only finished it because Volk had liked it and suggested I read it It should have been right up my alleyrmally, exactly the type of story I like I found there was way too much detail and often I was skimming thru to get to the interesting bits.

    25. Another absorbing story from across the agesThrough my enjoyed this book The characters are believable and the story at times raise the hair on the back of the neck Interesting twist at the end

    26. Barbara Erskine s On the Edge of the Darkness is another really wonderful book about time traveling, vengeful spirits, big loves, drastic accidents, unbelievable coincidences and surprising endings Just a delight to read

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